Letter to the Higgs

By JoAnne Hewett | February 18, 2009 11:36 am

Abstruse Goose, one of my favorite web-comics, has an open letter to the Higgs boson:

This is a great science-based comic strip – not only is it funny, but it’s the first time I’ve been represented as a comic super-hero.

  • samson gable

    is this suppose to sound like Neo at the end of the first matrix movie, because it is very similar

  • Clerk

    Very Neoish indeed! I thought the samething; if CERN is Neo, and the Higgs is the Matrix. . . Who in the hell is Morpheus! ! !

  • Mark

    First paragraph is from The Matrix, the last from Ocean’s 11. I don’t recognize the second paragraph.

  • graviton383

    Being at CERN right now & hearing the latest from the Fermilab Publicity Department this is simply hilarious!

  • http://quantumnonsense.blogspot.com/ Qubit

    There‚Äôs no running and hiding, you probably find he’s been talking to everyone for the last 10 years.

  • Low Math, Meekly Interacting

    This is the God Particle you’re mocking.

    Beware His/Her retribution. From the Gospel According to Gary…


  • http://www.phys.uconn.edu/~yerubandi Kishan Yerubandi

    Here’s a song about the Higgs, called:

    You’re My Higgs (High Energy Love Song)


  • Winter Solstice Man

    Poor little Higgs. Look at how scared he is – and all he wants is to be left alone!

    You scientists keep your grubby little particle accelerators off of Higgs!

    Besides, you know what will happen if you do find the Higgs Boson: You will end up ripping open a hole in the fabrice of spacetime in the process and horrible creatures of immense power and destruction will be unleashed upon our Universe.

    Oh wait – we already had that for the last eight years, never mind.

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  • Fermi-Walker Public Transport

    We know where you live and we know where your non-super symmetric partner goes to school

  • ts

    I missed the America’s Most Wanted episode for this one. I want to see John Walsh call him names. Did he call Higgs a slimeball?

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