Comic Monday

By JoAnne Hewett | August 7, 2006 4:27 pm

This comic is making the blog rounds today (via Clifford via Pharyngula):

In fact, you’ve probably seen it at least 5 times by now! It’s from the xkcd site, which is self-described as a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, written by Randall Munroe, a physicist working at NASA Langley. I’ve just spent some serious time browsing the site and have been laughing hysterically. (In fact, since I’m sitting in my office alone, I think the guys on my floor are now completely convinced that I’m a bit “off,” if they didn’t already know it!) I can’t resist sharing a few more gems from the site (which explicitly states that is ok):

Ok, ok….I’ll stop now….

Oh – just one more!

  • stand

    Pretty funny. Be sure not to miss the alt text commentary. (Mouse over each picture.) Some of those are pretty funny as well.

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  • agm

    Don’t miss this one either

  • JoAnne

    agm: Yep, that’s another gem!

  • Peter Erwin

    The “miss your loved ones?” comic reminded me of an old Emo Philips routine:

    “Before I left for college, my dad said, ‘You know, son, I’m going to miss you.’ I said, ‘I know; that’s because I broke the sights off your shotgun.'”

  • Ambitwistor

    From a different strip, but I like this comic. (Helps to have seen “Good Will Hunting”.)

  • Quasar9

    More on pillowtalk
    Depends who you hit the pillow with:
    Telepath – shut up dear no need to talk, I can read your Mind
    Vulcan – wanna Mind meld babes
    Composer – let me hum sweet nothings in your ear
    Don Juan, or Byron poet – let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear
    String Theorist – let me whisper TOE in your ear, and become Unified
    Caveman – hubba hubba hubba … … hubba hubba hubba … … hubba
    Simpsons fan – Madge we got any more salami and icecream
    Zen Master – … … … … … tell me more!
    Physics Master — pure simple raw (unadulterated) energy
    Cosmologist – let me take you to the ends of the earth …
    One who is all the aboveYou still wanna talk

  • Helge

    The Schrödinger one has become the decoration of my 2 doors 😉 I think it fitted the footnote on my homepage really well …


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