Beer Magnet

By Julianne Dalcanton | May 14, 2008 11:40 pm

A moment of small genius spotted at a friend’s house:


It’s a magnet from a disemboweled hard drive, mounted right underneath a bottle opener. Snags the bottle cap like a charm.

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  • nm


  • Jeremy Chapman

    Excellent! I’m going to get one of my own. Now, all I need is a hard drive to disembowel…

  • chemicalscum

    You mean to say you don’t have a study with old computer(s) and a box full of ancient hard drives and stuff sitting in a corner. How unusual.

  • Ed

    Now if only those used hard drive magnets could be hooked up to encase a controlled fusion reaction, we’d really have something!

  • The Almighty Bob

    You’re thinking in the right direction, Ed, but with the volume of magnets available, I’m sure we could whip up a Wicked Cool ™ railgun, which would be far more entertaining. Until it blew up horribly. Actually, these two ideas have more in common than I thought…

  • Ed

    The only reason I’d use a railgun is to aim it at congress and tell them to allocate more billions for energy research.

  • mk

    Hmmm. Clever…I suppose. You could make one of these and still have to pry off the top and toss it in the trash. Or you could just hold your hand underneath as you pop the top and let it fall in your hand, then toss it in the trash. Or you could put a small trash can under the opener and let gravity do its best.

    Just sayin’.

  • Julianne

    True mk, but it wouldn’t use magnets. And better yet, super-strong magnets from computer surplus!

    The target market are those of us who would forego driving to the supermarket if a rocket powered jet pack were available.

  • Jimbo

    Did no one hear my appeal for help regarding the misalignment of the dark margins on the threads at CV ? Am I the only one who has this problem ?

    On another note, I understand Sean is on vacation.

    Nevertheless, I trust he has no doubt followed with great interest the rapidly breaking & fading story regarding the auctioning of an Einstein letter (in German script) in the UK, which contains the most specific denuciations of religon AE has EVER made, which should finally eliminate any waffling about his viewpoints on this subject.

    Sean, make like Paul Revere, and get to your laptop about this.

  • Lab Lemming

    How can he make like Paul Revere if there is no church left to hang lights in?

  • The Almighty Bob

    Jimbo: what browser?

  • mk

    Julianne…ah, sorry, I get it now. I sometimes envy you jetpackers and your enthusiasm for all things techy. Cool, though.

  • chemicalscum

    @The Almighty Bob

    “Jimbo: what browser?”

    Just tell him to switch to Firefox (or any other Gecko based browser) like most civilized people and that will cure his problem.

  • The Almighty Bob

    True. (“,)

  • Rev. BigDumbChimp

    Oh hell yeah. I have about a billion dead hard drives in a box (it’s a big box). I’m going to have to go tear the rare earth magnets out for this.

  • James Davies

    A friend and I have used those hard drive magnets for another project – a stir plate to get beer yeast to reproduce for home brewed beer.

    computer junk + beer = *thumbsup*

  • pr

    Responding to mk’s criticisms, this a highly practical drinking enablement and regulation device. When you’re too drunk to catch the bottle cap, you can keep on drinking without worrying about potential profanity-inducing results of having bunch of pointy debris rolling around on your kitchen floor. And when you’re too drunk to pry the bottle cap off the magnet and put it in the trash, you know it’s time to stop.

  • The Almighty Bob

    These are strong magnets, so maybe “once the buildup of bottlecaps you’re too drunk to remove blocks the use of the opener, it’s time to stop”?
    Or to switch to cans… “,


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