By Sean Carroll | November 6, 2008 4:28 pm

Now that the election is over and the LHC is delayed, for the next six months all of our posts will be about puppies. Let’s start with a live webcam.

Via Cynical-C.

  • Thoughtless Barbarian

    Shiba Inu?

  • http://www.nature.com/nphys/ Ed Gerstner

    Man, I could watch this for hours!

  • http://freiddy.blogspot.com Freiddie

    Aww, how cute!

  • Ryan

    If you slam 2 puppies together at 7 TeV each, do they create a Higgs?

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/sean/ Sean

    The kinetic energy of a scampering puppy is millions of TeV, more than enough to produce a Higgs. (1 TeV is about one erg.) Sadly, it’s spread out over a large number of degrees of freedom. And the luminosity is low.

  • http://lablemminglounge.blogspot.com Lab Lemming

    A TeV puppy isn’t actually traveling all that fast…

  • http://lablemminglounge.blogspot.com Lab Lemming

    For a head-on collision, 14 TeV=2.24e-6 J
    Assuming each puppy is 250g, and puppies are Newtonian, so E=1/2mv^2, that works out to about 3e-3 m/s, or 3 millimeters/second.

  • Joe

    Since there are already comments on puppy physics, let me add a reminder that the Obamas are getting a new puppy.

  • Roman

    How about kittens (no Schrodinger’s cruelty please)

  • http://teethgrinder.co.uk monk.e.boy

    are gravatons real? or is space-time curved?

  • http://juliapearl.etsy.com J_P

    If a puppy is moving at the speed of light, does time stop for the puppy?

  • anao

    Sean, who won the presidential prediction contest?

  • Matt

    How long before we get a final popular vote tally so you can declare a winner to the contest?

  • Sili

    Less snacks, more kittens, please.

  • Shinydan Howells

    Barbarian @#1:

    Small-yapper-type Japanese dog-type dog.

  • http://www.cthisspace.com Claire C Smith

    I was wondering about that bit of white square over in the red play area. Are those lovely pups constructing the next big physics answer on it, for us?

    One of them could be tackling a white board marker (with top on) in that play pen right now!

    Claire. P.S. Those Puppies, oh and I want one!

  • Ano

    I find myself wondering where is the mother?


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