First Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture

By Mark Trodden | February 15, 2007 12:52 am

Just over a year ago, Clifford reported the shocking news that Andrew Chamblin, a wonderful young physicist, great guy, and a friend of a number of us at Cosmic Variance, had died. Many people used the comments section of that post to recount fond memories of Andrew. We then announced The Andrew Chamblin Memorial Conference here, and Clifford later discussed it over at Asymptotia.

I’d now like to bring to your attention the first Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, to be delivered by Stephen Hawking on Wednesday May 9th. The invitation is below, and I’ve been told that it’s important that people read the bit at the bottom, and understand that anyone wishing to attend must email the secretary to let her know, since entry is by (free) ticket only.

Unfortunately I can’t make it, but be sure I’ll be thinking of Andrew on that day.


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