Monet Photography

By JoAnne Hewett | April 19, 2009 6:07 am

Springtime in the Imperial Palace gardens, Tokyo:

Nikon D200.

  • Seongchan Park

    I liked this picture as well as your talk at IPMU.

  • Neal J. King


    Are these in Tokyo, Kyoto or elsewhere?

    There are a lot of Imperial Gardens…

  • iheartfilm

    Very nice textures.

  • JoAnne

    Neal: it does say Tokyo in the post. ;)

  • beautiful

    Your photo really makes Monet’s genius completely apparent. Remarkable

  • daisyrose

    WOW that is how it looks where I am right now ! – Only not gardens but cattle ponds – I swear!

  • NewEnglandBob

    Fantastic. I did a double, triple, quadruple take. Photo or painting? Surreal for sure.

  • Sam Gralla

    That’s really cool how the water ripples of exactly the right size closely mimic the impressionist technique…

  • graviton383

    Nice shot! What time of day was it?

  • Grayorchid

    That is an amazing photo. It’s nice to have such a memory kept in .jpg format to refresh the copy kept in our minds from time to time.

    By the 19th most of the sakura here (Kyushu) had lost their blossoms in favor of young leaves, and then on the 20th there was a wind storm here to ensure the last few petals had fallen. After walking around today it seems all the sakura are now only green. I dont know if Tokyo had the same weather, but if so, you are extreemly fourtunate to have seen this.

    But I bet you allready knew that.


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