The Cyclic Theory of Evolution

By Sean Carroll | November 13, 2009 9:05 am

I don’t think you can define a consistent arrow of time here, but clearly more investigation is warranted.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

  • Sili

    You just need a lifting function (I think – I really suck at differential geometry).

  • jim
  • Bjørn Østman

    Again with the knuckle-walking! The Human-ape ancestors likely didn’t walk on their knuckles. Grrr.

  • Mark

    Wow Sean, except for the cowboy hat, he bears a stunning resemblance! The 70’s version is interesting too.

  • chemicalscum

    @Bjørn Østman

    I agree with Björn Kurtén too. I just can bear it you Björns seem to be born to be right all the time.

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  • anonameat

    I love SMBC.

  • Refusenik

    There is no there is no arrow of time..the trajectory of time is a construction of human brain in our attempt to understand the Universe which we never can, unless we evolve again with a brain capable of understanding the meaninglessness of our existence
    without angst…this is not to deny the positive by-products of the efforts to understand the ununderstandable…


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