DonorsChoose 2012

By Sean Carroll | October 25, 2012 6:32 am

DonorsChoose is a great program that lets people give small (or large, if that’s how they roll) charitable donations targeted at specific classrooms and educational programs around the country. We have participated frequently in the past, but this year we didn’t quite get our act together. But it doesn’t matter who sets up the donors page, there are many great programs out there looking for support.

So instead, this year we’re pointing people to Aatish Bhatia’s donor page. You might remember Aatish as the winner of this year’s 3 Quarks Daily blogging prize. Now he’s assembled a collection of worthy science education projects. Go throw a few bucks and feel good about yourself and the world!

  • Mel

    Donate your body to science! Diaclaimer: if you are blind, retarded, and an alcoholic, as soon as you pull that trigger, medical science will find a cure for blind-ness, retarded-ness, and alcohol-ness (wtf?) via prodding and poking the life out of you.

    I am pro-choice…donate your body, heart and mind to science….it is a worthy investment. And who knows…you might make your way into “Dark Matters” as the living dead, or at least “Oddities” if you’ve been resurrected where taxonomy is quite similar to taxidermy.

    Just sayin

  • Dilaton

    Hi Julianne,

    Zack is really sweet, looking at the pictures I could fall in love with him and I’d like to pet him too 😀

    Stupid people who say kill them all etc, have no idea what they are talking about !
    There simply exist no breeds of dogs that are evil per default, what matters is how they are treated and educated by their owners. And people who treat their dogs (and other animals) bad and abuse them as weapons should be put into prison…

    Closing comments on the pitbull topic is probably a good idea, maybe you should delete what I just said here too after reading …

    BTW, in future articles about fundamental enough physics here on CV (certain cosmological topics, BSM physics, ST, etc …) it would be a very good idea to disable the comments too … 😉


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