Memorial Day

By Sean Carroll | May 28, 2007 2:44 pm

Casket arriving at Dover AFB

A single casket creates a more moving image than dozens, or thousands. This was somebody’s son or daughter, brother or sister, perhaps father or mother.

  • Garbage

    Yeah, there are some fathers out there….a single image is definitely more powerful….

    Let alone talk about other corners of the globe no camera spot has ever got…

    This article in the onion

    is by now astonishingly *real*, it is really scary how things have turned out with this world. If you believe in the multiverse, you can feel either blessed or f*ed up. If you dont believe in free will, dont worry, God is taking care of us…

  • Neil B.

    Faux News (well put-down as such) has been implying all day that it is highly “unsupportive” of the troops to want them to come home soon from Iraq. So, they are supposed to stay forever? There is no clearly defined enemy who would sign a formal surrender, so I don’t know what the sly flackses are implying is a benchmark of victory. In any case, for the troops to have tried is honor enough. It is the fault of others’ that they were put into a situation that is not winnable in a clear and specific way (yet I hold out hope that things could be better, enough to make a graceful exit and hope for enough stability for the foreseeable future to avoid disaster.)

    PS, I saw Al Gore this evening on Charlie Rose, talking about his new book The Assault on Reason. Wow, did he sound good, well-presented, and intelligent (in contrast….) . If enough people write to ask, maybe he’ll run again… just a suggestion.

    BTW I read over an interview with GWB in some magazine like Wired or etc., in 1999. He sounded rather articulate and even quasi-reasonable, compared to now. I have heard from credible quarters noting the same contrasts; maybe W had a sort of mini-CVA or etc, that messed him up just enough to make for those syntax errors and lapses in judgment (still not excusing strategic choices like picking the Machiavellian pseudo-genius Karl Rove for advisor.) Any scoop from anyone?

  • Penny

    My husband and I live across from Ft. Myer, the admin facility for Arlington Cemetery. I will sometimes hear the rifle shots from the funerals being held at the Cemetery–three well-spaced shots. I can never hear anything else from the burial service or see any of the mourners, but that pattern of rifle fire does not occur under any other circumstance at the Fort.

    It really brings the ‘human cost’ of the war home when those ‘human costs’ are being interred practically right on one’s doorstep.

  • Arun
  • Elliot


    How dare you show a picture that is not pre-screened/approved by the Bush Regime spin-meisters.


  • Arun

    Please take a look at this too – returning home in a casket is not the only route for fatalities in this war –

  • sakthi

    Perhaps He/She have lots dreams about him/her future…His/Her family may eagerly wait for him/her arrival,but certainly not in this way…May his/her soul rest in peace…No More War Please…
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  • Reza

    I hope to War finish around the world, it’s very sadness for all of humans

    شادمانی بی سبب من و رضا

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  • Gavin Polhemus

    Today my neighbor is at Dover Air Force Base (the site of the picture) to accompany his son’s body home. Sgt. Nicholas Walsh, killed in Iraq on Saturday, leaves behind parents and grandparents, two younger brothers and a younger sister, a wife and two sons, ages 4 years and 7 months.


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