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By Sean Carroll | January 18, 2007 10:56 am

Science Blogging AnthologyIn the shortest turnaround time for a book ever, Bora “coturnix” Zivkovic (of Blog Around the Clock fame) has put together The Open Laboratory, a collection of the greatest science blogging of all time. Which is a little bit less impressive than it sounds, since science blogging hasn’t been around for that many centuries. Still, it’s a fun concept, to take all of those words on the internet and bind them between covers. I’ll admit that I nominated my own quantum puppies post, in the tradition of all great media shamelessness.

For those of you not quite willing to pay for what you find for free by pointing and clicking, you can peruse all 50 of the selected posts, or the complete list of nominees, without ever leaving your computer. For those of you who are willing, here you go.

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  • Elliot

    I find this offensive. The author charging money for assembling a collection of free blog comments. Hopefully sales (or lack thereof) will reflect my attitude.


  • Charly

    can they give us student discount?

  • Charly

    apparently, the word ‘discount’ gets your spam filter more excited than Dick Cheney with a shotgun in a room full of democrats.

  • Analyzer

    The only thing worse than a song about music is a blog post about blogging.

  • Elliot

    “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony….”



  • Dan R.

    All the author’s gave permission, and the proceeds are going to support The North Carolina Science Blogging Conference.


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