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By Daniel Holz | October 21, 2009 8:04 am

budding scientistsWe are now in the middle of the Social Media Challenge at DonorsChoose. Many of our generous, loyal, beautiful, intelligent, witty, and particularly well-groomed readers have risen to the challenge, and we have to date raised $3,000, reaching over 2,000 students in need across the country. Thank you to everyone that has already contributed! For those whose wallets have remained closed, please consider donating. For example, Mrs. S is teaching Kindergarten in a high-poverty area in Oklahoma, and she needs some science kits to help inspire her budding scientists. To boot, the George Kaiser Family Foundation will match your donation dollar for dollar, so you get that heart-warming “I’m making a difference!” feeling for half the price.

Although I’m sure you don’t need any further incentive, in recognition that it’s a material world Sean has kindly offered up a copy of his forthcoming book as a token of thanks for those donating over $100 (of which there are at least eight thus far) . (Guest blogger Kip Thorne tells us “…this book is a must read. It is beautifully written, lucid, and deep.” And you can’t argue with Kip.) Donors who contribute over $500 (we have one thus far) will receive a copy of Sean’s lectures on “The dark side of the Universe” as an emphatic THANK YOU! To claim your ‘reward’, email me your name, address, and the amount contributed. What are you waiting for? A bunch of kindergarten kids in Oklahoma are counting on you.

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  • Kitty’sBitch

    Just because I did this, don’t start thinking I’m easy.
    Okay, maybe I’m a little easy.

    Mrs. J still needs a little more and I’m officially tapped out. Somebody get on it!

  • Sili


    At least the dollar’s worthless this year.

  • EG

    Teachers may request free SI (metric system) educational resources from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Visit form more SI teacher resources or request a set of classroom materials via

  • kamya james muwanga

    Am a Ugandan who is dealing in School Laboratory equipment and chemicals,am trying to extend a hand to poor schools in our country Uganda (Africa)but atleast i need a hand to enable me reach the poor in our country.All scince subjects in Uganda are complusary i.e biology,chemestry and physcis,so am trying to help poor schools but i need your help.
    Looking forward for your assistance.
    Kamya James Muwanga

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