George Carlin on Science and the Meaning of Life

By Sean Carroll | October 9, 2010 6:01 pm

George Carlin, asked about the meaning of life, proclaims his love for astrophysics and particle physics. And the cyclic universe scenario, in particular.

The interviewer, sadly, is pretty clueless, and wears his cluelessness like a badge of honor. Carlin shows quite a bit of restraint.

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  • Brad

    That is awesome.

  • Harry Fiasco

    wait… the earth is older than the universe?!?

  • Alfredo

    Science in all of its forms is vital. Thanks for the memories George.

  • David

    That interviewer was a moron. He was beyond clueless. He was stupid and he liked and he didn’t care. Science is not a belief. Science is about facts. You have no choice in whether you want to believe in facts or not. You deny facts at your own peril.

  • Tim McKracken

    I think you are all, umm, reading way too much into the limited comments the interviewer gave. I hate you all. Sean the most. He might be my least favorite person on the earth, with his stupid smile, wiser than thou attitude, and ridiculous pants (probably).

  • Lucas


    The interviewer gave limited comments because his was a limited mind.

    (How’s that for a wiser-than-thou attitude?)

  • Zack

    Science is not a belief system. It’s quite the opposite. If you wanted a “t-shirt sized” summary of what science is all about, you could say that Science is the process of questioning beliefs.

    How do we know that the earth is 22 billion years old? Jesus, did this guy even graduate high school? Why is he asking a comedian a question like that? That was a very infuriating two minutes.

  • Matt O

    Well, he was only off by ONE order of magnitude on the age of the earth.

  • Cobey Cobb

    Oh god, how can someone get to the ago of 40 and not know how old the earth is. Someone who actually has the chance to interview the great George Carlin has no clue how we even know the earth is more than 200 years old. Oh nooo, science is just bullshiiittt. It’s just a belief systemmmmm.. Geez, next time this guy is in the hospital, lets just pray for him and let him continue living his life completely devoid of all science.

  • Jack

    Hospital? About the hospital, do you ever think it’s bullshit and they’re just guessing? I mean, medicine is a field of belief, just like religion. The belief in medicine and the marvel of medicine. Saving lives, huh. It’s a belief system in the wonder of the body.


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