Friday Tunes: Squeeze

By Sean Carroll | September 12, 2008 11:06 am

Wednesday night we walked over to the Orpheum — a wonderful theater from the 1920’s, recently refurbished to its former glory — to catch a concert by Squeeze — one of my favorite bands from high school, who have recently been refurbished to something like their former glory. Which is to say, they put on a great show of classic tunes played with crowd-pleasing gusto. And we had the unexpected pleasure of being recognized by CV reader David and his wife (Sarah? I didn’t catch her name, sorry). Scientists are kind of a big deal in this town.

So here is Up the Junction.

Note how the lyrics play with the notion of chronology. The temporal point of view shifts gradually throughout the narrative.

This morning at 4:50
I took her rather nifty
Down to an incubator
Where thirty minutes later
She gave birth to a daughter
Within a year a walker
She looked just like her mother
If there could be another

Sadly, I couldn’t find a decent video of Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken.

  • Overstroming

    Thanks Sean, it was a real treat to see that clip. Difford and Tillbrook don’t get anything close to the recognition they deserve as songwriters.

  • Athena

    Lucky you, Sean. “If I didn’t love you” is my favorite Squeeze song, in part because of the dangling modifier:

    “If I didn’t love you, I’d hate you.
    Cocoa mugs sit side by side.
    It’s time to poke at the fire,
    But it’s “Not tonight” looks I find.
    Taking a bite on a biscuit,
    The record jumps on a scratch.
    Tonight, it’s love by the fire.
    The door of your love’s on the latch.”

  • chemicalscum

    Great lyrics, effing boring performance. They used to be ultimate cool, now they are ultimately boring … boredom boredom.

    This doesn’t happen to all the bands of that era, many reformed or never gave up and still kick ass. The Gang of Four, Buzzcocks, The Wire and The Damned for example.

    Speaking of the Damned, I am a member of Captain Sensible’s Blah! Party and I say Blah!

  • optimistic

    I really enjoyed that clip. It’s one of my favourite songs. I like the contrast between the sometimes childish lyrics and the weighty subjects he’s singing about. Quality!

  • Mark S.

    >Great lyrics, effing boring performance.

    Well, I’m sure it’s just because they’re recording there. I’ve seen Glenn Tilbrook solo a few times, and if you ever get the chance, GO. One time he led everyone out of the venue where he was playing, down the street to a fan’s house, and gave us all a concert in the man’s living room. And though he’s just strumming in this video, he does a version of Voodoo Chile on acoustic that’s incredible, if you can believe it. (Here’s a taste:


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