Spreading the wealth

By Daniel Holz | November 5, 2010 3:08 pm

physics.org web awardsAs Sean has already mentioned, we have been nominated for a physics.org web award, for nothing less than Best Blog. I imagine first place comes with an immense cash prize, which we would then share with all of our loyal readers. As it happens, yours truly is one of the judges (for the “Best Q&A / Ask the Expert” site). But why would you trust me with such an important and profound responsibility? You can and should put in your own votes (unfortunately, you have to register with physics.org to be able to vote; there’s lots of good stuff on the site). Did Sean mention that you can also vote for Cosmic Variance while you’re at it? At the very least, it’s worth perusing the websites of the other 34 shortlisted nominees; they form a wonderful and entertaining collection of science-oriented blogs.

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  • John P Derr

    I enjoyed Sean’s 24-lesson Course from THE GREAT COURSES on Dark Matter, Dark energy and even tried this question on him. I probably don’t phrase it clearly but here ’tis again for some feed back?

    At the BIG BANG moment everything started expanding and I understand the universe is flat. That should mean we are all opening from the start and how, then, can we look back and see that moment? Relative motion? The Cosmic Wave Background signals picked up tell me that we can see that big bang moment but how?

    Another Q is about photons and having any mass. If there is mass, then how can they go from zero speed to the speed of light instantly? Photons are affected by large celestial bodies indicating magnetism/mass? Wave energy and string theory connection?

    John Derr

  • Sili

    Sorry. Already cast my ballot for Ethan.

  • http://danielholz.com daniel

    @Sili. It’s all good. Ethan deserves the support!


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