Collective False Memories: What’s Behind the ‘Mandela Effect’?

By Caitlin Aamodt | February 16, 2017 1:45 pm


Would you trust a memory that felt as real as all your other memories, and if other people confirmed that they remembered it too? What if the memory turned out to be false? This scenario was named the ‘Mandela effect’ by the self-described ‘paranormal consultant’ Fiona Broome after she discovered that other people shared her (false) memory of the South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s.

Is a shared false memory really due to a so-called ‘glitch in the matrix’, or is there some other explanation for what’s happening? Broome attributes the disparity to the many-worlds or ‘multiverse’ interpretation of quantum mechanics.

When not directly observed, electrons and other subatomic particles diffract like waves, only to behave like particles when a measurement is made. Essentially, it’s as if these particles exist in multiple places simultaneously until directly observed. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger explained this strange concept with the ‘Schrödinger’s cat’ thought experiment in 1935. If a cat were placed in a box with a radioactive-decay-detector rigged to break a flask of poison when activated, a decaying particle existing as a wave would yield two simultaneous macroscale realities – one where the cat is alive and one where the cat is dead. Although, upon observation, one could see that the cat is either dead or alive, some quantum physicists such as the late Hugh Everett III – who first proposed the many-worlds interpretation in 1957 – have speculated that both realities exist … but in separate, parallel universes.

The Discover editors talked about the ‘Mandela effect’ in the fourth episode of “It’s Only Science.” Listen now, or subscribe on iTunes.

It’s important to keep in mind that the many-worlds interpretation was developed to explain the results of physics experiments and not the Mandela effect. Nonetheless, Broome believes that her shared memory isn’t actually false, and that she and others who remember a different past were actually in a parallel reality with a different timeline that somehow got crossed with our current one.

More recently, people on Reddit and other websites have identified further instances of the Mandela effect, including shared memories that the children’s book series ‘The Berenstain Bears’ used to be spelled ‘Berenstein Bears’ and that there was a movie called Shazaam in the 1990s starring the US comedian Sinbad.

Regardless of what really happened, there’s no denying that shared false memories exist. Can neuroscience provide an alternative hypothesis for what’s really going on, without evoking quantum physics? There are several concepts that might explain something so strange. First, it’s important to remember that a memory is made up of a network of neurons in the brain that store the memory. The physical location of a memory in the brain is often called an ‘engram’ or ‘memory trace’. During consolidation, the memory trace is transferred from temporary sites such as the hippocampus to permanent storage sites in the prefrontal cortex.

Prior learning creates a framework for similar memories to be stored in close proximity to each other. This framework is known as a ‘schema’. One bit of evidence for this comes from a 2016 study on human semantic memory – long-term memories of ideas and concepts devoid of personal detail. To parse the terrain, researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to show that similar words are stored in adjacent regions of the brain, and even created a ‘semantic map’ of language in the human cortex. Another recent study confirmed that shared memory traces are organised in similar ways from one individual to the next.

Although we might think of memories as being strengthened when recalled, the truth is actually more complex. Recalling a memory reactivates the neurons composing the memory trace, spurring them to form new connections. The altered circuitry then becomes stable again, and the memory is ‘reconsolidated’.

Reconsolidation can reinforce learning over time by strengthening neural connections and allowing the formation of new associations.

But obviously, taking a memory trace apart and putting it back together again makes that memory vulnerable to losing its fidelity. Here’s an example: at some point in their education, most Americans learn that Alexander Hamilton was a founding father but not a US president. However, when a study on false memory investigated whom most Americans identify as US presidents, the subjects were more likely to incorrectly select Hamilton but not several actual former presidents. This is likely to be because neurons encoding information about Hamilton were frequently activated at the same time as neurons encoding information about former presidents. Because neurons that ‘fire together wire together’, a connection between past presidents and Hamilton could gradually become strong enough that you would incorrectly remember Hamilton as a former president himself.

The Hamilton study could also help to explain why groups of people share false memories, as with the mystery of Shazaam. First, there was a children’s movie called Kazaam (1996) starring Shaquille O’Neal as a genie. Then, some people falsely remember another 1990s film, perhaps a rip-off of Kazaam, called Shazaam, starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie. Although Shazaam never existed, there are hundreds of people online who claim to remember it.

There are several reasons for this. First, a large number of general associations increase the probability that a false memory could emerge. Twin films with similar concepts being released at around the same time were common in the 1990s. Sinbad had a different movie out that same year called First Kid, which – like Kazaam – involves the hero coming to the aid of a wayward boy. And Sinbad had also previously released Houseguest (1995), the poster for which has an image of his head coming out of a mailbox, perhaps abstractly resembling a genie emerging from a lamp. Sinbad is an Arabic name, and the story of Sinbad the Sailor is often associated with encounters with genies. Sinbad’s bald head and goatee resemble a typical genie portrayed in the media. Sinbad also dressed up like a genie for a movie marathon he hosted in the 1990s, which almost certainly contributed to the ‘memory’ of Sinbad playing a genie. Besides similar associations laying the groundwork for a false memory to form, the other main factors in this instance are confabulation and suggestibility.

The Redditor EpicJourneyMan recounts an extremely detailed account of Shazaam from when he was working in a video store in the 1990s. In his post, he describes buying two copies of the movie and having to watch each several times to verify that it was damaged after renters complained. He then proceeds to describe the movie plot in great detail.

If Shazaam never existed, how does he have such a detailed memory of the movie? This is most likely an instance of confabulation, or the brain’s attempt to fill in missing memory gaps by adding fabricated facts and experiences. Unlike lying, confabulation is not intended to deceive, and the person confabulating fully believes that the ‘remembered’ details are real. Confabulation is associated with a wide array of neurological disorders, including stroke, brain injury, Alzheimer’s, Korsakoff syndrome, epilepsy and schizophrenia, but it can also happen in healthy subjects (as anyone with a memory of ‘President Hamilton’ can attest). Instances of confabulation in healthy people increase with age and are thought to be due to age-related changes to the medial temporal lobe, including the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex. These brain regions are important for memory encoding and retrieval, and fMRI studies over the past decade suggest that decreased functioning in these regions underlies false memory.

Confabulation seems to be more frequent in the face of repeatedly unpacking a memory; in other words, someone like EpicJourneyMan, who regularly ordered children’s videos and watched them to find damaged tape, is more likely to confabulate a specific memory from that material.

A third force driving the Mandela effect is suggestibility, the tendency to believe what others suggest to be true. When misinformation is introduced, it can actually compromise the fidelity of an existing memory. This is exactly why in a court of law an attorney can object to ‘leading questions’ that suggest a specific answer. In short, the leading question: ‘Do you remember the 1990s film Shazaam that starred Sinbad as a genie?’ not only suggests that such a film actually exists, but could even insert a false memory of having viewed it.

Although it might be tempting to believe that the Mandela effect is evidence that parallel realities exist or that our universe is a glitchy simulation, a true scientist must test his or her alternative hypothesis by trying to disprove it. In light of known cognitive phenomena that can give rise to shared false memories, it’s highly unlikely that some of us are actually from an alternative universe crossing timelines with the present one. Nonetheless, the Mandela effect is still a fascinating case study in the quirks of human memory. For those who love thinking about how the mind works, it is perhaps even an example of the truth being stranger than fiction.Aeon counter – do not remove


This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons.

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  • Ronnie Solbakken

    I think the smoking gun of the “Mandela Effect” would be something like believing that Winnie the Pooh was actually a crocodile and not a bear. But it’s almost never even close to being that severe. It’s always about the smallest changes of a word – a single letter (or 3-4 letters in a longer word or sentence), and we know that these things are possible within the same reality.

    For instance, remembering Moomins when it’s actually called Moomin, is easy because Moomins is a anglicized pluralization of the finnish word Moomin. So imagine that americans are now told that it was Moomin all along, when all of them distinctly remember Moomins with an “s”.

    In this case, it’s not a reality shift, it’s just a translation. And in pretty much every other case I’ve read about, it’s about how people have popularized something that is incorrect, so obviously you remember an incorrect thing because the human brain is built to recognize patterns and not tiny, unimportant details.

    “Magic mirror on the wall” is inconsequentially different from “Mirror mirror on the wall”. “Mirror Mirror” has more rythmic word of mouth, which means that it’s almost self-explanatory that “mirror mirror” is gonna be remember. Especially if there exist subtitling or translations that literally changed it to “mirror mirror”.

    Also, keep in mind that the western world is largely christian. Some people may have chosen to avoid the word “magic”, perhaps in a time when the word was more popularly associated with psychedelic drugs or even a re-emergence of occultism or such. So it makes perfect sense if a children’s movie like Snow White would now tell people that “mirror mirror” is the correct whereas “magic mirror” is wrong.

    When you then later learn the truth, you think “magic mirror” is wrong because “mirror mirror” is literally what you remember.

    • Michael Arana

      You have it exactly in reverse. The differences WOULD BE small because usually the product is the result of a decision that was made at some point in the past. For example, in one reality VolkswagOn had no split in the middle of the logo. In the other reality, VolkswagEn has the split. A decision was made a long time ago, to decide between whether the logo should have the split or not. Reality split into two worlds where each event occurred. That’s roughly how the theory goes.

      • D.O.T

        THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED A THEORY (Cause yar it be farfetch’d)

        • Linda Kapetanovic

          Evolution is also a theory, you deny that?!

    • Jakalyn Dee

      It’s not that trivial for me. The year our family moved to another state has changed, changing the place where I started school, or I skipped kindergarten, but I remember well and even have a class picture. The earth has changed position on astronomy sites, like NASA, but not in certain old textbooks from college. And something way too personal to write about here has changed also and it is very, very painful. Something is happening to people and I don’t claim to know what it is, but it isn’t trivial for those of us who are experiencing the difference. I could care less about product labels and cartoon bears and what the evil witch said. I found all of that mildly amusing. I’m looking at a major difference in my life. And yes, I’ve been to a Doctor and a Shrink. No one finds me to be insane or demented. They have no explanation and merely find it interesting. Maybe all you non affected people just aren’t paying attention, or maybe your mind control was more thorough than mine was. (heheh) I don’t mean to be disrespectful about that, but hey! Who knows? Besides, people who aren’t going through this take it upon themselves to say that it is our group who has false memories. Really? It’s not the scientific process to assume things. No worries though. Whatever this is our brains are going to file away the stuff that doesn’t make sense and life will go on.

      • James A Blackman

        way too much Synchronicity a concept, first explained by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. AND I can count on every day being nothing at all like the one before, with things being so oddly different,

        • Jakalyn Dee

          Thanks for the response. There is so much going on I can’t account for.

      • Steven Michael

        Your not crazy as I and many others have experienced the same thing

        • Jakalyn Dee

          Good to know I’m not alone. Thanks.

      • onyx welborne

        I know this was posted a while back, but I am going through the same. I recently have had something even more odd than the mandela effect happening in my life, but I’m too afraid to put it out here. I wish you the best!

        • Jakalyn Dee

          Even odder than Mandela? That is very intriguing. To add to the entry I made, I cannot find my kindergarten class picture, and I know I was looking at it a few years back, though I can’t remember how long ago.
          Being as old as I am it is difficult to verify anything, because the records have either been warehoused or destroyed.

        • Suzuki35

          me too! something more odd..and very real is literally happening… I even have proof..some ignore me when I show it.. one person..sees and believes….. people just aren’t ready maybe…something is off… timing maybe

          • James Clay

            dude i want to see it. this A universe sucks. i know im from the E because i know damn well it was berenstein bears. not berenstain. i bet the A part of me got my dream and myself E is stuck in this miserable A universe. i want out man

          • Baker B

            I feel the same way! But its also possible our uni was destroyed when we split the atom using the Large Hadron Collider and we moved to the nearest timeline.. which is almost exactly the same safe for some seemingly insignificant changes

          • Kourtni Isabel Miller

            Just like the Lords prayer “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”
            Yes for some reason no longer in the Bible used to say Matthew nine the Lords prayer and it was as everyone says it forgive us our trespasses, Now it says forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors

          • Kourtni Isabel Miller

            Just like in risky business when Tom Cruise does his dance… He is wearing a white button up shirt sunglasses Whitey tidy’s… Now he is wearing a pink shirt button up with no sunglasses

          • M Beth Bartlett

            That is accurate, it was debt and now trespasses, that was changed in reality with the Modernization (edit) of the Bible back in the late 60’s, early 70’s. Thus, there is no Mandela effect here. Good point of discussion though.
            However, the Bear Book is a point – it was “e”, I read the book to my son in the late 80’s and would routinely associate the name with a work peer Bob Bernstein. We have the book, it’s an “e”. I suspect it was changed due to a legal reason, associated with a family name. Thus, the media knowingly uses it for the furthering of their fostering confusion and weakening of the public, the expendable slaves of the Establishment, whom owns the tool to create false realities – MS News Media.
            A logical and factual option of truth.

          • Greg Blesch

            Excuse me sir. But I have been in the ministry almost 50 years. There are Bible verses that I have preached on dozens of times that are no longer there or have been changed to one degree or another.. for for example, I preached on Isaiah 11:6 numerous times to encourage people about heaven…… That one game Believers in Christ would find themselves in their Eternal home where the lion and the lamb would lay down together in peace and there would be no more war, pain, to seize no more violence. Now the verse says not the lion with the lamb but one day the wolf shall I down with the lamb!!! Are you kidding me? I mean really. Not only do I remember the many sermons I gave regarding that verse but people in the congregation remember the teachings I gave up on that versus well. Some are still on tape or cassette. How do you

          • Philip Bourdon

            Kourtni. First of all, The Lord’s prayer is and has always been in Matthew six, not nine. The Roman Catholic Mass says, “tresspasses”, where in many protestant churches it’s “debts”. It’s a matter of different translations. Nothing has “changed”. being a retired minister, I do know these things.

          • Nick Jackson

            what is it

        • Vincent Mccreary sr.

          Common, I just threw our government under the bus! So check in on me from time to time n if ya dont hear from me you’ll know why

      • F. G. Williams

        I believe you. Don’t let condescending “talking heads” get you down. Watch the CERN “Happy” video and pay attention to the papers held by the physicist in the cluttered office: “Bond #1” and “Mandela.” They joke about both the Mandela Effect and people going through wormholes. Just think of it as us all being uninformed, unwilling participants in a scientific study.

      • Suzuki35

        it is painful and does emotionally hurt very badly. so no way its about an a or an e in berenstain… I agree… feels like a death.. or by time swapping/gaps.. we certainly feel someone died.. its practically like body snatching as far as feelings go.. like our own families are not even our own families.. without love and memory what is a family anyway.. and many of us feel a gap… our memories.. make us feel disconnected from it was someone else’s life..they call it “depersonalization” and say here take some meds… but far too many of us are waking up to something.. cell memory/passing on memories of a dead loved one…. (parasites do that for us) may have even made us think we ARE/WERE that person but we are only having a memory of them… like a clone on replay.. as for loving that life/being so much… this is why all religions mention this.. death and resurrection as well as “regeneration” and more… people will deny it and call you crazy truth may be too painful for them.. it involves deception after all and schisms in the brain…….for me.. it is beyond painful.. so I don’t know what your personal issue was..but I can relate because mine is also excruciatingly painful…. a mix up that causes severe confusions deaths and yes even abuse. ..of loved ones.. is all I see around me daily on the news….people’s HEARTS feel beyond betrayed and discarded….. and we cant even “reach” them… and its a horrific feeling…

        • Suzuki35

          sick and tired also of strangers telling me “mentally ill” they can go to hell…. we know what we know and feel…. they have an agenda I can feel it.. theyre the ones lying… it always comes out if you confront them even a little bit.. (they get angry) why angry if it isn’t personal and theyre just a stranger? I get this all the time now… people are acting weird… but they’ll tell you…you are ..its called gaslighting.. there is certainly something they don’t want us to know… definitely feels like a huge mistake… and theyre telling us nothing you can do so just move on….and I cant….

          • Jessica Zim

            what you “feel” may be true to you, but may also not be true. you may encounter a stranger that is rude to you and so you judge them as a bad person, when really they just got terrible news moments before they encountered you.

            the point would be to reconcile your emotional respose with research and objectivw observation.

          • Suzuki35

            I cant babysit that type of person.

          • Kmeares

            What you don’t get is that we’re not saying your mentally ill. This isn’t about you being crazy its about the fact human memory (ALL HUMAN MEMORY) is extremely unreliable. Yours, mine, eveyrone elses.

        • M Beth Bartlett

          Oh for the love of Pete! STOP IT. YOUR REALITY IS REAL. 8t is to F with people’s minds!
          You are succumbing as expected by the Establishment.

          Be stronger, hold on to your Soul and screw the ego mind – your Soul 8s equipped to deal with this X 10 and WIN!

          KNOW YOUR POWER – GET TO KNOW YOUR SOUL, or wither and fall.

          Your choice –

          Go get em, you only need use your consciousness and MEDITATE –

          Your Welcome
          🗝 ☯️☮🔆💫❤

          • Vincent Mccreary sr.

            So prayer n meditation is the way to correct someone’s MEMORY? I BELIEVE IN BOTH BUT NOT ALL THESE PEOPLE R WRONG, UR WELCOME N GOD BLESS 🙏

          • Un Known

            You got some of that right. The answer isn’t to ‘mediate’, though. Buddhism practices are at its core – demonic in nature. Buddhism was created as an alternative to Christianity. When you get into Buddhism, you eventually encounter satan himself. Mediation and cultivation of the latent kundalini forces are satanic. What everyone needs more of is Jesus Christ. We need to read the Bible daily and pray for guidance and His divine wisdom. Am I being too square now? There’s a deeper contentment in doing what’s right by ourselves and others but everybody seems to think when you walk in the light, you can’t have fun. Not true. Life is different and much more meaningful. Everyone needs discernment in a big way. So we don’t keep going down in the rabbit hole of confusion that satanic plants like trickster Broome conjure up to create doubt. … Ultimately, with the real goal of implying that the Bible has been changed. That’s the main reason this idea has gone ‘viral’. That makes some people question the word of God. Especially the King James version because it’s the mist accurate we have in our western culture. Tada! Brilliant. Who is the author of confusion? Satan. He’s got his troll minions bending suggestionable minds. This concept is ludicrous. Broome writes books on the occult. She’s a horror shill and lives off writing about the spooks. Look at her. She’s a witch, no doubt about it. She’s working with her master to muddy the waters for humanity. Judging by some of the posts here, they’re succeeding. Seeking Christ is our only salvation out of this dark world. He provides the clarity and very quickly you’ll begin to really see. He removes those scales from our eyes. But people are scared of the truth and would rather believe a lie and be damned. It’s simple but we’re making it hard. Renouncing our sin lives, closing all those interesting doors, and turning into the light provides instant relief. TRY IT BEFORE YOU DENY IT. What does that tell us? What’s playing out now is, humanity is in the process of choosing sides. You’ll know them by their fruits, indeed. Consider the source people and stop being so rattled and ignorant. As long as we remain Godless, we are going to stay quite confused.

          • Walter Schmidt

            Buddhism was there way before Christianity

        • Vincent Mccreary sr.


      • Suzuki35

        yep my psychiatrist even said he doesn’t even so much as think I am depressed or anxious. go figure..its regular people who aren’t even doctors at all who are gaslighting.. trying to convince people they are crazy.. its never a doctor.. its just all of them… people.. family friends co workers mostly online! like people who would post here.. just everyday people.. they seem ANGRY…. at strangers for even daring to mention something is off…theyre angry and abusive! so I KNOW something is up as the world I grew up in and remember.. people/strangers were NOT this angry and verbally abusive all the time….feels as if they want “control”…….theyre not your parent/guardian or even friend.. not a doctor literally nothing and no one… to you.. yet they have crossed boundaries.. and dare to convince you of anything…its too much… its wrong….its not natural human communication… they have no…goodness….

        • WoundedWarr1or

          I concur that people seem more angry then I ever remember; I have been saying this to family and friends for a couple of years now. I normally just read posts, and very seldom reply. I am talking about total strangers, like food shopping and the like. I just thought maybe it is the economy or the like, a,d they cannot take it out on coworkers, family, etc. I no longer go shopping during day time hours, and go late at night because who needs the aggravation. The other thing is, being a military guy over half my life, many of us do not take hard right or left political positions, at least that I knew in uniform. It just seems odd to me how the left has reversed itself in respect to free speech and violence; as a matter of fact it seems as if they now eat their own who pave been life long left, but are not in lock step. Something just seems off, but I certainly cannot nail it down. Google & NASA share a quantum computer, and maybe it is a beta test .. I just do know, but keep looking for answers.

          • Suzuki35

            I also find myself staying home more in daytime..going to grocery store at night..seems like people want to fight me..and I am a woman! not one that looks like someone who would fight whatever that means.. but I thought so! (demure/shy keeps to self) I wanted to say that as far as being more inclined to stay inside/or fearful out there at times..its hard to just mentally brush off as nothing the amount of strangers who talk to me in public.. as if they know me.. that’s disconcerting… they know something I don’t.. I have zero clue.. cant be that many so called mentally ill people….not buying yes something else is going on…they speak to me very sure about whatever it is they said (it varies) but what they say depends on “knowing me” and ive never seen them in my life.. its not hi the weather is nice today… its about me… its weird!!! made me a recluse and fearful and almost guilty feeling for NOT knowing….. shows how much a human can be convinced of things if enough people say it until we agree (gaslighting works this way too) I wonder what Bible means by a strong delusion sent to believe a lie… has to be a specific lie? or varies from person to person? or a worldwide phenom type of lie???

          • kohlrak .

            Not mental illness, just the natural way memory works. It doesn’t quite work how this article posits it, but memory is faulty. I can actually reproduce the mandela effect before your very eyes. The opposite effect is much, much better described in literature. The more you dig, the more you realize that actually remembering something correctly is the real anomaly.

          • Keeley Santos

            Suzuki youre not the only one going thru this ,youre not alone and you are ,for sure, not crazy im going through the exact same thing. Im kinda scared to talk about it so openly but if you want ,get in touch with me at keeley santos in yakima washington on face book i understand what youre going through and i even am pretty sure i have a lot of it figured out.

        • STFUdonny

          I’m not angry. People can believe whatever they’d like. They’re simply wrong. Memory is faulty that’s all.

          • Suzuki35

            youre not correct. memory not faulty since its OUR memory and “not yours” you are faulty for saying so, how does it feel? I don’t expect it to feel like anything! since you are not involved.. (like a stranger…) no emotions…for you or from you.. would be needed or wanted….or even opinions…one day you will learn that…no one is waiting for you to…

          • James Clay

            well said, the ones from this universe parallel dont understand because they never switched. therefor will always and will be judgemental towards anyone from the E parallel

          • Suzuki35

            notice all the new breed/intruder humans talk about sentence structure lol.its because they were never in our families or loved by our own parents (nor should they be! that’s weird!) so this is their damage try to judge us on sentence structure. this will be SEVERELY punished because it also means they wish to take over the economy too … that will backfire on them when they become mindless soulless heartless zombies simply doing our hard labor/work/jobs….for us…since they will be “better” at it…they serve no purpose other than to work well… to be rational and intellectual…never to be loved by us … its their own choice. they CANT STAND us, they want only to work and survive. we might as well make it work for us.slaves.

          • Kmeares

            Do you have any evidence? Again this isn’t about oyu being “crazy” or “mentally ill” just about the nature of memory. Just because you remember something a certain way doesn’t mean its true. You need hard objective evidence. Honest mentally stable people remember things wrong all the time.

          • Kmeares

            Yes memory is faulty. That its your memory has no relevance. its the way memory works. Its a neurological function in question here not an oppinion.

        • Kmeares

          It really is just memory. Its not that your memory is bad and mine is good, its that both our memories are terrible. People have a really distorted idea of how memory works. As Adam Connover put it (in Adam Ruins Everything) Memory is less like a recording and more like a wikipedia page that ANYONE can just hop on and edit. We change it ourselves due to personal bias or to reflect how we want to think of ourselves instead of how we actually acted,
          to fit what we think should have happened… Do a little research on the problems with eye witness testimony or the false memory syndrome that was rampant in the 70s and 80s (during the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare). Honest, intelligent people misremember things all the time. It doesn’t mean you are stupid, or inferior just that your memory is as flawed as everyone elses.

          For what its worth at least one of the popular Mandella effect examples hit me too. I’ve always thought of them as the Berenstein Bears. When I first heard about this i was dumb founded till I looked it up and realized I was wrong. I don’t think I’ve slipped into another dimension or had a glitch in the matrix or whatever version you want to go with I just accept that my memory isn’t as perfect as I’d like to imagine.

          • Linda Kapetanovic

            So lets assume that you wake up and it is Berenstein bears AGAIN, and people fighting that it was always BerenstAIn! Would you attribute it to the memory again? Would you think you were crazy? How would you feel? Because that is what happened to a lot of people – we found out about something, we were shocked and few days later – it is back to the original way!How do you explain it?

          • MaxDembo

            Wait, is it Berenstain or Berenstein? When I was a kid it was Berenstein then I’d heard it was Berenstain and just thought I’d misremembered it. You’re telling me it changed twice?

          • Kmeares

            Its Berenstain. A lot of people just remember it wrong. There was also an animated series that mispronounced it from time to time.

          • Kmeares

            Honestly I’ve never even heard of that happening. Certainly it never happened to me. Could you provide more details? My gut reaction is still its something to do with the nature of memory (which again does NOT make you crazy as I stated the memory problems I’m talking about are part of how our brain works and everyone is subject to them).

          • Jessica Zim

            kmeares, i think i <3 you. thank you for your rational voice.

        • Jessica Zim

          seriously, though… learn about sentence structure.

          • Suzuki35

            even the females of this breed are abusive. not a father’s pride .not a mother’s joy.. just here to be rational because we all feel something.. youre butch. you are being exposed.

          • Kmeares

            So apparenltly aside from having no understanding of how your memory actually works you guys have a massive ego problem. You aren’t special just because you can’t admit your memory is bad. Cope with it memory isn’t a perfect record I don’t care who you are.

      • STFUdonny

        “…year our family moved to another state has changed”
        No it hasn’t.
        “I’ve been to a Doctor and a Shrink. No one finds me to be insane or demented.”
        That’s because they are unfamiliar with your past and are humoring you.
        …”people who aren’t going through this take it upon themselves to say that it is our group who has false memories. Really?”
        Yes. Really. But feel free to stick with your wormhole theory.

        • Linda Kapetanovic

          It is disrespectful and ignorant to assume that what we know from this place (and we dont know much at all!) is ALL the knowledge that is and that everybody experiencing something different is insane.

          • Jessica Zim

            it’s ignorant to ignore science in leiu of fantastical explanations.

          • M Beth Bartlett

            That statement defines “Conundrum” lol

          • M Beth Bartlett

            Science Facts all began with “Fantast8cal Explanations” – 2 lobes, use both!
            Philosophy is the tools that promotes Science to Physics!

          • Jessica Zim

            yeah… no. i’d argue more with you, but it’s clear from your response that you don’t understand basic scientific principles or basic grammar.

          • Darren Skinner

            @jessicazim:disqus That’s called ad hominem. Very poor work I must say.

          • Vincent Mccreary sr.


          • Linda Kapetanovic

            Scince is trrynig to find answers by exploring possibilities, not ignoring them in order to groove already known. Moreover, science has proven the possibility of multiverse, so you are right, you are verk ignorant for disregarding science

      • Greg Walko

        Jakalyn, that’s COULDN’T care less.

      • Vincent Mccreary sr.


      • Wojciech Sztukowski

        If Kurt Cobain’s pink fluffy jacket changing into a leopard coat is not “enough” for you, then I don’t know what is.

    • Robert

      Well written Ronnie. I try to stress to people the importance of a thing called PATENT INFRINGEMENT when diving into these conversations. When some company produces and markets a product they are selling under a name that is strongly similar to the original product name. It wouldn’t be that difficult to market a book titled Winnie The Poah and start selling them at the local dollar store. Legg’s panty hose, Avonn beauty products, chief Boyardi…..

      What grabs me most about this story is the idea that memories are physically compartmentalized in specific areas of the brain. Specifically, whenever i am having difficulty recalling the name of a person that i might be thinking about, i will start to mentally recite the alphabet. When i get to the letter associated with the name of the individual i am trying to recall, my brain will usually automatically place their name into the forefront.

      A{andy, adam, alfred…}
      B {byron, brian, brody…}
      C {charlie, chris, cory…}
      D {david, duke, donnie….}
      E (EVAN) that’s his name….

      I usually dwell on each letter for about 3 seconds before moving on to the next letter. It takes about a minute or so, but by association the actual name surfaces within a very brief span of time.

      • kohlrak .

        I believe memory works differently, but my explanation still makes sense for what you do. See, with limited capacity, we can only keep a small number of big details, then using associations and patterns reconstruct the event in our head logically. This explains the Mr. Rogers issue: “this” is an unimportant detail, since it’s equally correct as “the,” but we prefer “the” for this construction, since “this” puts undue emphasis. As a result, the significance comes out as we compare our construction to the original and find out that it’s not a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but it *IS* a beautiful day in THiS neighborhood.

        As a kid i found his usage of ‘this” as rather strange, so I was able to remember it, and it turned on the lightbulb in my head when it was addressed in a mandela effect video. I remember as a child that i felt it was very strange that he said “this.”

    • Michael Lasley

      The time line closest to us will be the most similar so it will be the small details that has been changed not large ones. Winnie wouldn’t be the pooh because he is “pooh bear” The name would have to be changed as well. Time lines can best be explained with string theory or in this specific instance M-theory. This is a proven credible theory that speaks of universes stacked like pancakes and at some parts they touch which creates a wormhole that can cause timelines to cross.

      • James Clay

        just like dukes of hazzard. almost like it had warped to this parallell universe as well. because you seee more people freaking out of the flag on the hood of the car then you ever did as a kid. also this mandela effect has got the whole world violently divided. kind of like mixing bad fruit with good fruit…not good. i definitely bet CERN has something to do with this effect

    • Suzuki35

      I have thought this too why are all the mandela effects about how a word is spelled vs how its sounded out… so I thought its just our minds playing tricks on us but after reading response to you.. I find that intriguing too… the reason that it would be little and small…. an actual decision made ..tiny ripple effects that indeed seem to have no bearing on outcome… like light green vs dark green on a cartoon characters shirt…of COURSE itd be obvious if a bear was an alligator instead…..but if someone/something was trying to match… they can mess up a bit too…. for example.. allah in quran (believe in islam or not.. I don’t!) but if he is some entity (azazel he says he is in fact according to book of enoch “I taught you about art of war and weapons/leader of nephilim who did mate with human women etc).. says in quran “allah disdaineth not to COIN the “similitude” of everything right down to a gnat”..he is admitting there to THAT……. lamentation 2-3 in Bible tells daughter zion…. the “lord” FORGOT the earth.(footstool).. (how do you forget earth..exists?) bet he didn’t know… she is “kept from the face of the dragon” jeremiah is hinting there about dna trafficking as well “they were “worth” their weight in gold” etc.. you have to read between the lines…..he says he SAW him “kill them all not one survived” he watches heaven and earth simultaneous and relays whats happening…. this lord goes from full wrath to saying “after I pour out all wrath on you ill sing songs over you” well…….anyway…allah says he did that….. made a copy…. because he wanted his own “perfected lampstand no matter how much they detest it” he says…..always feels like two fighting over one element.. it cant be shared or spread so thin.. between two.. in two different time zones..something will snap! “with a loud noise heaven and earth will pass away/sky will roll up as a scroll…. no place found for sun or moon” it didn’t exist due to a ripple effect or time travel which undid something its called Rhett gone to UNDO your own BIRTH…like if you went back and caused two people to NOT meet for example.. your parents then didn’t meet “woe to you and your children when they shall begin to say blessed is she who NEVER gave birth” ……

    • Asa Rushton

      Explain why there are supposedly 6 members in the village people… but there was a guy on Americas got talent…. who used life sized puppets that were secured to him with sticks to recreate YMCA. He only had 4 puppets and he was the fifth member. I do not recall an army guy in the village people and he didnt have the army guy as a puppet in his act. The proof is in the residules. Surely if he loved the group that much…. he would know the correct number of members in the group.

      • Asa Rushton

        Maybe he was a lesser known member I guess… But I also remember things that have now changed. I was in spelling bees as a kid and would never pronounce it Bernstein bears if it was bernstain. Never…

  • Uncle Al

    WHAT DO WE WANT? Evidenced-based science.
    WHEN DO WE WANT IT? After peer review.

    • tap

      I would prefer it BEFORE nonsense is released…

    • Linda Kapetanovic

      Science has become new religion – not even considering possibilities – just trying to prove what we already know. You cant prove somebodies memory. Really known scientists do confirm the possibility of parallel universes, and time travel might be possible in the future – so what is your problem exactly?

      • Gennie

        if time travel is possible in the future it would already be possible.

        • Johnnyboy

          As a time traveller from 2525, I can confirm that time travel is indeed *possible* in 2018, but that no working time machine will exist until 2109. Except for mine, which does currently exist in 2018.

  • OWilson

    Humans are the most easily manipulated species from birth. It serves them well if the influences are naturally positive or benign, like some religions/

    But they can become demonic terrorists if subjected to other darker indoctrination.

    To paraphrase my learned associate Aristotle, “Give me a child until he is seven, and I’ll show you the man!”

    Or Lenin, who said, “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world!”

    Shouldn’t we be a little more careful about where we send our kids to school! :)

    • Lanternlit

      It was the Jesuits who said “give the child until he is seven.”

      • Johnnyboy

        I thought it was Mandela.

  • Cynthia Sue Larson

    Some of the most convincing cases of Mandela Effect have to do with groups of people notice, as in the actual case of Nelson Mandela, that someone who’s died is inexplicably now alive again. Typically, this may be a well-known celebrity on the periphery of one’s awareness, and usually not a close family member, colleague or friend. People noticing how strange it is that a particular celebrity is alive again thus seek an explanation at that time for what is going on–and why so many of us all remember, for example, that Nelson Mandela died while in prison many years ago. Now that cognitive psychologists such as Jerome Busemeyer and Peter Bruza are now documenting and writing books about such things as “Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision,” and finding probabilistic quantum mathematical models best describe human thinking–it seems we are getting starting to gain useful scientific tools for viewing Mandela effect and reality shift case studies such as these.

    I’ve been researching and documenting the Mandela Effect in my books, such as “Reality Shifts” and “Quantum Jumps” and on the realityshifters website since the 1990s, and have conducted surveys indicating that reality shifts and Mandela Effects are observed by a growing percentage of the population. I also host the (free) “Living the Quantum Dream” radio show and podcast out of Boston, Massachusetts, on the DreamVision7 Radio network where I interview researchers on the cutting edge of quantum sciences, such as Dr. Jerome Busemeyer, and Dr. Johnjoe McFadden.

    While people who have not yet experienced Mandela Effects and reality shifts might like to believe people’s minds are somehow fallible, I’d prefer to direct our attention to work on the placebo effect being done at Harvard that is starting to provide some solid scientific research to support the possibility that sometimes we really are experiencing jumps from one physical reality to another on a larger scale–much as we ought to expect to occasionally observe if quantum physics phenomena (like entanglement, superposition of states, tunneling and teleportation) are happening at all scales and beyond the so-called “quantum realm.”

    We might then notice that at the same time when Americans are enjoying a doubling of efficacy of the Placebo Effect, we also “just happen” to be also increasingly noticing the Mandela Effect.

    • Claude Taylor

      I see this effect on action everyday. For instance. My mother and I go to a store. I purchase an item. Bring it home and place it on my computer desk. The next morning when I awaken I notice the item is gone. I ask my mother if she moved it and she has no recollection of us purchasing that item, or going to the store. Sometime it’s the next morning. Sometimes a day or two later. The item reappears exactly where I originally placed it. I then explain to my mother that the item has returned and now she is telling me she doesn’t remember me telling her the item disappeared nor does she remember telling me that we didn’t go to the store. This has happened severeal times in my life and with different people involved. I have always blaned it on a multiverse

      • OWilson

        Occam’s Razor!

        You may be a closet poltergeist, or she may be senile. Or both!

        • Don Huntington

          I prefer Claude’s explanation to your rival hypotheses. Either of them might seem more probably but Claude’s “multiverse” is so much more fun. I hope he’s right, not you.

      • Stephen Bushell

        I have to admit I totally agree with you, I have had many many experiences like this with my kids, I’ve been blaming them as well for the missing singularity until tonight I watched max s ( the 13 year old genius) theory, this can explain why things appear to disappear and reappear in the house, but when this happens negative energy can be created, the Mandela effect is spreading and spreading and speeding up, why? Where has it come from?

        • Claude Taylor

          This may sound crazy but I believe someone has come up with a time travel device and what we are seeing are the after effects

          • Lyle Wileytwo


          • It Mee

            I been thinking CERN was something besides what “they” tell us..every action has a consequence

          • James A Blackman

            YES!!!!!!!! YES YES I’ve only been aware of this word or thought for about 5 hours as i had some odd things happen to me lately and this M.E. was an answer and the first thing I thought was they’ve perfected time travel and now we are seeing some early benign errors?

        • D.O.T

          Because people are getting more and more idiotic

        • D.O.T

          God has left the server

    • Don Huntington

      So interesting! It goes along with my fundamental belief that the universe is stranger than we can possibly imagine. Except that you seem to be imagining some of the strangeness. Thanks for sharing.

      • James Clay

        imagining? so your saying more than a million people are imagining that it was Beren’stein;’ bears rather than Berenstain? i highly doubt that would be imagination. to much of a coincidence that most people would remember these exact things that seem to have never happened. you only dont remember it because you are from this parallel universe.

        • Johnnyboy

          Yes, they are imagining it.

      • empressenskye

        Fortunately there are many people out in the world finding and collecting physical evidence of these discrepancies or as you say “imagining”. The universe IS stranger than you can imagine but the question you should be asking is: who and why? This isn’t some random universal imagining happening. Someone or something is steering this ship. But you know, thanks for commenting 😉 #neverforget

        • Don Huntington

          Good comment!
          I used to be a fundamentalist Christian but now the only thing I am sure of is that when we get to the other side — if there is an other side — it will be a “forehead slapper.” I’m sure the reality is wonderful, whatever the ship is or wherever it is going. “Quantum entanglement,” for example is real. We see a small tip of what I’m sure is a massive reality.

  • Erik Bosma

    How about the Believing Rumours Without Bothering to Research Them effect. Ask any religious person especially the ‘fundamentals’.

    • Aaron

      How about the “Be Sure To Only Discuss The ‘Believing Rumors Without Bothering To Research Them’ Effect With Religious People You Know Haven’t Researched Them” Effect.

      Wouldn’t want anyone to point out your straw man. 😉

    • STFUdonny

      What about the Force Religious Bashing Into Absolutely Every Single Conversation Effect? Ask any atheist jerk off.

      • Erik Bosma

        Obviously the product of a fine Christian education and upbringing. Jesus loves you, right?

  • Erik Bosma

    Hey!!! Is believing this tripe about a Mandela Effect not also an instance of the Mandela Effect.

    • Michael Arana


    • Stephen Bushell


    • Stephen Bushell

      Sorry that yes and no lol

  • Erik Bosma

    Help… I’m stuck in an endless Mandela Effect Loop.

    • Stephen Bushell

      We all are, most just don’t know it

    • Stephen Bushell

      We all are

  • joseph2237

    Ever been to a magic show. Everyone knows there is no rabbit in the hat but they don’t have any facts to challenge what there eye sees.Same thing when the assistant is sawed in half. The Mandela effect can only work when there are to facts to challenge what the car sales man is saying.

  • Samuel Blondahl

    That Berenstein bears thing really bugs me.

    • Kimberly Valadez

      It should. I have photos of Berenstein bears books, email me

      • Brenda

        I have a Berenstein Bears book from when I was little (70’s) I remember it as Berenstein and when I first saw it mentioned in the Mandela effect I ran down and grabbed my bin of books as “proof” that it was spelled with an “E” To my surprise, my 1970’s book now said “Berenstain” It’s bugged the heck out of me.

  • Edward Zitherhands

    Schrödinger didn’t create his famous cat to explain quantum effects but to make fun of them. He was showing how absurd it would be if they were true. He and Einstein were two holdouts for hidden variables.

  • Pace Yrself

    I was reading an article or a comment that said that people may have confused Nelson Mandela with Stephen Biko who was another well-known resister of apartheid and did die in prison in the late seventies. So the above article may explain people’s false memories of that.

    However, I have always been aware of spellings of words since I was a small child. One day around 2008 or 2009 I was in the children’s section of the library looking for a book for my grandchild. I saw a display of Berenstain Bears books and this stopped me in my tracks. This was before I’d seen anything on the ‘net about the controversy or heard of the Mandela Effect.

    I’ve heard of them since I was a child and my own children watched the show on PBS and read their books. I know it was Berenstein Bears and I doubt anything could convince me otherwise. The son of the authors said their name was Berenstain and it came about because when their ancestors came to America the immigration clerk mispelled their name. That’s an interesting story but it doesn’t explain the confusion.

    • Michael Arana

      There is a reality where the Immigration clerk didn’t misspell their name. That’s the reality I came from. And the name was BERNstein, not BerENstein or BerENstAin

    • Clark Onetwo

      The reality where I was from had Frankenstain, Albert Einstain, and had a game show called Win Ben Stain’s Money. Now, I’m stuck in this stupid world where it’s Frankenstein, Einstein, and Stein. I want to go back!

    • D.O.T

      I come from the reality from which Hillary Clinton won, I want to go back.

      • Roy Summers

        no Bernie Sanders won!

    • Suzuki35

      in Bible when things stick out for any reason we usually look up name meanings…in case its trying to tell us something..? I looked up Berenstain/stein..(both surnames exist ) and.. I forgot.. vague but I feel like it said some Jewish men changed their names to that to hide from Nazis? ill look it up again… Ukrainian Jews were compelled to assume a “German sounding” surname in 1787 and Lithuanian Jews were asked to follow suit in 1797. Their task: to choose a name that sounded German but that had personal significance to them.
      says it means “kosher” clean….

  • Kimberly Valadez

    Please help explain how I was sent photos of actual Berenstein Bears books, and a man standing outside a JC Penny store (not JC Penney….feel free to email me, more than glad to send the photos.

    • Clark Onetwo

      I have photos of UFOs, ghosts, the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, and Santa Claus

      • Danny Needham

        As a child i remember an episode of the 70’s Gerry Anderson series UFO in it a UFO is captured in the woods Commander Straker goes onboard and examines the captured ship ‘it’s all flashing psychedelic lights inside he says ‘obviously a technology far in advance of ours’ before they can transport it back to SHADOW HQ an alien gets onboard and self destructs the ship ‘Straker just manages to escape, I bought the box set some years ago the episode dosent exist, I’ve looked into it, it sticks in my memory as it was the only show where you saw UFO interior, maybe it was a childhood dream? but it still bugs me.

  • Poweredbyrogue

    Okay see this is what’s tripping me out. I never really paid mind to the whole “Mandela Effect” Till one day my sister randomly came to me and she was like hey how do you spell That show with the bear family in a tree. I was like oh you mean the “Berenstain Bears”? She said ya only you remember it like that. I was confused she showed me everything’s on the internet from videos to old books saying it was ” Berenstien Bears”. So I was like oh well damn that’s weird but if that’s what it’s saying then okay. So fast forward to now my sister comes to me and she’s like they CHANGED IT. I was like they changed what? She tells me remember the whole Bersti(e)n bears thing? I said oh ya. So she shows me and to my disbelief it was all written I’m “A” and it was never “E” when I fully debated with my on self so that for a fact I knew changed right before my eyes so fucked up

    • Michael Arana

      How long ago was the first incident when you remember it being spelled with an “A” ?

  • Magnettic3 Three

    Just remember the movie “V for Vendetta” or watch it. It will explain that we are being manipulated and polarized by Google (Zuckerberg is Illuminati member), and Great Powers of the world and their companies/owners for their agenda (money, control of society, etc.). There is no mandela effect, false memories, no nothing. Its a bunch of nonsense – names were changed, all effects on movies and audio, yt, etc. all changed by graphic/audio/video tech’s to control society and create doubt, and polarization of society – make people easy to control. How do we know what we are told by Google or TV or news is actually real? If you spill the beans your shut down, killed or fired for many- Newscasters, Holywood actors, Leaders etc. All innocence and sacredness is being destroyed. The example of Berenstein Bears is good – taught us to have morals. When you change it to STAIN – what does it mean? It stains our childhood memories and innocence.

    • Michael Arana

      Except the Mandela Effect isn’t just things from pop culture. People have personal stories as well, including myself. the problem with personal stories is that there is no way to verify them.

    • Stephen Bushell

      This is true as well

    • Darren Skinner

      Your analysis doesn’t really apply to logo changes. Especially something like the VW logo which as far as I’m concerned was always a V above a W with no gap but now has a gap. Not a gap in a picture on the internet but in real life. I can and have walked out in the street and looked with my own eyes and every model of every age of VW is the same in that they all now have the gap. This is in line with what the internet tells us of coarse but not with the way I remember things. Now something like Luxembourg and Liechtenstein being much, much closer to each other in my memory could as you say be explained by some kind of nefarious plan as you have described but alongside my example you would have to believe that there is both a conspiracy to deceive and confuse and whatever else and also a separate effect as described by myself that has nothing to do with that conspiracy or at the very least is not explained by it. Which begs the question how is it that every VW logo is now different? Can you explain that and how it sits alongside your explanation. I could actually come up with various scenarios of different shapes and sizes myself but really my point is that your singular explanation does not as it stands explain everything with regard the mandela effect.

  • MJ_Lewis

    Professionals intentionally use different word or visual associations to remember things. The rest of us do it naturally to various degrees. 100% sure Fabeze “was” spelled Fabreeze! The commercials were so ANNOYING, that product is forever etched in my brain. Also, 100% Depend “was” spelled Depends! You can still find plenty of jokes on the internet with the punch line “Depends” The jokes would have never proliferated as “Depend” or “It Depend”; doesn’t work. Also, Berenstein, not Berenstain. As a child, the “stein” made me think Jewish, which “stain” would have never invoked. How could that be a false memory?
    The BIGGER QUESTION and implication is if someone is toying NOW with spelling and movies in the past to change the future, what is next, Economies, Religions, Nations,…? Based on the history of mankind (violence, war, slavery) and the fact that there is no tech invented for good that man has not used for evil; if in fact, someone has discovered time travel or wormholes to other parallel dimension (secular perspective), the temptation to play G-d with this immense power, even with the best intentions, will ultimately lead to the destruction of the human race or at a minimum a complete upheaval of all that we know to include personal histories. Science with a humanist view thinks, “if we use the scientific method and take reasonable precautions, whats the worst that can happen”? Mans violent history has progressed as mostly a gradual process with occasional cataclysms and disintegration of cultures and order. Tech has made it a smaller and more dangerous world with civilization walking a tightrope between 7th Century, 20th Century and Globalist/Futurist world views. At best, new tech of this nature, will be like Madam Curie, killed by the discovery of an invisible property she did not fully understand. Many theories point to CERN. Mandela Effect first appears around 2005. This is before CERN began their full scale experiments of which many critics suggested the tech could destroy the universe. Prior to bringing that system on line, there would have to have been a proof of concept for the tech before it was built, which could easily be presumed to be prior to 2005 and could have caused the first ripple in time. If you have a Christian or spiritual world view, the descriptions allude to an opening between the physical (matter) and spiritual (anti-matter) realms. In this case, humanity is at the mercy of whatever intent is on the other side of the hole. Outside the pursuit of holiness and righteousness, which leads to G-d, all other manifestations of the spiritual, even when “appearing” as angelic or light, have been deception and evil in nature. CERN is on the same path as Curie, but with more immediate and far greater ramifications than the nuclear bomb.

    • Stephen Bushell

      Exactly and it’s these technologies that are distorting time and space , the world has created many issue s but the real issues here is why ‘they’ are doing it. They are playing at God pure and simple

  • Kristy Richie

    I first learned about the Mandela Effect with the Berenstein Bears (it almost drove me crazy lol) but lost interested for a while. Recently though, more and more are resonating with me. For example, the Morton’s/Morton salt. I remember being taken aback when I was shopping and went to grab salt, buying the only brand I was familiar with and realizing it wasn’t labeled correctly. It was missing its ” ‘S “. I was confused but didn’t think much if it at the time. Then recently I watched a YouTube video on it and was skeptical thinking there had to be an explanation so I took it upon myself to research the history of the company. I even emailed them and received a surprising response. I did a video all about it including the emails from the company I first learned about the Mandela Effect with the Berenstein Bears (it almost drove me crazy lol) but lost interested for a while. Recently though, more and more are resonating with me. For example, the Morton’s/Morton salt. I remember being taken aback when I was shopping and went to grab salt, buying the only brand I was familiar with and realizing it wasn’t labeled correctly. It was missing its ” ‘S “. I was confused but didn’t think much if it at the time. Then recently I watched a YouTube video on it and was skeptical thinking there had to be an explanation so I took it upon myself to research the history of the company. I even emailed them and received a surprising response. I did a video all about it including the emails from the company
    I first learned about the Mandela Effect with the Berenstein Bears (it almost drove me crazy lol) but lost interested for a while. Recently though, more and more are resonating with me. For example, the Morton’s/Morton salt. I remember being taken aback when I was shopping and went to grab salt, buying the only brand I was familiar with and realizing it wasn’t labeled correctly. It was missing its ” ‘S “. I was confused but didn’t think much if it at the time. Then recently I watched a YouTube video on it and was skeptical thinking there had to be an explanation so I took it upon myself to research the history of the company. I even emailed them and received a surprising response. I did a video all about it including the emails from the company.

    • Stephen Bushell

      Very clever that u wrote that in action and the words play with your head very very interesting stuff

  • Dreams Never Die

    At least we arent stuck in groundhog day.

  • The guru

    When I saw the footage of the JFK assassination I was instantly taken aback by the presence of the roll bar behind the front row of seats.
    I had no recollection of ever seeing that before.
    Nobody had prompted me or suggested anything…it was just obviously very different from 30 years of memories.
    I also do not remember seeing 6 people in the car (only 4) and I also recollect different actions by JFK when first hit and a different subsequent reaction of Jackie.

    As for the spellings and logos changes, well not too sure, although things like David Lettermans speech at the Oscars and all the awards given to Sex ‘in’ the City are certainly very suggestive of something strange going on.

    However, the JFK thing was visceral and palpable: I was instantly aware that the footage was different

  • The guru

    When I saw the footage of the JFK assassination I was instantly taken aback by the presence of the roll bar behind the front row of seats.
    I had no recollection of ever seeing that before.
    Nobody had prompted me or suggested anything…it was just obviously very different from 30 years of memories.
    I also do not remember seeing 6 people in the car (only 4) and I also recollect different actions by JFK when first hit and a different subsequent reaction of Jackie.

    As for the spellings and logos changes, well not too sure, although things like David Lettermans speech at the Oscars and all the awards given to Sex ‘in’ the City are certainly very suggestive of something strange going on.

    However, the JFK thing was visceral and palpable: I was instantly aware that the footage was different

    • Michael Arana

      Same here. The people who DON’T notice that anything was ever different, are the ones with faulty memories! That’s the irony of this situation.

      • D.O.T

        yeA LuK aT mE! I hAs faulTy mEmorY. Bitte töte dich dummkopf.

    • Donovan Bryan
      • The guru

        Yes Donovan, that is the new 6 seater footage that astounded me

        • Donovan Bryan

          notice in pic it also shows only 4 in car

          • The guru

            Donovan, I think that top pic shows Connelly and his wife laying down ie still shows 6 in the car, just hard to see them.
            Also, all of those pics show a rollbar behind the front row of seats, which was not there in my memory.

  • Vince Watkins

    Caitlin, Schrödinger’s Cat was his attempt to mock, not explain.

  • Donovan Bryan

    I swear I can go to a lake, put out an intertube, then have a cardboard monster on it, take a fuzzy picture, and everyone will say they have seen it too, just like lockness.
    it is same as yawning, if you do then someone else will also yawn.
    so I don’t trust in these false memories

    • D.O.T

      Oh thank god someone else whom shares my idea

  • D.O.T

    The Mendela effect is actually just a scenario of when people augment their memories to make it fit to them and not to what actually happened or was there, NO ALTERNATE DIMENSIONS HERE!

    • Brian Waldbart

      Have you proved that they are not there?

      • D.O.T

        Have you proved that they are there?

        • Brian Waldbart

          Yeah come on over and I’ll show you

          • D.O.T

            How about no

  • David Fried

    Everyone calm down, this simulation is simply having a server hiccup that’s causing updates to be slowly rolled out over each neural network. These take several seconds, which in simulation time can seem like many years, but eventually everyone will be on the same timeline as the update finishes. In the meantime, enjoy the Mandela effect, as you’ve dubbed it. It won’t last.

    • D.O.T

      OOOOoooOoooOooooo spooky

  • The guru

    There was no prompting when I looked at the new JFK footage.
    I looked at it for another reason and noticed it had changed. Then typed in “JFK assassination changed” into Google and found the term Mandela Effect, first I’d heard of it.
    When I saw the footage had changed I simply could not believe it, thought it must be a joke. However, I then could not find any footage of the 4-in-the-car footage I had grown up with….then I started to get seriously freaked out.
    But I repeat: I had not heard of the Mandela Effect when I noticed the JFK footage was different

  • KK

    I asked someone I worked with if she was too young or if she remembered Sinbad back in the 90s. She remembered quite a bit about him. I asked her if she remembered him in a movie. She responded by saying yes, in a genie movie, and proceeded to describe a movie and what he wore. I was excited and asked her what it was called and she said Shazaam. I then got really excited. I said, only at that point, are you sure it wasn’t Kazaam and she said no it wasn’t…. that that was another movie. She remembered that one as well and remembered Shaq in it. I was careful not to lead her in my questions. BTW she had never heard about the Mandela effect or that Sinbad was never in a genie movie.

  • Rob Blakey

    Hamilton is on money. Thats why people think he was a president.

  • Shannin Vogt

    I remember that movie and wanted to watch it a few years ago. But what o was remembering was the simular movie starring Shaq O’neal.

  • John Berry

    It is real. I wasn’t a believer till I experiences something that changed, then changed back (Apollo 13 movie went from “we have”, to “we’ve had”, and back to “Houston, we have a problem”)

    • It Mee

      So, you seen it shift twice? From original “Houston we have a problem” to “Houston we’ve had a problem” then back to “Houston we have a problem” ? I ask like that because I live with people that are hard to communicate with so I have to be specific always, and can you recall a round about time ( like around what years) you noticed? Thank you

  • William Robinson

    Three that come to mind for me are Mona Lisa smiling now, the last supper now has modern Glass tumblers, and south america is way too far east. I’m sure these are memory screw ups, but all were noticed by me without suggestion, my differences of note were noticed by others enmasse, and speaking of the Mona, I’ve spent many many times trying to isolate what could possibly considered a smile, never could. Now, to me, she has a smirk which sticks out like a sore thumb. I first thought it was photo shopped. Anyway I always knew ur memory could play tricks, but for me, the Mona Lisa I know, is gone.

  • STFUdonny

    There are perfectly rationale explanations for this “phenomenon”. The fact that people simply will not except them is quite telling. They even suggest that anyone trying to talk some sense into them is “angry”, and should mind their iwn business. Lol. People right here for example. The explanation is very simple….your memories are wrong Sorry it’s true. NASA did not send you through a wormhole. Lol.

    • Linda Kapetanovic

      how about when we are 3 (4 including our kid) people who have an experience in a shopping mall, having a meal and my daughter spits out the food because its indian and spicy. We even took a picture of her frowning. At home we are about to write a review on tripadvisor, and we cant find it, but dont think much of it. A month later 2 of us(my husband and I) are back and wanting to go to the same restaurant – as it was amazing and it is NOT THERE and has NEVER been. My husband calls his brother and he is shocked. Our memories are wrong?

  • Dunwithdumb

    Sorry, but there is something weird going on here. Because why would people collectively have only one particular mistaken memory of a jingle, brand name, spelling, etc.? Why not five or six different memories? It absolutely was “Mirror, mirror on the wall.” And several others. I don’t know what it is, but something’s off. CERN may well be the source of it all.

  • Randal Powell

    I think if it is parallel universe or alternate reality it happened sometime in the late nineties to late 2000. Cause I believe its gen x that remember most of theses things. Some global tragedy or maybe even man made events cause shifts that alter our reality as we know it. Major explosions or other natural disasters bend our universe into others in a ripple effect

  • Terry

    I had my first Mandela effect a year ago. I argued with a friend that in the movie Dumb And Dumber that it was the Swedish Bikini team not Hawaiian Tropics. I found I was wrong, so I looked up too see if I was the only one that thought this and found I was not alone. Of course looking up this topic i was introduced to the Mandela Effect.

    • Johnnyboy

      Uh huh. You were looking up the Swedish Bikini Team and the Hawaiian Tropic girls strictly for research purposes.

  • Rey Leija

    I’m a INTP, Virgo Dragon, and Psychology major at UC Merced. I am not here to say that everyone is crazy or wrong. I’m just going to provide a theory. I may be right or I may be wrong.

    Every person’s reality is subjective to their own memories and experiences. The way they remember it and believe it to be suits their needs and shapes who they are. Sometimes companies make their logos or grammar be slightly wrong so that they will be stuck in our mind, over time our minds will try and alter the memory to the correct or logical way it should be. Then when we go back and see the wrong way we think that something has changed it. That’s the psychology of marketing and logos.
    This marketing technique isn’t exclusive to products either. A lot of celebrities will use a unique spelling of their name as to stand out, and our mind does the same auto correction and store to memory.
    Additionally, I’m not saying that anybody is doing this on purpose, but it is very disrespectful and hurtful to keep insisting that a family is misspelling their name and that they used to spell it differently, especially after they have released a statement with the correct spelling. When you keep questioning it, you are not only accusing the family (whose never done anything bad to you) of lying and you are harming their identities, the heritage, and their livelihoods. What did they do to you? They shared cherished stories of a family of bears that brought you joy.
    As for pop culture, there are often various tracks, performances, and parodies of songs and quotes. People sometimes hear different words, but there are numerous influences that affect how we perceive and relate to what we experience that different people will store it in their memories different. Even different cultures. One may remember a rocket launcher as a weapon and another could remember it as a magical wand that demons come out of.
    Famous quotes from movies – the “Luke” from Star Wars is added in when it’s retold or used by kids in roleplay so others will know what movie you’re quoting. Being such a big reveal and coming from the Hero and Villain, people are going to want to use it to quote. And if you quote the original, you’re just not going to look as cool. The title of Sex and the City is with the and because that’s the name of Carrie’s article that she writes about the various topics between men and women living in New York City. If it were Sex in the City, the articles would be about having sex in New York City, Yes, there’s a lot of Sex in the show, but not in her writing.
    Celebrity Deaths – for almost twenty years there have been fake news sites and for even longer there have been fake news publication. I remember reading about ten years ago that Betty White had passed away and tears just started pouring from my eyes. I immediately started researching it but could find no other mention of it. After researching the site, I noticed there disclaimer that all articles are for entertainment purposes and not based in fact. If I had not looked it up I might of thought she came back to life cause of this effect too. And I probably would’ve recall a tribute for her too as some TV stations pay honor to there iconic actors, even the live ones, just to honor just throw out celebrity honors to get you to click over. A certain site sells them information about best what your interest are and they use that to see which celebrities may have a bigger impact on you.
    Geology – It wasn’t until very very recently that the most accurate mapping of earth was released. Before that various map of earth were created based on the purpose of the map or often just a glossing over of old maps. If you compare a lot of different maps from the past you will notice small differences. Also, if your trying to recall a map from memory there is no way any person will get it 100% accurate. However, since you are trying to recall it any part you don’t remember will be “created” by your mind and your mind will trick you into believing it was always that way.
    The reason that all this may seem like it’s part of a huge conspiracy is:

    1. Mandela Effect is a popular theory right now and once you hear about it, then uncommon spellings, and fake news will be more noticeable and as said before, the human brain wants to correct stuff or at least give a logical reason why it’s wrong so it will tell you “Hey this Mandela Effect will be a good reason why its not logical.” Then it will fight tooth and nail to keep that as the reason.

    2. Also, with so many opposing views, a controversial election, and all those tweets, then it’s easy to believe that something’s going on.

    3. The hadron collider – all that protesting and the mystery of the unknown. In addition to the timelines matching up.

    4. A lot of movies and TV shows have come out recently fueling into this topic.

    The companies, celebrities, shows and so on are not going to go online and correct anything because they are loving all this attention and free advertising.
    If you want to believe that we are in the matrix, that’s awesome! Because even if i was just another conspiracy theory, you got to experience what it might be like to live in one.

  • M Beth Bartlett

    The entire subject is another Establishment tool to further weaken the minds of the expendable enslaved public through the Rothschild own MS News Media.

    Too fact logical too accept “?”

    Then dig deeper into Ownerships of the most powerful tools in the world – for manipulation and control (which is the definition of power) MS News Media and the Federal Reserve.
    Use your own mind/thoughts to surmise REALITY.

    Pay Attention America ☮

  • Michael Tinny

    Ok I get your spill but can you explain to me …Why is that not possible??..are we so fixated in this physical reality that we not consider alternate universe and that this can happen?… This is like the story of Doubting Thomas ” I will not believe until I see and touch!” your argument is that this is not true?.. hmm… We do not like people thinking outside the box because it violates our sense of order in “our” universe. therefore anything outside this box is considered dumb, impossible fantasy and stupid and the person must be suffering some kind of delusional fantasy.

    What Do I think of the Mandala effect?.. I think it is possible, Scientist have postulated that there are infinite number of parallel universe so who are we to say that our version of this reality cannot be changed by some glitch in the matrix?.. To believe otherwise is to limit ourselves from the infinity that is our universe. If you really want to discard the effects of the Mandela effect maybe you should get stuck into the scientific community and their preposterous idea that we live in a parallel universe, how utterly stupid is that!.. They must be suffering from a collective delusional disease.

  • Cheryl Strontium

    This theory is so wrong, about the brain and associations.I know nothing about Arab culture, I didn’t see the other Sinbad movies or genie costume referenced from the 1990s. But I do distinctly remember Sinbad in the genie movie which came BEFORE the Shaq movie. Because when the Shaq movie came out, I was like…there is no way I am going to this. It is such a rip off of the other movie and won’t be nearly as cute. None of the brain explanations would apply in my case. The other one that isn’t referenced as much…Looney Toons changing to Looney Tunes. Let’s think of this logically for a moment. Looney…as in crazy and Toons as in short for “cartoons” makes total logical sense. Crazy little cartoons. This is how I remember it. But “Tunes” makes no logical sense…the way it is supposed to be in this reality. A tune is a musical frequency, melody, etc. The cartoons don’t sing as a staple of their story lines, so why would it be named TUNES instead of TOONS? Doesn’t make logical sense in this reality, unless every character sang and danced and all the cartoons were musicals…which they are not. I have numerous Mandela Effect alternative reality memories. Maybe some of us are just operating at a different level and are attuned to things others are not. To believe this is a complicated brain reaction and all the underlying assumptions of how that would work…or believe in quantum physics and that there might be “bleeding” or parallel universes ( a simpler, more logical explanation) is an occam’s razor analogy. Seems people are going to extreme lengths to discredit the Mandela Effect as a brain and association issue rather than something simpler, and more likely.

  • Cheryl Strontium

    “The Redditor EpicJourneyMan recounts an extremely detailed account…” I am much more likely to believe a guy who reviewed a tape over, and over, and over versus someone who is cluelessly making all kinds of associations and assumptions to things that are totally not related to the movie.

  • Kalin Apsu

    It’s most likely a disinformation test to see how easily they can control the masses. Congrats, you’re all gullible.

  • Cynthia Schell

    what about Mandanimals? I guess you would say those always existed too or that we are just imagining them

  • Philip Bourdon

    Of course, Trump keeps repeating his lies and now Fox fans actually believe them…or are they from an alternative universe?

  • Juliann Tibbetts

    There is no such thing as a “true scientist”, it’s all bullshit and theory and if we cant explain it we will blame it on others…. the only truth in life is through personal experience… so to believe what you read or what you hear without experiencing it for yourself is simply to believe in a story… mankind excels in very few things the need for power/control, greed, and spinning grand tales that of course reflect what that individual desires…. religion and government are the same as science… and all three of these industries, because that’s all they are industries like Microsoft, they tell you what they want to so that you will remain subservient, ignorant and have no mind of your own , most of what most perceive as knowledge is simply stories fabricated to bend the wills to the writer or speaker… states that all it’s chemical altering over all this time was to help others yet in fact it has chemically altered the human species and at that it has chemically altered the human species into a sick weak diseased about to be infertile species… I am one of these people you insult with your bullshit lies but unlike most I have my own mind and only give value to what I know and what I know is what I’ve experienced so this is just science doing what science does best… chemical biological and PSYCHOLOGICAL warfare… I was around before this digital world existed I was an adult when this digital world came to be and now in this digital world the one thing I have learned is that there is no knowledge to be found here or in any written word, things now are all fabricated, all you can find on the internet in science government and religion is stories. If you chose to read to the end of this I am here to tell you that you are not wrong what you know is what you know they just don’t want you to know what you know, give no more energy to the text and word of others if you want to know go experience it for yourself go out into the world and seek and experience it for yourself because all the words you read and hear are only stories the library would place on the fictional shelves. The digital world is a Troll World nothing here can be trusted just like science government and religion there is no warrant for trust and quite enough personal experience from all these industries to never trust any of them.

  • Michael Armocida

    I am fully aware of the phenomenon of confabulation and just how fragile human recall can be. However, as of late, we are hearing that all memories are suspect. The Mandella effect is real (I wish it weren’t) and it has little to do with false memory. Once the Mandela phenomenon became more popular, the crazies came out and diluted the solid evidence with nonsense – making the rest of us appear less credible. For instance: Luke I am your father. It could be that the line was always “No. I am your father” and popular culture injected the “Luke” part so people would get the reference. Over time, people assumed that it was ‘Luke’ and not ‘No’ in the movie. Also, the Lord’s Prayer. There were always two versions. The Catholic version using the word “Trespass,” which they still use; and the more literal version user the word debtors. Then there are the riduculous examples of people relating the name Sinbad to Shazam and These are examples of false memory -relating it to the Mandella effect does no favor to those of us who are trying to convince others that the effect is real.

    Confabulation is when your memory makes something out to be different than reality. For instance, if I return to the home where I grew up, then I may see it as ‘smaller’ and less grandiose than I remember. When I was a child, with small stature and limited experience, the house looked bigger and grander. Now that I go back as an adult, it seem small and pitiful. My initial memory of the house was confabulated. Now let’s take a look at the Mandella effect, which is differnt. Assuming that I grew up in a brick house where I saw the brick every day of my childhood, scratched my names in the brick, and helped my father repair cracks in the mortar. I return to the house 30-years later to discover that house is made of wood without a single brick. I ask when the old house was torn down and am told the wooden house was always there and was always made of wood. I check this through city records that go back to when the house was built, and blueprints and early photos show the wooden house. Even my own childhood photos are showing the wooden house. In this case, it would NOT be confabulation or false memory. This is exactly what we are seeing with the Mandela effect. The preceding example was fiction and used to illustrate the difference between false memory and the Mandela effect. However, it is equivalent to the VW logo issue. All my life the VW logo had no bar breaking the V from the W. I owned volkswagons (yes they were spelled as wagon, not wagen) and my Uncle was a huge enthusiast and had many of these cars. I waxed more of these cars than I can count and saw the logo up close as I buffed it clean. In fact, I always wondered what it meant. I thought the first V was the V for Volks and the second V of the W was to complete the image to be a W. I pondered this all the time. So this is NOT a false memory. I never even realized the v was on top until I saw the new logo. When I saw the new logo, I thought VW had updated their logo. When I went back to see old logos, it was always like this. This is NOT false memory or confabulation. I don’t know why it is so hard to believe that why people assume people like me, who do believe are crazy. We (the human race) have accepted the concept of quantum uncertainty as boniafide science. Why then would it be so crazy when we actually see an event of quantum uncertainty occur as a rip in space time? Even the most respected physicist predict that Higgs Boson will destroy the Universe in a negative energy bubble. The fact that they predict this won’t happen for trillions of years, does not mean that it is not real. What we are seeing in the ‘here and now’ with the Mandella effect is real. It may be just a natural occurrence in the multiverse, or we (mankind) may have done something to create this rift in space-time. There’s probably nothing we can do about it, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that is it real.

  • Jennifer Marquess

    I believe there was a false report of his death sometime in the 1980s. I was a little girl (under 10) and didn’t know who he was, but I remember hearing he died on tv. When he did die in 2013, I was well acquainted with him from school and I was surprised to hear he’d been alive all that time, because I remembered hearing he’d died before I ever really knew who he was.

    There must have been a report or something mentioned on tv and a later retraction. It’s easier to believe that than the idea that even people who were children at the time and had not been that well educated yet are part of this weird, collective false memory.

  • Paul Carbone

    I’m not saying anyone who has experienced the Mandela effect is wrong. However, my experience is that I just don’t see it.
    Again, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real, or that some people aren’t more affected by it than others.
    I’m just saying that to me, I view the Mandela effect as a quirk of human memory. And a result of people being more familiar with entertainment referencing iconic media than the original thing that actually happpened.

    Before someone points out that someone else’s reality is real and I am incorrect in my assessment of the Mandela effect, let me say that this is just my account of my perception of MY reality. To me, it’s fun to imagine what could be, but in truth I think it’s nonsense. Just my 2 cence lol

  • Don

    This is the most far-reaching “hypothesis” I have ever heard. You write like a scientist with research as your facts, but in reality, your facts are conclusions based on distant realizations. The “Mind” as it is referred to, may indeed have traits as you have argued, but my assumption is that you lack courage to face the true facts that would open your closed eyes to see that indeed, there is at the least, some hidden reality that though it begs to be known may never reach the substandard human mind. This indeed is the thin line that separates “higher” scientific fact from common sense base upon a solid foundation of wisdom.


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