Bohr, Einstein, Puppies, Puppets

By Sean Carroll | December 1, 2009 10:17 am

We haven’t forgotten (read — “I presume Daniel hasn’t forgotten”); we owe several very generous donors rewards from our Donors Choose Challenge. But while our appreciation knows no bounds, our imagination in coming up with incentives is somewhat impoverished. At least compared to Chad Orzel, who promised his readers a physics-themed puppet show if they hit a certain donation threshold. Which indeed they did, and the good news is that we all benefit. For your consideration: the Bohr-Einstein Debates, as told by dog puppets.

The Bohr-Einstein Debates, With Puppets from Chad Orzel on Vimeo.

It seems clear that Einstein was wedded to a definition of “reality” that wasn’t flexible enough to cover the implications of quantum mechanics. But it’s even more clear to me now that he bore a spooky resemblance to a Bichon.

  • Oded

    Wow, this video totally got me on Einstein’s side. Bohr was dead wrong. Quantum Physics is still an incomplete description. We must solve the measurement problem!!

    I’ll be back in 3 years after I at least finish my undergraduate in physics….

  • Sili

    Aren’t there any cat-physicists out there, or has Schrödinger killed feline physics forever?

    • Sean

      You’ll be happy to know that in my book, it’s cats that get to do all the fun thought-experimenting.

  • Brendon J. Brewer

    I’m with Einstein too. Maybe that makes me naive.

  • DaveH

    Sean’s next project will be a puppet musical about entropy, Timecats .

  • Sili

    I will, indeed!

    Presuming Daniel got my email, at least.

    Didn’t your cat use to blog?

  • daisyrose

    How about Donkeys? As in the Transformations… or The Golden Ass.

  • randomwalk

    Hi Sean –

    Wondering if you have any thoughts on Caltech computer scientist Carver Mead’s recent work? I am specifically referring to Collective Electrodynamics: Quantum Foundations of Electromagnetism, published in 2002, and his interview with American Spectator. Is there anything to this?

  • Sean

    randomwalk, I don’t really know anything about it. Quantum electrodynamics doesn’t strike me as a subject whose foundations need re-examining, so I doubt I will get motivated to learn more.

  • rimpal

    randomwalk, Carver Mead among other things claims that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle stands refuted. That’s how credible his assertions are.


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