Changes, Part Deux

By Mark Trodden | September 22, 2008 7:00 am

A few months ago I mentioned a rather large professional change – namely that in January I’ll be moving to the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Pennsylvania. In that post I referred to at least one further surprise to come later, and I’m now ready to announce two.

First, Penn is setting up a new Center for Particle Cosmology, launching January 1, 2009 (although, as you’ll see by clicking on the link, the web site is already up and running, in case potential students and postdocs, or just curious others wish to check us out.)

Penn Center for Particle Cosmology banner

This is extremely exciting, and I’m very much looking forward to arriving in the Spring and getting involved (Bhuvnesh Jain and I will be co-directing the center.) A large part of my excitement is because of the second nice surprise – Justin Khoury has recently accepted a faculty position at Penn, and will also be joining the department and the new center in January. I’ve been a fan of Justin’s work for a while, and given the overlap of our research interests, we’ll hopefully have a lot to talk about.

All this provides me with a handy excuse to mention that if you’re looking for a postdoc position, and you’re interested in what we’re up to, then you may want to look at our announcement of two postdoctoral fellowships for Fall 2009.

Also, be sure to look for an announcement of our inaugural workshop.

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  • Jennifer Ouellette

    Congrats! And the banner design is fantastic!

  • Elliot Tarabour

    Congratulations Mark. Sounds like an exciting opportunity.


  • Gabriel Altay

    This is great news, Im a grad student at Carnegie Mellon and we along with our colleagues at U. of Pittsburgh have been doing a lot of hiring in the field of paticle cosmology as well. I keep telling all my friends its the golden age of cosmology especially if you’re looking for a postdoc position in 09 😉 You’ll definitely be getting my CV and hope to see you at the next Great Lakes Cosmology Conference (which adheres to a loose definition of great lakes schools).

  • Simon Bandler

    Congrats Mark !

    Still not close enough to me to think about reviving a pool team – but certainly close enough to imagine a few beers together at some point.


  • Mark

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone! Simon – I’m hoping to see you sometime in the fairly near future, so we can at least get a couple of individual games in.

  • Sili


    Pity I never amounted to more than a (non-doc) chemist. Well – I know what a particle is. Is that enough?

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