One Meeleeon Visitors

By Mark Trodden | August 22, 2006 5:51 am

(Picture me dressed as Dr. Evil, with my pinky in the corner of my mouth.) I’ve been watching our visitor meter over the last week or so, waiting to post and thank our readers when Cosmic Variance‘s one millionth visitor (to the main page only) arrived.

However, since slashdot linked to Sean’s excellent post about the discovery of dark matter our traffic jumped by a factor of 7-10 over the last day, and some time during the night we just blew straight through the millionth visitor mark and right out the other side by quite a long way.

So my plans for a big fanfare, alarms, flashing lights, a banner and some lucky reader’s chance to grab a shopping cart and tear around the site picking up as many posts as possible in one minute will have to wait for the two million milestone.

Seriously though, to hit a million visitors in a little over our first year is wonderful. Thanks to all of you who drop by, whether it is to lurk or to leave thoughtful and interesting comments. Cheers!

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  • Jennifer Ouellette

    And I was so hoping to win the big “millionth visitor” prize! Seriously, congratulations on reaching such a huge milestone…. I will simply have to wait until the race is on to become…. the “one hundred meeleeonth” visitor….

  • PeteSK

    Congratulations, that is fantastic news. Its great to see another example of science successfully able to invigorate so many different people, from so many varied backgrounds.

    I guess this means you going to have to start selling t-shirts now ? :)

  • Robin Varghese


  • Bob E.

    Does this mean one million DISTINCT visitors, or one million hits? In either case, congratulations. I love these physics blogs. Most posts make me feel like such a neophyte in physics, but are motivational.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Bob E., it is hits, but doesn’t register when any of us five access the site.

  • fyreflye

    Reserve one of those T shirts for me :)

  • Eugene

    Oh! CV has been /.-ed and fark-ed. That’s 2 out of 2.

  • Chris W.

    Yeah, CV exceeded its CPU utilization quota on for a while last night—shortly before midnight, in fact!

  • Chris W.

    Off-topic, but…

    NASA Chief Blasts Advisors
    (ScienceNOW Daily News, 22 August 2006)

    NASA Administrator Michael Griffin yesterday read the riot act to the outside scientists who advise him, accusing them of thinking more of themselves and their research than of the agency’s mission. Griffin’s harsh comments come on the heels of the resignation of three distinguished scientists from the NASA Advisory Council (NAC), two of whom have questioned Griffin’s plan to dramatically scale back a host of science projects (Science, 12 May, p. 824). “The scientific community … expects to have far too large a role in prescribing what work NASA should do,” Griffin wrote council members in a blistering 21 August message. “By ‘effectiveness,’ what the scientific community really means is ‘the extent to which we are able to get NASA to do what we want to do.”

  • Wolverine

    Congrats on the big milestone. :)

  • Spatulated

    WOOHOO. thats awsome!

  • ray

    Awsome sight. I just found it myself because it was linked to “Dark Matter Exists ” from a politial blog!! 😛


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