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By Sean Carroll | March 10, 2008 5:53 pm

We’ve been remiss at updating the blogroll, which I hope to do shortly. Here are some fun new physics-leaning blogs for you to watch out for.

  • Imaginary Potential is a group blog by five young (postdoc/grad student level) physicists in a variety of fields. This should be awesome, would love to see more like it.
  • The Inverse Square Blog is by Thomas Levenson, a science writer, film maker, and faculty member at MIT’s Graduate Program on Science Writing. He obviously needed blogging to fill all that spare time.
  • From the Bench is a new blog by Michael Banks. He is an editor at PhysicsWorld, which for you Americans is sort of like Physics Today, although perhaps a little less boring.
  • Resonaances has been around for a while, and I’m sure I’ve linked there before. But not enough; Jester does a great job in relating particle theory talks and happenings with a spirited style.

Not to mention all the great non-physics blogs that keep popping up, of course. Feel free to promote (yourself or others) in the comments.

Update: Chad Orzel and Michael Nielsen join in the fun, suggesting blogs and asking for pointers to ones they haven’t noticed. So go there too and make some noise.

  • Neil B.

    Thanks for the tips, Sean. The Inverse Square Blog is particularly fun to peruse due to the variety of art illustrations from various times and places, as well as the cogent and witty commentary on broader issues. As a guy who studied some physical science but also philosophy (including phil sci), sociology/anthropology, policy, and traveled, etc., I enjoy digging into this material as much as I do posts on dark energy etc. BTW, check out my own humble little blog (left fallow too long) for a post explaining why the inverse square law is indeed special, not just an artifact of three-dimensional space.

  • Tevong

    Not quite a blog,

    but many of my comics were dreamed up in lectures so physics students might relate to some of them.

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  • David Guarrera

    Wow, thanks Sean; our numbers just went through the roof!

  • Ashley

    Michael Bremner has a blog with a great regular “Weakly Abstract” column where he discusses recent papers in quantum information theory.

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  • Arvid

    Shameless self-promotion: I’ve just started my own blog about politics, physics and music. It can be found at

    So far it’s only in norwegian, but I plan to write in english when I write about world events.

  • Arvid

    Oops, bad link. Here it is:

  • Blake Stacey

    Rather than promoting myself, I’ll promote Mollishka.

  • jeff

    Ok, I’ll shamelessly promote my new metaphysics blog. (ducking and running…)

  • Blake Stacey

    My friend Ben Allen is a math person, rather than a physics person, but his Plektix is off to an interesting start. And hey, the name was coined by Murray Gell-Mann — that makes it physics-related, right?

  • mollishka

    Thanks, Blake!

  • Blake Stacey

    You’re welcome. I figure those of us who survived 8.09 together ought to stick by each other, right?

    I’ve also been enjoying Skulls in the Stars, which is written by an assistant professor of physics from somewhere who specializes in optics.

  • Patrick McComb

    More shameless self-promotion:

    I just started this blog recently. It focuses on the popular representations of science.

    Thanks for the good stuff,
    — Pat

  • The AstroDyke

    Could I have a blogroll shout-out?

  • Sean

    AstroDyke, you have been on the blogroll forever. Under “physics blogs”, but we could move you to “general” if you prefer.

    Looking forward to reading all the others that were mentioned.

  • The AstroDyke

    Well, don’t I feel foolish! I blame teh HST proposals for sucking out my brain.

  • gg

    Since Blake won’t promote himself, I’ll do it: I check his Science After Sunclipse every day!

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