Women in Space — We …um… salute you

By Julianne Dalcanton | June 25, 2009 10:21 am

As a diehard baker of extreme cakes, I understand the difficulty in complex cake construction. Truly, I do. But this commemorative space shuttle cake at an event to salute the achievements of women in space has gone fabulously off the rails.

I never thought the phrase “External Fuel Tank” could sound so, well, dirty.

Picture below the fold to protect the children. (From the always entertaining CakeWrecks).

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    That is a cake? Whoa!


    I never thought the phrase “External Fuel Tank” could sound so, well, dirty

    What do you mean by that? That it looks like a penis or something?

  • rob

    huh? it just reminds me of the movie poster for “the little mermaid.”

  • http://treelobsters.blogspot.com treelobsters

    Looks like it melted on reentry.



    If you’re talking about the fuel tank, then it can’t melt on re-entry because it separates from the shuttle on launch and it doesn’t come back fast enough to cause enough friction with the atmosphere to heat it up, in order to melt!

    If you’re talking about the shuttle part then if it melts during re-entry it will break up into pieces!

  • http://whenindoubtdo.blogspot.com/ Eugene

    Thanks for posting this. You just made my day.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/cosmicvariance/sean/ Sean

    Nothing makes people click a link better than “picture below the fold to protect the children.”

  • Mandeep

    What Sean and Eugene said.. and then there’s the whole FRICTION discussion just waiting to .. erupt. OH man. and — btw, what’s with that angling to the side?? External fuel tank-correctness, is it..?

  • http://page3.com Ian Paul Freeley

    The same cake will be used to celebrate all the brave men in space who also list slightly to the right.

  • http://littlescienceblog.blogspot.com Gustav Nyström

    Is that how a penis is supposed to look like? What’s wrong with me!

  • John

    If you look at it upside down that shuttle has a huge…smile.

  • rep

    Well, you need those yankie oil monglers to spend their money in the name of science. What is a better motivator than a big read dick connected to a cool looking piece of space craft. Why do you think Bush wanted to put people on Mars? He so fell for it.


    “Women in Space: We’ve ‘come a long’ way”.

    Just when I was trying to convince my friends that engineers aren’t always that nerdy and out of touch… What nerd was multitasking here?

    ummm, Somebody Jewish?… sorry, couldn’t help it… millions of pounds of thrust from the two SRBs… sorry, slippery slope…

    Submit Comment and get out now… Eject, eject, eject!!!

  • http://faculty.unlv.edu/twaters Twaters

    Maybe you should start eating those spicy cheetos right before you…

    Just playing. Love the Buzz Aldrin/Snoop Dogg Video on your blog. Thanks!

  • Low Math, Meekly Interacting

    The external tank is filled with liquid hydrogen and oxygen stored at cryogenic temperatures…

    …which obviously causes some major shrinkage.

  • Ellipsis

    women in science always seem to get the shaft

  • http://telescoper.wordpress.com Peter Coles

    The main object looks about right to me. What I’m worried about is the peculiar shape of the two smaller things either side!

  • http://www.videoaccent.com doublechateau

    “The same cake will be used to celebrate all the brave men in space who also list slightly to the right.”

    When you get fitted for a space suit do they ask “What side do you dress on, sir?”

  • spyder

    They apparently practice safe shuttling… but what’s with the white crayons????

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  • http://nakednonprofit.wordpress.com/ Megan

    Somehow now everything NASA publishes can be seen in a different light. In a post from 2007 called “Astronaut job: Icing on the cake” (http://www.nasa.gov/astronauts/d_olivas_profile.html) Brandi Dean wrote about astronaut Danny Olivas:

    “Becoming an astronaut is hard – a lot harder than Danny Olivas ever thought it would be. But hard in a good way. ‘It’s hard in the way like making your favorite cake,’ Olivas said. ‘It takes a long time, you have the ingredients all over the place and you have to clean up afterwards. But the reward justifies all the effort.”


  • Aidan C

    Thats no moon…

  • http://popast.nu Robert Cumming

    Oh my, and I thought the She is an Astronomer logo was bad.

  • Mike

    you can learn a good deal by studying sally ride

  • syzygy

    Sex, science and cake!

    Somehow you combined three of the most awesome things in the universe.

    That’s impressive

  • Low Math, Meekly Interacting

    Sex? I wonder. The phallic object in question is apparently so shriveled that it compressed the Shuttle’s fuselage like a tin can. What’s the Seinfeld line?…Oh, yeah, “Like a frightened turtle!”


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