The Invader

By Sean Carroll | August 19, 2012 2:53 pm

Opening panels of a wordless and moving story about a young Space Invader. Worth a click. Via Zack Stentz.

  • Ray Gedaly

    Brilliant! I’ll never be able to pick up my Atari again.

  • Taurus

    Nice comic.

  • Gary

    Invaders don’t abort. Soon, Invaders will outnumber Democrats.

    Dem’s don’t require Invaders to have legal I.D. to vote.

    Dem’s are intellectually superior to their eventual alien replacements.

    Art mimics life without Dems.

  • Michael

    So I see the Space Invaders and I like the finished look of the comic… but what’s the point?

    What interactions should make me read another comic? Why is a normal looking offspring a point of interest?

    Sidenote: I am no longer trusting Zack Stentz’ suggestions. Keep on keeping on, Sean Carroll.

  • Jesse M.

    The link is messed up, it only shows you the first four panels–to see the whole comic you have to go to

    • Sean Carroll

      Ooops, you’re right, the link was messed up. Hopefully that didn’t give people the wrong idea about the comic.


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