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By Sean Carroll | February 29, 2008 12:03 pm

Today is my first true blogiversary — Preposterous Universe opened for business on Leap Day 2004, so I only get to celebrate once every four years.

Here is a random collection of some favorite posts, although this is off the top of my head so who knows what hidden gems were missed?

Here’s to the next four years!


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  • http://wbmh.blogspot.com wolfgang

    Congratulations to the blogiversary!

    But I would like to add that for some reason I liked the old blog better than the new one. e.g. I remember the ‘Hallucinatory Neurophysics’ as a really great blog post. I could not explain what made the difference – the author is mostly the same anyways 😎

  • Moshe

    Congratulations Sean, preposterous universe was the first blog I’ve come across, followed closely by Jacques’ musings, actually the list did not expand too much since then…anyways, thanks for all the interesting posts, looking forward to many more.

  • http://nlightnmnt.tumblr.com/ nlightnmnt

    Hey – my favorite cartoon!

    Just a thought though: if they’re from the third dimension wouldn’t they have to be static, since for them time does not exist?

  • Lawrence B. Crowell

    Don’t knock the third dimension! There are a lot of two dimensional people out there. In many cases they get elected to public office.

    Lawrence B. Crowell

  • LordSphere

    Are you dissing my dimension, Little Square? 😉

  • http://growabrain.typepad.com/ g-a-b


  • http://dualist.blogsavy.com Dualist


  • citrine

    I’ll always remember where the liquids forbidden to carry on in ‘planes, fall in the thermodynamic phase diagram. I’ll also remember the posts about grad school selection, your photo with Paul Serreno out in the site and of course, your engagement announcement.


  • http://physicsmuse.wordpress.com/ Sandy

    At the end of the “God Conundrum” (link above) AngelVamp argues that it is a contradiction to believe that god is both omniscient and omnipotent. But it is not a contradiction because god could both know the future AND have the ability to change the future and then know the new future. This got me thinking that if the universe were BOTH deterministic and non-deterministic then you would see causality going in both directions. So, certain things would have the forward causality that we are used to, but other things would exhibit backward causality such as quantum states being affected by future measurements. It seems like most conversations about whether the universe is deterministic or not don’t include the idea that some parts could be one and some parts another.

  • http://physicsmuse.wordpress.com/ Sandy


    Huw Price writes about advanced action.


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