By Sean Carroll | September 28, 2008 11:40 am

From Andrew Jaffe, I just learned that Peter Coles has a new blog:

Peter is a theoretical cosmologist at Cardiff, in the UK, and the author of various interesting books.

And in case you didn’t notice it in John’s last post, there is a new blog by particle theorist Ben Lillie:

Ben’s thesis advisor was our very own JoAnne, so this is practically our blog-offspring. And it also reminds me that I never properly introduced the blog of my own former student, Eugene Lim:

Finally, for those who don’t scan the comments as well as the posts themselves, CV commenter (and distinguished string theorist) Moshe Rozali has joined David Berenstein at

Putting them all together, amount of blogging by respectable physicists has taken a substantial leap forward. We still have a long way to go to catch up to the economists.

  • Moshe

    Thanks for the link, Mark. Let me mention also that we are hoping to become with time a group blog, with more authors than two. I find it more interesting to have a diverse viewpoint, and it is useful to have someone filling the void when we get busy. So, we are still looking for some of our friends to join in, even as occasional authors.

  • Peter Coles

    Thanks for the ad about my new blog. I never really imagined anyone would want to read my ramblings, so I was quite happy to see my stats bumping along near the ground. Now I seem to have an audience I’ll probably get all shy and clam up. But probably not.

  • Sean

    Moshe, it can be very confusing when there are multiple bloggers!

  • Nick

    I’ve been enjoying David’s recent posts on Shores. He’s been pretty good at giving comprehensible views of particle physics topics, like this one on luminosity which even got me posting about parton distribution functions.

  • Moshe

    Jeez, sorry Sean, feel free to call me David sometime. I was actually surprised that Eugene turns out to be Mark’s student, I thought he was in Chicago at some stage. Back to caffeinated coffee for me.

  • Julianne

    Peter — You’ve never exactly been “shy”. 😉

  • Elliot


    Implicit in your post is the concept that there are respectable economists 😉


  • Ben Lillie

    Thanks Sean! Figures I’d get a big traffic bump while I’m away at my cousin’s wedding doing weddingy stuff. Like Peter, I hope I don’t suddenly get shy, but knowing myself, I doubt it.

  • Eugene

    Hey thanks for giving me a shout-out! Luckily I just posted a non-post (ironic content intended) just last night!


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