Time Travel Via Wormhole Breaks the Rules of Quantum Mechanics

By Bill Andrews | January 16, 2014 12:52 pm


Science has done it again everybody! Brace yourselves for this groundbreaking news, freshly determined by physicists: Time travel, if it exists, may have some weird consequences. Gosh, who’d have thunk it?

But no, seriously, a recent article suggests that a certain kind of theoretically possible time machine would wreak minor havoc with a firm principle of quantum mechanics, the often-weird science of the smallest bits of the universe. You know what this means: We get to explore the science of time travel!

Time Travel: No, Really

Let’s get this out of the way first: Obviously time travel exists, because it’s already the third week of 2014. We’re all time travelers (chrononauts), technically, moving 1 second per second through time. Certain weird side effects of relativity theory also mean time can travel more quickly under certain conditions, so it’s even possible for you to travel into the future (someone else’s future, at least) faster than the usual rate.

The “useful” kind of time travel, though, for sci-fi authors and dreamers alike, is into the past, Back to the Future style. And, happily, relativity theoretically can make that possible, too, by warping the fabric of reality, space-time, so much that it loops back on itself. A so-called wormhole (again, officially deemed possible by science) could be the bridge that connects two different times.

Okay, so a wormhole-based time machine might actually be possible, if not necessarily very likely. That’s enough for theoretical physicists and mathematicians (often proud to work on things divorced from our reality) to study wormholes and learn what characteristics they’d have, if they existed. A paper in Physical Review Letters does just that, and concludes that a certain kind of wormhole breaks quantum physics a little.

Quantum Confusion

One of the defining (and enraging) qualities of the quantum world is how much uncertainty there is. Heisenberg became famous for quantifying this more fully, but basically, it’s only possible to learn so much about a particle. Thus, this means it’s impossible ever to duplicate a particle perfectly, because that would require knowing everything about it to begin with — a quantum impossibility. This rule against duplicates is known as the no-cloning theorem.

But, guess what a time machine (specifically, the one in the study) can do? Create clones! Charles Q. Choi put it like this for Inside Science:

To understand this research, imagine one builds a time machine in the year 2000. One could place a letter into the device in the year 3000 and pick it up within this box in 2000 or any year between then and 3000. From the perspective of the letter, it goes inside this time machine into one mouth of a wormhole in the future and comes out the other mouth of the wormhole in the past.

But as it turns out, wormholes are strange things. For the time travel to work, that letter would have to remain consistent during its trip through the wormhole. So anyone between 2000 to 3000 could theoretically observe that letter, and its particles, multiple times.

“It’s like there are 1,000 different particles… but in fact they’re all the same particle you sent in the beginning,” LSU theoretical physicist Mark Wilde told Choi. “You just have all these temporary copies emerging from and going back into these wormholes.”

And while those temporary copies don’t count as clones, they do provide enough data for attendant scientists to create their own: All those copies provide enough information about the single particle to overcome quantum uncertainty. Thus, the scientists could learn everything about the particle and duplicate it perfectly, making as many clones as they wanted. 

Just In Time

As with all speculative science stories, it’s important to keep things in perspective. This finding would have far-reaching and serious consequences for Internet encryption and quantum computers, among other things — assuming these wormholes really do exist. But, equally valid, the fact that this theoretical construction appears to violate known physical laws also suggests that, alas, maybe the particular wormholes in the study just don’t exist.

Whatever tricks the universe has up its sleeve, it’s exciting that we’re able to study even its wackiest possibilities in so much detail. I can’t wait to see how it turns out (no spoilers, time travelers).

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  • smirish


  • Eric Z Fox

    Multiverse solves this or ageing in the paper and carbon 14 loss through time were not considered which nullify this experiment because once you measured the carbon 14 date at any time you changed and therefore its not an exact clone.

    • Furor Teutonicus

      It does not have to be an exact clone. The information contained needs to remain constant.

      So a letter sent to me from next year, telling me the winners of every horse race that year, does NOT have to be an origional, I just need a “photocopy.”

    • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Alan Ward

      Now, in English please.

      • Eric Z Fox

        Alan you want to suck my what for how many cookies?

  • teddybowties

    reflections and echoes off of visible time, perhaps? 😉


    I blame Gallifrey. they did it.

    • SirWilhelm

      I didn’t know time was visible! What does it look like?

      • teddybowties

        i was coining a new phrase. or i herad it on Nova somewhere. 😉

        • SirWilhelm

          Ok :)

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Robert Leopardi

    I wanna go back in time and kill Hitler….then invest in something I know will make me rich… :o)…

    • hocestquisumus

      Too unpredictable. For a surefire way to get rich by time travel you’d have to change as little as possible in the past. Killing hitler wouldn’t cause a butterfly effect, that’s more like a Brontosaurus stomping through the time line 😉

      • Ignacio Egea Rodriguez

        If you go to the past and kill Hitler, Bradbury’s law says that when you come back to the present, Deutscher will win the presidential election instead of Keith. And Deutscher will do what Hitler couldn’t.

    • Guest

      I wanna go back in time and

    • GFT

      Why would you want to murder Hitler? Are you that ignorant of history, or just a glutton for the propaganda of the victors? You should learn about what prompted WWII (and WWI before it) before jumping to the common (and wrong) conclusions. Actual history is truly amazing as compared to the fairy tales taught in school to keep the masses ignorant. Of course, reading and research does take some effort.
      It’s much easier to be a fool and ignorant.

      • Slw

        We think Hitler is very cool.

      • Furor Teutonicus

        Totaly agree with you GFT. The history we did at school, and what I later had to relearn at University were two different planets.

        As to effort, I doubt any of these armchair historians with their wealth of knowledge gained from the history channel would know what to do if they had to spend 24 hours solid in some university library for a 5,000 word essay due in tomorow.

  • emry

    I don’t see the conflict really. If two “identicle” particles came into existance in the same point in time but different points in space, physics would do the rest and they wouldn’t be identicle. 😛

  • mysticwine

    Well good luck if you think you can eliminate the Present which has always existed and will always exist. The past and future cannot co-exist objectively in the Present, only subjectively. There is only the Present.

    • m12345

      You must have a future, if the present was not allowed to roll-over, time would stand still.
      Time moves, therefore you have a future, and also a past.

      There is no present, only time.

      • Paul Robinson

        No there is objectively only the present. You think of the future. You remember the past. But the present is actually experienced and is happening now always.

        • leslie borean

          So you “think” of the future, and you think (remembering is a thought process) of the past. But also, perceiving the present is a thought process. It’s all thought.

          Also, since thinking is not an instantaneous process, the “present” as perceived is smeared over a period of time.

    • Justin Passing

      There’s no present either. Rather, because of the inherent physiological lag built into human perception through the senses then brain processing, we only experience the (very recent) past as our present. As Ken Kesey put it, we’re all in our own movie.

      • TRussert

        Actually, all that exists is the present instant, that moment of observation from which a n experienced event is “condensed” from an infinite number of probable events. The past, the present and the future all exist right now. The proof of this lies in the obviousness that only right now can any experience occur.
        There is no time as we think of it since all that occurs in the Quantum reality occurs instantaneously.
        We merely use the concept of time to distinguish between past, present and future events, something physical senses require in order to make sense of physical reality, it self pure illusion..

        • disqus_3gsmeQwuKi

          “The past…exist[s] right now.The proof of this lies in the obviousness that only right now can any experience occur.”
          Seems a bit contradictory don’t you think? The past implies completed events which implies lack of possibility.

          • TRussert

            Only in physical reality terms. There are no such distinctions in the quantum realm. Again, everything there is instantaneous; everything happens at once.
            Think of every probability, past, present, and future, occurring at the same “time”. Now imagine that you can observe each of these probabilities on a TV. You would have an infinite number of TVs each showing one probable event, some considered past, others the present, and others the future. The illusion of a physical reality only allows for you to observe just one of all those probable events, usually in accordance to our ideas of the present. There are however folks who see another of these probabilities that could be past or future and therefore do not relate to the present most of the rest of us “see”.

          • LeeKrystek .

            Time is an illusion…

            Lunch time doubly so…

          • Joe Willard

            Very deep!

          • sergio nunez

            Hence time is only relevant

          • sergio nunez

            How any of my brothers and sisters would be affected if they actually knew it happened.

          • stephanie ponder

            In my study if space and time. It is an impossibility to travel to the future and back. You may be able to go to a certain future but you will never be able to return to the point of origin because traveling to the future is not actually traveling through time. Time is constantly folding up on itself in much the same way a tessaract folds up. In reality you are traveling to a specific time in a parallel universe that may or may not be before or after the origin point of when you left the current point in time. Time is relative. it is nonexistent in the third dimension. To try and figure out how to move backward and forward in time is like trying to look at a five dimensional object from the viewing point of the third dimension. You can’t see it because you are looking at only part of the picture.

        • Patrick Karnes

          Actually, the past present and future all exist simultaneously and mathematically every action or decision that can or could be made has already been made in more than one universe. When you make a decision infinite parallel universes are created where every decision or action that could have happened happens. It is because without these parallel universes you cannot completely collapse the wave function that removes the superposition. Both Bohr and Schrodinger knew this and argued on it extensively.

          • sergio nunez

            I would say, hit the pipe again! Those men where men in a man dominated society. Yes every action has a reaction. Hello “hence Kempo”

          • Patrick Karnes

            Wow are you serious, the many worlds theory is a completely valid theory and yes what I said does not change the physics in the world you were in. Actually those men thought that the math had to be off because nature should not act like that. You need to do some research on the subject. I suggest from a theoretical physics textbook. Also if you are suggesting that bohr and schrodinger were bad physicist because it was mainly male dominated at the time, you really need to research there work and history. But if they don’t convince you read Dr. Mucho Kakus work on the subject. How bout Brian Greene and Brian Cox. All superb physicist of today that teach on many world theory. You know what they say the truth is often stranger than fiction.

    • Jazz Harry

      Everything exists at the same time.

  • Quek

    I often think there is and has been time travel. Some of the dates I remember of certain milestone events seems to have changed.

    • GFT

      You aren’t the only one. Several people have published articles suggesting that time has been altered. Most people don’t notice, or can’t remember. But a few people do sense that time and events have been changed.

      • Furor Teutonicus

        Ever tried fitting your CV together, from memory?

        It does not fit. Parts overlap, parts seperate, parts disapear.

        For example. I was at the first ever showing of “Dirty Harry” in our town. “X” rated (over 18). That was in, according to records, 71.

        Now, I got into pubs under age, discos (bad memorys of the 70s), and yes, cinemas. But NEVER at the age of TEN!!

        It just does not fit, yet I WAS there!

        • sss45

          Occam’s razor.

          Either you have a faulty memory or the past is changing.

          I know what I’m going with.

    • JedediahGoodson

      Milestone events for you personally or something else? What is an example of this?

      • Quek

        Growing up I knew my grandma was born the year the wright brothers flew. I wrote a paper about it as a kid because of it. She was born at the same time as flight and can now jump on a 747 and fly to Europe. And it was only a few years between flight and the WW I using planes. I would swear it was 1911. I can look it up and it is 1903. I could have just been wrong but there is a sense the number changed.

      • Quek

        Also there seems to be others or a few claiming first to fly. Gustav Whitehead for one. Then we find the Chinese sailed to America first. I find it interesting that Ming burned his fleet in 1433. My guess is he realized that if was the god emperor, and the people in the new world didn’t know of him, his own people would get suspicious. Something someone traveling back couldn’t have foreseen.

    • Furor Teutonicus

      My personal experience.

      I was posted to R.A.F Gütersloh. We arrived around three in the morning, unpacked, went to the Malcome Miller club (Imagine the café in “Happy days” run by the local W.I!). On the news stand was the local rag (Paderborner Zeitung, or some such.) “Elvis id dead!”

      That was 16/08/77.

      Up until around five years ago I still had the news paper. Dates match for Presleys death. I also have my army records….

      A burger and two bottles of coke from a vintage 1950s coke machine, and “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the equaly vintage Duke box, as I read the paper.

      SOMETHING does not quite fit.

      Looking back at my army records, both private and from the army records office (RAF camp, but had a Military police post), I was not posted to Gütersloh until 26/08/77.

  • ralph wilson kierulf

    If ill giving me a changeto travel i will go back to the past and to the time to correct my self to be good person in future and say sorry in give a big HUG to the person or people. Specially to my father was died in 2007 i did not say for all my life to before he died, father thank for giving me a change to the belong in this world thank you for everything and im sorry for everything for my fault and I LOVE YOU PAPA.

    Thats is my wish if they have a time travel.

  • Some Guy

    I want to go back in time and find myself commenting on wanting to go back in time after reading this article.

  • SixSixSix

    Fear not, we protect your time line….

  • montana83

    “The useful kind of time travel, though for science fiction authors and dreamers alike, is into the past”.
    That is rubbish:
    I don’t want to change the past. Like my Fessenden School alum Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future Fame), I want to know 1) how the stock market closed 50 days from now, 2) the winner of the Super Bowl in 2015 and the spread, and the first three places in the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont in 2015, etc.
    Come back to the present, then camp out in luxury in Las Vegas, bet on the sports results for 2015 and the financial markets and I will be on my 500 foot yacht enjoying life in no time. You’re all welcome to visit.

    • Thrael

      It isn’t rubbish because all of what you described would be impossible (or pointless) without the ability to travel into the past. Once you travel forward for your betting guides, that time becomes your present, and in order to return to your point of origin you would have to travel back in time.

      • Furor Teutonicus

        My theory; “You can not travel further back in time than the point at which the ability to do so was discovered.”

        • Richard Werling

          Based of what facts? Interesting theoretical idea.

          • Furor Teutonicus

            Not really facts, just a kind of philosophy and gut feeling. Along the lines, if you go backwards, beyond the time the machine was invented, the machine is not there to transport you.

  • hp b

    I’ve ‘always known’ the future never was what it used to be.

  • Defiant

    I don’t have time for this…

    • Antonin Martin Ganner

      I see what you did there.

  • wallry

    No such thing as time- only location in an event that already exists.

    • Tom Sawyer


  • Harry

    If I had a working time machine, I would use it to win lottery jackpots, and buy stock in Apple Computer, Microsoft, Verizon. Starbucks, and other such sure hits.

    Then I would use my time machine to transport and repopulate in the 21st Century species man exterminated such as the Passenger Pigeon, Carolina Parakeet, Eastern Bison, Quagga, and other such extinct species.

  • abinico

    There is no such thing as time.

    • smithw

      I agree. I read once that time is nature’s way of preventing everything from happening at once.

      • Tom Sawyer

        Actually, everything IS happening all at once. Science needs a linearity of time to grasp and address the concept. We generally only understand time as a measured rate of change; yet the past and future do not technically exist, as there is only this “eternal instant”, and it’s ever-changing. The past, and every remnant thereof, is simply the rubbish of the previous instant. To simplify, the past itself no longer exists, and the future has yet to exist, therefore all that remains is the instant. As such, everything that has and will happen, will happen in this “eternal instant”. The concept of linear time is an illusion, like watching a cartoon made of a million still frames, it seems like its moving, but its actually a million separate still instances. That single still frame thats hitting your eye at any given moment, is that eternal instant…

        • smithw

          You’re correct and stated it well. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out how electricity works.

  • Capt Jack Obvious

    What happens to relativity if a natural tachyon is observed? What happens when the quantum world becomes less fuzzy? History tends toward that Status Quos either embrace or villify paradigm change. Copernicus had it easy unlike the war between plasma scientists and the Lord Kelvin Cult.

  • elderlyfox

    Wow, comment removed in minutes!

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Narveen Aryaputri

    . The Sanskrit word for the Future is EXACTLY the same as the word for the Past. Only the Present is differently described.
    Kal is past. Kal is future. The present gives the context. Aaj is the present. You can

    • paul

      OMG! the fact is > N-O-B-O-D-Y KNOWS!!
      All these people who are ”pretending to know” are simply deusional!

      • Furor Teutonicus

        It is the foundation stone of every scientific discovery ever made. So do not knock it.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Narveen Aryaputri

    You can see cyclical time as opposed to linear time.
    The Sanskrit word for time is Kaal
    So we have the short ‘a’ with kal and the long ‘a’ with Kaal which changes to Time as a concept.
    From that is conceived the concept of Kali : the deity that govern Time. It’s cyclical nature and it’s constant destruction and creation.

    • Furor Teutonicus

      I can go with that. We (Norse Heathen/Saami) see time as cyclical, but on a spiral. So a graph would appear like a DNS spiral.

      You return to the same place, but at a different time. OR do you return to the same time at a different place?

      The link between points on the spiral is the problem.

      Good questions to discuss in front of a fire, late at night, with a bottle or two of GOOD Scotch. :-)

      • Tom Sawyer

        There are also theories on “cubic” time now, as opposed to linear or subjective. Interesting read…

    • paul

      alright then, so where is this Kali woman holed up?

  • iceboxjones

    “Time Travel Via Wormhole Breaks the Rules of Quantum Mechanics”

    I love how they use neuro linguistic programing with qualifiers like “break”!!!

    Like our rules mean anything to the universe, get real.

    • paul

      In one word, it is all BS !

      • Furor Teutonicus

        That is three words and two letters (and an exclemation mark).

        And you expect us to believe your theory of time? You can not even work out basic grammar.

  • xbj

    Anyone else remember when Zsa Zsa Gabor died about two years ago? No, not Eva, Zsa Zsa.

    • Furor Teutonicus

      A few times I have heard on the radio that some one famous has popped their cloggs, and think “What!? AGAIN? He has died at least TWICE in the last 10 years now!”

      Brings Oscar Wilde to mind; “The reports of my death are rather premature.” (Or something like that).

  • stevlich

    Since you can’t be in two places at once, time travel is impossible. Case closed.

    • paul


    • free thinker

      Who says you can’t?

  • StolidBro

    There is never enough time to do it right, but there is always enough time to do it over.

  • Randman

    I don’t need a time machine. But I wouldn’t mind having a camera that could capture “old” light, i.e. film what just happened, or happened 100 or 1000 years ago at this site.
    It would sure make crime solving more precise.

    • Tom Sawyer

      Actually to capture light, you’d need to move faster than the light to catch up to it, and in doing so you’d bend/speed up time…long story short, you’d inadvertently create a “time machine”!

  • Monty

    Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the “present”.

    • Molly

      from kung fu panda

      • Monty

        The origin is uncertain, although it’s clear that the phrase is ancient and that it predates modern English. The earliest known record is from St. Marher, 1225:

        “And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet.”

        A version in modern English — “the tide abides for, tarrieth for no man, stays no man, tide nor time tarrieth no man” evolved into the present day version.

    • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com John Titor

      The way it works is simple. Time is a myth due to the fact that it doesn’t exist.
      You see it a measurement of something that when observed changes. The very fact that observation alone can manipulate it shows us that it is not real.
      Here is the formula.
      Your past is the cost for your gift the present; with your future to change. So you see your investment pays you and gives you back change. How about something from nothing.
      Observe time carefully the next day your work, and I mean keep your mind on it all day long, keep a watchful eye on that needle, or digital for you none believer, And count the seconds as they go, be sure to count every second of that day. Even when you do things. work friends and even family, all whilst going threw your to do list make a long one for that day, more then you would ever get done, and observe time with the following perspective, as point of view changes everything; I have so much time today, it is almost like it is stopping for me
      Let me know if you get more or less done, and then try changing the perspective the following day, of course you will have to be a Jedi master or concentration to be able to count ever second of that day, slow your breathing to the rate of one every two second and keep it for that day, these are all things that change the rate of time. You will observe that every second may be measured by a watch but doesn’t have the same value.

  • Mahipal

    Are we not all just here doing time, prisoners of its constant measurement? Day after day after… day. Chrononauts? Really?! 1 sec per 1 sec. Ok, throw more gamed words at me us we. If “time travel” is possible, it is already happening because we’d be bouncing back and forth at will. O wait…

    • paul

      here is one: ”TimeTroll” !!

  • Tom Sawyer

    “I built a time machine once, but it only moved at “regular” speed…”
    -Mitch Hedberg

  • Steve Baker

    I’d like to think that time travel is possible, but not within our own universe. In a multiverse of unlimited universes, you could travel to a different universe through a wormhole, which could be an exact copy, or very close twin, of our own universe that is possibly ahead of us or behind our own universe time-wise. Changes there would not be noticed by our own universe.

    • Tom Sawyer

      Gotta love multiverse theory…

    • paul

      BTW, where can I fnd this ”wormhole” ? will come in handy on tax day./.

  • NavyBlue1962

    We already have a rudimentary time machine. It’s called a camera. Everytime you look at a photograph,you’re going back in time.

    • paul


      • NavyBlue1962

        And true!

        • Mahipal

          And silly!

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Naim Naik


  • emcrosenberg

    If I had a holodeck , I would travel everywhere and put things right.
    (even just experience earth wild and untamed…)
    Oh wait, a holodeck will not change real life… it will just be a technological extension for the internet (or information storage visualization)…not a real time machine right…
    But if I think about it even more , maybe I dont even need a holodeck , just need to think and create those alternate timelines, now, in my mind…
    Or as the great Cisco once put it : ‘its not linear’ ( I exist here )

  • craigbhill

    The speculative is not the real. The real is only that which you can sense, not think, without thought getting in the way and confusing the real from the unreal (thought, which can imagine anything, and, further, inagines anything that is thought is also real and too often does).

    Time, for example, is not a place. It’s a yardstick, It measures itself. You can’t go forward in a yardstick or back in a yardstick. The yardstick. like everything else, or it could not be perceived, ONLY EVER exists in the Now, which if it could be Then or Later makes it ipso facto inperceivable..

    Sorry! No time travel for you!

    Now back to your crayons and coloring book. At least you’re not wasting your Time filling in color within the broad outlines of the Ultimate Imaginary Friend, which is even a greater waste of Time, as well as a greater evil, than traveling through time will ever be or ever has been.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Richard Kline

    Who can answer this question.

    Our bodies are crawling with bacteria, funguses, viruses and parasites inside and out. We need to be upgrade every day in order ward off being compromised by newer microscopic organisms that are continuing to evolve all around us.

    How can a time traveler remain immune to these constantly evolving critters that are all to willing to do us in?

    Whether one goes forward or backward in time, we are at the mercy of these invisible entities who will attack us regardless of who we are or where we came from.

    So, can anyone answer this part of how we could survive time travel?

    • free thinker

      Maybe we wouldn’t

    • Jazz Harry

      You would be destroyed and then reanimated in a way… You would have a very difficult time understanding that you traveled. If and when you do realize it things might appear to get wonky…time travel sickness so to speak.

  • Eric Lipps

    But wouldn’t the act of observation of these “temporary copies” introduce uncertainties of its own, so that the information they yielded, even when summed together, would not provide a 100% perfect description of the original?

    • Mike McMannes

      I agree. Observation alone would alter them but perhaps not enough to restrict the inference of information.

  • jared

    The thing is past present and future are all about perception. Technically none of them exist, there is only time. We might perceive that something has happened and call it the past, but that event might truly have not happened or it might happen later. Right now while you think you are reading this you could be just remembering it from another point in time, either the so called past or future.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com John Bales

    So the other end of the wormhole would always have to be outside the light cone of the present?

  • Mike McMannes

    Simply seeing someone across the room is nothing more than seeing them as they ‘were’ in the past. We see their past representation though it is coming from our future. We experience our present continually as an ongoing interpretation of past happenings that have yet to find their way to us. There is no universal now…there is only perspective. Kudos to Whomever it was that invented this wacky game!

  • free thinker

    If time travel is possible and it breaks a rule, that doesn’t invalidate the possibility of time-travel. It invalidates the so-called rule.

  • the_professer

    Trying to live in the past will never work — there’s no future in it.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com John Lavallee

    if we never dug in the ground and were curious of what we found we would never know of dinosaurs or how long ago they lived, never looked up and wanted to get a better picture of the stars we’d never how small we really are. with out perception there is no past or possible future. we need to consider the future and do what we can to create a clean one so the miracle of existence can continue for all life on this planet.
    Think of how many chance happenings it took to create this world laziness and complacency are killing it. Or maybe time will bend a different light.

  • Antonin Martin Ganner

    Well however it works, if possible, there are a few basic undeniable facts of logic that are vastly ignored in most tv shows or books..
    You could not return to the future you came from, after going back into the past, because by going back into the past changes the future.. nobody seems to comprehend the butterfly effect at all.. it’s a matter of multiplication, the effect getting more and more dramatic indefinitely. If you could go into the past and kill yourself to prevent yourself from coming into the past, as would be physically possible to do if you went back in time, that simple fact is proof enough that the future you just came from is no longer possible in the universe you’re in, so either it was eradicated and will be something else, or you entered a paralell universe.

  • Matthew Krull

    If you could time travel, you would pass the speed of light therefore stopping time and the whole universe would be destroyed.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Alan Ward

    In order for an observer to remain constant while travelling through time then the universe must change around them. Where does the observer end and the universe begin? Where would the energy to do this come from? Also, if there were two or more concurrent time travellers wouldn’t the universe be torn apart?

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com Alan Ward

    I tend to agree with TRussert. Everything occurs at the same ‘time’ that we call ‘now’. ‘Now’ is illusory as it cannot be stopped, isolated nor examined as an entity in and of itself and therefore cannot be known. The concept of ‘time’ is a necessary tool used by humans in order to interact consistently and predictably with their environment. Just as space is defined by matter, time is defined by change. If there were no change what would time mean? If there were no objects in space how would its dimensions be known? Since matter is energy ultimately it is the state and flow of energy that defines reality. If you’re a physical being and must interact with the world around you with sufficiently predictable results then concepts like space and time are necessary constructs for survival. No more or less than a good fire and a sharp spear.

  • Andy mARTEL

    OK; Time Out…!
    I don’t think we are inteligent enough to define Time today. We can come to some conclusions but they really won’t be correct. Again ,,,we are not smart enough to understand it. Yes we must continue to try to define it. I look at it this way; once we get way out into space how do we calculate Time. Earth-Time is not relevent any more nor can it be use to navigate in far out space. Earth-Time and Space-Time are very different. dwelling on the Past isn’t worth your efforts, why, because you will not be able to change anything or effect anything. You can’t change the Future either. The only Time that you can travel in is the Moment. I think Time is “The Moment”. Why travel in the Past or the Future it isn’t relevent to you untill the Moment. Therefore we are Time Travelers “In The Moment”.

  • sergio nunez

    How come I dont hear people discussing all this worm hole tech. And travel incorporated into the untapped network of our unused brain network that is supposed to not be useful. Then time and space and distance wouldn’t be relevant

  • sergio nunez

    My bad irrelevant

  • sergio nunez

    I believe time is relevant if possible we can each go back but not affect any body until initial contact

  • sergio nunez

    Some times I think maybe the universe is a the internal network of someone’s brain and neral network activities. People are paranoid and will argue any idea. But lets look inside the box

  • sergio nunez

    The. Brain has unlimited power. Why spread time and distance. Oh yea there’s on money in that

  • sergio nunez

    Love our forefounders theories, why increase space when time travel only affects that person. Oh yes haters people affected wouldn’t know anything now.Keep it simple stupid.

  • sergio nunez

    Universally what is “consciously”

  • sergio nunez

    So how come all life on earth! How come we havn’t tried to communicate

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com John Titor

    In the even of an even horizon within that gravitational pull of a black whole one can analyse and observe that even light is no match for the force involved. How ever if you send multiple sensors to the heart of these things we can gather many readings that will never make it back to it host as all the electrical waves are indeed sucked into it as well, how ever if will create something that shoots out things like radio waves sound frequency and all the waves that we know of, and have a sensor that can pick up any and all of these frequencies we will discover that there is one of them that does make it back and at an alarming speed as well. This will be the opposing force of antimatter, a third state of matter if you wish. Still it is only a wave and will not do any good for us yet. how ever now we have a catapult so power full that even time will stop, not slow down actually stop. as this wave makes it way to the opposing end of the universe in a flash. Voila you make now use those frequencies and communicate with us, We are tired of governments concealing the truth. The People should join together to accomplish this goal, much medicine awaits you, much love from other being in this universe awaits, as any and all scientifically advanced unity are units and will treat you the same. They will know no fear as there so advance we pose no threat. If We break our binds with the weak because we human crap, the horizon is black!

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com John Titor

    To truly travel threw time is not difficult because simply done as we live.

    It is a direction a course and a momentum. How ever we can change all of those values using the proper tools. Believer of non believers your mind if trained right can be the very tool to activate this little secret.

    If you have a kid, as young as 2 or 3 they should already be able to speak. And LEARN, Teach them two things and they may even become Jedi with the power of the force, not telepath, not telekinetic so no force push or electricity and no force grab either lol, awww.

    How ever ability to remember future, past, and ever access the wwi:

    World Wide Intel

    It is a network available to all humans and is explained in the bible how to access it. as your child is only 2 or 3 hopefully they have not yet learn to sin. This is very important as a mind with sin is useless as it will only damper your ability to focus.

    Teach them that if they ever want the answer to anything in the world all they need to do is close there eyes. Think about what they want to know and it will be shown to them like a movie or story, and they can feel if it is true to this world or an other.

    Next teach them to focus, tech them what it means if they don’t understand, focus; to stay feeling. And focus or feel more about what is real to this world. They will nod, and then when they are ready, give them a test and ask them something that you know, simple something happened in the day to you, that they wouldn’t know and ask them what happened to me today, let them focus, and if they get it wrong don’t worry, they just misunderstood your intentions, they have to feel safe with doing it so be your most calm and loving self to them. it can be done by feeling that way. Then try again, and remind them it has to be real to this world. And it is something that happened to me today, close your eyes and feel it know that it is real and tell me what happened. If your kid is gifted with it he will get it right on the first try. How ever do this every day with them and be kind and encourage them to try doing it until they get it right, don’t tell them and make sure not to tell any one around them, for they will pick up on that and will be rewarded to ease dropping instead of connecting to Unity. As they they grow teach every sin and tell them not to sin otherwise they will be weak and stupid and end up just like you, and teach them that it is bad because you were never told about these things and you are not able to do what you are asking them to do, and that is bad because you never got to know your creator and you really want them to know the creator.

    They should pick up on your good intentions and try as hard as they can and will get it right. For Good measures, when they get is right tell them that they got it right and to do it again, if they keep getting it right they have learnt to access what is known as World Wide Intel, A network created by god, or creator, of our matrix. This is the hard drive to the computer called life and program called me. As they get good at this, make them practice and make it stronger by using this new found way of feeling things to create you something for when you get back home that you will need for the next day and use that SYSTEM you taught them. They will get you something that you surprize surprize that you need. Once this is done this time ask them to pick lottery numbers for the upcoming game. Keep playing them till you win. Once everyone starts winning the lotto at the same time, Everyone will no longer have debts and everyone will be wealthy, Because the lotto is actually dated back by the amount that is won, it will make a few rich right away, and when more and more people win, every one gets a little less, but people will start to get to know how to network money better. And maybe even create a single global currency, should be call gil for no reason at all just a Final fantasy Fan and they use the gil everywhere.This makes for a stable economy very useful for any civilization that will prosper in science. But be wary as we must first get the economy stable to remove any and all control by current world leader. This is a way that I have concluded using something called a MindMill Where like a computer you give it thought and it will create programs or events based on problems. For example world peace, current earth, human, time, fastest. and enter them into it. The MindMill will then give your situation a coding based on the matrix that was, or is as you may observe it and work something out. I am one of many that have travelled both time a space to visit and learn what the commoner of this civilization experience due to our lack of trust with the original people that we shared technology with. I am acting against orders but that doesn’t matter, I am part of a liberation movement among many from my unity believe that it is long over due to change your ways.

    May this message be delivered and share world wide and be acted upon, as the governments have already started with this process and the information is being used for military purpose and may even damage the very fragments of the soul of life. This is not good. As without of, well this life without it soul will be hell as you all can imagine it can be worse than that of a victim being tortured mercilessly. That is what we are doing to our life, and god as we know it is upon that cross, I for one will not let him hang there and so be it that I may join it in its suffering I know this to be right I feel it and felt it and have been given the message and I am passing it. Before long they will find me, and I will be no more, probably tortured and disappear. Love FOr the Cause and sorry but this is the last place they would think I would leave this message. Sorry site owner your website may no longer be for long, as they will undoubtably try and remove this message and any other posts. I will spread the word threw many means in hope that I can get the message out before I get killed. But remember people that perfection means that there is a beginning and an end, as long as you don’t sin you have access to knowledge that is pure with it a message of eternal love from unity. And the people who tempt us the be bad because everybody is and we are formed by our society, given needs that are for there benefit and say that everyone will benefit because you will pay more tax that will go and give money to the homeless and put your kids threw schools and treat you at the hospital when you need treatment. ha

    what a joke.

    Knowledge and this World Wide Intel will teach you science and medicine that needs no Einstein or Dr Kevorkian to raise even the dead. haha no joke they are dead, and now perfect the way they chose to be in this Intel world. Actually you can even access it if you make up for all your sins. no not by asking god for forgiveness as we are forgiven before we commit. It is by committing yourself to be sinless. to do this you must looking up every religious scripture that is know to man and all translations to them, as they are very old and even Muslims new Koran being the newest was written in a language that is no longer used. So please first understand what sin is as you would be surprise at least most of you would be, you don’t even really know what sin is. Once you know don’t do it. This will take sometime to get you body used to being good, temptation and society will put it to the test, and you will also be surprised that many things that society discouraged or made illegal apart for the oblivious ones like violence, we will see for yourself this sea of information, not only of our existence but of all the infinite versions of its self too. Once we connect with this Unity We can even recreate ourselves the way we truly want to add to this existence. When all of existence do this same in all the corners of life and at the same time. This Life as we know it will find itself a partner. This is important as it too has a window to do so and create the next one, with out everything working together even our existence would be no more. True death will come to this being any way, but think of the next being if there is none because of us We will have killed it with our own hands. That is when not only us but even you human and everything in this unity will go to hell. And become the key to the next Adam and eve. And it will be on that cross dying for everybody’s sins to open a gate for there to be one from heaven to descend and recreate life. Lucifer was the last volunteer to do so, and is suffering great loneliness due to this and two other worlds that others part of this movement are working hard to do the same. And I am quite surprised that one second in my thought really was almost too long to pass this message properly and required me to relearn everything from how society works and ways of communication, as English is the first one I have learned and placed a many good feelings about its complex ability to be simple and to the point that translation to other language is made well with limits and should be translated as follows

    Step 1:English to French to Germand and then into English again to be sure that germans got it right, then to all Germanic laguages. Including enlgish.

    Step 2:English – Latin to then be translated to all latin root languages to remove misunderstanding.

    English -Slavic and the same
    You see that the message changes every time, this should be done and the organised in a way that this message can now be read by any language even remote, eg Africa Most commonly know to be the case, but even Tibet! and parts of china that don’t speak Chinese but there own dialect. For this has to be done. As for a time limit I guess we don’t have one. Time is fictional and if you were to see it for what it is it would be over before you could take note. But we do have a limit as to how many of us are sinners and we can break very easily. In the past 12000 years when Jesus lived and King David Was a happy great grandfather along with Solomon who lived for 600 cycles known todays as months, but known to be years in those days. Or even Noah who came to this very land after his home planet was destroyed by sin. You can count on Eternity to have an end. But Humans Need to Unite Or will suffer Hell very soon. If you think well I will be dead it won’t matter, think again. As remember you are already dead, time has taken your life and gave you a birth and death at the same time, it is the experience in it that keeps changing based on a collective (average) of our activities and give power to those who are sinless, Right now it is very unbalanced I believe that we are letting ourselves down and given room for those without sin to influence us to commit it for them.
    Love UnitY

  • Kevin James cummings

    My name is Kevin James cummings. You do not need a machine. It is 4-24-14. Your mind is a natural time traveler. Pick a date and try to speak to yourself on this date. Whether it be future or past. Beans6979@gmail.com 817-703-3998

  • Karen Reid

    Obvious reason why travel into the past is impossible.

    Never mind all the blather about closed time-like curves
    (CTC’s), wormholes, quantum tunneling and the like. What
    is so obvious no one cares to mention it is that time travel into the past is impossible because the past no longer exists. Sure there is evidence of the past all around us, from commonplace objects in a home, to trees, library archives, crumbling stone buildings built in centuries gone by, dinosaur fossils, and the background radiation leftover from the Big Bang. But records of the past are actually a part
    of the present, and not the same as THE PAST as a complete unit. For example , 1:32 p.m. on April 3, 1931 is as ephemeral as any other moment in time, and the universe has moved on in an almost infinite number of changes large and small since then. Time is a process, the universe is a process and time is a continuum of instants marking the progression of that process. You cannot invoke a “freeze-frame” of a
    fragment of that process so that anyone or anything can just inject itself into that fragment. And you don’t even need to invoke the grandfather paradox to realize that believing time travel to the
    past is possible is anything other than fantasy or idiocy.

    How anyone can think that a human being or any other
    non-quantum object can project himself or itself into some arbitrary date or moment in the past is just preposterous. Those that argue otherwise talk about time as “the frozen river” where every moment that has taken place still exists somehow, or that every instant
    in time, the universe divides into an infinite number of parallel universes, all of which exist and all of which are equally possible. These ideas are mere phantasms, fictional creations of the human mind which is so good a concocting fiction. While the idea of time travel to the past has resulted in some entertaining fictional stories, this only proves that humans are way better at concocting fiction than at studying the way things really are.

  • oceantracks

    Even more puzzling is that in stories there seems to be two kinds of time travel….

    1 That which allows us only to observe (the “Ghost of Xmas Past” in Dicken’s “Christmas Carol”) and

    2 That which allows us to go back to our youth and actually participate ….and with the knowledge we have now (as in “Back to The Future”)

    I’m not sure which is more impossible…

  • Jeff Botzko

    There is something referred to as “Magical Thinking” that many children do, but as adults we are suppose to have grown out of it. We are suppose to understand the difference between imaginary made up stuff and “The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothin’ But The Truth” , but sometimes in scientific things we have to consider “Facts” from some “scientific minded” adults who may not have grown out of “Magical Thinking”, for fun, profit or just because of the inability to distinguish between what is provable in reality or what is just speculative theory that can’t be countered with good argument by most people. In order to travel back in “time” ALL THINGS at a particular moment in “time” that one wanted to go to or arrive at would have to be exactly as the were when that moment previously existed. Is that possible? Can all the light emanating from all the Suns in the Universe be put back? Can ALL the stars and planets be moved back to their precise positions where they were at the designated previous moment? A net search told me we are moving through space at about 4.7 million miles per hour and indications are that Earth has never been in the same exact place twice. Could everyone”s emotions be returned to a particular moment? Could every chemical reaction be undone, like all the fuels that powered all the engines and kept all the houses warm become liquid fuel in storage again and all the heat and CO2 be put back into the fuel? Does it not seem obvious that the idea of “Time Travel” is just another adventure into “Magical Thinking”? A good related question is, “Does what is thought of as TIME really exist as most think of it?” Is there really any possibility of being in any other moment than the exact “Instant in (time) that one is in, in the present instant? An “Instant in (time) being describes as a theoretical understand of a possibility that an existing or not yet existing entity or created device could be capable of knowing the exact location of EVERYTHING at a particular “Instant”, that is, the location of every person, or living thing, every light wave, electron, proton, quark, idea and everything else. With light generally traveling at around a constant 670 million miles per hour, does it seem likely that anything, even “Magical Thinking” can change that process to suit anyone who wants to be in a different “Instant in (time)?


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