Bigfoot and The Trouble With Physics

By Sean Carroll | August 2, 2006 11:39 pm

At Backreaction, Bee has a thoughtful review of Lee Smolin’s upcoming book The Trouble With Physics, with a complementary post featuring an interview with Lee himself. Go over there and fill her comment section with some non-crazy discussion! I’m supposed to be reviewing it for some slick magazine, so I can’t yet tell you what I think.

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  • Plato

    So you look at the premise of Lee’s book based on reading links to B’s site. You read lee’s comments.

    A lot of young people do not realize that given the “absolute” frame of reference, all the rules of science, one might want to ask why Lee would introduce Kuhnian perspective, into what is thought to be counter productive to revolutionary change. Bigfoot(Toe)?

    So, one might see “evolution” from anomalistic behavior? :) Has any scientist on this site or any other for that matter encounter such observations?

    Sssh…just keep it quiet, while you do your science. Until you can prove your statement of observation? It has to be repeatable?:)

  • B

    Hi Sean,

    thanks for the link! I thought you might be interested in that

    Best regards,



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