I love my students

By Julianne Dalcanton | April 6, 2011 5:00 am

Of the thousands of these I’ve received, this is perhaps my favorite student evaluation ever. Thank you anonymous student, for your helpful feedback.
This class needs more cowbell!

(And if this makes no sense, please watch here, or, if you must, read about it on wikipedia)

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  • http://shashnia.blogspot.com Aaron

    I’ve heard of pigs in space, but where would you find cowbells?

  • ossicle

    [Comment deleted because it was accidentally irrelevant.]

  • Eric

    One of my favorites from my TA days was:

    What aspects of this class contributed most to your learning?
    His beard.
    What aspects of this class detracted from your learning?
    His beard.

    Never have been sure how to take either of those responses, except to laugh.

  • Missy

    HAHAHA that is awesome! I have several teacher friends that I shared it with :)

  • Josh

    That’s so awesome.

  • rob

    that was good. made me think of my favorite comment a student left on my eval from TA days:

    “if my parents were to die, I would want Rob to adopt me.”

  • Jon

    Being from the UK I had no idea about cowbell….. You just made my evening, the sketch was pretty cool. :-)

  • Katharine

    What are your thoughts on the other three sections?

  • SC

    My favorite student evaluation was something very heartwarming, from an 8am class, about attitude: “If the professor ever has a a bad day, he never lets it show” which was particularly noteworthy as I taught the first couple of weeks with an extremely painful broken rib and horrific cough combination.

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  • Solitha

    I’ve always kinda hated those evals… but this one gives me such deliciously eeeeeevil ideas.

  • TimG

    When I was TAing a class I had a student write: “Seeing how exhausted Tim looked every day convinced me not to go to grad school.” It’s nice to be able to make a positive difference in a student’s life.

  • http://qpr.ca/blogs/ Alan Cooper

    One that gave me pause was “I don’t like this teacher ‘cos he makes us think”

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  • http://www.legosalogos.com.ar Daneel

    I love everything that makes the world a weirder place.

  • http://eli.lansey.net Eli

    My personal favorite:
    One student’s response to the question “What were the major weaknesses of this professor?”… Kryptonite.


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