Georgia’s Own Doomsday Stonehenge Monument

By Guest Blogger | September 9, 2013 3:01 pm

By Jill Neimark

georgia guidestones

“Planned genocide has begun,” read the Facebook entry on one of the groups I browse daily. The link: a picture of five monoliths looming like an American Stonehenge over a lush and lonely hill in remote Elberton, Georgia. I was only an hour away at the time, and decided to visit them in person.

The nearly twenty-foot granite slabs, known as the Georgia Guidestones, have sparked controversy around the world – praised by Yoko Ono, defaced by conspiracy theorists, featured on the History Channel, and the subject of the conspiracy web series Guidestones. The monument – five upright stones topped by a capstone – weighs nearly 240,000 pounds and is inscribed in eight languages with ten instructions for humans post-apocalypse. Three decades after being erected, the monument’s true purpose is still being argued, and its quasi-commandments can seem either sincere or satanic.

The most controversial instruction is the first: that humanity should be maintained under half a billion. Nearly as controversial is the sixth instruction, which proposes that nations resolve disputes in “a world court.” The stones also boast a few odd astronomical features – a hole through which you can see the North Star each night; a slot through which you can watch the sun rise during the summer or winter solstice; and a hole on the capstone which functions as a solar calendar at noon.

“Let these be Guidestones to an Age of Reason” reads the capstone in classical Greek, Sanskrit, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Babylonian cuneiform.

georgia guidestones defaced

Image credit: infinitooples/flickr

Curious Origins

The Guidestones were erected in 1980 and have captured the curiosity of astronomy buffs, peaceniks, pagans, and preachers over the decades since. Conspiracy theorists have decoded them; pagans have held rituals around them; graffiti artists have defaced them. They are as riveting for their curious origins and enigmatic intentions as they are for the cacophonous range of responses they evoke in observers.

The monument was commissioned in 1979 by a now deceased, anonymous donor calling himself “R.C. Christian.” According to the also deceased Joe Fendley, then president of the Elberton Granite Finishing Company, Mr. Christian was a tall, well-dressed stranger who showed up in his office on a Friday afternoon and offered to pay a substantial sum of money for the construction of the monument. Fendley sent him over to Wyatt C. Martin, then president of the Granite City Bank.

Within a few weeks, Christian had wired money to the bank and brought in a wooden model of the monument, and the quarrying and construction had begun. Over 4,000 letters were ultimately etched into the surface of the stones. A year later, on March 22, 1980, the Guidestones were unveiled – on a former cow pasture on U.S. Highway 77.

georgia guidestones

Image credit: Sir Mildred Pierce/flickr

A Visit to the Rough-Hewn Giants

Last August I drove into the sleepy town of Elberton, past signs boasting “Granite Capital of the World,” along remote and winding roads, to see the Guidestones.

I wondered what this American Rorschach would feel like to me. They cast a strange spell that sunny afternoon – outstandingly incongruous on a well kept grassy knoll in the proverbial middle of nowhere. Perhaps if they’d towered over the north rim of the Grand Canyon they would have blended with rock and sky. But nesting like alien tombstones in the rural south, down the road from the white spires of Baptist and Methodist churches, the stones seemed eerie, and brought to mind Henry James’ famous impression of Stonehenge: “You may put a hundred questions to these rough-hewn giants as they bend in grim contemplation of their fallen companions, but your curiosity falls dead in the vast sunny stillness that enshrouds them.”

Meeting the Man Who Knows

A few days later I visited the only man alive who actually knows who built the Guidestones – and he isn’t telling. Banker Wyatt Martin, who is now 82, now lives with his second wife in quaint Greensboro, Georgia.

“You just missed the History Channel,” he greeted me, motioning to a chair on the porch. “They filmed me right here for three hours.” We sat and talked as a light rain drizzled down upon the oak and pecan trees, and Martin speculated that a large part of the enduring controversy is due to the mystery of the stones’ origins.

“People ask, ‘Isn’t it hard being the only one left alive who knows who he really was?’” said Martin. “They could put a gun to my head and kill me, I will never reveal his real name. In my age and my profession you stuck by a promise of confidentiality.

“Last year I went with a few friends over to an old bridge on Lake Oconee and we dumped all correspondence associated with the Guidestones into a metal barrel and burned them. Then we poured the ashes into the lake. It’ll never be known. And that’s what he wanted. He always said if you want to keep people interested, you can let them know only so much.”


georgia guidestones

Image credit: The Rocketeer/flickr

At the time the stones were built, Martin reminded me, it was the height of the Cold War, when Armageddon and nuclear winter loomed over America. In a chapbook on the Guidestones that Christian wrote and published, he states, “We are entering a critical era. Population pressures will soon create political and economic crisis throughout the world… We are like a fleet of overcrowded lifeboats confronted with an approaching tempest… There are alternatives to Armageddon. They are attainable.” The guides of the ‘graven stones’ were meant to provide those alternatives.

Was Christian a Christian?, I ask Martin. Martin thinks he was. Others suspect he was influenced by Rosicrucian thought. Rosicrucians formed a European secret society in the 1600’s known as “the brotherhood of R.C.” or the “Fraternity of the Rosie Cross.” According to their first manifesto in 1614, “The word R.C. should be their seal, mark and character.”

Those who believe the stones are influenced by Rosicrucian thought point to the text on the capstone, which echoes the title of Thomas Paine’s famous apologia “The Age of Reason.” Paine was both a deist (one who believes the existence of God can be proven by reason and observation) and a Rosicrucian.


georgia guidestones

Image credit: SeanPavonePhoto/Shutterstock

Martin has been hectored for his association with the Guidestones. “Some evangelicals, of which I am one, claim it’s the work of the devil and the Antichrist,” he explains. Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile, claim the stones are the work of the New World Order, a purported global elite that intends to depopulate the world through controlled genocide and then rule it. In 2008, vandals defaced the surface of the slabs, spray-painting “Jesus will beat u satanist” and “No one world government.”

One of the monument’s most prominent conspiracy theorists is computer analyst Van Smith, of Arkansas. His website, Van’s Hardware, offers extensive analysis of the stones.

“The purpose of the monument’s ten edicts,” Smith wrote me by email, “is to establish the groundwork for a totalitarian global government. The proportions of the stones predict the exact height in feet of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, now the world’s tallest building. Both the Guidestones and the Burj allude to the Tower of Babel. Also be aware that there is a supposed to be a time capsule buried a few feet west of the monument… According to the story, the capsule is only to be opened when signs are made obvious by the monument of an impending global cataclysm. And the North Star sighting hole is probably the feature that was intended for detecting the feared cataclysmic event, if the story I was told is true. The hole is similar to a device created by the Hopi to detect a similar calamity.”

georgia guidestone north star hole

Image credit: The Rocketeer/flickr

The True Message

In truth, according to astronomer Loris Magnani, of the University of Georgia, the astronomical features of the Guidestones are mediocre at best. “I visited in order to see if they could really function as an observatory, which Stonehenge could have. The Guidestones are an abacus compared to Stonehenge’s computer. They’re very ordinary. You could do the same thing with concrete in your back yard.

“To see the North Star, which is at a latitude of 34 degrees, you just drill a hole due north at a 34 degree angle. The hardest part is drilling the concrete. As an astronomer, I can tell you there’s nothing much there. As to the instructions on the stone, that’s a whole other issue.”

And it is the instructions, indeed, that speak to our hopes and fears. Though they trace their origins to the Cold War era, they arouse unease today over a different kind of Armageddon. As I stood there before them I thought of our present realities of climate change, soaring global population, and the devastation of species. We were 3.4 billion when the Guidestones were erected. We are now 7 billion headed to 10 billion by 2050. “Be not a cancer on this earth,” the tenth and final inscription on the stones commands. “Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.” That afternoon, those rough hewn giants could not have been more eloquent.

Top image credit: SeanPavonePhoto/Shutterstock

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  • RC

    Great article. Enjoyed it every much. Never heard of this mysterious monument before. A shame vandals would desecrate a honest man’s vision.

    • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

      Honest man?? A man with the pseudonym of a Christ-believer ordering up an occultic monumemt to the NWO? Honest man?? I don’t think so. This is to mock believers in Christ AND to confuse the sheeple. The typical MO of satanic occultists the world over… so very transparent, and PATHETIC.

  • disqus_bEclurQ4IY

    7 Billion people in the world.
    They want the population at 500,000
    That means they want to KILL OFF 6 1/2 BILLION People!
    This is EVIL, this is Wrong, this is Satanic!

    • Minervo

      I didn’t read anywhere that said Christian said to kill people. He implies that Armageddon will kill six plus billion and possibly more, that we are doing it to ourselves through ignorance without help. He said the world is better off with a population of five hundred million. (You need three more zeros).

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      Doesn’t say how to get to 500 million. Birth control over a few generations could do it. I have already helped out by not having children. A lot more people deciding not to become parents could help it happen, no violence needed.

    • Snefru

      Get over it..we can’t feed the ones that are here now so what do YOU suppose we do…send them to your house!!

      • jetwarp

        There are plenty of signs right now that the world’s population is decreasing, especially in the Western world. Italy is worried that the births are not even replacing the people that they already have and in the past when the population decreased, the world suffered as a result. We now need to figure out how to manage a world when the population decreases.
        Women are refusing to be the “cattle” breeders of the world and rightly so. Put your thinking caps on for how to live in a world with a smaller population. I bet you will like it just fine.
        At 81 years of age I will be long gone. Good luck to all.

        • Marta Fernandes

          The world’s population is still increasing, just not quite as fast. Still, current figures point to 10 billion by 2050. The problem in countries like Italy and Japan is the problem of some industrialized countries that doesn’t reflect the worldwide reality. As controversial as what I’m going to say might be, from a global perspective, what countries like Italy need to do to replace their population is replacing it with people from countries where there are too many people. Of course, they won’t be Italian but as far as I’m concerned we’re all human and that’s what really matters.

        • Keith

          As reported, this is true that the native Europeans (as well as most all industrialized nations) are drawing down drastically. What isn’t mentioned is the immigrant and poverty level population is still having children at the rate of 5+ without the means to support their growth. Once the majority of the population shifts to represent this group, there will be big problems for those who thought they were helping by not adding to the population living more comfortably.

    • David Corbett

      We certainly can feed all the people that currently exist. More than enough food is produced a year to adequately feed all 7 billion. The problem is governments that do not take care of their people properly, which is likely all governments. A population of 500 million isn’t necessary. Especially since that number was decided upon by man in a different time when the optimal number of people we could sustain was decided by the technology and state of the world at the time.

      Everyone assumes it’s these simple statistics that are the problem. Too many people. Too little space. Too little food. When the problem actually lies with who we put in charge and what we do with the resources we have.

      • Keith

        Frankly, just watching the rate that we are evolving, technology will replace humans (first as androids ~ people with mechanical/electrical parts) that have different needs and capabilities, Then I would think, the more AI grows and becomes more able to “fix” itself, it will become self-a ware and decide for us what is best for the overpopulation of humanity.
        Think I’m way off-base? Check out our self controlled cars, planes and robotics that build most things we need with high accuracy.
        The mass rationale of humanity will probably be in the dark regarding the new capabilities… only a small amount of people need to be in control for this to happen.
        Keep reading the papers and begin thinking how the technology you’re reading about can go wrong.
        Or don’t!
        It really doesn’t matter…. It’s happening faster than you can imagine!

        • laurelladesborough

          Well, here is the problem I see with androids or with intelligent machines running things…since they are not alive, they will not have respect for life. The result will be a decision to eliminate humans from the planet! And, maybe even eliminate other animals from the planet. Life that is not REAL life is not likely to respect living things.
          Why should they? They have no need to do so.

    • William Knight

      Half a billion is 500,000,000 (million) Einstein. And no one said to kill anyone. The instructions are for those who survive the coming apocalypse (according to the creator of the monument). Or, did you read the article?

    • GivesItThought

      There’s no such thing as Satan, bonehead.

    • wade kane

      Satanic? you must think there is an imaginary friend (god) holding your finger. Fukishima and other nuke plants with failures of other “spent” fuel rod pools may lower the level of mankind (I didn’t say humanity) to less than half a billion, or to half a million or to zero.

    • laurelladesborough

      No one said kill people off…actually, they don’t need to say that. Our leaders will make wars and that will take care of some. Then our contaminated food supply will eliminate others. But, by far the most will be eliminated by our medical system where many thousands die every year from medical mistakes in hospitals! Or die from overdosing on pain drugs…But the easy way to get there would be thru population reduction…more birth control.

  • Marta Fernandes

    “humanity should be maintained under half a billion”
    “Be not a cancer on this earth”

    I couldn’t agree more. No need to kill off anyone, Just implement proper, worldwide birth control (easier said than done, of course).

    “nations resolve disputes in ‘a world court'”

    It certainly sounds better than the current way of doing things.

    • Albert Zabala

      lets start with you…..ignorance is bliss

    • Anne Haehl

      The problem is that without new young people, you end up with a majority of old folks (like myself) who eventually may not be able to keep the system working.

      • Marta Fernandes

        I never said anything about not having any new people. The birth control I was talking about before wasn’t synonymous with not having any children. I merely meant that we should control the number of births in a way that would bring the world’s population down and keep it down. In the beginning there would obviously be a huge difference between the number of young people and old people, but that difference would eventually go back to normal.

        • Anne Haehl

          I realize you didn’t mean no babies–but you pass over awfully easily the time when the old would be in far greater numbers than the young. “It will pass’ is not a solution.l.

          • Marta Fernandes

            I live in a country where year by year the gap between young people and old people gets larger. That definitely creates many problems and for us those problems are already here. That’s why we’ve been frantically looking into technological ways of dealing with the problem, so far with positive results. I personally believe we can address the issues of an aging population with technological solutions.
            However, maintaining the current order of things is leading us down a very dangerous path, where we will not only ruin this planet, but also place ourselves in a situation of poverty and misery without enough resources for everyone.
            The way I see it, going through a period when there’ll be more old people than young, with all the problems that might bring, is a better option than letting things stay the way they are. Also, the system currently has to serve billions of people. As that number dwindles, the size of the system can be reduced as well, meaning it won’t need as many young people to maintain it as it does now. Not saying it won’t be an issue, just that it might not be a very large one. Finally, I just want to add that old people are not useless and incapable. It’s my personal experience that old people can be very capable, particularly if we (young people) let them.

          • ChristopherBlackwell

            As one of those old people I remember that the old solve themselves by dying off.If our global economy continues to falter one of the things that gives way is medical care. who uses most of the medical care in our first world nations, old people. So we can expect that the long livability that creates the problem will disappear and we will see the average of death fall back to fifty or sixty years of age even further back.Once the old people no longer make a major part of the population, a major medical cost is gone. Again with the much smaller population you no longer need most of the infrastructure and with an younger average population it should adjust pretty fast. During earlier times, when times got tough for the people the old moved out to die so the rest could survive. As an older person I have no problem with that. Cut off my medications and I won’t last a year.

        • patriot173

          What an anti-God, anti-Life, satanic thought! Sounds more like the anti-Christ of Revelation! Get real, get Jesus Christ!

          • fudfighter

            I pray that God heals your hatefulness.

          • patriot173

            And I pray that God will heal your heart and soul with His unconditional love for you and turn face to Him in Truth and Love.

    • Tony Stark

      There is no point to anything, so all things being equal take the simplest course of action: nothing, zip, nada. Just leave it alone and let it be.

      It makes no difference whether we all die now or in the distant future at the thermal death of the universe. So believing that a controlled human population is a good thing is an illusion. It is a meaningless chase after the wind.

      • Marta Fernandes

        I suppose it depends on how you look at it. I understand your point of view, but I also think (relative) quality of life matters. If we assume the majority of life on this planet isn’t going to end in the immediate future, then I believe we should strive for a future when, not only humans, but all life on Earth can have some quality of life. The struggle for survival happens everyday in the wild, but that’s the “normal” state in nature and if we destroy the ecosystems “struggle” will turn into “hell” for all living things. I’m going to die someday. I could die right now. For as long as I’m alive, I’m going to try to have a good life.

      • ChristopherBlackwell

        No a birth controlled population rate means that humans could survive longer and many of the ecological disasters could heal themselves. Taking no action is the way to extinction. Critters that do not change with conditions die out. And we are one of the few that can see what is happening ad can change and adapt purposely. Tony you amaze me. I am a lot closer to my own death, probably within the next few years, and yet I refused to give up on the human race. As I do believe in reincarnation, I would much like to com back to a world that is recovering instead of getting worse. Even if I didn’t come back I would still want a better word for the future people, that they might have a better life than most have had so far. Fewer people means a much higher standard of living for the average person. One aspect of being Pagan is that i value the time of mortal living while so many christians seem only to be focused on after life. You need not wait around, rush to the after life as you seem to have given up on life.

        • Mary Bell

          The Christians that seem only to be focused on the afterlife have missed the boat. Jesus, the Son of God took all of our bad behaviors, thoughts, illnesses upon himself. Don’t be “Religious.” Act your faith out: We Christians need to live the example Jesus taught, in the here and now; Love everyone; Do not be judge mental of others…He is the only judge); It’s not a difficult concept: Believe he’s cleansed you’re soul here, now; This brings much joy when one finally “gets it.” Believe faith is given to us…we just have to ask for guidance: Be good to this earth treasure and all creatures dwelling upon it. Get up and be thankful each day…prove your gratitude for life by being a productive, kind, and generous person. Love your enemies and pray for them. let the Spirit of God guide you through his Word, prayer, and others living as Christ taught…at least do your best.

          • ChristopherBlackwell

            There are a few, but they will not be loudly proclaiming their religion, they will practice it quietly. Those will impress me more than the loud ones because they actually live their religion.

          • Audrey Stowers

            I love how you wrote this Mary Bell. There will always be people to try to take you away from Jesus, so that you don’t believe. I love Jesus and know in my heart the Lord is here for us as long as we believe and follow and never foresake him. Wonder who that was that “invented” the Bible? lol Someone sat down over a few glasses of wine and decided to write a book and make up the Ten Commandments? Just a little too complex for what education and life experience people had back then. Too many details to just sit down and make up. And how many people have died and came back, saw the same thing during their passing? Its what’s in your heart, and what you truly know is right. And for me, when I was saved, things happened that never happened before. I have no doubts there is a God in Heaven. No one will change that for me, no one will make me believe that science is the answer to everything. Science may be a way for us to understand why some physical things are the way they are, and only because God allows us to understand. I’m glad there is such a thing as free will. That allows us all to do our own thing with our belief system. I’m not here to impress any other human being on this earth. Just love Jesus Christ, live my life with joy and happiness, love and help others that I encounter in my life, and be a good and decent person.

    • Sara Smith

      A World Court which would not abide by the US Constitution ….Very foolish to wish this on US citizens.

      • Marta Fernandes

        I have no doubt about that. I merely believe that, if possible, it would be a better option.

      • ChristopherBlackwell

        So you assume that the world court will actually gain that power. How? So far America has ignored the world court and gotten away with it. For all the talk and fear of a World government, e seem no closer to it now then when I was born.

  • Jerry Alan Kimbro

    Some one ought to dynamite the damned things and blow them to hell.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      Ah, so you don’t like the truth being told. Even blowing it up will not change the truth.

    • Keith

      There are always people who would rebuild them now that there is a “following”…. you would probablyhave to blow them up as they rebuild. But now we’re talking about something else here and violence breeds violence.
      (I think I read that somewhere)

  • Stephan Brun

    Of course there is no need to drill concrete. One simply puts a rod in the mould where one wants the hole to appear

    • Bluetides

      Stephan…. you are right in using a rod in concrete for a hole mold in the form. However the Georgia Guide Stones are made of granite and to make a round hole requires drilling.

      • Stephan Brun

        It’s indeed hard to put a rod through granite while it’s forming. Not that I’ve tried. I was addressing Magnani’s claim that one needed to drill concrete ….

  • insignia37

    After the next flood/pole shift there will probably only be less than 100M left on earth. And the Rosicrucians know it.

    • Keith

      I do agree with this concept…. but care less that someone knows about it.
      Ya have to DO something in order to matter!

  • Dja Dja

    If the total human population dropped to half a billion, the infrastructure would collapse. There wouldn’t be enough people to main food supply lines or the electrical grid. Personally, I’d miss the bananas and pineapples. I think we need to keep the population between 2 and 4 billion.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      With only half a billion, we would not need most of the infrastructure and could tear it down. We would not need most of the farms either. We could let most of the earth return to being a wilderness it was meant to be. There would no longer be any need for war either. I say go for it. Thanks to our crumbling economy more and more coupes are deciding not to raise children so that will help bring the population down. With fewer parents we will end up with far fewer physically, emotionally, and sexually abused kids. So that to will improve our society and get rid of many of our social problems. Sure go for it. It is a great idea.

      • Inigo_Ona

        I am very happy that many of you have chosen not to propagate your genetic legacy forward. It is indeed a good thing.

        • ChristopherBlackwell

          Inigo, Don’t get your hopes up too much as the rest of my family did not follow my example and they will carry on all the bad traits into the future.So expect plenty f bi-polare people in yur future.

      • Keith

        War has been around since prehistory…. probably since the first pre-human tried to take food from another and found his head smashed in with a rock!
        As long as humans have emotion and hormones, realistically there will be war. Unrealistically, we can be smart enough to live in peace.
        My money is on realism….

        • ChristopherBlackwell

          Keith, I find it interesting that we go to great trouble to study illness but don’t study why some people remain healthy,and the secret might well be the answer of how to become healthy. We study violent people to death, but never study why some people in the same world are both peaceful and strong. Should we ever get around to studying health instead of illness we might well change our society for the better. If we did more about violent people early on as children we might well prevent most of the crime and trouble that we see in our society. If we learn how to cooperate rather compete to the bitter end, we will be safer and freer people. Our ancestors learned that and that was what started us on the road to civilization. Forgetting that is what is destroying our civilization. Even primitive people know that their survival depends on cooperation among the people.

        • laurelladesborough

          I think it depends…realistically a rational person is going to do what works best. IF it can be clear to people that living without war is beneficial to all, then that will be the choice that is made.

    • Say what

      I like this idea. One little addition – those remaining alive would only be me, and 2 to 3,999,999,999 of the most attractive women of my choosing.

      • ChristopherBlackwell

        That might be a genetic disaster. In breading create all sort of problem Look what happened to the inbred royal families. Plus what if those 3,999,999,999 beautiful women decide they don’t think you are worth breeding with.,.,.

        • Say what

          Me + 3,999,999,999 women = NO INBREEDING

  • Buddy199

    Another person with too much free time and money building a monument to his lunacy.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      His money and his right to do what he wanted with it.

      • Buddy199

        We’re both correct.

    • BarryG

      methinks it’s cool. More like that.

  • Mary Brown

    Not to mention the north star is drifting every year away from north

  • jimbow

    For all you that think humanity should be maintained at around
    1/2 billion have you had yourself fixed or are you like some of the elite that
    thinks the rules should apply to the masses but not to them. If not stop talking about it for other people.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      Don’t need to get fixed just to not have children. Not having children is a very easy choice now, compared to how it was centuries ago. Our economy alone is having a negative affect on our birth rate as most working people can no longer afford to raise children. Nor is it only happening in our country,

      Meanwhile whom is this elite that you are imagining? They are not even needed to make this happen. People are waiting later to even have kids then ever and more and more people are delaying the idea of marriage as well. So both of these will have an effect.

      Also remember one of the side effects of our modern medicine is that unlike in the past, most Americans now multiple health issues. That alone is not good for long term survival. In the old days most of those health issues would have killed them off leaving only the healthiest, and smartest, and the most inventive to survive. So with any plague, and a breakdown in our medical system that will come with the economic collapse we face, most of the world people are going to die off and there is nothing that mankind can do about it. Add changing climate that has already thinned out mankind many times in the past and will do so again.

      So the only matter to decide is do we do it voluntarily by birth control, or does nature do it by the great die off. It will happen one way or another. Again no elites are needed for this to happen. The same natural laws apply to us as it does to every other living being on this planet.

      Don’t forget the huge amount of pollution we dump into our environment, that do works again healthy genetics.We actually poison the air we breathe, the water we drink, the ground that we live on, and the food that we eat. That already has altered our genes and those damaged genes we pass on down to our descendants. So human extinction gets more likely day by day because we refuse to change what we do.

      • jimbow

        People like Al Gore that talks about gw and hot house gasses then
        flies all over the country in personnel jet instead of taking mass air liner
        jets, ect

        • ChristopherBlackwell

          I prefer to get my information from scientists who actually study the problems that we are dealing with.

          Do you actually believe that evan the rich guys are not going to be hurt by the problems we are facing? Also remember for them to be so very rich requires that they be a huge number of hard working poor people. It takes millions of poor people to support just one of our very rich guys.

          A sudden drop in the human population is going to end most of the rich guys as well as they will have no one to do the work and make the money so that they can be so very rich.

          That is why our rich guys talk mostly against things like global warming, and over population because less people would mean far less rich guys, with far less wealth.

          Learn more on how we support the super rich and cutting the population is just not going to do it. Think it through and don’t let some conspiracy theorist d it for you. Stop being a sheep.

          • Dean El Loca

            That’s why the borders are wide open to mexico. Cheap labor and drugs.

          • IQdaRadical Thinker

            If only American minds were as open.

          • Joe Slater

            You bring up a crucial point. If we cut the population, by whatever means, the wealthy will have fewer people in the labor pool. Therefore, the wealthy will have to create automation to perform the work. That is currently happening.

            But, it’s a Catch 22. If the population is greatly reduced, to whom will the wealthy sell their products/services? If the labor force continues to be underpaid, again, to whom will the wealthy sell their products/services ? If the wages are raised too much, enough to buy the products/services, the wealthy will need to raise prices to recover the profit lost by raising the wages of the workers.

          • CrankyMiddleAgedGuy

            If the Black Plague in Europe is anything to go by, any catastrophe will present opportunities to the average survivor. i.e. more social mobility

      • laurelladesborough

        I think you have a point about damages to our people. When I grew up, there were no autistic children anywhere. When my son was young, I knew of ONE autistic child in our town. Now, autism rates are one in every 88 children. Something has to be causing this increase…and it is NOT better identification of the problem!

        • ChristopherBlackwell

          Same was true of cancer. When I was a kid it was a disease of late middle age and old age, but you never saw a baby or a teenager with it. But we have dumped a great deal or radiation and chemicals into our environment and ourselves since then and I think most of the health issues we see today are environmentally caused. We made the mistake of thinking that we and our environment were somehow separated but what we do to the environment we do to ourselves. Only when we stop polluting our environment will we stop polluting ourselves.

          • Dean El Loca

            Its called centrails..

          • Ruby Browning Vice


        • Ruby Browning Vice

          It’s vax the government pushes on babies, plus poisons in food, air & water. Fuoridation, GMO & Big Pharm meds.

      • ThuggishRuggishJose

        we dont refuse to change what we do, the elites choose to not educate people about the real problems and hope everything will work out so they can get theirs, people are willing to change but what do you see on the news? crap, the news isnt talking about how to live a healthy life or save the environment the news talks about drama and crap, the gov aint tryin they allowed GM to recall 300 electric cars for no reason in the 90s, they dont care about the environment, the people do

      • ThuggishRuggishJose

        who are the people who allow these mthr fckng corporations to run rampant and pollute? the mthr fckng government/congress/rich

      • CrankyMiddleAgedGuy

        Boy, you really are a pessimist! Human beings will always be around simple because they are so diverse (and I don’t mean racially) There will always be people who want to raise a family, and we will get better and better at avoiding catastrophes.

        • ChristopherBlackwell

          Nothing lasts always. The main thing is that humans still make the same basic mistakes that they have always made. Each groups continues to think they are is special, God is on their side, so the rules don’t apply to them. As a result they create civilizations and then self destruct. We are making the same mistakes today that brought down all the past civilizations that being greed, selfishness, and corruption.

    • Marta Fernandes

      I don’t have, don’t want to have and won’t have any children. No need to have myself fixed, there are other ways of controlling that. Don’t think one birth control method is enough? Combine 2 or 3 (I do).

      • patriot173

        Marta, you are a pathetic human being…..get yourself fixed with

        • Ed Eaglehouse

          And with that statement, you prove that religion is one of the problems.

          • patriot173

            And with that statement, you prove that no religion is YOUR problem. Wish I could be at your deathbed when you are gasping for your last breath….I will be praying for you to believe there is a God Who loves you with an unconditional love and wants you to be with Him in glory forever.

          • fudfighter

            No religion isn’t a problem for me at all. Religion= politics and makes people intolerant of other viewpoints, as you are exemplifying. Religion has nothing to do with God. I happen to believe in God, not religion. Marta makes excellent, reasonable points and expressed nothing that needs to be fixed.

          • patriot173

            fud, if you “believe in God”and you think Marta “makes excellent , reasonable points about getting abortions because she doesn’t want children….nothing to be fixed” you are in a terrible state of “belief.” I don’t know what god you believe in but the God of Judeo/Christian/Moslem faith commanded “Do not murder” that is, innocent life, and that includes His creation of human beings in the womb who are murdered by satanic abortion killers in the millions. As I said in my previous post, you will be in my prayers….

          • Rudolfo Garcia

            This couldnt be more right. If the Lord blessed you with life, then it is in your best interest to preserve that life. Read your or someones Bible and it states that the children of this life is the innocence of this world and if any one would lead them astray, then it would be best if that individual was not born. Not in those exact words but it should get the point across.
            P.S. Using birth control messes with and prevents the body from using its own natural reserves. Depending on what kind of birth control it is, some do more harm than others, so mixing them…well lets just say, you should do your research on the stuff you put in your body before recommending them to other. My point is, if there has been life created, we have no right playing God and take that life away. And if you think it can just be brushed underneath the carpet and you will be fine, know that there is not a thing you could or cant do that He wont see… He always has his eyes on you T.T

          • Diego Mendez

            The point where someone doesn’t believe in religion but believes in a higher begin that somehow has an effect on us is and should be as respected as any other religious idea. Are your religions the only accepted ideas because billions of other people accept them?

          • Eskimo man

            Believing in God IS religion.

          • Shannon Spencer

            No. Religion is a tool for controlling the masses. If you’re bad, you’ll go to hell. If you’re good, you’ll go to heaven. Please.

          • Eskimo man

            No, the media and the TV are tools for controlling the masses, religion is knowing that we come from a higher being, and of course the devil has created many false religions to lead the gullible astray. Also it is not about being good or bad, it is more about making a choice to live with God in this life and eternity, or to reject God in this life and eternity. God knows what is best for us, and he loves us so He wants us to go to Heaven with Him, but he doesn’t force anything on to us. God Bless.

          • HappyHacker

            Let’s see, you pay their TAX, you pay for the land you live on, you buy God’s free resources they dig up and claim the wealth for. You use their worthless paper called money that has some made up fake value. Do you even know what money is, where is comes from? It’s real name is debt! They divided the world with artificial borders and you talk about religion and God being used to control people. Wake up, you’re a captive slave having rights that is an illusion, you fail to see you’re living in a bubble. News flash, you need to be more than good to go to heaven. You definitely need to learn about God, read the Bible because they got you brainwashed into their polor-opposite counterfeit reality.

          • Buck Wheat

            Good luck with that…

          • BC

            almost right…but dangerously wrong too. Being good, as in works? Requires Faith… where a lot of my fellow Protestants get it wrong. You can’t do good or have works without true faith… and having true Faith will result in good works…hand in hand. Though Sin doesn’t go away entirely…but some sin is worse than others, some abominable, some unforgiving.

            Faith in the Christ, Jesus. Nobody gets to the Father, except though Him (Jesus the Christ).

            Bible even says regarding Judgement Day, “For there will be many who cry out in that time, but Lord Lord I cast out demons in your name….& He will say to them, Depart from Me, ye who do iniquity.”

            Which tells us, MANY MANY Christians won’t make it in to Heaven…. something to be said about “the Narrow Path” ya.

            Scary for even me right now…. any not applying TRUE REPENTANCE (asking forgiveness only 1/2 of it…stopping the SIN the other 1/2) better hope their works exceed their Sins (all the while, having True Faith).

            The entire Bible, all of it!! Is about sin, & the task to fight & turn away from it. It literally says, our short time here is only to test the free spirit/free will…The Almighty is pleased with His creation in man…But His existence/His being,’ cannot be in the presence of ANY Sin. And this is further proven by how the Christ called out right before dying on the Cross, with EVERY Sin committed & yet to have been committed, “Father, Father, why have You forsaken Me?”

          • Ruby Browning Vice

            Maybe her bc method is “abstinence” ?? which is the best.

          • Occam

            Technically says Thou shalt not kill, not “do not murder”. Kill what? Humans? Fetuses? Animals? Brain cells? Our guttural bacteria are killing bad bacteria all the time. I just mean to say that you are interpreting a very simple “commandment” to include your own personal views. You have an opinion, you interpret text to back up your opinion, & since “God” is infallible, it turns your opinion into moral absolutism. Your above condemnation & condescension are case in point.

          • Eskimo man

            No one can interpret the scriptures privately correctly without the guidance of the infallible Holy Catholic Church. The Bible was created by the Catholic Church for teaching purposes only, because Christianity is not a religion of the book like Islam and other false religions.

          • Ruby Browning Vice

            Catholicism is a false man-made religion. Nothing about it is biblical.

          • Eskimo man

            Matthew 16:17-19, John 20:21-23, Matthew 28:16-20, Matthew 18:17, John 6:46-69, Luke 10:16, 1 Timothy 3:15, Ephesians 1:22, Ephesians 5:23-32 etc. You do have a Bible don’t you? Catholicism was created by the Man-God Jesus Christ, which means it is the only religion on earth that is NOT man made. You keep following Martin Luther the Rosicrucian you foolish twit.

          • Heather

            None of those state anything about Catholiicism. Lol I was raised in that church and it’s very evil. God is real Jesus us real but Catholic us just a religion, a very bad one that made up rules as they go along. A bunch of old men wearing robs READING OUT OF A BOOK that was sceduled a year prior. A real man of God speaks from the heart what the spirit tells him to say.

          • Eskimo man

            It is all Catholic, the Apostolic Church that comes from Christ was first called Catholic by St Ignatius in 97 AD. He was a disciple of St John, who finished writing the book of Revelation in 100 AD when the Church already had its 5th Pope Saint Evaristus who reigned from 98AD
            to 106AD. The faithful all started calling the Church Catholic around 110 AD when St Ignatius’ writings to the Churches were finished. Catholic means “Universal All Embracing”, which is a fitting name for the Church of Jesus Christ, and a description of God Himself. You were not raised in the Holy Catholic Church, you were raised at home with your parents, and they obviously did not teach you anything about the Holy Catholic faith. We see it all the time, parents put their kids in Catholic schools without living the Catholic lifestyle and teaching it to their kids. As soon as the kids leave school they turn to evil. The Holy Catholic Church basically is Jesus Christ, so if you hate the Church, you hate Christ also Luke 10:16. You do know that the Jewish Priests wore robes, and read the scriptures out of books, afterwards teaching what the scriptures mean for them, and how to use them in their own lives using their own words, exactly what the Catholic Church does now as the fulfilment of the Old Covenant with the New? All the rules of the Church are the rules of God, Christ sends the Church as the Father sent Him John 20:21-23. I hope you learn to see Christ in the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church, because if you don’t, you can’t see Christ, and you have no truth, because the Church is the household of God, and the PILLAR AND FOUNDATION OF THE TRUTH 1 Timothy 3:15.

          • Kim Steinke

            It’s all written by man inspired by a spirit that could be holy or not.By thier fruits you should discern and test All spirit s.

          • Eskimo man

            Yes, well the fruits of the Holy Catholic Church is Christian civilisation, which is being destroyed right now around the world. And that began with the Protestant revolution of the antichrist occult which has broken down Christianity to a dumb and foolish belief by its fruits of division, heresy, murder, adultery, and rejection of the true Christ and His Church.

          • Marcus Leonce

            I was following you until you brought in the insult about Martin Luther followed by foolish Twit. As in the name ESKIMO MAN you are obviously frozen in time. It is really sad that the ones that claim to be the Greatest of the Greats are the same ones that mutilated, violated and molested many children. The Catholic Church is a group of people that have STOLEN the true identity of Many and have hoodwinked many in the process. So the true fool would be you ESKIMO MAN. I suggest you crawl back into your igloo and remain there until the Chariot comes from the Sky.

          • Eskimo man

            Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian working for the occult, and financed by Zionist Masonic Jews. If you follow him you are a foolish twit. Who claims to be the greatest of the greats? Only homosexuals molest many children, and the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is the one and only Body of Christ. By your words we know that you are a foolish twit that has no idea what Christianity is, or who is responsible for Christian civilisation, and who is a part of its destruction. Grow a brain before posting.

          • BC

            dumb comment

          • HappyHacker

            You lack the spritual wisdom, only the truly damed can’t see simply truth. Read Genesis, where the first murder by Cain is recorded. From this, if you still don’t get the commandments and If you call into question something so plainly obvious, I fear your rejection of God is due to your sins and you don’t want to have responsibility for your own action or lifestyle! It is no consequence to God on judgement day when you argue with him about the bible being confusing and he asks you to state what you’ve read in your own words that was confusing. But you won’t be able to, becuase you never read the bible because you didn’t believe in it or God, but in your heart you will know you are wrong! Jesus Christ is the true saviour, learn who he is, why he died and rose up to defeat death for you!

          • Eskimo man

            When did God tell anyone to read the Bible? And when did God say that the Bible is a text book on Christianity that we can take as though it is talking to us, when in reality the letters and books of the Bible are directed to those of a different time, in a certain context, for a certain reason, and for a particular understanding?

          • Eskimo man

            Judaism, Protestantism, and Islam have different gods compared to the one and only Christian Holy Catholic Apostolic faith.

          • Mo Thompson

            Who did you vote for? The people responsible for turning off the heat on old people this winter? The people who took away in-school nutritional assistance to at risk children? Then you, Joseph, are a murderer and an abomination unto the Lord.

          • JAFischer

            You have a bugbear about abortion. Ever hear of contraceptives? Or are you one of those ‘abstinence only’ types? Plainly, Marta uses contraceptives.

          • Kamran Rowshandel

            Monotheists are none other than fascists. “Religion ”isn’t” “a problem””””

        • patriot173

          Marta, for your own sake you might want to learn the scientific facts about the link between abortion and breast cancer. If you have had an abortion in your first pregnancy there will be more than a 50% chance you will develop breast cancer. That is scientific research. Look it up on the net and believe abortion/breast cancer link, more than 13 scientific researches in the USA have definitely found a link….PP abortion baby killers won’t tell you about that……and obama won’t either……

          • IQdaRadical Thinker

            Nobody will tell you about it because it isn’t true.

            Don’t be so bloody stupid.

          • Joseph

            IQ? mmm….think its a very low number. If you want to know the TRUTH Google “Abortion/Breast Cancer Link” There are many SCIENTIFIC studies online which proove there is a link between abortion and breast cancer…especially if the woman has had her first pregnancy….

          • Shannon Spencer

            There is no link between abortion and breast cancer. That is a false truth used as a scare tactic.

          • Eskimo man

            You are wrong and have been lied to by the depopulation freaks at the UN. Look up agenda 21, and now agenda 2030. A study coming out of China, the abortion capital of the world, states that mothers who murder their unborn children are 44% more likely to get breast cancer. I remember a woman arguing with me about this, stated that she has had 6 children, 3 of them miscarried, with no abortions but got breast cancer. What she doesn’t realise is that a miscarriage has the same effects as an abortion.

          • Stephine Peta Love

            Nobody talks about it because this is bullshit the the same kind the church used for centuries to scare the masses and mostly poor women into submission, so they could be easily manipulated into obeying and conforming to the churches wishes and political agenda, mostly the desires of powerful men to control women’s bodies.

      • Joseph

        Please, for your own sake, Google “abortion/breast cancer link” and you will get many links of scientific research which prove there is a link between abortion and breast cancer especially for those women who abort their first pregnancy….Don’t listen to the idiots who say there is no link without any evidence…..God bless you and prayers and blessings…..

      • Vicky Illg


    • laurelladesborough

      When I was in high school in the fifties, I knew we had a population problem. I raised one child. My son raised one child.
      Some of us HAVE been practicing what we believe to be needed in terms of human population on the earth. Many others have also done this. The problem lies with many uneducated individuals who don’t even care well for the children they produce so that these kids grow up to be problem citizens.

    • Paul Carlson

      Everyone who makes such a statement, is serenely confident that s/he is among the enlightened half-billion that is supposed to remain.
      In the tumult of actual such disasters, that is rarely the case.

    • Rudolfo Garcia

      It is actually 1/2 million, not billion, which means more then 90% of the worlds population has to be put down in order for this goal to be met. But this is no problem to me. I am a firm believer of the Bible, so if it is not written in Word then it is not of Him, and if it is not of Him then it shall not be followed. But that is just what I believe, if the Lord would not force his belief on any one, then it is not my right to force it on either of you. That is just what I think.

    • Robin Steele

      You don’t need to fix yourself or have zero children. The reason 1 child per family or woman (which seems more appropriate) is chosen is due to statistics. It is not just a randomly generated number, it actually brings within a reasonable proximity the death and birth rates to keep the world population at a balance. This would allow for participation by all and if either the zero child or 1 child per woman was implemented it would render the guidestones useless. Population would more than likely half in 25 yrs or so and within one century we would be at a sustainable level.

  • Bluetides

    Are you having difficulty moderating my comment?

  • Douglas J. Bender

    “Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.”

    Exhortations to include a stone outhouse, I take it.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      Not at all. I use 96 solar panels so that I can leave my air conditioning on 24 hours a day with no damage to nature. I built it up a bit a a time and did not need any subsidy. I am not even middle class. It is if we do not live in an ecological manner that we will need you stone outhouse. You know one of the biggest faults of our society is we never ask how much is enough. Our always buying society never has enough no matter how much they spend or how big a debt. I have never been in debt because I have aways lived under my income. I decide what I buy as I don’t need to impress anyone. I have no cares about what the latest fad is or what the fashion is. I do what I think is right. Not being a sheep leads to happiness.

  • An Thrope

    The fact is its not realistic for our population to keep growing exponentially on a planet of finite resources. At some point population control will need to be faced, whether in a collectively-agreed upon manner, or if not, then via natural disaster(s). Sorry, but that’s reality.

    • Tony Stark

      Or at least until space-travel advances to the point of travelling between stars for under a hundred bucks a pop, something my doppelgänger is working on right now.

      • ChristopherBlackwell

        look back in history at our early colonies. How long did they have to pour money into them before the colonies could actually support themselves, and they only needed sailing ships. Space travel is far more costly and uses up far more resources.

        Only very few people will ever travel in space and at such a cost as to make it impossible for the vast majority of the people on this planet. So we wold do better to spend the money right here on earth solving the problems that we are facing. I know of no planet that we could actually live on as easily as we do here.

        Meanwhile do not expect God to be our nanny and come clean up our mess, we made it an only we can, or will clean it up. You cannot honor the creator by messing up his creation. Even in Christianity we were told to be the stewards of our earth, not to waste and trash it.

    • Concerned!

      The argument doesn’t seem to be about reproducing, but rather being greedy, Building and taking up all the earth. The animals are being disturbed in their natural habitat. Deer, Bears and all of Gods creations. We have to return to a natural order of things. We have enough houses,, businesses, factories. Save the planet!

  • Richard Deppe

    What science writer talks about a summer and winter equinox? How about a summer and winter solstice, the longest and shortest days of the year respectively.

    Like most quasi-religious [con]texts, this all sounds like a lot of nonsense. I’m surprised that Discover even published this. It certainly is in need of some good editing.

    • Dale101usa

      Absolutely true: there are no such thing as “summer equinox” and “winter equinox”.
      The SPRING equinox occurs in March, at the beginning of the Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and the AUTUMNAL equinox occurs in September at the beginning of the Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.
      Those are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere in places like Australia, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.

    • Dale101usa

      We have the Internet at our fingertips, but most journalists are too lazy to look up and verify facts via the Internet. Use online encyclopedia and other references, of course.

    • ChristopherBlackwell

      At least Pagans know about the seasons of the year. Happy Mabon coming soon.

  • siempre44

    Sad how liberalism has come to be a philosophy of death and guilt. Instead of seeing a positive view and looking to a creative future, the liberals see nihilism. Instead of Star Trek and growth, they want stagnation, reversal and oppression. The world is so easy compared to just 50 years ago and yet the young liberals do nothing but cry and quit. How a generration with the internet, cell phones , air conditioning, common jet travel, satellite communication, and on and on -all that was not there just 50 years ago- could be so afraid of life…Just sad.

    • Katherine

      Both Liberalism, i.e. socialism and religion is a belief in magic…whereby if one believes in god or the state…who both have the right to determine how you live your life, including taxing the crap out of us…. It has ONLY been science and heretics who have created and invented a better world…where human beings can live to be in their 80s and 90s. What has religion or socialism/Marxism done for the world or human beings? Nothing, absolutely nothing but create wars, and create dictatorships either in the name of an imaginary god, Jesus, or some fat head like Marx, Castro, Engles, Hitler, and Stalin.

      • Keith

        Christians have said over time to fear the wrath of God! Frankly I’m more worried about the wrath of the young punks who want what ever I have and will do anything without regret to get it. Why should anyone fear a God? Aren’t Gods supposed to be loving and fair… so those that are feared aren’t true Gods after all?
        Personally I think we would all be better off if we just looked to ourselves for love and fairness.
        Yeah, uh huh…!

        • ManeeVee

          Gods don’t have to be loving and fair. They are gods. They are powerful and are arbitrary. THE God is loving and fair to those who love Him. Thos who do not love Him, He treats with severity to allow them a chance to turn to Him. It is up to them what the outcome is. Resistance is futile.

    • ManeeVee

      They are afraid of NATURE. They are afraid of the outside. They love the man created world of cell phones and the internet, malls and cars, and isolate themselves from all but very controlled nature. None of them could survive for more than a year without electricity.

      • siempre44

        These sad Liberals could not survive a week if you took away their phone . They love government because they want someone to take care of them.

  • DavidKraft

    So, in typical modern journalistic fashion, the writer leaves out THE MOST important detail of the story — what do the damned things SAY?

    In deference to human laziness, I post the inscriptions here, courtesy of Wikipdia:

    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

    3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

    4. Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

    5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

    6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

    7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

    8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

    9. Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

    10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

    Wow — REALLY conspiratorial here, right? A lot of the fearful posts this article generated do seem to argue forcefully for reducing the world population, however.

    • Geraldine McBarker

      I find those reasonable directives. The 1/2 billion can be achieved over several generations. It doesn’t have to mean killing anyone or having no children at all. Wanted children can be healthier, better educated, better socially adjusted.Agriculture and industry can return to more local, and leave more green space=decline in global warming. It could be possible to diminish dependence on oil. It could mean not as much to go to war over.

    • Katherine

      The guideposts sound as if they were written and created by a thinking, rational, and intelligent ATHEIST…. No mention of god is needed. When people believe in god and religious magic, then they believe they do not have to think, be logical, or rational…all they have to do is believe in imaginary gods and Wallah! An imaginary god will give them stuff, and do stuff for them that they did not earn or deserve. Believing in god and Jesus is like holding on to a rabbits foot because you think its going to bring you luck. How silly. Thankfully, 1 in 5 Americans are now nonreligious, Agnostic, and ATheist… Why? Because 1 in 5 figured out there is no gods or divine thingies, and never were…and worse, we have been lied to for centuries. Finally, the world is growing up.

      • Keith

        I disagree…. a portion of the world is growing up but a larger portion actually believes that they are right and everyone else is wrong! Doesn’t even have to be about religion… could be that they don’t like you because you don’t have hair covering your face or that you don’t bow down fast enough. Oh, wait that could still be religious… Okay, so religion actually may be the problem.
        …my bad!

        • jetwarp

          I was wondering WHEN your logic was going to get around to religion. LOL

      • valerie mcnulty

        I ADAMANTLY, ‘DISAGREE’!!! There IS a GOD & HIS SON: JESUS CHRIST, & THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! I CONFESS/BELIEVE that this IS TRUE!!! NOTHING will make me BELIEVE or THINK, otherwise!!! THANK YOU Jesus Christ for DYING for the SINS of the World!!! THANK YOU for FORGIVING/SAVING me, my children, relatives, & friends & putting our names in the Book of Life!!! THANK YOU, JESUS CHRIST!!!! AMEN. ♡♡♡♡♡

      • Linda Martin

        Do you really have to be so condescending? “divine thingies” and all the other smart alec remarks and descriptions. Some people are truly faithful and they are perfectly sane, there is no need to talk down to them like a bratty little bully teenager. That’s how you come off. Just because you don’t believe, doesn’t mean you should make a mockery of it. It’s not attractive.

    • ManeeVee

      Umm, who are these “guidelines” addressing? I mean, why no go right now to a small jungle village in Central America whose people are barely subsisting and “enlighten” them with these brilliant guidelines? Bet they would laugh at them. So who are the guidelines guiding? Survivors of a presumably “wiped clean of mankind” earth? Don’t know. But to me, I cannot see the wisdom or guidance of any of these statements. They are banal.

      • laurelladesborough

        Actually, many of the natives in Brazilian jungles have been practicing birth control for centuries…they understand that their environment cannot sustain unlimited numbers of people…couples are expected to raise no more than TWO children. It is socially unacceptable to produce more. So, that is the norm for them. I don’t remember what type of birth control they were using…but it was some form of plant.

        • ManeeVee

          Is that why the jungle is being cut down and burned (for agriculture) at a phenomenal rate? They are not in stasis either. Regardless of what they do now for birth control, I am sure they would have more children for instance, they had a farm that could grow more food and feed them all. Anyway, the point I was making was that the “wisdom” of these guidelines is questionable, and they are certainly not timeless. Now, the 10 Commandments: there’s a timeless set of guidelines for a good and decent society.

          • laurelladesborough

            The people cutting down the jungle are not the natives that live in it…it is being cut down by large corporate farmers who want to plant acres of soybeans or acres of palm oil orchards. Many natives fight these intrusions into their jungle and some are murdered for resisting this devastation.

            As far as the ten commandments, I would like to see the so-called Christians following those commandments instead of what they typically do. In my experience those who are busy talking the talk are NOT the ones doing the walk. There is a saying, “when you see someone touting their christianity, beware, because you are about to be snookered.”

          • ManeeVee

            Although it’s true the corporations are trying to cut down the jungle, small farmers also are doing so to grow crops, especially crops that have high market value. Stop with the “noble savage” model of sociology.
            As far as the ten commandments, all of Western Civilization is based on them now, ever since Christianity became the religion of the Roman Empire. Presuming you live in the U.S., YOU enjoy the benefits of a society built around their principals. You would have to agree, though it is not perfect, it is better than what they have going in say, Turkey, or China, or North Korea, or even in Venezuela. SOOOOO, don’t be so quick to dismiss the importance in living under the guidance of the Ten Commandments.
            And sorry, I never heard that “saying” you refer to. Sounds like it’s one you made up in your own head.

          • laurelladesborough

            I grew up living simply and continue to do so. I do have a computer, phone, electricity, and heat in my home. But, I do not subscribe to all the modern conveniences as I do not consider them necessary for a happy life.

            As for the saying…it goes more like this:

            If you see the sign of a fish or a cross on a vehicle or card, BEWARE as the fish means the person is fishing for your money, and they will cross you in whatever way necessary to get that money.

            Basically, those who tout their christianity are not necessarily living it. Those who live it do not need to display it as their actions speak louder than words.

            As far as the Ten Commandments, these are universal truths, expressed in many forms in many cultures. IMO this kind of “guidance: is very valuable for those who do not have an internal method of self control and moral values so that they act in concert with the needs of the community at large. There are many who have internalized ethical and moral ideals and do not need formal religion in order to behave in ways that benefit the larger society.

          • ManeeVee

            Don’t get the relevance of your own personal way of life. And regardless if you participate in general, you still benefit in many ways from advanced technology (one for instance: grocery store Just In Time inventory delivery made possible by technology.)

            Secondly, still never heard or saw such a “saying” you refer to. Either only you or your very small circle of associates know of this “saying.”

            Thirdly, first you say “As far as the ten commandments, I would like to see the so-called Christians following those commandments instead of what they typically do.” then you say, “As far as the Ten Commandments, these are universal truths, expressed in many forms in many cultures.” Not sure what you believe, given first criticism of “Christians” not living the Ten Commandments, then claiming they are universal truths that presumably all peoples know and follow. Very mixed up thinking.

          • Rowdy1

            LMAO who has EVER heard of this saying…..You know what I’m REALLY sick of? BS people that have a hatred towards anything Christian that spew BS just to be in contrast to it.
            I’m of a growing breed of modern Christians that don’t give a shlt if you believe what we do or not, because the fact is that whether you do or don’t, we know the truth, and we know that people like you will be amongst those that are cast into the Lake to the sound of their own weeping and the gnashing of their own teeth. Have a nice swim.

        • ManeeVee

          Um, you never answered the original question. Who are these “guidelines” addressing?

  • dolfen

    It will take a world wide calamity(s) with proportions the size of which modern modern-man has never experienced to change the present course we’re on. Our political and social institutions have become so completely mired and entangled in the military-industrial-corporate complex, along with their narrow world-wide agendas of control and domination, that freedom and the welfare of the planet, its inhabitants and its life support systems is no longer of prime concern. The only thing that will save us now from ourselves is evolution. An evolution in consciousness will be our salvation but in achieving that the costs will be high. Jay Stephen Gould called it ‘Punctuated Equilibrium’, where a sudden shift in a species leads to the birth of another occurring as a result of the combination of critical tipping points having been crossed. Many of these are discussed above and in the comments to this article. The key to our successful transformation to a new species, one that will be truly a “wise man”, is the recognition that we have the choice of consciously participating in the evolution. Do we evolve at this critical juncture into something greater, or take more steps backwards. Unless those with a brighter eye to the future fess up and manifest in themselves the world we all yearn for, then the present course we’re on will only accelerate. But then maybe that’s what’s needed to arouse us from our sleep-walk, to awaken the sleeping divinity within us. Maybe….

    • ManeeVee

      You’re dreamin’ pal.

  • Wade Carmen

    Now owned by Donald Trump!

  • Will

    Hey Jill, there is no equinox in summer or winter.

  • David Conybeare

    It’s the end of the world … And I feel fine! 😉

  • littlerippah

    World population will stabilise at nine billion.
    Many hands make light work.

  • Plenum

    Who owns the land where this monument is? Former cowfield? Belonging to whom?

  • michael ferrel

    I think what everybody overlooks is the fact that, if the world population was reduced by a significant number, it would be most likely be caused by the global elite banking cabal (Global Central Bank) which is currently gobbling up as much real estate as possible by forcing every country in earth into their central banking scheme. If things go down in such a way, the only people left would be the upper crust with all that love of money and corruption that goes with them. Im not so sure that would be any different than living in hell.

    Just think of living in a world full of politicians, lawyers, and corporate CEOs.

    “This is heaven? I wana go to the other place”


  • Sean Whosoever Cowan

    You people who are on board with this are seriously brainwashed. Maybe turn off the television, it’s called programming for a reason, and not because it’s an entertainment program. Climate Change is a farce based on bad scientific data, it’s propaganda, google the HAARP program and you’ll find the culprit. Tell me more how you feel about it when you and your families are being herded into FEMA camps and gassed. You people are Sheeple.

  • samhille

    Fact: The global population is falling. In all of the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, China, Japan etc. the birthrates have fallen below replacement levels. The climate change- -agenda 21- -UN lackeys are lying through their teeth, in order to enact GLOBAL TAXATION. All of the planets in our solar system are experiencing ‘change’ at this time. Your SUV doesn’t have a thing to do with these changes. If the globalists are so concerned with truth, why don’t they clue the public into the fact that the enormous cargo ships bringing products to the US, Canada & Europe are responsible for more pollution than all of the cars in North America, Europe & the Indian continent. . .look it up: ALL TRUE!

  • GregCz

    Blow it up.

  • ManeeVee

    Wow, what a joyful analysis of human life on earth. Makes me want to be
    JUST like you, and tell this happy hopeful tale to my children
    (sarcasm). Man, find something happy and good to believe in, will you?

  • Lynn Hixson

    The “only” problem that I see with the “Guidestones’ Commandments,” is that, most could only be possible in a “perfect world,” which, if it were, we wouldn’t need the directives in the first place. As for the argument about the directive concerning population control, IF all countries would ever agree to such a thing, WHO gets to control this “selective breeding?” Who gets to decide who controls it? And how does anyone actually propose it be done? World lottery? “Nazi-ish” worldwide regime with complete military control to forcebly oversee the mass sterilizations necessary to carry out this universal implementation of eugenics? And if you’re talking about reducing the population by natural processes of attrition, rather than mass genocide, how could it possibly be done quickly enough to make a real difference in the preservation/restoration of those natural resources that could even be preserved/restored at this point? I believe, the only way to even begin to try to reverse the effects of decades of our collective failure in our “stewardship” of the Earth, would be to creat the same worldwide “military state,” as described above, except with the express purpose of trying to repair the damage we’ve already done, rather than “reining in” the already out of control rise in resource consumption. So, I have to say that it appears to me that the entire point is moot. Meanwhile, those of us who truly care for the planet will continue doing what little we can to nurse it along and help it to keep as many future generations supported for as long as possible and continue to pray that our fellow Earth residents awaken to our peril before it really does become too late.

  • inspokane

    Truthfully we can stand in texas. Yes the whole world can stand in the state of Texas. Do not buy the lie. Its just a lie. Yes we need to be good stewards. Yes, Abstinece and decency is critical. Not Abortion…not over sexed and younger and younger it goes. Yes we will destroy ourselves. Its inevitable…but not because of Over population. Because of greed and Me Me me mentallity. We lack Class, morals and are only concerned about stuff. Class up. Do for others only and do not become an animal.

    • chronovisor

      not only stand in texas BUT also given 5000 square feet of living space, “over population” more of the same “progressive” attitude to control EVERYTHING/and everyone!

  • ManeeVee

    “Leave room for nature. Leave room for nature.”
    Mankind IS nature. In other words, people ARE as much of the natural world as microbes and bears. But answer me this: do blue green algae sit around worrying they are over populating and choking off life from a lake? Do the Asian carp worry about how they are consuming all the other species from the rivers and lakes and altering the waterways negatively? Does the Emerald Ash borer worry about how it is killing the ash trees? Nooooooooo! So all you super duper environmentalists (who are most likely atheists and Darwinists), what is MAN that he (read mankind/they) should act differently than the rest of nature, whose species move into environments and dominate them if they can, even to the destruction of their habitat? Why is man different? And if man is different, why should he be? (Be careful here, pals, because your rationalization may be just that: a rationalization.) If you were true Darwinists, you would understand it is very NATURAL for mankind to overpopulate, dominate, and then significantly die back due to the lack of sustaining resources which they consumed, at which time other species move into their habitat. That’s the cycle of life. So if Darwinism is correct, then we should see this a very natural and not really a problem. Right?

  • chronovisor

    “thought of our present realities of climate change,”–really? climate change? what are you a disciple of the fraud known as al gore?

  • Philip Sieve

    There is actually underpopulation going on. Europe, it is said, will not be able to carry on as Europe in a decade from now or less. East Asia and Canada has also aborted and birth controled itself toward that direction. Muslims will be doing what we Christians should have been doing, which is ending this culture of self-inflicted death from complacent minds’ self-hating, though I don’t want to see it go down like that. We will wake up to that, one day at this rate.

  • Philip Sieve

    I also find it interesting most who try to convince us the Earth are overpopulated are wealthy, and mostly white, liberals and most their targets are third world nations and inner-city neighborhoods, both with mostly dark people –all that as they talk of conservatives being classist elites and racist.

  • JohnnyVoxx

    Ted Turner did it.

  • David Waites

    Well. after the humans were made and adam & eve were kicked out into the world to survive or not and for the human race to continue, who knows who had sex with who back then, your God, who is supposed to know everthing decided….. well even I can make a mistake, and turned invisable for all time., thru shame never to be seen again ….. ever..

  • Teresa Vaccarino

    I am so sad to think the government has already been trying to get I’d ofuof us look no food stamps to families in need of food no help no jobs no medical yet new gas chambers fixed and new trains lined up marked airforce or military which only goes to one place from me place pickup and drop off the drop off is in usa and is made to look like a factory warehouse tell email we got jobs seems to be he plan only not for Jews like in Germany instead all of us poor and helpless children women men fighting won’t work they are more power full so are we to watch and sit as they kill our family and us.I’m scared.I’m sad.and ad for us all.I wish we could get out of this and that doom without dieing.

  • Teresa Vaccarino

    Auto correct scered up a lot of y words and touch screen sorry doesn’t make sense like I was trying to write it

  • RebelMind

    I honestly believe that no one innocent person is to be blamed. People have been cynical, and misinformed for well over 5 decades if not more. Pollution can’t be stopped by gathering around together singing “WE ARE THE WORLD”, and Global warming just seems like an easier way to say. “Hey people a big catastrophic global event may or may not wipe out a 3rd of our human population, and guess what? your to blame! so what are YOU going to do about it?”. This is a battle, plague!, whatever you want to call it has already been planned for hundreds of years, and it was clearly was in front of all of our faces since we all were born, and we can’t do anything about it except put our own lives in danger by talking about it. There’s many ways to poison a river full a fish, many ways to butcher a Forest of all resources, Even more ways to manipulate human beings into insanity, and complete paranoia. War is one way and fear is the other, but whats been making our society change quicker then ever before? I’ll let you all figure it out yourselves, and you will then find the answer “young grasshopper”.

  • Dan

    A thought experiment. You are speeding down the highway at 90 mph in your junky old car. It is smoking because you never change the oil or service it. But that’s OK because God will give you a better one when this one stops working. You see a sign ahead that reads “Curves Ahead Reduce Speed To 25”.
    Do You:
    A-Curse the tyrannical traffic cops and maintain your 90 mph speed.
    B-Try to run the sign over and maintain your 90 mph speed
    C-Reduce your speed to 25 mph and plan to get your car serviced, suddenly realizing you’ll never get another one.

    If you chose A or B or don’t even understand what this has to do with the Georgia Guidestones you’re one of the ignorant jackasses who are turning this world into a hell.

  • Anonymous

    “He who sits in Heaven laughs…” Psalms 2

  • Gigi Schupay

    What do you guys think is the importance of these stones?

  • ChristopherBlackwell

    Actually I rather like this monument. We need a bit of mystery in our lives. While a some may seem to think it is a bad thing, I think it is more likely a rather expensive joke. Our own imaginations will invent all sorts of things to explain it, but I just enjoy that someone had the balls to put it up.

  • Francis Miville

    Please bomb that monument down, like practically all pieces of American art it has no artistic value whatsoever. How come people got so much money and recognition for so little talent? They are the cancer on earth to be removed by surgical skill. Burn their books first and only if they are so stupid and wicked to prefer their poisonous works to their own life let themselves burn on the same stake. Comparing the Georgia guidestones to Stonehenge is utter vulgarity, like replacing all castles of Europe with Disneyworld.

  • Kompani

    A wealthy nut with a sense of humour and grandeur.

  • Raul Carmona

    A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[14] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian.

    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

    Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

    Unite humanity with a living new language.

    Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

    Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

    Balance personal rights with social duties.

    Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

    Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

  • ES

    This has to be, in part, the work of the Masons…..

  • elena

    My friend just bought house in Elberton,GA, thank you for sharing this surprising attraction. Definitely will be visiting soon, I am planning to post pictures.

    • kmanitou81

      Did you post pictures?

  • CrankyMiddleAgedGuy

    How about:
    1. Don’t listen to Demigods. (This stone is lying)
    2. Keep those who believe in keeping the total population under half a billion, to under half a billion.
    3. Keep calm and carry on.
    3. Be happy (Don’t be a pessimist)

  • David Allen

    Anyone who doesn’t believe there could be a plan to depopulate the earth you may want to do a search for Dr Blaylocks video about GMO foods. It has been scientifically proven that GMO cause a huge increase in cancer rates. The cancer rate went from 20% for non-GMO fed females to 70% death rate in those that ate anywhere from 11% to no more than 30% GMO food. For the males the death rate went from 30% for non-GMO fed to 50% for the ones fed GMO foods. The males died mostly from liver and kidney failure and the females died primarily from huge breast cancers.

    GMO foods also cause trans-generational sterility. That means only the first generation needs to eat the GMO foods and even if they do not become sterile the sterility can show up in the next generation or the one following that. The second and third generation did not have to eat the GMO foods.

    The World Health Organization approved GMO foods for human consumption based on a 90 day study. No tumors showed up until the fourth month and the majority of tumors didn’t manifest until 18 months which is then the above death rates were calculated. At 24 months the death rate was 6 times higher for GMO fed animals than in the non GMO fed animals.

    The animals used for the study were rats. Rats have a normal lifespan from 24 to 36 months. With their death rate at 18 months it would be equivalent to middle age in humans.

    Humans haven’t been eating GMO foods long enough to tell what the long term affects will be like. If it works in humans like It did in rats we are in for a huge population reduction. Will our children and or grandchildren be affected? Will yours? Don’t you think there’s a chance this is all part of a plan to reduce the population of mankind?

    Search for: Dr. Blaylock’s video on GMO foods.

  • Brigette Rivette Fraser

    Just wondering, could it possibly be that RC stands for Roman Catholics? Just a thought.


    Trump had the stones placed there his plan was written in stone all along and now over 30 years later he is now planning world domination and to reduce the population to under a half billion!!!

  • Zachary Connaughty

    These things sit on the world’s largest energy current which effects our weather globally. They need to be taken down ASAP!

  • Eskimo man

    Cancer is a business, so those who make money from it do not want you to know what causes it.

  • trog69

    Well done. The Christian right has been pushing this lie via their “pregnancy centers” which are nothing more than propaganda mills trying desperately to get women to avoid an abortion, using any lies and misleading half-truths to achieve their ends.

    Most people would see your links and agree that they were mistaken. A number of others, however, will continue using those talking points, and not caring about how dishonest it is.

  • Patience Worth

    Our fates were sealed when the Fed was signed into law. The pyramid on the dollar bill represents the ancient days of the Pharoahs and the cattle (slaves) that did all the labor. If not a thermonuclear war then poverty and starvation will kills us all and what better way than by robbing the entire nation of all its wealth? A human apocalypse is also not so unfathomable if one simply considers for a moment that sea levels are naturally rising as a result of trapped CO2 and melting polar caps. Not to mention all the recent abnormal hurricanes that have taken place. Dinosaurs had their genocide, why can’t we have one too? The sooner we all die off the better.

  • Dr Scott Carson

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  • Global Joke

    If they can take down the 10 commandments we can take this down.

  • Nicholas Locklear

    My name is Nicholas Locklear and Glory to the father I will gladly die for his name come and get u some Satan I will be in the presence of my father until then I will boldly proclaim his name and forever God bless you all

  • David Sharf

    Humanity success in thriving all over the world has a backlash. The vital resource that is called fresh water is scarce and disappearing overnight. The phenomenon of natural disasters is a cause of worry. The splitting the glacier ice the size of the state of Delaware in the Antarctica, the wide crack on land over 2 miles in the state of Arizona, and the wide crack in the crust of land in Kenya and Tanzania is of concern to all. Volcano eruption in Hawaii and elsewhere is not helpful. The world Overpopulation is a concern and there must be a way to reduce this size closer to 350 million only, in order to sustain life on the planet earth.

  • Eugene W Minton III

    personally i look at it this way, when it comes to pass that we FINALLY have off world colonies… they may very well take heart at population control and other issues the stones address, but there will also be a lack of capitalism…since teamwork, food, housing and survival will be the ultimate test of success, i assume there will be bartering again…at least in the early days… so wish i’d be around to see it.

  • Rex Favour

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  • Sharon Bice

    For all that are arguing over religion , please stop it. All you need is to have a personal relationship with God, to love him unconditionally with all your mind and all your heart and soul. Know that he’s your father, and that he sent his only son into the world ,so that you maybe saved. Know him, have a relationship, love him, and abide by his ten commandments. It’s pretty simple why make it so hard? Going to church will not get you to heaven, but love, kindness, caring, compassion for one another, and walking with Jesus his son will. We are all here for one reason, it’s not about us, it’s about him our father. We have a calling to do his ministry and spread his word and commandments,and by arguing, and spatting among each other is far from what he wants. Love each other ,even your enemy’s, the way he loves us, forgive those that have done you harm,the way he does us! Then and then only will you know God, and enter in his heaven.

  • Tyler Pohn

    Stop arguing and hoard food, silver, batteries/panels/generators, ammo and bitcoin. They will crash the derivatives market and fiat currencies to make the population vulnerable before any all-out genocide attempt.


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