The Psychology of Pokémon Go Haters

By Carl Engelking | July 15, 2016 2:25 pm

(Credit: Niantic)

When Psy’s “Gangnam Style” broke YouTube, they refused to give it a single view.

When people soaked themselves during the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, they called it a waste of water.

When Pokémon Go took the United States by storm after its release July 6, they went out of their way to tell friends, family and social network followers they would never play the game. They encouraged pocket monster trainers to grow up, pursue gainful employment or just get off their lawns. One writer, Mattie Lou Chandler, was compelled to publish “A Hater’s Guide to Pokémon Go.”

“They” are the outspoken non-conformists, the inevitable contrarians, the reliable chorus of voices that grow louder the more wildly popular a song, game or idea becomes. It happens every time there’s a new fad, so it’s no surprise that social scientists have taken notice, and their work gives us some insights into the psychology of being a hater.

Defenders of the Good?

In general, we believe we are more skilled and competent than what’s reflected in reality; it’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Studies have affirmed that this cognitive bias extends to logical reasoning, grammar, debate skills, driving, emotional intelligence and more. The same holds true for our belief systems and morals — we tend to think we’re the ones who have it all figured out.

Consumer researchers have learned that our consumption patterns reflect our biased moral framework — we are what we consume. In a 2010 study, Markus Giesler and colleagues extended this idea of consumer moralism.

“Whenever we talk about brands, there are larger, deeper moral value systems at play,” says Giesler, department chair and associate professor of marketing at the Schulich School of Business at York University. “There’s a bifurcation when there’s something as popular as this game — you cannot not have an opinion.”


Here’s a meme that’s been making the rounds. Could playing Pokemon Go, at least for some people, be an affront to a person’s sacrosanct ideas of what it means to be a man? (Credit: Men United)

In the study, the team analyzed the often vitriolic commentary on Hummer enthusiast websites, and websites that railed against Hummers and the people who drive them. They also conducted in-depth interviews with Hummer owners in California.

Owners claimed they were rugged individualists, embodying the “American Dream”. Opponents felt they were defending the collective good, and that driving a gas-hog that could crush a Prius and its inhabitants was socially irresponsible. Both believed they were on the “right” side, the moral side.

“The morality play myth allows consumers to venerate and validate their own ideological beliefs and values while casting different ideological views … as antagonistic threats to a sacrosanct moral order,” they wrote in their study.

Coffee aficionados rip Starbucks customers for being corporate drones, and Burning Man festivalgoers scoff at consumers who embrace the mainstream. Do Pokémon Go haters have a beef with the game because it’s an affront to their conception of moral order?

“I’m at a loss about what made this game so emotionally controversial,” says Giesler.

Maybe there’s a simpler explanation.

It’s All About Me

In a planet of 7 billion people, we have to work hard to stand out, and bucking the trend is one way to do it. In a trio of studies, Roland Imhoff and Hans-Peter Erb showed that the pursuit of uniqueness motivates individuals to resist majority influence to retain their claim to individuality.

In one experiment, participants gathered for a topic-driven discussion. Then, they filled out a pseudo-personality test, but were told afterward that their values fit perfectly with the “Average Joe.” In subsequent discussion meetings, participants whose uniqueness was undermined agreed less with the majority opinion in an attempt to reclaim individuality, researchers say.


Another one making the rounds.

“Nobody wants to be seen as a gray mouse, whose views are completely mass- and majority compatible,” Erb told the German weekly Der Freitag.

Facebook and Twitter are quick and easy ways to push against the grain and shed the Average Joe status, and dissing a wickedly popular game may be a way to recover a desired status. Adam Arvidsson and Alessandro Caliandro analyzed nearly 9,000 tweets about Louis Vuitton using a qualitative research method called netnography. Based on their analysis, the experience for many users was simply about exposure, building a reputation and getting the satisfaction of a “like” from an anonymous person.

“People want to post, be seen and be heard, it’s very important for some,” says Marius Luedicke, senior lecturer in marketing at City University in London, who wasn’t involved in the study. “The more critical an opinion, the more likely other friends will find you clever or interesting if you’re one of the first to voice it.”

Haters Gonna Hate

Psychologists Justin Hepler and Dolores Albarracin have an even simpler explanation for Pokémon Go vilifiers: haters are simply going to hate.

In a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, they asked 2,000 people to rank how they felt about an array of subjects, such as taxidermy, health care and Japan. Taking note of the participants who rated these benign, unrelated subjects harshly, they had them repeat the evaluation a month later to ensure they weren’t just in a bad mood.

They calculated the results to assess a person’s dispositional attitude — how much they like or dislike things in general. With their haters identified, the researchers gave them a description of an imaginary product: the “Monahan LPI-800 Compact 2/3-Cubic-Foot 700-Watt Microwave Oven”. As you may have guessed, people with a negative dispositional attitude skewered the non-existent product.

What was the study’s groundbreaking conclusion? People who dislike things they are familiar with, will probably dislike things they aren’t acquainted with.

Again, it isn’t wise to draw any hard conclusions from these studies, which all have limitations — that’s the nature of studying human emotions and behavior. These are observations gleaned from self-reported surveys and interpretive methods. Still, the shade being thrown by Pokémon Go critics is undeniable, and we’ll see the same thing happen again when the next “big thing” dominates our news feeds.

But for all the Pokémon Go haters out there, Giesler points out a bitter irony:

“Both the haters and the lovers contribute to a brand’s success,” he says.


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  • Huh?!?

    Not to be a ‘hater’ of this article, but it seems fairly obvious that many people attempt to self-actualize by deriding the majority’s view.

    • John C

      Or maybe they are just expressing a healthy observation that the majority are at times enthralled by moronic fads when there are much more important things they should be concerned about.

      • R C

        OK John, stop complaining about yunguns and their vidya games on the internet and go worry about more important things.

        • John C

          Yes, using your brain is so elitist.

          • Salmane

            Because you qualify not being able to do both and having to pick between having fun and worrying about important things “having a brain”?

          • Ann

            haha yes this. People think that suddenly when you play games you cant care simultaneously and do good things in the world. XD Like wtf

        • OWilson

          So THAT’S what Hillary was doing! :)

      • Peaceofus

        Fads are the sign of a strong society. Homo-sapiens owe their survival to their capacity to socialize with each other and fads not only reflect the strength of social structures but also build upon them. Most people who participate in these fads are completely aware of the fact that they are not serious business and do it for the social aspect, which is arguably just as important if not more than the fostering of an individual’s intellect based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

      • Salmane

        So, what exactly do you find moronic about Pokémon Go so I can give you 5 examples of things that are way more moronic but people don’t complain about?

        Here is one more important thing that people should be concerned about : Shutting up about things they don’t understand and conversely, making sure they understand something before they run their mouth about it.

        • John C

          What exactly do I not understand about walking around in public like an idiot looking at Japanese cartoon characters on your iPhone?

      • Chelsea Kenna

        Because it’s impossible to be concerned about important things while also occasionally enjoying some leisure time, right?

        I assume you spend every waking moment worrying only about the most important things and never watch tv, read a book, play a game, spend frivolous time with friends, etc. because there are much more important things to be concerned about.

        • John C

          In the heirarchy of leisure it’s hard to think of spmething more useless and embarassingly stupid than adults walking around excitedly looking at Japanese cartoon characters.

          • Chelsea Kenna

            Well, I am so glad you, the universal authority on leisure hierarchy, are here to tell us this. Personally I would’ve chosen “grown men wasting time on the internet trying to make people feel bad for enjoying a harmless game” as the peak of that hierarchy.

            Truly, I am saddened that you are so very miserable that stomping on other peoples’ hobbies is how you find joy in life. I hope that works out for you, because I’ll be over here having fun playing the game I enjoy while also managing to function as a mature adult.

      • Ryan Davis

        And yet here you are taking care of all this “important” stuff talking about it

  • Uncle Al

    Heavenly entry’s singular criterion is the number of yellow lights you run sans citation – quantitative, unambiguous, fast queues. December 1920 Detroit hosted the first four-way three-color traffic light. Folks prior burn in Hell. Most folks after also burn in Hell, especially the wealthy who are driven and devotees of public transportation.

    Chasing puerile fetishes fuels psychology papers (bones without dogs). Get in your cars and start running lights, for therein awaits true salvation.

    • OWilson

      Hillary: “I don’t know who created Pokemon Go but I’m trying to figure out how we get them to Pokemon Go to the polls!!” -(crowd cheers)-
      4:12 PM – 14 Jul 2016

      Nice terror attack: Truck driver struck soon after 4.30 pm EST – 14 July 2016

      Ah, Hillary, always a first adopter of the newest technology :)

      She will keep us safe!

      • Uncle Al

        Pokémon or pandering parasitic politician, vote with your cul-de-sac of Douglas. Has anybody found ブラジリアンワックス脱毛?

  • John C

    I guess this is another part of Kardashian World, that I don’t have the slightest interest in.

    • Diana Duong

      And probably because you don’t understand the 20 year old franchise culture. It’s okay if you’re not interested in it. Everyone has different interests. :)

    • Neurotic Knight

      Yes, Kardarshian had sex with a black guy and married another. But as an armenian descent she also spoke to bring awareness on their genocide by turkey, she has spoken out against fat shaming, she has spoken of on racism, sexualization and stereotyping. Yes, she is a bit vain, but id take her over people like you any day.

      • John C

        Yes I am sure you would. Thankfully many people feel the same way or there would be no one to make my fries or lattes.

  • Mesmer7

    totally wrong. To us, news about fads are intrusions (like advertisements), that distract us from our own self-directed lives.

    • Peaceofus

      I suppose so are friends then.

    • NRGuest

      I don’t think the latest release in a multi-billion dollar franchise that’s been around for over two decades is a “fad”.

      Now you know how so many of us feel about all the people who go crazy watching grown men chase a ball around a lawn. At least Pokemon Go doesn’t rape the taxpayers wallets to finance stadiums or divert money for education to sports programs with no pay-off.

  • Holly_Wight

    All one has to do is watch a horde of hundred of people flocking to a spot in Central Park with their phones held aloft to “catch” an imaginary rare monster that yields them little more than bragging rights to realize that this is one of the saddest, lamest, most idiotic fads since the pet rock.

    At least the pet rock didn’t encourage people to invade cemeteries, funeral homes, memorials, mausoleums, and places of worship. Pokemon Go is making people do rude, invasive, and disrespectful things on top of the stupid thing they’re already doing.

    Talk about doubling down.

    • Chris Zammit

      Well said Holly Wight.

      • Devon Talley-Isom

        And screw you Chris

    • Salmane

      No, we do it for fun. That you think we play this for bragging rights
      says a LOT more about you than it does about the players. You are projecting your shaky sense of self. What’s funny is that your comment is right in line with what this article says too. You have such a shaky sense of self that you feel the need to set yourself apart by hating on this game and the people who play it.

      In the end, we’re all going to end up dead. The difference is that some people will have had fun while you were busy hating and feeding your petty ego.

      • dustin adams

        It’s definitely a fun game, but you shouldn’t try it because it might ruin your rep on Facebook

      • jennyct

        How do you feel the “fun” of the game? Just curious, because I didn’t feel that way. I like creating tangible items or making tangible money, or exchanging audible speech from friends and people I enjoy. Now, if I can ‘win’ something, anything – that would be more fun.

        • Salmane

          I like to collect Pokémons and take gyms for my team. The AR aspect of it is pretty cool and makes things more realistic. True, the game is not terribly evolved at the moment, but that will change. I also played Ingress, which this game is based on and I liked the AR part of it too. Friends and I would go on field operations at night to capture portals and make fields in enemy territory while they were sleeping. So I really like that it mixes with the real world. It’s a new kind of immersion.

        • Ryan Davis

          sounds like enjoying a sunset is out for you then since that isn’t tangible of exchanging audible speech

          • jennyct

            You are exactly right! But I do like the sound of crickets and the smell of a campfire. Maybe it’s just the visual. Good catch though.

        • Ann

          I make tangible things to, I create jewelry with clay, I draw, I play the keyboard, sing, make youtube videos… but I also love video games and pokemon go!

    • Diana Duong

      You clearly don’t understand the culture of the franchise. It’s not like it popped out of nowhere. It’s been around since 1996. Not everyone does that for “bragging rights” and not everyone is irresponsible when playing. Way to categorize everyone. It’s like saying everyone using the Internet is dumb.

    • Devon Talley-Isom

      Did you even read the article?? Its so funny how quick people are to hate something as soon as a few people start to have fun. Also , where have you been for that past 20 years?? It’s not like pokemon just came out of nowhere. If you had any idea of how revolutionary this “fad” is you might change your take on the situation, besides you have better things to do right? Like scouring the internet for people to listen to your pessimistic opinion, which everyone is entitled to have, instead of getting up and exploring your city and enjoying the unity and social experience this “fad” has provided to millions of people already.

    • Chelsea Kenna

      Pokemon Go isn’t “making” people rude. I suspect those people were rude BEFORE they started playing the game. Plenty of us Pokemon Go players have a good grasp on how to be a decent human being and don’t play in inappropriate places, while driving, etc.

      • Ann

        exactly. I always watch out and dont go stand int he way of people and such

    • Joel Hutchison

      That is a terribly one sided argument. Pokemon Go does not make anyone do anything…it is all the players choice. If a person decides to enter a place they shouldn’t that is their responsibility. Looks like you believe the Pokemon has more power than the player does. As a non player I do think it is kind of weird how popular it is, considering everyone in my school bashed Pokemon until now….so it is a major Fad. But everyone following it is not stupid….There are some kids out there who enjoy it, teenagers returning for the nostalgic feel, and even middle aged adults that grew up on it in the 90’s. I understand both sides of the argument, but it seems way more popular to hate it than love it right now. The only super harmful thing this app contains that I can aknowledge is that it can steal information, but this is the internet…don’t act like we all didn’t know this was happening prior. To be truthful, yes it does cause people to act stupidly….but it helps people go outside, meet other players and be social. No, you don’t need the app to do this, but in 2016…. not a lot of things will get a kid to go outside willingly without their clique or friends. Like I said, I don’t play this game….I don’t even have a phone….I’m 16 but I’m for PoGO. I respect your opinion and was not going to reply, but I would rather give an informative response than have a die hard fan try to bash you and make you even more against this than you already are. XD

    • Paul Rizzo

      Take it you missed the part where prior to that Pokemon over 100 people were gathering outside and talking about their child hood and good memories they had because of this game.

      I guess according to you “grown ups” we only do that while drinking a beer at a bar room?

      I am 32 and I play Pokemon so you can go blow me. Go watch Judge Judy and send out Farmville invites or Candy Crush request while you lecture me about what it is to be an adult.

      • ultima9

        Pretty much sums it up. Well said.

    • adolescentghost

      This is encouraging kids to get out of the house and play outside. Yes it’s still playing outside, we live in a the future now. Things have changed. Kids played outside before there were bicycles and before playgrounds and jungle gyms were invented. All weekend I saw parents bonding with their kids, walking, getting exercise. The game rewards you for putting in large amount of walking miles. People who are stereotypically unhealthy and antisocial, aka nerds and gamers, are getting out, putting in 6 miles a day, and talking to other people who they would never otherwise interact with.

      I’ve seen black, white, asian, hispanic, young, old, people playing the game, cheering each other on, and participating in friendly competition. One video of the weekend after the game was released in one of the largest and most populous city in the country does not depict some kind of moral decline.

      And not once did I see anyone acting out of line because of the game, and I have had it since launch. Anecdotes are useless, do we have empircal data that this game is causing more accidents or negative things than usual? I doubt it, my money is on that the media is latching on to this story because it’s new and popular. Once the hype dies down, people will continue to play and you’ll find some reason to hate the new thing that the media jams in your face.

  • Dan S

    Neither a participant nor a hater be. The majority of people don’t participate in fads and are not haters. They observe, amused or not, and go aobut thier business. I would find the psychology of compulsive fad particpants more interesting.

    • Peaceofus

      I would find the psychology of people who purposely avoid fads more interesting. Most fad participants are not the brain dead sheeple that some people delude themselves into believing. They simply value socialization enough to at least give popular things a try and if they enjoy them they continue to do them. Considering socialization is a very important trait for Humans from an evolutionary standpoint, I’d say fads that get people out and socializing like pokemon GO are only beneficial to the greater society. If it weren’t for the the more socially oriented members of our society we would have died out a long time ago.

    • Chelsea Kenna

      You say you’re “not a hater” but then imply you think the participants are just compulsive fad participants. There are plenty of people playing this game because they find it fun, or it brings back fond childhood memories. It has nothing to do with compulsively participating in a “fad.”

      This issue goes both ways: just as not all non-participants are haters, not all participants are doing it just because it’s the new “in” thing.

      • Dan S

        My comment does not imply that all participants are doing so compulsively. My point is that not everyone is either a hater or a participant. Some people do participate compulsively, and that’s what I find interesting.

        Agreed that many participate because they find the particular fad fun or interesting, or a good social activity. That’s great but I don’t find it interesting.

        • Chelsea Kenna

          I apologize then, I clearly misunderstood your comment! :)

      • jennyct

        So if I didn’t have any childhood memories of pokeman, I won’t like it?

        • Chelsea Kenna

          I never said that. I just said that’s one of the reasons people are enjoying it.

    • Smarter than Your Average Bear

      exactly. I have no interest anymore in playing computer games. My only curiosity for this particular game is in how it is created. Why are these creatures showing up in odd places (white house lawn, central park, private property, etc.) How are they being generated, who is doing the generation, and why on people’s private property, that seems like careless engineering .

      • marco bozenich

        Look into the game called “Ingress” which is the model on which Pokemon Go was built. Both games are made by the same developer. A lot of the destinations in the game (pokestops and Gyms) are locations contributed and suggested by players of the game Ingress. Both games use Google Map’s API. It does not have access to data that would indicate private property borders, and so cannot set limits outside of said property for pokemon to spawn.

        • Smarter than Your Average Bear

          I see – I live in a small town (5,000) so not sure if it would do anything here – still not going to play though. I did try Ingress when it forst came out, but I’m an old man and couldn’t get the hang of it. Didn’t seem to have anything happening in this small burg.

      • adolescentghost

        It doesn’t work that way. You don’t need to go on anyone’s property to catch a pokemon. You simply tap it when it comes on screen. You do not need to chase it down. People doing that do not understand the mechanics of the game, or it’s just a myth.

    • Salmane

      The fact that the game took off so quickly and that people even went out of their way to get it in countries where it wasn’t even released yet proves that people had been WAITING for that game and thus, that’s it’s the complete opposite of a fad.

      • Dan S

        “The majority of people don’t participate in fads and are not haters.” – the point stands whether the game is a fad, a craze, a meme or the opposite. More people are not playing the game than are and the majority of those not playing are not haters.

        And compulsive participation in any activity is interesting to me irrespective of fadness or other social trajectory.

        • c_chandler

          something like our govt nuts thinking everyone has a computer and/or a smartphone. snail mail is still relevant and much more permanent than a snapchat text.

  • saymwah

    I don’t hate Pokémon Go players. I just wish they’d get the hell out of the way.

  • peterstanley

    I hate Pokemon because way back in 1997, Pokemon displaced Animaniacs on the kids WB afternoon lineup. FROM that moment, kids animation quality and storytelling nosedive. Today more kids relate to pikachu than bugsbunny. Pika chi has a one word vocabulary! Even roadrunner and wily coyote are more intellectual. Humanity suffers. Hence, hate.

    • Paul Rizzo

      Only funny thing on Animaniacs was that little kid who asked “why”. It was a complete rip off of Looney tunes

      • ultima9

        Parody of Looney Tunes. Not a ripoff.

  • bilahn

    I have never played a computer game and I never will. It is if of absolutely no interest to me

  • Paul Rizzo

    Actually I would say when you have wide generalizations about an entire generation of adults as sitting in their parents basements it is easy to cast wide dispersion’s on that set of of people.

    In fact I have not lived with my parents since 18 when I served this country in the NAVY and got medically discharged. Also I have two kids and a wife plus a damn good paying job.

    I am 32 and Pokemon came out when I was a freshman in high school. Also I live in Louisiana where one man was shot in the back and 3 officers just got shot. There is a good chance there will be looting and fires in my states capitol pretty soon so MAYBE I might want an escape.

    I think it is pretty nice that I can goto a park and see people of all races having fun and cops there to protect people while they socialize in their community over a game.

    • Andrew Jennings

      Well said.


      With all the problems in the world…..what the sheeps do? They play Pokemon Go one of the most stupid games i ever heard and of course a lot of grow up idiots play this game…..When we are just a few steps of a new world war…the economy melting…terrorism….all caused by governments banks the stupid elite…..and these idiots dont do nothing……you want to escape reality? reality will get you no matter how long you run….

      • Monswine

        It’s possible to care about serious issues while simultaneously enjoying a trivial entertainment.

        • CASTIEL

          No one cares about serious issues…thats why the world become the chaos we know today..

          • Mario van den Broeck

            there is nothing wrong with people enjoying a game. i work nearly 15 hours a day, on my spare time and free days i go to new places with my girlfriend and friends to catch pokemon and see new people. not a single thing wrong with that

          • B Robert

            Thats how u use your free time outside work? U ppl are so lame and desperate. Get a hobby. Go in nature. Have conversations. Watch a film. Go to a concert. Go to museum. Walk around places. Etc etc. Losers

          • Mario van den Broeck

            Get a hobby ? I do boating, I ride and build motorcycles, i train my dog, i travel, i game . How much hobbies do you need ? And above all i have my own business. I wonder what you do other than hating on other peoples interests ?

          • B Robert

            Good. Then u dont need pokemon go.

          • B Robert

            And you work 15 hr days but have free time to play pokemon go and all those things? Its obvious youre lying and just listing off things u rarely do as “hobbies” while most of your hobby is pokemon.

          • Mario van den Broeck

            What ? You are pathetic. And a psychic now too. Wow

          • B Robert

            and youre an obvious liar in denial of how lame you are…

          • Mario van den Broeck

            Thats why i post with my facebook account and you dont? Who’s hiding something you say ?

          • B Robert

            i dont use facebook either or twitter,,,,i also dont post photos of my food on instagram….so youre so brave by being a lemming posting on facebook?…faggot

          • furiousfanny

            It’s so obvious you’re an angsty teenager that it hurts.

          • B Robert

            says the guy with an avatar named furioysfanny…its so obvioys how in denial you are of your own patheticness by playin pokemon if you are in fact a supposed adult…All that D cramming must be why youre called furious fanny

          • Chuzwuzza

            we care about ‘serious’ issues, WW3, illuminati, pikachu

          • Jean-Francois Goyette

            You’re so original and strong and brave. Thank you for shedding some light on our dark lives.

          • B Robert

            And youre so strong and brave for taking the bold life changing, community bonding revolution of pokemon go. Pokemon go is for losers without any other meaningful hobbies or creativity or insight or reality or people in their lives to enjoy and occupy time and lifes beauty

        • B Robert

          Must be a trump supporter

          • Mario van den Broeck

            its funny how you make such a big deal out of a game. people dont live for it, its just a game we like to play when we feel like it, just like any other game.
            look up “psychology of a hater” on huffington post …. and have a good read.
            think about your behaviour, and think for yourself if you find the way you talk to/about strangers acceptable

            looking at your profile, you are negative about almost everything, you`re gonna get depressed if you keep acting like that.

            most people i know that also play pokemon go are self employed (including me), working people, people with university degrees.
            yes there are people who take a game too far (altough its their own life, and they do with it whatever they want)

            the thing you say is just borderline crazy … “most of your hobby is pokemon” i mean … do you really think that a cellphone game will be someones hobby ? and no, those things are not made up, and it are pretty normal things that normal people do, your perception is just off. you`re in a spiral of negativity and you cant see anything in nothing but a negative way.

          • B Robert

            right,,, hence why most ppl are now starting to give up pokemon….must be so awesome—for a couple months to kill time until you realize how lame you are and wasting your life

          • B Robert

            huffington post….nuff said

      • Robert Duke Newnham

        The thing is you can worry for the impending issue you brought up but you lack the understanding of what is defined stupid.

        Since when did you become the judge of what is stupid or not you call people idiots or should grow up when a game like this makes people go out from there house and enjoy themselves the very things that are healthy…

        You know what is stupid bitter people like you who need a god damn tin foil hat because there so scared of things they have very little control over that are wracked in a mind-set that were all doomed and should look at everything in a bad light you know who needs to grow up you do stop being a baby and start acting your age put your big boy/girl pants on accept things and start to enjoy the aspect of your life that does matter.

        Since when was there an age cap on Pokémon go last I recall the game is for 7+ meaning anyone above the age of 7 that could mean people at the age of 100 for that matter lets also touch on other things.

        You need a good phone that costs money something a person of 7-16 does not have you need a data plan that costs money… yeah name a child in the average household who can afford this on pocket money eh?

        • CASTIEL

          First of all i saw and lived in this world more that you will experience in two lifes and I dont need a stupid game catching pokemons to enjoy life….. Is that what you morons call to enjoy life? I go out from my house to surf, racing, travel to other countries…. or to be with my friends…. and go hunting ….not Pokemons but my own food with a rifle……..And first of all if idiots like you plays games that are for kids think twice before calling me a baby…..I wonder when these problems escalates you will cry like the lillte boy you are..I m not scared i m just prepared and aware….And yes you are a idiot and good luck catching Pokemons stupid sheep…..

          • mikesan

            Right on dude!!! Trump 2016!!! The hell with those libtards nerd sheeps!!!

          • Common Sense

            That’s right, call everyone who doesn’t think exactly like you madness. LOL. Many are conservative actually, and you seem to be the only ones on any bandwagon. It’s “cool” and “hip” to hate anything these gosh darn whippersnappers like after all.

          • Bruno M.

            I think you lost your point as soon as you used the words hunt and
            rifle. Discussing things with a hater, with such life experience and
            still no education and a virtual cowboy is useless! So here’s my advice for
            you. If you want to live in stone age is up to you but not everyone
            want’s to be a dinosaur!

          • CASTIEL

            I have more education than you…so hunting with a rifle is from the stone age and surfing too…i didnt know that the cavemans already have winchesters :) and invented surf..When i was younger i played pc games like GTA and so ….but i never breaked into people house and get shot or get ram by a car or fall of from a cliff to catch a pokemon…the true is that the world is becoming more stupid as the years pass….

          • Eirik Blackwolf

            How dare you waste time on such trivial pursuits as surfing and hunting when so much more is going on in the world to worry about! You should hang your head in shame because no functioning adult should ever participate in anything they enjoy because they should be spending all their time worrying about stuff! /snark

          • CASTIEL

            Sarcastic idiot….. hunting my own food is a trivial pursuit? you eat your pokemons? go to the hood catch them maybe you catch a bullet moron.

          • Rohail Syed

            I feel little point replying to you, but I will do so anyway. Is there any good reason you hate Pokemon Go specifically? You say that people who play it aren’t doing anything to free ourselves from being the slaves of the system and that people are selfish and only think of themselves. Good point, but I’ve seen many people come together because of a simple phone app. Then there are people like you who wish to let their voice be heard. Who separate themselves and insult the people who play a game which unites communities. For one who believes that we need to unite and reform the government it’s strange how you dislike people who one, play a game for fun, exercise, and the majority maintains a normal, productive life, and two, form friends and connect communities. Pokemon Go is an amazing app, you however, are certainly not an amazing person.

          • Tudor Anghelina

            Hunting your food is not trivial for survival anymore

          • CASTIEL

            Maybe one day will be….then you eat pokemons….

          • Chuzwuzza

            Your hunting for food, moron. Its called a shop.

          • CASTIEL

            but i prefer hunt motherfucker…..

          • Chuzwuzza

            It doesn’t exist once you’re finished with it does it. Tell me, how is gutting animals solving world problems?

          • CASTIEL

            When i was younger and naive and believed in causes behind a war i saw my comrades being shot and blown up… i did my share….What did you done until now moron? you are just a kid… will teach you some lessons sooner and later…

          • No-one Special

            I don’t usually comment on anything but after reading your 7th hateful comment I had to, so here it is.
            Congratulations, you were brain-washed and turned into killing machine that did it all thinking it was for his flag and country while it was really about big companies and money interests. You sir, are the real MVP, but no, really, I pity you, the day I take advice from a MURDERER… Ha! What have I done to help this world? I lived all my life being polite, tolerant, and respectful.

          • John C

            Your name is perfect.

          • 3ryanzaki

            We have reality and we’re dealing with them while having fun, and we’re fine with that, mate. You’re just a hater that this article so flawlessly discribed that preaches about ‘how life works for you’ and ‘how hard it is’. I pity you and I hope you can solve all the ‘realities’ that kick you in your butt.

          • CASTIEL

            You dont deal with reality you escape from it……I dont need your pity…go catch a pokemon with your butt….People like you are just brainwashed stupid zombies..

          • 3ryanzaki

            Clearly you’re under so much stress mate, go see a psychology. I hope you can solve your problem. Oh and I still pity you and your state, you really need help – at least with your linear social skills.
            About me running from my reality? Master degree, have a job that I love, married and live a happy life with my wife is what I consider as ’embracing’ reality. Pokemon is just fun thing to slot in the middle.

          • CASTIEL

            My state is good…. i m not a sheep and i m happy with that…..well good for you enjoy your happy life while you can… because things can change quicly..

          • 3ryanzaki

            Trust me, I know how literally ‘things change quickly’ can be; Lost my job before, shares and loved ones. You on the other hand need some love, mate. Seems like this hardship you gone through in the past take a toll off you. Be positive, embrace society positively and don’t make enemies – just my 2 cents.

          • Guest1

            So, you’re not a sheep? Using a picture from Kill zone, using the name of a fictional character from a super popular American TV show, probably posting from an iPhone. A non-sheep wouldn’t be posting on random articles about how their anarchist ideology is the way to go. In times of great duress, entertainment is needed to help keep the population motivated. Being a “veteran”, as least behind your keyboard, you should know this. One last thing, please learn how to use an ellipsis correctly. As some one who is supposedly as educated are you are, one would think that you would know proper grammar and punctuation.

          • CASTIEL

            Shut up kid……and grow up…go hunt pokemons to keep you motivated to be a slave of the system moron.

          • Guest1

            I don’t play… (proper use of ellipsis) My two year old puts together better arguments than you do. As for you, you are probably a flat-earther, probably have the same intellectual prowess of Tila Tequila too.

          • CASTIEL

            I dont need arguments for stupid people like you……

          • Guest1

            Also, if you have to say you are not a sheep, you are one.

          • CASTIEL

            I dont discuss with kids…ask your father to teach you some lessons little boy….

          • dotty1112

            Castel, your being just like team rocket. Everyone hates team rocket. Your being a slave master telling everyone not to play Pokémon go. You don’t respect people as themselves. A pet peeve of mine right now is Pokémon go haters, just like you.

          • dotty1112

            Correction: CASTIEL

          • Chuzwuzza

            You do know that more people are injured in hunting accidents than playing pokemon RIGHT!!! You are aware of simple facts, right? you have a brain right? Oh and mr educated, it’s not ‘breaked’, it’s ‘broke’, it’s not ‘ran’, it’s ‘run’, it’s not ‘fall of from a cliff’, its ‘fall off a cliff’. Stop lying to us.

          • CASTIEL

            all people have brains…but many dont know how to use them like you pathetic idiot….injured by hunting? maybe idiots like you….Lying? read the news moron…..

          • Robert Duke Newnham

            Okay let me get this right you do none of those things because one you lack any evidence to justify that is of any truth secondly judging by your comment your a very bitter person who does not like it when others have fun so you must stomp on that makes me question the values of your friendships thirdly I seem to have hit a nerve and your acting overly defensive to prove a claim with no solid evidence to even justify any truths.

            Stop lying to yourself please this is the internet I know there’s loads of gullible twats who will believe everything but I am not one if you want to prove your claims come back with some evidence please because at the moment your just a bitter child behind a computer like that angry german kid.

          • CASTIEL

            Why i should prove anything..But prove what? that i surf or i hunt or i travelled or other things that i prefer to be burried in the past…..i dont understand.. people having fun ? if you call this fun….ok then…………The only childs i see are the one who coments here……

      • Shalryn

        When you think about it, this world would be a far better place if everyone solved their problems by playing Pokemon Go instead of gunning each other down. I get tired of all the violence, hatred, terrorism, and religious and political fanaticism. Sometimes I want a break from all the negative news and events. I don’t play Pokemon, but I like it for a purpose it serves: temporary escapism joined with the amicable cohesion of people of all types doing the same thing.

        • CASTIEL

          how can anyone solve their problems by playing Pokemon? i understand your point but things dont work that way…

          • Chuzwuzza

            They should be posting in comment sections. That’s how we solve issues, one troll post at a time.

      • Ann

        I have youtube channels dedicated to world issues + I am a vegan as well and spread awareness about this. That doesnt mean I cant simultaneously enjoy games and have fun. What do you suggest that we are just depressed all the time?

        • CASTIEL

          There s no need to get depressed…..but fight for man can do nothing but the people can change the future…but those people are coward and simply think about themselves…Evil wins when the good man does nothing….being vegan or not its irrelevant….Wars are everywhere…the economy is collapsing and you know why? because no one stand up to stop this….they just continue their lifes like it was nothing…but nothing can stop the consequences…

          • Ann

            what do you suggest people do?
            I agree with you fully we should stand for change; but together with that you can also play pokemon go 😉 People who care will keep caring even when tey play games. People who dont care wont care and keep playing games as well

          • CASTIEL

            You are aware that we are aproaching a ww3? I m a veteran of war and i know how devastating a war could be….but people dont stand up when USA and the UE completely destroyed the middle east and now people are killed by terrorists… Isis was created by USA …they didnt stand up when the banks and corporations, corrupt politicians completely destroy the economy and our future and the future of our sons…its just not about care but react..We live dangerous times theres no the time to play games.

          • Ann

            Yes I dont want a world war either, I just gotten out of uni. But pokemon go wont stop nor start this world war tho. Yes people can decide to use all kinds of entertaintment and not care, non carers are not gonna care. But people can also are AND use entertainment. Thats my point. it is not black and white. I think people just dont know how to stand up and wtf to do + a lot of info is not that available and people sometimes seriously dont have a clue. How should people react?
            I am sure you also do things you enjoy? Thats just what people do, they do thigns they enjoy.

          • CASTIEL

            Throw away their governments…making a new system where corporations dont have the power to destroy and control the economy….a world without elites that control our governments when they cause war and send young folfs to die when they are getting rich in their mansions…..a revolution is the solution…We are slaves of this system….We will never will be free if our future is in the hands of these powerful people….But people think just for themselves, they are individualist…alone no one can change anything….

          • Chuzwuzza

            And Pokemon is stopping us from overthrowing the government, don’t you know!

          • CASTIEL

            Your stupidity is……

          • Victor Rivera

            What is your vegan channel? Fellow vegan here.

          • Ann

            vegann or veganns :)

          • Chuzwuzza

            Weird, I remember plenty of protests before the Iraq war and Occupy wall street. Are you just making things up now?

          • Elva Cutri-Osorio

            All work and no play.

          • Chuzwuzza

            fight for justice by arguing in the comment section. PRODUCTIVE!

      • Rigo B. A.

        What do YOU DO for the world?

        • CASTIEL

          More than you…..

          • Common Sense

            Well, you’ve convinced us all with that long, long list.

          • CASTIEL

            I dont need to convince anyone….Go catch a few more Pokemons little child..

          • JWrenn

            So…why are you here making fun of people? Even if you are one of the great people of the world that makes it better….this does not make it better. It might make you feel better for a time though. Good luck to you

          • B Robert

            As did all of you:

            1.pokemon go
            2. Pokemon go

            Etc etc…quite the lives and contributions by you all jeepib g busy looking at screens…making the worl d as better place–and clearly youre all very intelligent witty ppl with awesome burns

          • B Robert

            These ppl are a bunch of turd gobbling taint munchers dude

        • B Robert

          What do pokemon go ppl do for the workd? I dont get it. Why r u pokemon go players such staunch almost cultist defenders of such a lame thing that no one shoukd take seriously. Did he finger your mom or something? U ppl need to get a grip on reality and priorities. Most other hobbies ppl do require ability and a sense of reality so i can understand why pathetic ppl without any talents or creativity or passions to focus on and enjoy like pokemon go in absence of the above. I volunteer for charities. I finished a masters degree. I read. I make music. I ride a bike. I go camping. I go to concerts. I cook and bbq. I go to beaches. I travel. These are real things real people do on a real planet. However, if u cant play an instrument ir sing or cook or camp or bike or swim or read or think….than i guess theres pokemon go there to change you and the world for the better all staring at a screen gps map in search of a cartoon you take a photo of. Then pay money to”progress” in pokemon–its a cash grab game that has no ending. Ur all in denial of how pathetic and naive and robotic all you lemmings are.

          • Ryan Basham

            I play pokemon Go. I also have worked as an animal caretaker in a exotic and local wildlife rehabilitation clinic and sanctuary for the past 4 years. I’m a weekly volunteer at Comfort Zone Camp, a grief camp for kids who have lost their parents, and I have been volunteering there for over 2 years, and was a camper myself years ago. Now, these may be small things, but they make the world a better place. Making the world better doesn’t necessarily equate to a large difference done by a single individual. Such is almost never the case. I do however know that my life has made a difference in both the lives of many animals and kids. What about yours? Here you are arguing on the internet about how people waste there time on a game on their phone that they enjoy. Aren’t you wasting your time arguing with them? You won’t convince anyone that their interests are stupid. If your point truly rests on improving the world, instead of spreading negativity on the internet maybe you should go volunteer with a local non-profit. Just a suggestion. Of course the possibility exists that you may simply be a troll, in which case I commend you sir for your skills of feigning hypocrisy.

          • B Robert


          • furiousfanny

            If you’re going to call everyone pathetic, at least try not to type like a 12-year-old.

          • B Robert

            I dont give a shiat about internet comments while button mashing on a phone on a bus killing time…as much as u may take internet comments section about pokemon seriously, i dont…but i digress

      • Chuzwuzza

        Yes pokemon go is stopping us from solving the world’s problems, damn you pokemon! We should all be productive like castiel here and bitching on forums, im helping now see.

        • CASTIEL

          There s no need to solve the problems of world because there are a lot of idiots like you….i just wait to a new war to see miserables like you get slaghtered…just a question of time

          • Dash O

            It’s now clearly evident you are under the age of 18. Stop wasting these peoples time, kid.
            No, it wasn’t this particular post that gave it away…

          • CASTIEL

            You piece of crap are you my mother to know my age? shut the f#ck off……

          • Dash O

            Lol. I rest my case.

      • Crystal Sandry

        OH, you are such a rebel. We are all impressed by your nonconformity and lack of sheep-ness. 😀

      • Random Person

        I’m sitting here looking through random articles for research on social psychology and there I see this huge comments section.

        But once I read your words… I’m laughing at how ridiculous this is…
        Sheep? Eating Pokemon?

        If you’re serious about changing the world, starting a rebellion or stopping ww3, why are you here talking about Pokemon Go, why are here commenting on an article for modern entertainment?
        Some of your points are valid, but this isn’t the right place for it. Go and act upon what you’re saying we should do. If that’s too hard and out of your own comfort zone, go join some activist group or you can just change to commenting on political articles.

        The world won’t change on it’s own, but it is constantly changing, and if you want it to become the vision you hope for, you’ll have to change it on your own terms. The last sentence sounds like something Hilter would say, but all great leaders have similar views, what is different is their actions to achieve their goal and whether or not their goal considers the well-being of everyone else.

        I feel bad for the long rant, but these are my final words for you – If we are sheep there is no way to convince us to change our minds. It’s just like how we can’t change your mind despite all of these replies. If you still truly believe that we are below you, ignore us and stop retorting.

        • Dash O

          I think they are here because everyone defending themselves to these shat for brains don’t realize they are trolls. I’m shocked anyone is actually responding to, let alone, trying to convince them of anything.

          Like others have said, bitch about people playing a game then spend this much time and emotional resources on a comments section….
          What a “difference” they’re making lol.

      • Amaya Hiko

        I think you are funny. You being sarcastic about people that look on their smartphone to catch nonexitent creatures. I will tell you one thing.
        People with job play pokemon go, people in science play pokemon go, people in politics play pokemon go.. the only people that do not play pokemon go – are those that dont want to – because it is not their kind or those that do other stuff and simply dont find the time to, because they can have their quality time however they want.

        The smartphone is already too old to be called into question of not being part of reality. Pokemon is already too old to not be called a hype.

        I do like to sometimes find one of my childhood saviours around me with this app. Why? Because even when i am playing a mindful citizen i still need to have some fun.. and if i decide its pokemon go instead of ice cream, i enjoy pokemon go. If i decide to play pokemon go on my walks.. i play pokemon go on my walks instead of just walking.. but the same goes for.. if i want to listen to music i damn well listen too music. And if nobody else wants to listen to it.. i simply plug in my in ear headphones and DONT CARE.

        So.. Why i am me. And you are you. Your argumentation stinks. Try a new one.. since with that one you simply stink.

      • furiousfanny

        “Why can’t everyone focus on how terrible the world is so they can be as miserable as I am?! Stop having fun!”

        • CASTIEL

          I m not miserable you piece of crap… just didnt see what i seen and experienced…….one time life will give you a kick of reality… are just a dumb kid

      • Jonje

        I can tell you’re mentally retarded. I hope you can get over your disease

    • Mel

      Love this, but Pokemon came out in 1996. I’m the same age as you and used to watch the cartoon.

    • B Robert

      This is why haters hate it: it’s dumb; it’s immature; it’s artificial; it’s bad nostalgia; you shouldnt need a phone game to “connect” to people in real life or go outside–thats just showing how uncreative and depressingly closed up your lives are and were before you tricked yourselves into feeling connected and outside; there is no winner or end game in pokemon; its just gps tracking map screen then suddenly a photo of a badly drawn cartoon and 80s style graphics; the game kills your cell battery and slows down wifi for everyone else in vicinity of “gyms” (*so lame); driving around looking for pokemons is pathetic and bad to environment; go for real walk around and explore places and appreciate REALITY AND NATURE RATHER THAN SOME STALE CHILD MASTURBATORY FANTASY; pokemon crowds in busy city areas are annoying; people excitedly playing over 30 look like and sound like the most embarassing specimens of human excrement; people that are sad and mad when their phone dies or they didnt get the stupid pokemon photo or cant find it honestly are just such a tragic trivial allegory for our entire wasted western civilization in cognitive decline; and, finally, youre buying into a cash grab and are robots that dont think for yourselves and just following trends

      If pokemon go is what bonds a community and gets ppl together, youre all pretty lame and its so sad thats what it takes to go outside to a park with “different races”–laying it on pretty thick there with the whole “heal the world, make it a better place” micheal jackson bs right there. Geez. Get a grip. I imagine no one in your military thinks youre a cool adult male.

  • jennyct

    I have the app, but not really excited when I catch something. Why? I don’t know, maybe cause I don’t feel any different nor did I feel relief, happiness, accomplishment (it’s a fake thing), etc. Is there something wrong with me?

  • ron_goodman

    Does “why should I care about a game?” count as hate?

    • Ryan Davis

      no I think that’s a perfectly fine way of thinking, either like it or don’t care about it is the easiest way i think

  • janvones

    Funny how I didn’t even need to read the article to know that what this man is criticizing is called “ADULTHOOD”.

    • Ryan Davis

      so adults aren’t free to spend their free time how they want? by that logic we should not have bars movie theaters, cultural music/plays, sports, because they are an unproductive waste of time and resources.

      • janvones

        Did I say outlaw it? Look up “straw man” Cindy Brady. By all means, buy your 12 y/o an iPhone, so that in between sexting he can run blindly into traffic. Do us all a favor.

    • Nirvanes

      That’s exactly what you lack. Funny.

  • John

    My example for the people who hate on things for no good reason is always sports. The ridiculous amount of attention and fandom for professional and/or college sports is insane, yet also accepted as normal. Who’s more of a life-wasting nerd, the guy who knows every single trade happening this year in the NBA, the name of the top 50 draft picks, and who watches every single game that their team plays in; or the guy who plays pokemon go?

    • ultima9

      This completely. The number of haters who go on and on and on about how “childish” it is… and then you visit any of their social media sites and it’s ten thousand posts about their teams and how awesome they are and how much their rivals suck.

      But *i’m* the child. Right.

    • c_chandler

      i do think athletes especially NBA and NFL and baseball are overpaid. factor in though that their season of work in that profession is limited to their health, age, and injuries.

  • Deuce_2112

    “Haters gonna hate”

    And sheep gonna follow. Baa Baa Baa

    • Chinchillazilla

      You’re embodying the entire point of the article right now.

      “I’m so desperate to stand out that I have to hate popular things because if I like them I might be a sheep!!!!!”

      • Ryan Davis

        funny thing is he is following in the fad of hating pokemon go players

        • Ann

          everyone is a sheep in one way or another XD even people thinking they arent

  • suztv

    I have seen entire families out and about playing the game. I’ve also seen neighbors going outside for the first time in YEARS and greeting each other talking to each other. ANYTHING that makes kids walk around, gets families together and encourages neighbors to talk – can’t be all bad. The people that HATE it are trolls. They are the same ones that post snarky comments on your Facebook posts or post horrible replies in forums. Haters gonna hate.

    Personally – let them be jelly. They don’t want to play – they can wait the long 9 months until Game of Thrones comes on.. Just saying.

    • Robert Duke Newnham

      to be honest there the ones missing out and there merely making there own cells from there sheer blinded negativity the way I look at them is peering from within a dark room from a building peeking out the cell bars at a sun filled day with everyone enjoying themselves and there on the internet screaming how things are so bad and unfair.

  • Deserttrek

    no such thing as a hater .. only the most politically correct weanies even think such a term exists

    i don’t play nor do I care .. .hate is an emotion .. grow up

  • Kristel Knaak

    All I will say is I don’t like the game because it puts people in a more stupid place and position. Like watching kids walk up in your yard telling you off because they are trying to get there phone close enough to inside your house to catch the stupid thing. Its sad when they get mad because they dont have permission to be on your property. I see people driving and playing. Plan and simple, they should of used something other than the Google maps and made it work only where your at and when close to another playing. I have wrote them and told them I would and will sue because it’s not my responsibility to make sure people use common sense. I’ve seen it on the news people getting shot and others waiting and watching you to rob you. Very bad and poor choice for a game. Let’s help out the world with over population and make a game to help kill and put people in harm. Then again we do live in a country that does.

    • ultima9

      “Like watching kids walk up in your yard telling you off because they are trying to get there phone close enough to inside your house to catch the stupid thing.”
      OMG! Someone stepped on your LAWN!? Better call the police. Or better yet, grab the shotgun!

      “I see people driving and playing.”
      Yeah, dumb. But people do lots of dumb things driving. Gonna ban anything out there that could cause a wreck? Doubtful. Just because people make stupid decisions does not mean anything that could be involved in a stupid decision is bad.

      “Google maps and made it work only where your at and when close to another playing.”

      What does that even mean? Do you know how the game even works? I’m thinking not.

      ” I have wrote them and told them I would and will sue because it’s not my responsibility to make sure people use common sense.”

      Nor is it their responsibility either. Good luck with that lawsuit by the way.

      ” I’ve seen it on the news people getting shot and others waiting and watching you to rob you.”
      So… like anything else… use caution and beware that there are shady people out there. Got it. BUT OMG SOMEONE GOT ROBBED SO BAN POKEMON! I guess banks need to be banned. And any store – they get robbed too. We better ban cars as well, people get carjacked sometimes.

      I think you need to really take a deep breath, and go back to reality. You seem to have left it behind a while back…

  • benzene

    As a recurrent player of the mainline series of Pokemon, aka the handheld games, it’s just infuriating that a barebones version of the game with only the gimmick of AR is a massive runaway success, but playing the actual games, should you dare trying to burn commute time with a 3ds, will get you only weird looks from strangers.

    It’s just not fair.

  • Kerchak

    Games need to be played with pencil, paper, and dice, on a tabletop, as Gygax intended!

    • Sieben Stern


  • Lee Riffee

    IMO a major reason that this game has garnered such negative attention is not that it is a fad, but rather by its nature it has created some very real problems and dangers. The Beatles were a fad when they first debuted (and unlike so many fads that is one that became an institution rather than vanishing in the fog of history) but I don’t recall people listening to the band’s music having issues with trespassing, wandering into traffic or winding up in other dangerous situations due to being distracted.
    So a fad in and of itself isn’t always news; but one that can be dangerous (luckily no one has yet been killed) is indeed newsworthy.
    So, in other words, in relating to the article, this Pokemon game has given “haters” even more reasons to disparage it than if it was simply just another computer game.

    Personally I could not care less what, if any, video games someone plays, and I have no interest in playing them myself (though I did have an Atari console when I was a child – I do remember Pac-man and Pong well!). I also have no opinion on the Pokemon cartoons; I was well into my 20’s when those came out. But it does indeed raise eyebrows when there is this new, highly popular game that invites careless players to find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. I would think that even fans of the game would realize why there is increased media interest (as well as perhaps more negativity than the norm) concerning the game.

  • Shalryn

    ‘”I’m at a loss about what made this game so emotionally controversial,” says Giesler.’

    I’m not. It looks like a lot of fun, but it’s not fun for those whose neighborhoods are being invaded by trainers/trappers. Having a thousand people or more show up on your street, keeping residents awake with the cumulative noise, throwing trash all over yards and roads, and having the less couth relieve their needs in hedges and lawns all contribute to people hating the Pokemon Go phenomenon. So does having Pokemon hunters play their game in places that have emotional significance, such as war memorials, or having Pokemon Go players walk obliviously in front of moving vehicles.

    I like Pokemon. They are cute. I like talking to the players and seeing their screenshots. I do not, however, like people who play Pokemon Go to the detriment and/or inconvenience of those who live in the places where the game is played.

  • davehate

    I have been playing for two weeks, i at first thought it was corny…then tried it out of boredom …..never in my 39 years have I seen something bring together so many different people of different age,race, culture, etc… It’s a game,a fun game and it’s bi product is excercise,social interaction , community, laughs etc. what exactly is there to hate? I enjoy my life, work hard and have raised an awesome daughter …sports aren’t my thing but a lot of the same people who hate Pokemon are sports fans….the irony is comical…I have a new idea for society…do what makes you happy( it’s really that simple) I think the world would be a better place if that idea was more common.

  • Mario van den Broeck

    why the hate lol, i have a normal job as a welder, and after my regular job and in the weekend i have my own welding company to run. i love to play pokemon go, its one more reason to go out to new places and have fun with friends.

    why do these vinegar pissers allways need to hate on things. if people have fun with it, its a good thing. it damn sure beats living in your moms basement inventing retarded conspiracy theories.

    life shouldnt be 100% serious non stop. we arent robots.

  • Marcus Rhodes

    The stack of papers that could be written about the psychology behind the responses here intrigues me even more than the article which provoked them.

  • B. Dickey

    lol I am absolutely the only one who has it all figured out! It’s not bias if I know it 😛

  • Corinne Zellner

    Never have played Pokemon, but Pikachu is cute. I have nothing against the idea of the game going outside; might help some gamers to get a little fresh air. However, I do worry about people being so engrossed in the game that they step out into traffic, putting themselves and other at risk. It’s bad enough with people just texting and not paying attention to what’s going on around them. The other scary thing is that kids are doing this outside at night, congregating around places where they can catch the little critters. Sooner or later, predators are going to figure out these would be ideal spots for finding unwary victims.

  • Kyle K-glow Glover

    The only problem I have with it is a personal want for pokemon to be inclusive to people who actually care about the series and franchise. for every player who got PoGo to (for example) wait over the tide for sun and moon, there are dozens others who just want to follow a trend. the game itself is good (albeit with a couple software issues), but, I personally, don’t like the player base. a lot probably haven’t played a cartridge game recently, haven’t known about a single official Nintendo or Gamefreak announcement about the state of pokemon since it came out, and some who don’t even know there are more pokemon than whats in kanto.

    tl;dr i hate (some of) the players, not the game.

  • European

    Personally I think this Pokémon stuff is less dangerous than the “games” where people are being killed. Still the fact that players run oblivious to the rest of the world into traffic, and causing accidents is worrying. Further there are areas where these gamers are clearly trespassing on private property or disturbing democratic process by running into parliament buildings. Some areas should have been spared out and certainly closing off a vehicle bridge( Düsseldorf, Germany) for traffic since there are too many people running around is a no go. In general going into nature without peering onto a screen is in my opinion healthier for everyone. I’m happy without “games”, facebook or twitter: I have a LIFE

  • Friz Martin

    Generally we do not know what the “haters” do for entertainment in their spare time. Or their anonymity.

    Might be the man who cuddles up to a couple beer cans in a dark bar. And pays to do it!!

    Or maybe a guy who fishes, but spends $200 a week at the grocer to feed his family.

    Yea, something about glass houses I believe.

    • John C

      Or reads a book, on paper even.

  • Bob

    My issue: Isn’t it just lovely? People who disagree within a dialogue or critique are now called haters.

    Social engineering at it’s best!

  • Ron

    At first I that pokeman Go was just harmless fun. After thinking about it a bit more I have decided it is evil. It encourages children to go about capturing hard to find animals. Confining them to small cages. Making them fight other animals until they pass out. Hitting them with drugs to revive them to continue fighting. Feeding them steroids so they grow bigger and stronger and eventually mutate into meaner animals. And to do all of this for fun and prestige while ignoring the real people around them. These are not the lessons I want to teach my children and grandchildren. I want my children to learn to work hard better themselves and make life better for those around them. To care about and cooperate with others to make the world a better place. Pokemon Go does nothing to teach these lessons. It teaches them to enslave, exploit, abuse and take from others by force. Not good lessons at all.

  • Anthony Walter

    It’s not about being a sheep, it’s just a fun game.

  • Zaphod

    Umm, so what if you just aren’t into animal bloodsport, even simulated with fantastical creatures? Does Pokémon and it’s spinoffs / knockoffs just set up children to become the Michael Vics of the future? Is it, per se, a gateway to pit fighting… Or is it just an innocent game?

  • Magehound

    This may be too old to comment on. But to the article author two of your links lead to the same paper. I think that may be an error. The sentence, “…we believe we are more skilled and competent than what’s reflected in reality; it’s called the Dunning-Kruger Effect.” Leads to the ‘Why People Fail To Recognize Their Own Incompetence’, paper.

    A sentence further down, ” In a trio of studies, Roland Imhoff and Hans-Peter Erb showed that the pursuit of uniqueness motivates individuals to resist majority influence to retain their claim to individuality.” The link there also leads again to ‘Why People Fail To Recognize…’ If it isn’t too late, can you fix that link? I’m very curious as to what the paper said, and am having trouble tracking the article down by the author’s names.

  • Zara Ryan

    The Author, and the people he interviewed for this article suffer from Dunning-Kruger Effect.

  • ct

    I have two accidents via bicycle when suddemly the person in front stop all of the sudden while they are catching pokemon inthink the reason why people hate this game is becoz of irresponsible people playing this game. It is just like cig drugs and gun it has no real good purpose except to satisfy one person joy and bringing so much pain to others.

  • pichiotto_by

    What about me ? I don’t give a sh about Pokemon go . Am I hater ?

  • earlymusicus

    The problem I have with Pokemon is when someone insists on playing during a family dinner instead of interacting with family members, especially with the sound turned on, when the player constantly interrupts everyone’s conversation to talk about what character he just got, when people are so zombiefied, they almost drive into my car or suddenly step out in front of drivers, nearly causing an accident, while in pursuit of some nonexistent character. I have the same complaints about cell phone use. Rudeness and ignoring everyone and everything in order to play some game is not right.

  • David Cousins

    Whoever did “research” into this topic are the ones who have a problem…as big a one as the idiots who play pokemon go.

  • Randall Stern

    I don’t care what others think, I joined the army for 4 1/2 years going to college full time and have been on my own since I was 19. I grew up with Pokemon, 20 years later it explodes in popularity again and my inner child got its mind blown being able to catch Pokemon in real life all the while meeting new people, getting exercise, going to new places, as haters continue hating from the comfort of their devices while they try to argue how people who get exercise and go out (because this game is pretty much disguised as a fitness app) and meeting new people means you don’t have a life and need to work more. Sorry not sorry I’m in a better financial situation that doesn’t require me to work 24/7 so I have more chill time 😜

  • surfmadpig

    The psychology of Pokemon Go haters: Don’t bother with the article, read the comments section, it’s a case study.

  • survon1

    When my 4yr old grandson or my 7 yr old grandson or my 6yr old daughter want me to play Pokemon, I play Pokemon.

  • B Robert

    This article is such a far reaching desperately pathetic attempt to deflect legit criticism of people that immaturely play pokemon Go who have nothing else better or interesting or insightful in their empty unfullfilled lives glued to a screen attempting to experience reality through cartoon creatures. This writer is so desperate they need to try and make the haters seem illegit with no basis, and that it’s their problem by using random dumb studies to seem profound and factual. Notonce did you list the actual reasons. If youre that clueless i can see why you can only be mentally stimulated by a childs game wandering around. This is why haters hate it: it’s dumb; it’s immature; it’s artificial; it’s bad nostalgia; you shouldnt need a phone game to “connect” to people in real life or go outside–thats just showing how uncreative and depressingly closed up your lives are and were before you tricked yourselves into feeling connected and outside; there is no winner or end game in pokemon; its just gps tracking map screen then suddenly a photo of a badly drawn cartoon and 80s style graphics; driving aroubd looking for pokemons is pathetic and bad to environment; pokemon crowds in busy city areas are annoying; people over 30 look like and spund like the most embarassing specimens of human excrement; and, finally, youre buying into a cash grab and are robots that dont think for yourselves and just following trends

  • Borsk Fey’lya

    Three months on with the fad over (>80% users gone), it looks like the haters are having the last laugh. You’re welcome.

  • furiousfanny

    “People are having fun and being happy and it PISSES ME OFF.”

  • Eddie Tupy

    i just didnt like it because it wasnt even good. i thought it was going to be like a pokemon mmo. i learned my lesson to not set the bar so high.

  • Ryston

    … nope, it just has shallow combat. Incredibly dissapoint shallow combat, and developers that clearly want to cash out instead of reinvest.

  • Alexandra

    I just hate it because every time I try to find information about an actual Pokemon game, all I get is Pokemon Go articles.

  • Will Williams

    There is nothing wrong with with Pokémon go and there is never an instance where you have to go on private property to catch one also you’ve do not have to go far to catch one you can actually just leave it in your pocket and wait until it buzzes to take it your phone the whole point of The game is to exercise


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