Want a Nice Gift for that Special Someone?

By John Conway | July 10, 2008 4:47 pm

Do you have a significant other who is hard to shop for? Then you just might like to get them one of these subatomic particle plush toys. To show them you really care, you could get them the whole Lepton 6-Pack, or even the whole set with antiparticles! (If you are in a hurry, I think the tachyon ones arrive before you order them.) Don’t forget the Quantum Chromodynamic dots to hold the quarks together…

I have not figured out if this site is a joke yet, but they do appear to accept money. Happy shopping.

  • Grant Morgan

    I’ve plush viruses available for sale for a couple years now, so I guess it was time plush subatomic particles.

  • http://fliptomato.wordpress.com Flip

    As the proud owner of a full set of particles (but not the anti-particles… I’m on a grad student budget), I can vouch that the site isn’t a joke. :-)

    See the site’s “news” page http://www.particlezoo.net/news.html for some nice press they’ve been getting.

  • http://fliptomato.wordpress.com Flip
  • Kai Noeske

    :-) I want some DM to cuddle. Should *probably* be a bit more symmetric though (face in the center or one in each corner), or look more WIMPy…!

  • http://www.loblog.de Lore

    Where are the sparticles? :(

  • King Cynic

    I took the lepton 6-pack, and I’ve got quite the buzz going on now.

  • Peter Shor

    Notice that they give the mass of the Higgs boson as 144 Gev, well ahead of the LHC.

  • Joshua

    So Awesome, I want them all! But a bit too pricey for us poor grad students.

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  • Tyler

    i just wish they actually looked more interesting. Idea: A+ execution: C

  • chemicalscum

    Umm, judging by the photo they look a bit strung out.

  • chemicalscum

    or maybe pea brained ?

  • John R Ramsden

    If you are in a hurry, I think the tachyon ones arrive before you order them.

    Tell me about it! My delivery of them turned up last month, but the box was empty.

  • graviton383

    They obviously tunneled out of the box to another vacuum in the landscape.


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