The Dark Energy Song

By Sean Carroll | October 9, 2009 12:03 pm

It’s Friday! And my promised bloggy content-providing hasn’t really materialized. Someone has to write those letters of recommendation, and my students weren’t impressed by my pleas that there was blogging to be done.

But I gave a colloquium yesterday at Caltech, and afterwards one of the folks who came to dinner was Lloyd Knox, an old friend and a cosmologist at UC Davis. Talk naturally turned to his most well-known work: the Dark Energy Song, sung to his class and (inevitably) captured to video and posted to YouTube by a quick-thinking student. But to my surprise, it only has about 1,000 views! Surely we can help bring this masterpiece to a wider audience.

Note that musical/lyrical critiques by people who have not demonstrated bravery by putting their own performances on YouTube will be derided as acts of base cowardice.

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