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By Mark Trodden | July 22, 2011 8:19 am

Last year, friend and fine Philly science writer Faye Flam wrote a guest post for us here at Cosmic Variance, in which she chronicled her experiences writing about climate science as part of her brief at the Philadelphia Inquirer. You may recall that her articles on this hot-button topic led to quite over-the-top responses, including a death threat. And our comment section after her post was certainly lively, although relatively well-behaved.

Planet of the Apes banner

Well, now Faye is tackling a new controversial (although it shouldn’t be) topic. While continuing with her regular writing, she has, over the last few months, begun writing a blog for the Inquirer on the topic of evolution. Titled Planet of the Apes, the blog features Faye’s writing paired up with illustrations from the paper’s staff editorial cartoonist, Tony Auth.

It’s a fun read, and covers current news in evolution as well as taking on some of the questions that come up when discussing the topic with those who, for whatever reason, are resistant to this established branch of scientific knowledge. Take a look at the back catalog to see some of these.

I wish Faye the best of luck with this new endeavor, and hope that we’ll see another guest post here from her soon.

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  • psmith

    Thanks for that pointer. I like her writing style. Was the title chosen to have a dig at the ID, young earth creationists? Regardless, it is useful to be reminded of some of the primitive forces harking back to our our distant background.

  • http://http// Kevin McLeod is redirecting links to the blog to their home page, and links from Google searches to the blog result in a file not found message from

  • Mark

    Hmm. I just clicked on the link in my post and it sent me to the correct page. Ditto for the link I get from googling “Planet of the apes philadelphia inquirer”. Not sure what’s going on.

  • Rich

    I was redirected too. Using my iPhone and answered OK to allow my location to be used. Maybe the redirect is for all nonlocal access (I’m in Houston TX)?

  • magetoo

    Works for me, and I’m on a different continent (unless something has changed lately). So it doesn’t seem to be a local/not local thing.

  • iNetVideo

    The remake was awesome! I wrote a very cool article PLANET OF THE APES FOR DUMMIES at


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