First Thoughts on the iPad

By Sean Carroll | April 4, 2010 8:05 am

Only one thought, actually: why don’t I have one? Don’t they know I’m a highly influential blogger?

Via Tom Levenson:

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  • Javier

    I put a link to another tablet PC (an archos 9) that is a viable option to the Ipad, and was marked as spam.

    I have no any particular interest in promote the archos 9. I mentioned because I already have it. But in fact I would recomend also any other tablet PC with a windows 7 OS.

    The advantage of that systems is the wide availability of professional software that you have for windows. In particular you have mathematica, matlab or whatever it is your favorite math software. There is not (and probably there wil never be) the same for the IPad. Certainly one can’t do intensive computer calculations with one of these tablets. But still is a good option to have it.

    And, of course, you have access to pdf file with adobe reader that guarantees you that you will always can see the documents in the right way. Or powerpoint for ppt presentations (for example the ones of strings 2010 for example). They are not (at least still not) available for the IPad. And you can read djvu documents.

    And the Ipad is not properly multitask. And it doesn’t supoort flash so you can’t gestinate the statistic of blogs (among a lot more things that you can’t do in the web witouth flash).

    Seriously, there are many better options that the Ipad.

    Well, I know I am not going to convince to any fanboy out there, but maybe still is not wasted time ;).

  • gopher65

    Not to mention that the iPad is merely a cut down clone of a Chinese tablet PC, the P88. The iPad is a little bit lighter, but it also has inferior hardware… and the P88 released in what, August 09?

    (As for the name, I’m given to understand that “P88” sounds cool in Mandarin, and has a (somewhat) clever double meaning. It sounds silly in English though.)

  • Tod R. Lauer

    Hmmm, why do you want one Sean?

    Saw it at the MAC store yesterday, and really had trouble understanding why I would want one, given that I already have both an iPhone and a MacBook, which I think pretty well cover the bases. The obvious new thing, is likely to be all the aps, which indeed may be vastly better on the iPad, rather than the iPhone; but this is something that will have to shake out over time.

    Mainly, though, I didn’t like the iPhone-style keyboard, with its involved access to punctuation and numbers – plus it takes up a huge amount of screen real-estate when you use it. I would also miss the “messy desk” feel that windows system allows. This is not the tool of anyone who does any amount of writing.

    My conclusion is that it may be very attractive to those who want to use/consume things on the web, read & look at stuff, and play with things. But right now, it’s hard to understand how those who use computers to create would want to trade in their laptops for one of these…

  • Pieter Kok

    let the war begin…

  • Timon of Athens

    Sean said: “Only one thought, actually: why don’t I have one?”

    umm… because you are still paying off your Segway?

  • Meng Bomin

    I’m actually in favor of the iPad. It has the real world benefit of parting fools and their money.

  • John
  • Karl

    In which the privileged gossip about their toys..


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