The Muppets take on Queen

By JoAnne Hewett | November 28, 2009 10:46 am

Here’s what happens when you combine two icons from the 70’s:

Just the right amount of levity for this Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  Thanks to the late Freddie Mercury and Jim Henson for being so creative.

  • Sili

    Thank you.

  • Jeff

    So great.

  • graviton383

    This is great fun!

  • Cartesian

    Nonetheless sensual creativity is really different from intellectual creativity. Also humor is more based on illogical things and intellectual creativity is trying to be the most possible logical. But it is true that there are some sensual creators who want to make think that they are doing the same thing as intellectual ones, nevertheless flatter our senses is not the same thing as building a logic with the brain, for the senses it can even be possible to not think.

  • jimbo73

    cartesian needs to smoke a joint and not put so much effort into analyzing it and just enjoy it.

  • Roadtripper

    I’d recommend that he Smoke Two Joints…

  • green finger

    Miss you Jim Henson.

  • Cartesian

    Sorry but I do not take any drug, anyway I understand humor nonetheless in order that it is good it is better to avoid some ambiguities.

  • Cartesian

    P.-S. : Smoking joints is destroying the brain, but with a bad trip it is even worse.

  • eddie

    Left-handed guitar players are always better.

    But was that deliberate, to allow the muppets to work, or just a product of the video processing?

  • ZLOZL(Z(

    Cartesian, smoking a joint does not destroy the brain…your pseudo-intellectual rhetoric is idiotic. Funny video…

  • Cartesian

    For zlozl(z( : I do not think that reporting what medicine is saying is “pseudo-intellectual”, but the opposite is more probable.

  • Cartesian

    P.-S. : but the video can be funny.


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