The Physics Group Blog Bug is Contagious

By Mark Trodden | August 17, 2006 8:06 am

Jacques is advertising the launch of a new physics group blog РThe n-Category Caf̩. Run by John Baez, David Corfield and Urs Schreiber ( of the String Coffee Table), with technical support from Jacques himself, their self-described brief is the interface between Physics, Mathematics and Philosophy.

They’re just getting going, but I expect we’ll see plenty of fascinating stuff from them, and I hope you drop by to welcome this new venture to the physics blogosphere.

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  • hack

    The String Coffee Table without Urs will be like…. nothing. TSCT is the only “group” blog I know of with only one contributor.

    Jacques learned his lesson this time and instead of inviting Lubos to join he invited John Baez. Good move.

  • Kea

    The String Coffee Table without Urs will be like… nothing.

    Yes, that Distler is cunning.

  • Scott Lake

    I also hope


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