Gil Scott-Heron

By Sean Carroll | May 28, 2011 8:45 am

Gil Scott-Heron has died at 62. I could mention how his spoken-word recordings were a noted precursor of hip-hop, but then the Onion would make fun of me.

  • spyder

    With homage to Gil Scott-Heron, he grew up listening to the Word Jazz of the master Ken Nordine:

    RIP GS-H

  • Phil

    We saw him At Sommerset House in london last summer, such a wonderful evening, such a shame. Went with a friend of mine who named his son Gill after him.

  • David

    I was a student at Florida State University when Gil Scott Heron come to play circa ’76-77. saw both shows. Maybe the best concerts I have ever seen. He is in his own category and I hate to describe as any particular genre but he was a unique combo of passionate black dylan poet jazz artist musician visionary performer extraordinare. Loved the timbre of his voice. I was privileged to see him and now must go up into my attic and unearth the posters of the concert that I purloined from the show. H2O Gate Blues, Winter in America, still relevant. RIP Gil Scott

  • Suetonius

    “I can understand why Gil Scott-Heron was frustrated. It was pretty neat of him to express himself with art and tell people what was on his mind. Remember when you were in that art camp back in seventh grade and you made that collage against the war? That was very creative.”

    HAHA!! Onion hits the nail on the head once again!


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