Bump Hunting in the NYT

By John Conway | July 24, 2007 9:27 am

Dennis Overbye has written an article in today’s New York Times about blogging about the race for the Higgs (at the Tevatron, and between the Tevtron and LHC), the rumor mill, and all the rest.

Hmmm…I guess that makes this a blog about a news story about blogs. Or something. In any case I think it’s fair to say a good deal of it all started here at CV last January.

Overbye says this is a “summer of rumors, hope, and hype.” But the real message is that the Tevatron has a shot at finding the Higgs, at least if it’s produced at an enhanced rate such as is the case in supersymmetric theories. The article did a nice job of conveying that, I think.

As for the rumors, all I can say is I hear them too – show me the data! (We are working hard on ours, I can assure you…)

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