Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

By Sean Carroll | May 24, 2011 3:10 pm

Seventy years old. Wow.

I recognize the first questioner at this press conference. I’m pretty sure he’s been at some of my own talks.


  • Ellipsis

    Perhaps one should ask him why he gave a huge concert in China (I think the day after Ai Weiwei was imprisoned) and said not a single word during his visit about freedom or civil liberties. Was it the money? Or do his beautiful but self-righteous lyrics just show that fantastic artists can also be uncaring and repulsive people?

  • PSP

    ummm, why is this not interesting to me? I grew up in the ’60’s listening to the wonderful folkies of that era…, so shouldn’t Dylan be a hero of sorts? no? a-duh. Well, is the sound of sincerity the same as integrity? uhhhh…

  • Matthew Saunders


    yes, but does he respect Lorentz invariance? If he doesn’t, then this is just pseudoscience again :)

    And if you live to 70, if your mind is still limber and flexible, you’ll be more or less like you are right now, the main difference will be how other people will be treating you (I hope, by that time, youth-worship will have faded away…)

  • suetonius

    Ellipsis, Dylan has made it abundantly clear that he *never* gave a rat’s ass about human rights, civil liberties, all that crap. That’s why I have always liked him.

    “Folk music….. is a load of fat people.”

  • dmckgbear

    Well he basically saved my life, from 6 years of military and church school, with just his early (1960s and 1970s) words. Now if I had been as smart as many of the cosmologists on this list, Einstein could have done the same for me with his ideas. Yay Bobby! You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go.

  • liberalism’s_a_sickness

    The mere fact that Discover even features an article on Dylan’s 70th birthdays tells you all you need to know about the sad state of “science” today and scientists in general, which is to say that as a group they are overwhelmingly leftist. Moreover, it’s plain to many of us that this clearly affects the integrity of their “science,” as in meterology, anthroplogy, oceanography, economics and on and on and on. Einstien and Sagan, among many others, were excellent examples of otherwise pretty smart guys who should have kept their pie-in-the-sky political opinions in the closet – where they belong.

  • Kenny Seagle, Emperor of the North

    Bob Dylan is a HORRIBLE singer. There I said it.

  • Joseph Milanese

    Here we go again. Morons and fools imposing a political agenda on a performing artist. Bob Dylan is a lyricst and musician and, as such, has gained a reputation as one of the most influencial lyricsts of the 20th century. If you are searching for someone to tell you what to think, your issues run far deeper than your apparent lack of taste in music! I wish that, for just one time, you could stand inside my shoes. You’d know what a drag it is to see you.

  • Tron

    Nope, no matter what their gig or station in life, no one ever has an agenda when they’re liberals – only conservatives parade their politics. Our bad! Ya think maybe one of Discover’s paid bloggers will note, say, Pat Boone or Chuck Norris’ next birthday?

  • Joseph Milanese

    “Ya think maybe one of Discover’s paid bloggers will note, say, Pat Boone or Chuck Norris’ next birthday?”

    Even Pat Boone’s and Chuck Norris’ families fail to note THEIR birthdays. As will future generations

  • Tron

    Joseph “Lefty” Milanese said, “Even Pat Boone’s and Chuck Norris’ families fail to note THEIR birthdays. As will future generations”

    Spoken like a true, little socialist street urchin of the 60s whose destructive influence on the culture way back then is why this once great country is for all intents and purposes now a Third World toilet bowl. Most of us would far prefer a country filled with people like Pat Boone and Chuck Norris as against talentless musical hacks like Dylan, whose sole claim to fame, by the way, is that the country’s perverted leftists made of him some sort of folk hero. Yeppers, like Guthrie before him, a total fool and parody. I think it still stands as some sort of inside joke amongst the liberal elite.

  • Steve Turrentine

    ^ Troll.


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