The U.S. May Ban Kratom. But Are its Effects Deadly or Lifesaving?

By Troy Farah | November 15, 2018 3:00 pm
kratom ground leaves for capsules

Kratom is a drug popular in Southeast Asia that’s derived from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, a tree in the coffee family. Kratom’s pain relieving properties allowed it to surge in popularity in the United States in the wake of the opioid crisis. (Rattiya Thongdumhyu/shutterstock)

Across America, thousands of people are throwing away their prescription drugs and picking up kratom, a plant-based drug from Southeast Asia usually brewed as a tea. Within the leaves of this tropical tree are opioid-like compounds that users say provide pain and anxiety relief, and the ability to wean off street drugs like heroin. But some health organizations warn kratom can be addictive itself or even deadly.

An estimated five million people use kratom regularly, according to the American Kratom Association (AKA), a pro-kratom lobbyist group. And the rising popularity of this herb has caught the eyes of federal government regulators, who have made several unsuccessful attempts to ban it. But that may soon change.

The Food and Drug Administration has blocked foreign kratom imports since 2015. And the Drug Enforcement Administration attempted to schedule kratom in 2016 — criminalizing it in the same legal category as heroin or marijuana — but stopped short in the face of unprecedented backlash from the public and congress members.

More recently, the FDA linked kratom to at least 47 deaths, suggesting the drug has high potential for abuse. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has emphasized that these deaths involved adulterated products or combining other drugs with kratom. In documents that were accidentally released this month, the Department of Health and Human Services also recommended a ban in October 2017.

“The adverse event reports underscore the serious and sometimes deadly risks of using kratom and the potential interactions associated with this drug,” an FDA spokesperson said in an email. “Kratom is an inherently addictive product that can cause harm, and it has no demonstrated medical benefit.”

A Kratom Ban?

But others have criticized the FDA’s interpretation of these reports, saying they do not reflect the science. And a ban would only make it harder for research to demonstrate any potential medical benefits.

“The FDA is using a database and a framework for reporting adverse effects that is not really designed to do an objective analysis of a death and determine what the cause of death was,” says Jane Babin, a patent lawyer and molecular biologist who has worked with the AKA.

Nonetheless, based on reactions from federal agencies, a ban is feared by those who use kratom and those who research it. A DEA representative recently told Business Insider that a ruling is imminent, but it’s still not clear when or what their decision will be, and kratom was noticeably absent from a recent DEA report on drug threats.

So what exactly is this herb, why is it so controversial, and what does the science say about its safety?

kratom leaves

Kratom leaves are ground up and put into capsules or steeped in hot water for tea. (Manuel Jebauer/Wikipedia)

Life Saving Drug Or Deadly Narcotic?

There are many names for Mitragyna speciosa, a tree in the coffee family Rubiaceae, but kratom is the most familiar. Like coffee, a small amount of kratom can give you a stimulating buzz, while a larger kratom dosage can be more sedating. In its native Thailand, the plant’s leaves have been chewed or sipped as tea for at least 200 years, despite being outlawed by the government in 1943 during the Greater East Asia War.

Thailand, on the Japanese side, was fighting the U.S., and the war caused the cost of opium to skyrocket. (The region, the so-called Golden Triangle, was long notorious as the world’s largest heroin-producing hub, until Afghanistan later usurped the title.) Many Thai users switched from opiates to kratom, which was not taxed, so the government responded with a blanket ban.

Ever since, the Thai government has sent in troops to burn down kratom’s natural rainforest habitat, threatening other wildlife as well. More recently, Thailand’s president, Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, expressed support for a bill decriminalizing kratom and marijuana for medical research, which passed in early November.

The Kratom Market

It’s only in the last decade or so that kratom has become popular in the United States. Like cannabidiol, or CBD, a popular medicinal marijuana extract, kratom is typically sold in gas stations, smoke shops, and online, although some juice bars also serve it.

In 2016, the AKA and the University of Florida conducted an anonymous online survey of 8000 kratom users and found the majority were white, middle-aged, employed, and married. Two-thirds of respondents used the drug to self-treat pain and emotional or mental conditions. A smaller amount of people have used it to wean off opioids. Some researchers have also suggested kratom could have therapeutic potential, including antidepressant effects.

The rising number of kratom users has alarmed states like Vermont, Wisconsin and four others that have already banned the drug. Ohio may soon join that list, following a recommendation from the state’s Board of Pharmacy that kratom should be in a restrictive legal category alongside heroin.

Their report, issued in October, claims users are injecting kratom, which seems pretty unlikely to Babin given the amount of cellulose and other plant material typically in kratom products. “If you mix kratom with water, even adding heat, it’s not going to dissolve,” she says. The Board of Pharmacy did not respond to a request for comment.

The board’s statement reflects the FDA’s warnings of mortality and abuse potential, but a closer look at the FDA’s death toll has raised some eyebrows. Almost all of the 47 deaths cited involved the use of multiple drugs, meaning it’s not clear if they died from kratom or another substance. The FDA doesn’t point to any clear correlation between a known property of the botanical and the manner a person died.

In some cases, kratom products had been adulterated with opioids or other drugs. There is also a homicide, a suicide, and a case where a patient fell from a window and died from their injuries — but because kratom was found in the blood of the decedents, their deaths were included in the tally.

“In the case of the statements made by the FDA concerning kratom, it is my scientific opinion that they do not have appropriate evidence to support the conclusions,” says Paula Brown, the director of natural products research at British Columbia Institute of Technology. She has conducted a review of the botany, chemistry and ethnomedicinal uses of plants in the genus Mitragyna, as well as undertaken industry-funded research. Brown says in an email she does not believe the drug should be criminalized. “The import ban and negative commentary has forced this botanical into a gray or illicit market, where responsible procurement of material and manufacture is not seemingly a top priority.”

Babin agrees. Her first encounter with kratom began after hearing about chronic pain patients that were being involuntarily tapered off opioids. Their doctors were following aggressive prescribing guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2016.

The intent was to control the amount of deaths due to opioids, but the CDC later quietly admitted that deaths due to prescription drugs — as opposed to illicit fentanyl — were inflated by as much as 50 percent. Cut off from their prescriptions, many so-called “pain refugees” switched to kratom for relief from chronic pain.

“Between the FDA and the CDC, they’re narrowing what options people have,” Babin says, expressing concern that a ban will drive people to black markets. “Fentanyls are killing tens of thousands of people. If kratom is an alternative, it sure is one that is not, by anybody’s estimations, as deadly as the alternatives on the street.”

Unlocking Kratom’s Pharmacology

The abusive concern for kratom centers on two organic compounds called alkaloids contained within the leaves: mitragynine (MG) and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG). These two drugs show activity at μ-opioid receptors, which are related to pain relief. While these chemicals are not true opioids, they have demonstrated effective pain relief in human and animal studies.

These kratom chemicals may cause physical dependency, but most cases that researchers have documented portray withdrawals as fairly manageable, with pain and trouble sleeping described as the most unbearable symptoms. One study published this year in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs noted, “these effects appeared to be relatively mild, since the majority of the participants did not seek treatment for their pain and sleep problems and, in fact, the withdrawal effects only lasted between one and three days.”

A rodent study published this year found that MG had little abuse potential and actually reduced self-administration of heroin in rats. Another recent rat study found the same result: MG did not have abuse potential and reduced morphine intake, whereas 7-HMG did have high abuse potential. Despite these opposing effects, about 60 percent of the alkaloids in kratom leaves are MG — only 2 percent are 7-HMG.

To understand what makes these two drugs unique, we need to talk about true opioids. When you take a drug like morphine, it interacts with μ-opioid receptors and brings in, or recruits, a protein called β-arrestin. This sends out chemical signals that can cause side effects like respiratory failure, which leads to deadly overdose.

Most opioids, including fentanyl, recruit β-arrestin, but MG and 7-HMG do not, meaning there is evidence that kratom has much less associated risks than opioids, including fatal overdose.

In other words, kratom may be slightly addictive, and it may have opioid-like effects, but based on the available science, it does not seem like kratom is as dangerous as heroin — or even close. However, without human clinical trials, which have yet to be done, it’s difficult to truly say.

Yet, the federal government’s moves to ban kratom have already made it difficult to study, as many researchers have protested. At least two human studies were cancelled following the DEA’s 2016 intent to ban kratom, and a Schedule I ban would likely make things more difficult to research, not less.

“If they force it underground, it’s not going to stop kratom from coming into the country,” Babin says. “It’s just going to be a bigger black box.”

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  • Timmytwotone

    Big Pharma is losing $. Kratom is a Natural plant and a life saver.
    Helps with pain and mood.

    • Chris Sofia

      Its good to hear it helped you out. Its not right for them to ban this. Hey federal government look at what other states did. States like Illonois, Louisanna, Georgia, flordia, New hampshire, Kentucky, West Virginia, all had a discussion before and all kept it legal. And even Tennessee turned their ban over recently and made kratom legal 21 and up. While states like Illinois and Louisiana kept it legal for those 18 and up. Ohio has to keep kratom legal because of how heavy the opioid epidemic here and how its helped many get off pain killers. Kratom seems to be used for multple reasons including, pain, energy and mood. We should as adults, have the right to use this plant.

      • Chris Sofia

        Meant to send that to ross smith but hey whoever it helps whatever the reason. Its a good thing if its helping people and overall I got to say.. Keep Kratom Legal

      • Eva Holmes

        Great comment. Yes as adults. We have the right to choose what goes into our bodies! Especially a plant similar to coffee!

    • John M Gates

      Thats exactly whats happening. Its all about money and nothing else. So many people addicted to opiates cause Doctors were paid big money to distribute opiates and now thousands loosing there lives ..Kratom shouldnt even be in the equasion as far as Im concerned..

      • Heidi Dykeman

        There is so much miss information in the beginning of this article its a crime , STOP over inflating the lies about Kratom !!! This has saved my life I have Fibromyalgia kratom helps me function physically and cleats the brain fog soI can think clearly .
        I put 2 teaspoons of kratom in my morning smoothy maybe 3 x’s a week , it is not something all of us have to take everyday , in fact its better not to . Im shocked that the gov backs big pharma $$$$$$$$ over the well being of those suffering with chronic pain , depression and brain fog umoungst other things that this innocent leaf ( don’t believe all the hype about people dyeing from it , getting addicted ect . ) we should be getting rid of the pharmapharmaceuticals substance and opting for natural substances .
        Kratom is not the demoned articles like this make it out to be , if I opt for natural that should be my choice .
        Please help us stop the FdA ,CDC and health and human services from scheduling Kratom in order for those that have pharmaceutical companies in there stock portfolios. per days / weeks for reading .

        • Edmund Burke

          I actually don’t think this is at all about “big pharma” as there’s very little money in these drugs to begin with (pain meds are generic and most 50-100 years old). The pain market has always been the domain of small players and generic manufacturers.

          This is about the media’s panicked focus on the “opioid crisis, ” which is in turn fueled by well-intentioned but misguided attempts to push people off prescribed drugs at a time when highly powerful dangerous alternatives such as fentanyl are more readily available on the street than any time in history. And ironically the more they try to regulate, the worse it gets.

          • Kim Wilcox Parker

            Edmund! You are so right on!

  • Ross Smith

    I am 66 years old and been using kratom for five years, it’s the only substance that allows me to function due to a chronic back issue. It doesn’t get u high or degrade you as opiates do, for me it’s a lifesaver.

    • Nick Manning

      Please stop lying!!!! Jesus Christ. Kratom gets people high and you know it! Stop spreading this fake news! People like you are the reason it’s getting banned!

      • cj5414

        Bullshit! Nick Manning. Stop the fake propaganda!

        I use kratom. IT DOES NOT, I repeat… DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH! My back pain and every aspect of personal life has been waaay more manageable and under control since I discovered kratom. Stop acting as if this supplement produces drug overdose, deaths, or stairwells full of junkies!

        The best thing that ever happened to me was the day I stopped taking those damn pain killers produced by Big Pharma. Now, people like you and big Government want to force people back into the dark days of telling everyone what they should or should not do with their own lives. smdh.

      • Mboxer511

        Actually its people like you who are shouting “Kratom gets people high and you know it!” that are the reason they are trying to ban it. Thanks for your contribution.

      • Al Toid

        You’re an idiot, Nick.

      • Heidi Dykeman

        Nick Manning what are you on ? A low dose of kratom in my smoothy 2-3 times a week gives me pain relief and clears the brain fog I have from Fibro .
        Please get your facts straight. Before running Kratom into the ground. No addiction here .

        • Nick Manning

          I’ve taken it daily for years for nerve pain and depression.

      • Zachary Thompson

        You are such an idiot it’s hard to believe. Do a shred of research before you open your inbred mouth.

        • Nick Manning

          Lol your insults are hilarious because you think you know me. I have done 5 years of “research” in the form of an addiction to kratom that I’m having trouble shaking. So don’t come at me like you know my struggles, Zachary Thompson.

          • Zachary Thompson

            Well you did prove the point I made in my other comment… You proved that you are indeed an addict and kratom just happened to be what you found… I use kratom daily and could see how it could be addictive, but a shred of self restraint would have saved you. It’s nowhere near as addictive as even the most mild opiods, and much harder to get the pregressively higher doses one needs as they go deeper into an addiction. You clearly had a strong desire to feel something in the form of kratom or else you wouldnt have gone such lengths to satisfy your craving. You need to be talking to a psychiatrist about the root of your substance abuse problem, not some “government cuck” on the internet.

          • Nick Manning

            Trust me, I’m far from a true addict. Kratom was the first thing i was ever addicted to, only because I read so this wonderful stuff about it online. You have to remember this was 2012/2013 when barely anybody knew what it was. I took it for nerve damage and depression but it only made things worse over the long run.

      • Will Ross

        Why are assholes like you so hell bent on anyone else feeling any better than a median balance of sobriety and the pain of living and aging? “Those people who use Kratom are in better moods and aren’t feeling constant discomfort from a lifetime of injuries and arthritis… I MUST STOP THEM…”. Jerk.

        • Nick Manning

          Because kratom ruined my life and I am spreading TRUTH! Whether you like it or not. I’m telling as many people as i can about this evil herb and to stay away from it.

          • Will Ross

            Did Kratom ruin your life? Or did poor choices, irresponsible actions, and not living a life of responsibility and meaning ruin what you consider “your life”? Not being cheeky, mate. But you have to ask yourself these questions. Cheers.

      • Henry Jerdon

        Do you suffer from chronic pain ? Living everyday with pain can wear on your mind as well as your body. Any and all remedies should be given to those suffering. Not decided by those who don’t suffer. Your opinion would change if you had to deal with pain 24 7

        • Nick Manning

          I suffer from nerve damage and depression. That’s why i started taking it daily 5 years ago. It has had a hugely negative effect on my life and I’m only sharing my experience with this plant. I believe the 1st amendment entitles me to do this.

          • laughingtree

            So it doesn’t work for you. Don’t take it.

          • Nick Manning

            I wish it was that easy. If there was something I could do to stop instantly, I would in a heartbeat.

      • Mike

        If Kratom gets you “high”, so does coffee. Don’t be an idiot. Kratom also may be slightly addictive, just like sugar or coffee. Millions of people die every year from drugs like tylenol and ibuprofen. God forbid we let people get off oxycodone or heroin by using a plant leaf from the coffee family.

        • Robert J. Satterfield


      • Ross Smith

        Some claim this plant will get u high, in my experience if u use too much as I did accidentally in the beginning, it will make u feel sick and u will vomit, but not “high” I have heard something about smoking this, the effects from that I wouldn’t know. I would say u can abuse anything that is relatively safe such as a vehicle and make it dangerous in the manner it is used, so should the FDA ban automobiles?

        • Thomas Powell

          Actually Ross they should ban automobiles… How many deaths a year are caused by those? Are people actually properly informed on how to operate an 2,000lb chunck of metal at 30-50mph?🤐

          • Thomas Powell

            AND in all actuality if eat too many Chocolate covered roasted coffee beans you have the EXACT same reaction…🤢🤢🤮. Please dont speculate on how I know that…

      • Abortion Boy

        Nick, I hope one day you suffer from chronic pain for the rest of your life like millions of Americans do every day and never try Kratom, so you’re forced to live with it. Once that happens then maybe you sing a different tune. Until then, F off you piece of uninformed garbage of a human.

        • Nick Manning

          Haha, good one. How do you know what I suffer from? Oh, that’s right, you’re just an insulting keyboard warrior who’s about to get his precious drug taken away. Yea, I’d be mad if I were you too because you’re in for a real treat when kratom gets banned. Good luck!

      • Edmund Burke

        You’re trying to be ironic, right?

      • Kim Wilcox Parker

        Nick, I am a 60-year-old disabled nurse. I have no idea where you are coming from? Kratom doesn’t make you high. The tincture can be habit-forming, and the book I bought for $8.00 from Amazon explains about it and how to take it. Have you had the need to be on it? The government was and are trying to appease the families who have had loved ones die or are addicts due to opioids. A person has a dominant gene which there could be just one or more things that trigger addiction to anything. So please don’t spew your opinions for everyone on something that isn’t so.

        • Keith Pascucci

          He’s a total idiot

        • Nick Manning

          I’m not “spewing” anything but the truth, Kim Wilcox Parker. I’m sharing my experience with kratom and my opinions on it, just like you are.

      • Keith Pascucci

        Nick Manning…AKA Scott Gottlieb

        • Wilde Miss


        • Nick Manning

          You got me! Darn, you are so smart. Are you a detective?

      • Ellen Harvischak

        You are lying. Kratom gives me no sense of high. I can drive, work, operate machinery at work while its in my system, all while receiving extraordinary pain relief. I used to take Tramadol….now THAT was addictive. I can take or leave Kratom. The only withdrawal symptom I receive is that my chronic pain comes back with a vengeance. Sounds like you THINK you know it all….you obviously don’t know a thing about kratom

      • Robert J. Satterfield

        If you’re getting high, there’s something in your Kratom! It makes one feel good like a cup of coffee in the morning without any jitters. Maybe because it belongs to to coffee family…

      • Wilde Miss

        I can say the same to you….please stop lying!! I mean, you CLEARLY have an agenda. My guess is you either work for a rehab, or you are newly sober and are going to save the world. I have responsibly consumed kratom for 4 years. When I first started consuming kratom, I had my husband (a police officer and Drug Recognition Expert) give me a full field sobriety test because I wanted to make certain that I was truly as clear-headed as I felt. I passed 100%. He has since seen how my quality of life has improved over the years and shares my story with all his LEO brothers and anyone who will listen. I am no longer bed-bound, suffering from multiple side effects from medications, no longer sleeping and in pain all day. I have a successful career now. I’m no longer on disability. My children have actually told me that they thank God that I found kratom because they have their mom back.

        Can people abuse things? Absolutely! I read an article on the BBC yesterday about teens in Indonesia brewing tea from used tampons and drinking the liquid to get high…people will try ANYTHING. Ironically, kratom comes from Indo and grows everywhere…you can literally walk down the street and pick the leaves off a tree…which brings up an interesting point….if kratom is such a great high, why are Indo teens brewing tea from USED TAMPONS they find in the TRASH to get high with, if they can just pick some kratom leaves off the tree growing in their yard and, according to YOU, get a high like heroin? Does that make ANY sense???
        Put your thinking cap on.

        • Nick Manning

          No, again, you’re wrong. Just like every other person who ganged up on me and hurled insults. I’ve been addicted to kratom for 5 years. So I think I have the experience to speak up about this evil plant, that has stolen 5 years of my life on the false hope of a non-addictive natural remedy for pain, depressing, and anxiety.

        • Justin Cross

          Now thats a story. Your police officer drug recognition expert husband gave you a field sobriety test because you are so vigilant concerning the supplements you ingest that you had to know if it would negatively affect you. And you passed 100%!, now was this pass/fail or was some sort of curve applied?

      • Connie B

        Nick..I think your 6 month experience with kratom and your horrible withdrawals may well have been because the kratom you took back then was more than just kratom.
        Generally people don’t have hard withdrawal unless it had opiates or whatever mixed into it. Especially the crap that was often sold at head shops and such.

        • Nick Manning

          Try 5 years, buddy. But yea, you seem to know everything so I’m not even going to respond.

          • Connie B

            Well I will.. since I looked up some of your other posts BUDDY.and you stated that you only used it for 6 months..Now if you want to say you were full of it and lying, then maybe that’s something worth listening to. SMH

          • Nick Manning

            Where did I say that? I may have said 6 months, instead of years. I was definitely on this garbage for 6 years and I’m sick of it!

      • Renee

        It does not get you high! You need to leave this conversation and go educate yourself and then apologize to all the people it has saved!

        • Nick Manning

          Lol I’ve taken it. It definitely gets you high and it’s addictive. Please stop lying.

      • Numbertwopencil

        Hmmmmm. I’ve never noticed Kratom getting me or anyone else in any way high. Coffee, yes, a little bit. Aspirin, no. Kratom is closer to aspirin (though overall significantly safer) and less euphoric than coffee.

        I started taking Kratom a few years ago when I was facing a summer of severe back pain and my doctors recommended various opioids. I didn’t want to deal with taking opioids and so, on the advice of my doctor, I tried Kratom. I had low expectations. However, although it didn’t lift all of the pain, it also did not have the rather intense high of opioids, or the impacts those have on my health, not to mention addiction. Now, I use Kratom on and off to deal with my back pain. I take it on average maybe, oh, once every two weeks for about a day. I have to watch my dosage (taking a bit too much leads to nausea) and, yes, if I do have to take it every day for a while, I’ll taper, rather than stop cold to avoid headaches. (Stopping and starting is certainly less tricky than stopping and starting, oh, coffee.)

        I feel it’s significantly contributed to better health, largely because I avoided (and continue to avoid) pain killers that do have bad effects on my health. Based on my experience–and I have yet to meet anyone who has used it with with significantly different experiences–communities with drug problems should be encouraging people to consider Kratom instead of banning it. Banning it will _create_ drug problems. Kratom itself is less harmful than, oh, coffee, and can help people who might otherwise take hard drugs.

        It’s basically impossible to overdose on Kratom because the nausea that comes with higher doses causes vomiting. Vomiting is unpleasant but, doh, it makes taking it self-limiting. Also, there’s no “high” with Kratom, no euphoria, other than a reduction in pain (or, perhaps it’s better put “a increase in the ability to tolerate pain”). No one takes Kratom as a party drug any more than you might, say, drink a cup of coffee after a large meal to stay awake. (And, again, Kratom, IME, is less powerful, and far less dangerous than coffee.)

        Yes, I think one of the reasons we are starting to see various state bans is that drug companies do not want to lose money on drug treatment programs. An enormous amount of money is made on various drug treatment programs, many of which are simply not a fraction as effective as Kratom and nearly all of which are more dangerous. States, individuals, medical professionals, and organizations that are concerned about drug abuse should be banning together to make Kratom legal and to help with getting it in the hands of those who need it.

      • Brian

        It’s definitely not getting banned because it’s gets you high. I think you give the government to much respect. You can’t really believe that. As far as your addiction for 5 years. Do you have weak self control? Have you tried taking a little less each time? I’ve noticed that I can take a little bit and not feel the euphoric effect but it stops the agitation. Little by little you should ride yourself of it. Don’t blame society for your addiction. And certainly don’t discount it’s usefulness because you’re addicted. I’m guessing this isn’t the only thing you’ve been addicted to. Being dependent on Kratom is probably a lot better then other drugs you’ve been addicted to

      • laughingtree

        Maybe it does. But only if you take massive amounts because you’re looking to get high. It sure as hell doesn’t in the doses I’m taking. again, maybe I don’t have an addictive personality. But the fact that you’re weak minded and unable to control yourself is not my fault.

        • JL

          Too many people have fed into Nick’s trolling efforts.

          Just look at it like this.

          On one hand, thousands of people say kratom helps them and causes little to no side effects..

          On the other hand, you have Nick..

          Just stop feeding into his BS and focus on what works for you and thousands of other kratom supporters.

      • Kim Wilcox Parker

        No, Nick, there is no getting high from Kratom only pain relief. Get help.

        • Nick Manning

          If you take too much, you CAN GET HIGH. Please just stop lying.

      • Renee

        You must get high off of coffee! Wow Jesus Christ really ? It’s a herb from the coffee family! Well I’ll tell you what Nick why don’t you go to the Dr. and they will definitely put you on three medications that you’ll be addicted to and won’t work and then your insurance company will tell yo how your body is to work that month and how many you can take! Stop bashing Kratom it gets people off those deadly meds that people die from every damn day! Seriously it saves lives! If you want To be addicted to anything go se your Dr. they will hook you right up! Me on the other hand prefer to take kratom a leaf from the coffee family that does not get me high! see kratom is about what it does not do to people and uneducated people like you that probably take 20 at a time try to get high from it!!!

        • Nick Manning

          Stop coming back here and lying through your teeth with the SAME BULL everybody else spouts! Just stop!!! Your precious “herb from the coffee family” is going to be banned soon. Sorry, pal…

  • HappyQuails

    Imports of Kratom were banned yesterday.

    • Andrew Durham

      Kratom imoorts were banned years ago. Not on a federal level though. What they’re doing is illegal. Kratom that is being shipped by air cargo is still making it in as are some other shipments that slide through the cracks. Now isn’t the time to panic buy. That will hust result in a market price inflation. Don’t buy from urban ice or Gaia related companies. They’re a price gouging scam .

      • David Bush

        Been using Gaia for a year now. Cheapest and best quality I have found. 80 bucks for a kilo… half the price of others.

        • Andrew Durham

          Not anymore .150 a kilo now after they made everyone panic .

        • Nick Manning

          LOL you mean the company who had a recall because their garbage kratom was infested with salmonella? Good luck!

          • Tracey

            Nick, regardless of whether or not that’s true, you don’t own my body. I own my body. Quit attempting to dictate what I’m allowed to ingest. It’s none of your business.

      • Renee

        Too funny I hope your right! I was gonna panic buy today!

    • Susan

      Where was it banned

    • Mike

      No they weren’t. The FDA has been “banning” imports of kratom since 2015.

  • Charles Williams

    I will continue to donate to the AKA that’s our best bet. The government needs to do an investigation on gottlieb and they will see exactly why he is so desperate to ban this lifesaving plant. Everyone be ready to fight (sign petitions and call your Congress) they do not have the right to kill thousands of people for financial gain

  • Stevie

    This is sickening. I have never seen such a profit driven place. If this atrocity happens and they ban it, watch big pharma put it in a capsule and sell it at exorbitant prices. Also, they want to say Kratom has been responsible for 47 deaths? I wouldn’t even use that for a statistic when you factor in that alcohol causes around 85,000 deaths a year! Plus that number includes victims that weren’t even drinking. But hey, that’s okay because that brings in precious money.

    • Ruben Mejias

      I gotta admit ethanol is a drug too called alcohol and wouldnt want another prohibition .it would upset the masses including me .i do love my Gin. And do notice even taking a half teaspoon of any kind of Kratom doesnt even touch in its mind altering ability alcohol .opiates or even cannabis. Its benign

      • Kim Wilcox Parker

        I have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, panic attacks, PTSD, now that the doctor took me off my pain meds I heard about Kratom and bought a book from Amazon. I decided to try it. I bought the capsules. My whole body is so much better. I don’t know about anyone else who is taking it, but I never get as high. I got pain relief. People get hooked on everything, right down to sniffing cans. Please don’t ban it. We who has chronic pain will never get relief. I am a sixty – year old disabled nurse. Kratom has helped me immensely. Chronic pain patients are being punished due to the stupid drug addicts. I don’t see you banning alcohol, cigarettes, porn, 1-800 sex talk. W need our Kratom.

        • Trouble1023

          I agree. I am in the same boat you are in. The doctors had me on so much pain and anxiety meds they were killing me. Kratom saved me. There is no “high” and it is terrible tasting. But if you have ever had the kind of pain I have you would drink it too. I can’t see how anybody could ever od on it. It would make you throw up if you took too much. The withdrawals from opiates make you want to .commit suicide. Kratom stops them. Pharmaceutical companies are just upset cause they don’t have their greedy fingers in the money pie. Enough said.

        • Kelly Devine

          Playing into the blame game is just pitting CPP against SUD people. The OD was inflated by 50% elicit fentanyl not prescription opiates. just be careful not to bash one group to save another it’s comparing apples to oranges. An alcoholic isn’t going around trying to shut down bars in liquor stores. Alcoholics just stay out of bars in liquor stores so somebody with substance use disorderal doesn’t shut down all the drug companies they just don’t go to doctors that give them opiates.

        • Karen Fullerton

          i so agree with you i have chronic pain and cancer pain from treatments doctors taking away me perscription meds that hardley help with the small mg i was given i have tried kratom since August best thing for me and i dont get high i get pain relief

        • Nick Manning

          The funny part is, you are an addict but you just don’t know it yet. When kratom gets banned, you will see how it feels to experience withdrawal. Then you’ll think back to my comments and regret what you said about me.

          • Kim Wilcox Parker

            No, Nick, I am not addicted. I am sorry that you feel as though you are. You really need to get into a program.

          • stacey graham

            Have you tried to stop taking it? just wait and see.Nick doesn’t need a program. He’s telling the truth of the negative side affects.

          • ACN76

            Nick what was your experience? I think I missed it? For me, before Kratom I was bedridden for 6 months from health problems. Given 6 rx drugs that didn’t help and had decided my life was over. After Kratom I stopped needing 5 of the rxs and started being able to live again. If I stop it I don’t get some terrible opioid like we but I feel my previous symptoms returning. So that scares me that without it I will be so sick again. I don’t take extracts and only get tested Kratom from vetted vendors. Sorry your experience has been different but why were you taking it in the first place? Was it just for fun?

          • Nick Manning

            Thank you for speaking to me in a civilized manner, unlike other commenters who resort to insults instead of having a discussion. I have been depressed and anxious most of my 33 year old life. I also have nerve damage in my leg. I tried every antidepressant known to man and none of them worked. A friend offered me some tramadol and it actually made me feel better. I know now that it was a big mistake (the 1st mistake). I wanted to get off of it because it was ruining my life, so in 2012 I googled ways to help quit. That’s when I found kratom. It had glowing reviews but was relatively unknown at the time. Everybody was saying that it helped with pain, depression, anxiety, and opioid withdrawal. AND it wasn’t addictive on top of it. What a miracle, right?!? WRONG! It ended up being almost the same as tramadol to me, only slightly less addictive but it got in the way of everything in my life in the same way as any pill. For 6 years I have been trapped in a living hell and I am fed up with it. That is why I made it my mission to quit and let others hear my story.

          • ACN76

            I’m really sorry that has been your experience. Everyone in my family and my friends all comment on how much better I have been since taking kratom and all of those rxs were making me a mess. I’ve struggled with the same mental things plus ocd since I was 10 years old and have also been put on every med out there. I had some slight WD when I didn’t take Kratom for several days but it didn’t keep me from functioning the way Suboxone wd did for months on end. That was 10 years ago I was given it to get off of a moderate Vicodin RX. I had ordered Kratom then too but I threw it away without trying it. The first week on Suboxone my anxiety went through the roof and I stopped being able to think straight at all. I had to quit grad school and my job and give up my home and move all the way across the country with my family to focus on getting off of it, it was horrible. I’m really sorry to hear that Kratom has been such a bad thing for you but I do think there are lots of people that don’t have that experience with it. I don’t really know of any “drug” that improves people’s lives the way Kratom does. But that doesn’t mean it works well for everyone. Not everyone will have your experience just like how unfortunately you haven’t had theirs. :(

          • Justin Cross

            Spot. On. Its like someone who is addicted to vicodin saying oxycodone saved me! I have no withdrawals and my pain is taken care of! LIFESAVER

          • stacey graham

            Nick, I too became addicted to Kratom. I needed a detox in a hospital and was in post acute withdrawl under a drs care for 8 weeks. it was terrifying.People think its a miracel cure. wait until they stop using it for a day or two and they will then see that the side affects are frightening. If they want to use it, fine with me , go ahead. But thetruth needs to be known about long term side affects.

    • Abortion Boy

      Yeah, they’re saying 47 deaths since 2009. That’s barely a person a month since 2009.

      On the other hand, there are 50,000 hospitalizations with 25,000 accounting for intensive care and 150 deaths a year from acetaminophen. Nobody is rushing out to ban that I see.

      • Westortion

        Not one of those 47 deaths were caused by kratom. Every single case had either other, more dangerous substances in their system or they did something like jump off a bridge. Ingesting kratom has never killed anyone, it can’t kill you. Much like cannabis.

        • Robert J. Satterfield

          I did read there was only ONE that died from Kratom, but the amount in their blood was OUTRAGEOUS! You can buy tincture extracts, and capsule extracst that can be very potent. If taken in large doses like almost anything it can kill ya’. (If the story was even true.) With powder, one would get sick before they consumed enough to kill them. They know this!

          • James Christopher Hill

            True, I hear that water can kill people. Actually even drinking too much water in a certain amount of time can disrupt the kidney function.

      • James Christopher Hill

        47 deaths with adulterated Kratom around the world over 10 YEARS! – Yea, real epidemic. Blaming kratom for the deaths when people were mixing it with other drugs is like blaming the pizza the addict had for lunch. It’s big pharma probably bribing Gottlieb as he was under two investigations for serious conflict of interests working at the FDA, yet brokering multi-billion dollar deals to speed up clearances of drugs. Drugs, (pharmaceuticals, that were cleared fast, but later pulled due to many deaths.) Can we say corruption. Those investigations just “disappeared” when Trump nominated Gottlieb as the head of the FDA. Btw, since when did one Doctor instead of a serious investigation review board decide the fate of millions!? Now, almost every day, Gottlieb makes new claims of how dangerous Kratom is. Lying to the DEA to try to get them to schedule Kratom so it can’t even be tested is a Federal Felony and this whole Kratom debacle by a rabid Gottlieb concerning Kratom when he should be concerned about other serious problems, give me goosebumps, scares the hell out of me as I no longer trust the FDA and Gottlieb with his wild, unsubstantiated claims has seriously jeopardized the FDA’s reputation as the DEA relies upon them to tell them the truth.

  • Susan

    I have used kratom for many years I am so grateful to the person that introduced me to it. I’ve used it for herion and opioid withdrawals I know I would have not made it through those without the kratom I’ve also use it for anxiety I can use it or not have never felt addicted to it or have any kind of adverse storms from it I pray to our good Lord that for once the government and big pharma can just let it b quit taking away or banning the good things that can help so any ppl and health issues on and I’m 61 years of age and have used substances almost my whole life this is the first thing that has helped in so many ways

    • Nick Manning

      Wait until it gets banned and you can’t get it anymore. You will get the same withdrawals that you had with heroin. I wish you the best. Suggest you start tapering soon. Good luck!

      • Shine On

        What are you talking about? Kratom W/D are nothing like heroin. Why would you have even made such an ignorant statement.

        • stacey graham

          yes they are worse than herion. Just try stopping it! you will see the negative side of kratom real quick. I know you dont want to hear that but it aint no lie. all these people praising it havent tried going off of it.

          • Rockwell

            Lol. Where do you get this information? Your personal experience? Have you been in heroin withdrawals before?

          • stacey graham

            I didn’t get this information from anyone. I’ve detox from OxyContin and other opiates. So it is from personal experience jackass. Lol

      • Zachary Thompson

        Go away you dumbass, learn before you speak. If you did a shred of research or even read the article that you’re commenting on, you’d know you’re so wrong it’s not even funny. Do a little research before you speak, brainwashed government cuck.

        • Diane Tompkins Usher

          I have been taking Kratom for over a year. Saved my life. Without it I am miserable. I have had chronic pain for several years. I stopped taking all pain meds. I ran out of Kratom for two days. No mental withdrawals. Just had pain again and was really tired. Nothing like Opiate withdrawl. Not even close. No sweating, no nausea, no mental anguish. This Kratom is amazing and I got my life back. My memory has returned. Opiates messes withyour memory.

        • Nick Manning

          Lol government cuck? For real? You don’t know me or anything about me. I’ve done plenty of “research” on kratom and I know it has helped ruin my life. So you can go somewhere else with all that jazz. You can’t tell me my experience doesn’t count. Kratom is 100% addictive and I can’t wait until this garbage gets banned. It was just another drug for the addicts to use under the radar but now that ship has sailed. Buh bye!

          • Zachary Thompson

            Sure kratom is addictive, far less addictive than caffeine, is caffeine just a drug addicts use to get their fix? Unlike caffeine though, kratom can help get people off of drugs, like heroin, that are actually dangerous and cause painful and dangerous withdraws, as it helps ease thr pysical and phychological symptoms. It can also be used in the place of highly addictive anti-anxiety meds, such as xanax, as well stopping people from using addictive opiates in the first place, as its wonderful at helping with imflammation and mild pain. Anything can be addictive if you abuse it, and clearly you have, if you say it’s helped ruin your life. You sound like one of those addicts you say are using it… because if you can’t even control your self with kratom, god knows what else you’re addicted to. It’s such a mild sunstance with real medical benefits, such that only a fool or a sellout would attempt to ban it. So which one are you?

          • stacey graham

            Nick is telling the truth. Ive been under a Drs care for two month in post acute withdrawal from it. And Im no dumbass either. Give yourself another year then we’ll see who’s the dumbass.

      • Mike

        You’re a fool and everyone here knows it. I’ve tapered off kratom over 2 days several times. The withdrawals are about as uncomfortable as having a headache and they last 2 days, that’s after heavy, prolonged use.

        • Justin Cross

          HA! (sorry i will return to silently judging your deceptive and ignorant comment)

      • George

        The article plainly states that withdrawal takes 1-3 days, affecting sleep and (obviously) returning pain, and that kratom users do not even need assistance with the brief process. Your claims are as nonsensical as the government’s bizarre belief that kratom users inject a hydrophobic powder into their veins!

      • Keith Pascucci

        Morons everywhere today!

      • AprilL

        Well, lets see, you can take kratom and have very mild withdrawals or be on narcotics and have serious withdrawals. I have been taking kratom for two years since a car accident. I’m not high, just in less pain. I wonder how my life would be if I had been taking pain meds for the last two years.

      • Tracey

        Poor little Nick needs a job or a hobby. He’s worried about what other adults ingest into their own bodies. Too much time on his hands.

        • Robert J. Satterfield

          Maybe he works for BIG PHARMA. lol! Or maybe a rehab center.

          • Renee

            Your right I bet he does! Taking Money from his pocket!

          • Nick Manning

            Yup, I wish i worked for one. I would help get people off this addictive garbage kratom (including myself)

      • Brian

        You have know idea what you’re talking about. The withdrawals aren’t even compariable. You’re either extremely sensitive to Kratom or you’re out right lying. You’re part of the problem.

        • Nick Manning

          I may be sensitive to drugs because I am dependant on kratom until I can figure out how to quit without going through hell.

          • PoliticallyIncorrect2

            Stop buying kratom and ride the withdrawals out. That’s the only way. You’re only prolonging the misery. After a few days, the worst will be over.

        • stacey graham

          He’s not lying. Have you tried stopping it? after two years of being on it. I needed hospitalized to start the detox. Quit bashing people because you dont want to hear their truth. The truth needs to come out about the negative side affects for a lot of people whether or not you like what you hear.

          • Rockwell

            You’re either lying or a weakling. Hospitalized for kratom detox? Are you kidding me?! Well, I suppose if you were scared enough to do it and told a doctor who didn’t know about it, they’d suggest rehab. Who are they to tell you that you’ll be okay in a week.

      • Thomas Powell

        Says the misinformed… I am happy you dont have the problems of so many others, but to passive-aggressively mock the plight of others shows how you really dont deserve to have an opinion on the issue. So that said… anything you say on the issue is worth a pile extruded human excrement! Climb back into the big box package you came out of.

        • Nick Manning

          Yup, because you know me so well. I’ve been struggling to get off this “natural miracle herb” for 5 years. So you can stop assuming and go ask real people what kratom w/d is like, not these addicts who lie on the internet so their precious, unregulated drug doesn’t get taken away!

          • Rockwell

            You’re against it and speaking negatively about it and its users because it rubbed you the wrong way. If you can’t kick kratom of all things, even a large addiction to the strongest available, it’s your fault. That’s not something I’d advertise.

      • Robert J. Satterfield

        Where did you get your information at??? The withdraw is like that of going without your daily coffee. It’s been described as mild by those who experienced it ,and lasts about 3 days with no inpatient treatment. It is actually a member of the coffee family.

        • Nick Manning

          From myself, buddy. I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get off this addictive garbage for 5 years. So stop lying.

      • laughingtree

        Nick Manning, I take it for pain. I can go months without it. And then I can use it for months when the pain is particularly bad. Don’t speak about things you know nothing about. At least try it first. I’m educated. I’m 50. I’ve never been a drug addict. I have chronic back pain from multiple injuries. I can’t get doctors to help me other than to have me get ablation, surgery and steroid shots. I’m currently at $80,000 for co-pays for the last 3 years after my insurance pays 80%. I take this, ginger and turmeric. It is what I can afford. I don’t know anybody who uses it to get high. Be proactive and stop believing propaganda. Because you better believe that the pharmaceutical companies are looking at it and figuring out how to milk us for every penny we have left just like they’ve done with pot. And if you really thought it was such an issue, why do you suppose cigarettes are still out there? Alcohol? Don’t be so easily manipulated.

        • Nick Manning

          What I believe is what I have been going through for the past 5 years. Struggling to get off of this crap. I’ve spent thousands over the years and shed countless tears. I’m so sick of reading these lies by people like you and others who are ganging up on me. You people should be ashamed of yourself. I started taken it because i read lies about how it isn’t addictive, now I’m trapped in this hell.

          • laughingtree

            So you’re weak minded and have no self-control and that’s my fault?

          • Nick Manning

            5 years if gradual use takes a toll. There are thousands out there just like me. And I’m not really sure where you’re coming from about it being your fault? When did I say that? You responded to me, remember buddy?

          • Carrie Lemon-Blossom

            Nick, you really are just proving everyone’s point by carrying on.

            First of all, if you truly are having that kind of difficulty stopping, you may have had adulterated products.
            You are insisting that we will all see that we are addicted when we try and stop except there is so much wrong with that assertion.
            You are failing to differentiate between dependence and addiction. Tons of FDA approved drugs have horrible discontinuation symptoms; Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, Xanax are the other benzos and dozens of others. Cigarettes cause dependence. The argument that it should be banned because it may be habit forming is simply not logically sound. The pharmaceutical companies push these other habit forming substances, but want to ban kratom, showing any reasonable onlooker that all that matters is if they can make money. If people stop using suboxone and start using kratom in mass, that would be horrible for their profits so they want to stop it by any means necessary. Suboxone is HIGHLY addictive, more so than heroin for many people, yet suboxone is hailed as an amazing treatment.
            A great many of the people who take kratom are adult chronic pain patients who will probably never not be in chronic pain. The only way these people would have to stop using kratom is if it were banned.
            While I empathize with your situation, your personal story is anecdotal evidence at best, and anecdotal evidence is close to useless when trying to come by scientific facts.

          • Marina Dowling

            I recently started using kratom to get off of Tramadol. I bought several different kinds to try. How does one know if the kratom is adulterated? I’m new to the kratom experience. Thank u for any response

          • Brian

            There is a online source Herbal Salvation. Their products are pure. Or Kratoria source. I honestly believe that most Kratom is pure. Why would someone waste more money putting more expensive drugs in. I also believe you can tell from the taste. It should taste earthy and smell like green tea

          • Marina Dowling

            Thank u Brian!

          • Justin Cross

            You are the voice of truth in this thread Nick. You are like a war vet coming back from battle describing what its like to his fellow undeployed troops. And they are trying to tell you how it really is because they watched saving private ryan.

      • Wilde Miss

        Why do you (wrongly) assume people who consume kratom know what heroin feels like? I consume kratom and have never taken an illegal drug in my entire life. I don’t even consume alcohol or use tobacco products. I bet you can’t even claim that. The MAJORITY of kratom consumers are chronic pain patients, not recreational users or addicts.

        8,000 people a year seek help for sex addiction. Maybe you should stop having sex since clearly 8,000 people can’t control themselves and its dangerous. *Your logic*

      • Renee

        Not true! I only use when needed! No addiction from kratom! You are heartless to want people back on drugs and the streets!

      • Karen Fullerton

        wait till you need something NICK MANNING maybe there wont be nothing to help you or any other idiots that dont know nothing about this product SMH!!!!

        • Nick Manning

          You’re coming at me with that grammar? Lol

          • JL

            Nick is trolling.

            Plain and simple.

            Stop feeding into his childlike behavior and he’ll eventually shut the hell up.

          • Nick Manning

            I’m actually not trolling. I’ve been addicted to kratom and trying to quit now for around 6 years and I’m sick of it. I just want it to be banned already…

          • JL

            Nick.. For the last month, I have taken kratom in what would be considered a decent dose for me… That means every day for a month..
            I stopped it and went for a couple of days to see what type of reaction I would have, if any. Guess what..

            The worst issue I had was a headache and a slight case of dry mouth, easily remedied with good amounts of water, which BTW was no worse then the withdrawal symptoms of caffeine.

            While in use, I saw no difference in my behavior, aside from the excessive happiness I had due to the relief of my constant pain from my degenerative disc disease and my pinched sciatic nerve.

            So whatever bull$hit you are trying to sell people about how kratom ruined your life and how dangerous It can be is just that.. Bull$hit..

            First hand testing right here by myself calling bull$hit on your lame attention whoring posts, nick.

            Please keep your fake complaints and broken attacks on legitimate uses of kratom to yourself, or go join and anti-kratom group and you can all share your sad stories of addiction to kratom with each other .

      • Karen Fullerton

        Nick why are you even on this forum really

        • Nick Manning

          It’s not a forum. It’s an article.

      • C Allen

        Way to sympathize with the people who are suffering. AH.

    • Mboxer511

      Don’t worry, it won’t get banned on federal level until the majority of the states see it as an issue. Most states have no regulation on it.

    • James Batchelor

      Yet cigarettes kill 480 thousand people every year. They know this. But are they banning tobacco???

    • Renee

      Right! You don’t get Hugh from Kratom! It is not a drug! It’s a leaf that takes pain away and keeps your spirits up! If they do ban it many many people I fear will die!

      • Susan

        I’ve used Kratom off and on for about 8 yrs now. I’m 61 years old lady. I’ve had a lot of different substance use in that time.
        I don’t think that if I haven’t been introduced to Kratom for help with Opiate and Heroin withdrawals that I’d b here today.
        To me when I first used it it was/is a miracle!! It help way beyond what I expected. I continue using it even now. If they ban KRATOM So many people will suffer. It’s totally unfair without more medical properties. Instead of fighting about something that absolutely helps people. I feel that if they(government ,DEA, FDA, BIG PHARMA,ECT.) NEED TO GIVE it a chance. We all know that any THING the PEOPLE say look this helped and the immediate ban it or make it against the law.

    • stacey graham

      Have you tried not taking it for a day or two/ the withdrawal is worse than heroin and lasts a lot longer. Don’t kid yourself. your body is by now addicted to kratom even if you don’t think so.

      • Scott Hazlam

        lol yes i have and you dont know what youre talking about. ive taken 10-15 grams per day for over 3 years. i recently ran out while on vacation, went 2 days just fine, and then went the 3rd day on a 20 hour flight. can you think of a more uncomfortable place to “withdraw”? well i experienced no withdraws. heroin on the other hand, i dont know what that feels like but i’m sorry you do.

        • stacey graham

          Scott, the strain I was on for three years replaced all of my Seratonin and damaged my nerve endings. Thank god, not permanently. My experience with kratom was no joke. What purpose would it serve me and others with a similar experience to lie about it ? People comment back calling us liars and weaklings are infuriating. You can take it for the rest of your life for all I care. But my experience will not be silenced. I plan on letting my congressman know that the long term side affects for some people are dangerous. There are many of us and it’s OUR truth.

          • stacey graham

            And one more thing. While I never took herion, I did detox from OxyContin while being prescribed it for pain while undergoing treatment for a back injury. Oxycontinin is a synthetic herion. That withdrawal was a walk in the park compared to wht I went through with Kratom. Just saying.

          • Scott Hazlam

            Well the beauty if freedom is you dont have to take it! But the government should not tell me what herbal remedy I can use use. Of course ingesting anything is not our God given potential realized .. it’s a crutch. But the substances that Dr. JoeBlow and his big pharma employers give us are much more potent and deadly than the Leaf of any tree. And when you refer to the strain you were on, I’d put my money on it that you were taking extracts. Sorry for your bad experience, but let’s tally up the bad experience stories of alcohol and ask why its not illegal

          • stacey graham

            Well, I’m glad you didn’t put your money on that bet. You would’ve lost. I was on a white strain of the tea leaf. I never in my wildest dreams would’ve thought that I would withdraw like that. I was taking two tablespoons and mixing it in water four times a day. Way too much by the end. My daughters noticed a 20 pound weight loss, which I couldn’t afford to lose. Throwing up , tremors and mood swings. Panic attacks set in and I had never had a problem with anxiety before. Anyway, why’s done is done and I’m so thankful it’s over . As far as alcohol and prescription drugs, They come with warning labels. It’s widely known the dangers of over consumption and long term affects. With kratom, it’s marketed as a miracle for most with no negative long term side effects and that’s simply not true . Addicts who are told tht this can get them off opioids is irresponsible and dangerous. It still works on the part of the brain that got them in trouble to begin with. It’s switching one addiction for another. For you who may never have been addicted to anything may not understand the ramifications . But I do. I wish you luck and I hope you never go through what some of us have. But again, we are not liars and weaklings. It took all the strength I could muster and the love and support of my family and a very kind doctor to help me through it. I go by the old adage . “ if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”

  • Todd Dysart

    Kratom has saved me from oxycodone addiction and relieved my cronic back pain. F the DEA and the FDA. They are rx company puppets.

    • Renee

      Same! 👍

      • Adan Starr

        Saved my wife, as well. This says it has an opioid like feeling which is BS. My wife uses it for pain but hates taking it because it tastes horrible it does not give you any high at all at least the red kind that she takes which is for pain. She’s been taking it for 7 years and hasn’t had to take any pain medication except for when she’s in the hospital of course. Guess who wants this band pharmaceutical companies and any companies that are found to have done this will be responsible for over a million Americans dying a pain pills

        • Daja

          I definitely get that feeling. TBH I was kind of terrified when I became aware of that because it was this high that I could just purchase legally on my way home from work. Thought I was going to go off the deep end with it. Then I started getting constipated so I just stopped for a while, and got a handle on using it in moderation, like with alcohol. To me it might as well be the perscription opioids, with only exception being that I can have the stuff on hand and remain sober.

          • Eva Holmes

            You then had adulterated product! I bet it had opioids put into it which is what a lot of crummy ppl do to get you hooked so they can make money. It should be 3rd party tested and be able to provide you with documentation.

          • Robert J. Satterfield

            First thing I thought! They found opioids in batches of Kratom. Daja described narcotic withdrawal to a T! Your right, it needs to be tested for contamination before sold. Then the FDA disclaimer on the package or bottle. I would have no problem with that.

          • Daja

            I wasn’t describing withdrawal at all. On the contrary, it causes an opioid-like buzz (regardless of what kind it is or where I got it) but if I stop there really isn’t anything resembling the withdrawal effects I’ve experienced from opioids in the past.

            To be clear, I’m not knocking the stuff at all. On the contrary, it seems to have many of the positive effects of prescription opioids without the life-destroying drawbacks.

          • Angela Farrell


          • glebarr

            take magnesium and lots of water to avoid constipation…also, take breaks from it every 3-4 days

          • PoliticallyIncorrect2

            I’d like to find some kratom that’s “adulterated.” 😉

        • Donna Yoxall Donhauser

          I also take the me off all pain pills. seems to take away inflamation and has helped my IBS..I put it into capsules to bypass the taste.

        • Scott Downey

          Get some size 000 gelatin capsules off Amazon and fill them yourself and you wont taste it.

      • Battok

        Same here. 7 years of Opium (for pain) addiction kicked in a few months with Kratom and a little CBD vape. My pain has never been so manageable and I can keep my head clear for work, driving, etc..

        As some others have said, I firmly believe that if Kratom does actually get banned, it will lead many pain suffers back to more dangerous options (i.e. PST).

        Remember to write to your congressman about your experience and desire to keep the leaf free.

        • Renee


        • Renee

          Crazy how a few kratom can make me feel better than three prescriptions !!!! Really what do we do if it does get banned?

          • glebarr

            there’s no talk of it being banned here in Canada….yet

    • Patti MItchell

      The FDA and DEA want to have their hands in the till. They aren’t getting their kick back from Kratom sales, so they want to ban it or schedule it to keep people under their thumb and the money in their pockets. Kratom does NOT depress the CNS, and does NOT impair reflexes. It is a true life saver for those of us with chronic pain who, even if we had access to opiates, don’t want them because they impair oir ability to work and live our lives. On Kratom, my head is clear, my reflexes are still as good as anyone my age, and my pain is reduced!

      • Angela Farrell

        Well said, it is a true lifesaver!

      • Michael Napolitano

        I agree 110%

  • David Bush

    I’m a 51 year old. Been a paramedic for 30 years, have had back surg and ptsd… ran the gambit of pain meds for over 15 years as well as the phych drugs for PTSD. About 4 years ago found Kratom and have not taken anything else since. This is ALL about big pharma and their lobby with the gov trying not to loose power.

    • Nick Manning

      Try stopping and see what happens. You will go through withdrawal (I’m sure you already do but people like you will never admit it). I suggest you start tapering soon because it will be banned any day now and you’ll be going thru hell.

      • Zachary Thompson

        You’re just pushing the agenda of big pharma like a good little sheep. Better taper off the propaganda, your mind is going to mush. Do a little research before you open your mouth. I do it allmost every day, and have no issues what so ever when I stop doing it. You’re just absurdly dumb and opinionated, enjoy your sad and angry life. I’ll be enjoying mine with a little kratom. Cheers.

      • Renee

        Your should walk in my shoes for the past few years. You sound heartless and uneducated on this supplement!

      • Karri Meier-Chapman

        After reading several of your comments, I have come to the conclusion that you are an uneducated idiot. 🤦‍♀️ I have stopped several times and did just fine except for the increased pain! If you have gotten “high” or had withdrawals I’m going to say you were taking more than just Kratom! Ohhhh wait!!🙄 I know what it was…. you were injecting your Kratom and that’s how you got high and why you had withdrawals!! 😂🤣🙄

  • Drew

    Big pharma wants it gone completely because people like me stopped using prescriptions once they found out about it. I mean let’s not forget where the FDA gets significant funding… they are paid by the companies whose products they must evaluate. Seems like a problem! As PBS’s Frontline put it:

    “For the first 86 years of FDA’s existence, from 1906-1992, all of
    FDA’s funding came through the U.S. Treasury. In other words, everyone
    — industry, people — paid their taxes, and FDA got appropriations out
    of the budget.

    Starting in 1992, unfortunately, a law was passed that said for a
    large proportion of the work done by the FDA on new drug applications,
    the money’s going to come directly, quid pro quo, from the industry. If
    they want a drug reviewed, they pay directly to the FDA to have the drug

  • Susan Tate

    Thailand just changed their law yesterday and kratom is no longer illegal there. They raised their ban on kratom and hemp. Farmers don’t have to live in fear. Shipments can get through without problems. The dea is only making it better. They are out to stop it, but they can’t.

    • Renee

      I pray you are right!

    • Connie B

      I heard they submitted it to legalize kratom and marijuana for medicinal purposes but not recreational..But nothing had been decided yet..even though the powers that be are all for it.,

  • Adam Coffman

    In a world full of disinformation, bandwagon echo chamber “journalists,” and profit-driven dishonesty in media, articles like yours are a breath of fresh air… People like you give me hope for our nation. Congratulations on holding on to your soul. And thank you.

  • Henry Jerdon

    I have a number of injuries due to my line of work.Constuction takes its toll. Doctors in the US are interested only in surgery or opioids to remedy pain . I can not do opioids as any sign of use in etc.random testing results in dismissal from work.Nor do I want to be dependent on pain meds. Surgery involves a long recovery and I have witnessed other individuals that had no change or were in some cases disabled from returning work. Kratos has been the answer for me. It helps to manage my pain from Arthritis. The FDA only cares about the Drug companies not us individuals

  • Tommy Norton

    Homebound cripple here. I have always absolutely refused to take medications, it is in my Spiritual Makeup, judge me how you will. I have advanced degenerative arthritis in, well, in everything. I sit on the floor all day (beds and soft chairs allow lateral knee shift, which is an agonizing *POP* that feels like your knee breaks every time. It happens with my elbows and shoulders, sometimes, too.), and when I have to go “you know”, it is such an ordeal just to stand, and then there’s that hellish walk down the hall, every step is pain. And then the same back to my floor, where I sit, and ache.
    This is not said to elicit pity. This simply WAS my state of existence. I had heard of Kratom five years ago, when I could still walk somewhat, even had a light handyman job (I have only had to go on disability approximately a year ago.), but I didn’t really consider it at the time. I have used marijuana most of my life for this and other ailments I have, and at the time, marijuana was sufficient. But when my condition deteriorated, it went fast. Within two years I was technically crippled, with much pain. Grass just didn’t work for this. I thought it was either suffer this hell of pain, or give up EVERYTHING I believe and have lived for all my life, spiritually.
    But about four months ago, I thought of Kratom. When my four-ounce “baggie” came in the mail, I kept my hopes low. I had heard things, but who knows with something like this?
    It was the most incredible, miraculous thing I had EVER experienced. One tablespoon of White Bali, and thirty minutes later, I’m doing a little jig-step over that piece of floor that had been my prison for so long. I’m crying. I’m shouting. I’m Praising The Immortal God of My Creation for making such a beautiful, blessed thing. Life Changing. Awesome, in the very purest sense of the word!
    This is my true testimony. This is real. If you hurt, try it, what can it hurt? It’s been four months, now, and I have to be careful when I walk, because I still have these real problems in my knees, I just don’t feel it anymore, I can move too freely and hurt myself. I’ll take that. Any day. God Bless.

  • Tony Logan

    It’s all about control. We live in a rather totalitarian society despite the rulers constant pretenses about our supposed democracy and they want control over you. The entire corporate run medical rationing is about the big shots working at totally controlling us. Any pain you feel is something they can use to control you, but only if The Establishment controls the distribution of pain relief. Kratom is something they don’t yet control the distribution of. (BTW- I am a retired RN who worked for 36 years pushing pills. Kratom is nothing compared to what I gave out legally.)

  • Bryce

    A kratom ban would destroy the life I’ve been trying to rebuild over the last few years. What a nightmare

  • Renee

    Kratom has truly saved my life. With this one supplement! It enabled me to take me off of three medications prescribed by my Dr. that was suppose to help me. A antidepressant, ben is, and perocet! All in one! It’s really funny when you need your meds that the Drs say will fix you but when you go to the pharmacy two days early to pick up cause your body hurt a bit extra on a few days if the month the pharmacy says I’m sorry you get get that for two more days! Wth! My insurance controls my life, body, and pain???!!! I take kratom a few times a day. I feel happy again. It doesn’t make me high it just makes me not want to die like I truly had thoughts of while in the meds prescribed to me from a person of medicine!

    • George

      It’s experiences like yours that lead me to support kratom.

      I tested 1 and 2 g doses earlier this year in capsule form for my back pain, but had mild side effects and opted not to continue. What I really wanted was access to scientific studies to address this side effects.

      But instead of studying its effects to support a rational policy, the FDA seems intent on blindly banning it. They bring disgrace and tarnish the image of the FDA with such ill-considered overreaction.

      • Renee

        Thank you kindly! I honestly got on my knees and said thanks! I got off three horrible meds with this! Was in very deep depression and always stressed about my next bottle ! Living my life again has never been better! I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if it’s banned!

      • Renee

        What side effects did you have? I’m shocked to hear this

        • ricegf

          I have a congenital heart condition, and red kratom seemed to interact with that.

          Specifically, my heart rate is normally around 60 beats per minute (bpm), actually dropping lower when I am tired. I’ve been threatened (ahem) with an artificial pacemaker by my cardiologist, but have learned how to manage just fine without one, and in doing so become quite intimate with the behavior of my heart.

          On one occasion about 15 minutes after ingesting 2 g red kratom, my heart rate accelerated to 100 beats per minute for about 60 seconds and then returned to normal. This was the only time I have experienced this particular symptom in my life while not exercising.

          I addressed this by switching to 2 1 g doses an hour apart, but the following week felt pressure in my chest that I interpreted as heart inefficiency, as if my heart was struggling a bit to keep up with oxygen demand. It was at this point that I decided to end the experiment.

          Also anecdotally, I am aware of one female nurse who experienced accelerated heart rate for several minutes after ingesting red kratom – again not dangerous, but unexpected, and she discontinued use as a precaution. Without any medical research to back up my suspicions, I can only guess that the kratom was related to these events, and they apparently affect only a very small fraction of the user base, I suppose those having a particular blood chemistry or perhaps also taking an interacting medication.

          Kratom did reduce my back pain significantly, and I felt better in general with no “buzz” or negative mental changes that I could detect. It felt to me like a pain relieving, mildly mood enhancing coffee, and we do love our java at our house!

          So I’d love for a study to characterize the particular side effect that I may have experienced, and determine if it’s potentially serious or not and how to avoid it. Instead, the FDA tries to just ban injecting hydrophobic kratom powder into my veins (haha!), wallowing in their own fearful ignorance while appearing foolish or even perhaps corrupted by pharmaceutical business interests. Frustrating.

    • Andrew Durham

      I used kratom to get off an eight year xanax habit that was initially a prescription then I started buying from the street pharmacist.

      I’ve been buying one to two kilos a month for almost a year. If there is a total ban I’ll start a taper and burn when absolutely necessary.

      Come over to MeWe. We have all kinds of kratom groups. A swap group and tons of vendors are there. Plus all the info you’d want or need about current status of what Scott gottlieb is doing to us.

      • Renee

        I sure will! I got my life back I honestly got on my knees and said Thanks!

  • William Schattenberg

    This is rediculous. The FDA is using false claims and false death/overdose reports because people have tapered off of thier bullshit rx drugs that ruin lives all across this country, and moved to something natural with more subtle effects and FAR less overdose potential and dependency issues.
    This is sickening.
    How corrupt can they become before violence is neccesary to dethrone this tyrannical organization? This is exactly what the second amendment was created for. If peaceful reasoning and democratic understanding isn’t enough for them to understand why they are wrong, what measures must we take?
    They are wrong. All the data points to them being wrong. The people say they are wrong. If they ban Kratom they will FEEL how wrong they are.

  • chelsea

    It can be used for great effect or horribly misused, most the people who have a problem with it treat it like a drug they can keep upping the dose with, kratom has a ceiling effect to its opioid effects using plain leaf and if you take more your increasing the dose of anti-depressant too… bc kratom contains SNRI with long half-life.

  • stephen roldan

    Have used kratom for over ten years. Never
    Once did I have any issues because of it. Nausea is about the only negative effect for me. Everybody is different just cause some one has wd from it and you haven’t doesn’t make it untrue.kratom has an array of alkaloids not just the two. All have different actions. #savekratom

  • Dwight Reed

    Pretty much business as usual. We’re about to be told that we can’t choose what we choose and that someone else will decide what we will take for our pain.

    Does anyone else feel a bit helpless and fearful of a future without any pain solution accept street drugs? I can’t ever do that, and if opiates aren’t available, the only option would be to drink yourself into madness to fight the pain- That is not the answer for us!

    The legal society has grown too powerful, and its time we do something about it. This doesn’t mean violence is necessary- because it’s not the answer. The answer is we need to write the chairman of the FDA, our elected officials, including your governor, and let them know how you feel.

    Be respectful but stern, and without threatening them, let them know that you will leave the legal society by sending the Secretary of state (both in your State and Federally), and inform them you’re about done with this nonsense.

    For one, overdoses have increased since their war on pain medications (by 10% since the last year alone), and that their war on our medications, has caused us all tremendous harm.

    Let them know it’s not about votes any longer, it’s about the rejection of their legal society, a society filled with people that rely on us to feed their families, for their housing transportation, etc…. If not for us they would be the one losing their jobs and living in gutters.
    This has nothing to do with the constitution nor defending into anarchy.
    People need to be taught self-reliance and stop leaning in Government agencies to help them through every little hurtle, or for protection against themselves or others. Stop working for corporations, you’re only building the dreams of someone else, so please, start your own businesses and build your own dreams. This problem we face isn’t just about kratom or the FDA, it’s about all of us rejecting these tyrants, hellbent on destroying our lives via regulations.

    Stop the war on our Meds!

    • Tracey

      Dwight, 100% agree. In certain areas of the country, overdose deaths from illicitly-manufactured fentanyl has increased 525% (yes, over 500%). The US also has an all-time high suicide rate, as those have greatly increased, as well. The government needs to get out of our exam rooms and quit attempting to practice medicine without a license. They’re literally forcing some to commit suicide while others desperately search for relief in street substances that possess pain relieving properties. They also need to quit dictating what I, as an adult, ingest into my own body. I, too, am just about fed up with this government.

  • Adan Starr

    I’m in Florida planting trees everywhere. Johnny kratom seed. Everyone should order a tree and clone the crap out of it. Anyone with a brain knows that it is big pharmaceuticals that want it band it’s been used for 2,000 years and amazingly no one dies from it in Malaysia no one dies from it!

  • Dave Kom

    kratom saved 1000s of people i know… How many have the rich elite saved… Ya…

  • Uncle Al

    The Nanny Sate is all about knowing who is having a good time properly restricted for only regulators.

  • Wendi Erickson

    My Drs had me on opiates(oxycodone and a fentanyl patch) for personal reasons things got way out of hand and the doctor took me off all my opiates. I went to a hospital for Rehab and an outpatient group as a follow-up. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. Emotionally and physically I really wanted to die. Then I was left with the pain of my fibromyalgia. I tried to cope yearning for some relief from the pain. Then I found this wonderful Leaf called kratom. Minimally intoxicating easily controllable and wonderful for pain. I have a life again. I have a clear head and pain that is mild and controllable. I pray that this never gets banned. I pray that it is studied. That there are human trials. and there are many who are so much worse off than I am. It should never be taken away from us as long as we have to deal with this pain

  • Herman A

    The FDA/DEA will kill tens of thousands of former heroin/opiate users, as many current users of Kratom will go back to their former addictions. Dumb move.

  • Margo Susanna

    I can’t believe that he calls himself the FDA why if he’s going to be killing 10s of thousands if not more and he doesn’t care. It’s all about big pharma and the pain management clinics any damn body that’s selling opiates and anti depressants as well as pharmacies everywhere because no one wants to have to take pills! That should be a good thing. It’s not at all that they are scared for the people it’s all about money. Thousands and thousands will be bedridden and back on opiates or committing suicide because they hate antidepressants many will DIE if this ban takes place and he/they don’t care! I promise you someone will be sued of something happens to me over this. I’ve already gotten a lawyer. Many others should too. Let’s sue the big pharma and the FDA for even thinking about banning this herb. You think you have an opiate crisis NOW?!! WAIT AFTER YOU OR IF YOU BAN KRATOM PEOPLE WILL BE DROPPING OFF LIKE FLIES. AND ALL OF THEYRE DEATHS WILL BE YOUR FAULT MR SCOTT GOTTIEB ALL 5 MILLION!

  • Margo Susanna


  • John Burkert

    They want to ban it because they aren’t making any money on it, and do NOT believe anything else. Their alleged “concern” for the public is laughable at best. The alleged deaths were always related to other drugs in their system. Even so, caffeine has killed people… What’s next, ban coffee? Tylenol kills people… Going to ban that also? No? Why? If you care about public safety then why not go after Tylenol? Because its all a farce. Reality is that your ban will be responsible for more deaths that kratom EVER will… You will drive many recovering addicts right back into using TRULY DANGEROUS drugs that ultimately WILL kill them.

  • Edmund Burke

    I suffer from RLS, a very real and quality of life destroying neurological disorder affecting sleep. I have taken oxycodone to treat this for years at a relatively low dose….we’ve run the gamut on treatments and it’s the only thing that works for my rather severe symptoms.

    I was encouraged to try kratom some months back as an alternative. I skeptically tried it….and it worked miraculously well, all but eliminating my need for the oxycodone. My Rx has been cut to a quarter of what it was. And mine is a very typical scenario of kratom use.

    That they want to ban this is deeply upsetting to me. I don’t believe there are iny cases of death directly linked to kratom, as this very well written article shows. If there are, it’s a number that could be counted in one hand. To put in perspective about 50 about die each year of lightning strikes. Are we really calling this a public health issue? Absurd.

  • laughingtree

    It’s only dangerous if people abused it. It does not get you high. I have multiple back injuries. Most days I can’t walk and I lay on the couch. I can take three kratom capsules and I can get up and I can walk around the house and I can get things done. basically due to the Opium epidemic doctors will not prescribe you anything for pain. I’ve had back surgery. I’ve had ablation. I’ve had surgery. I can’t get my doctors to prescribe me anything. The day before I was supposed to be released from my back surgery I got hit by a woman going somewhere in the range of 60 miles per hour when she hit me while I was stopped at a red light in traffic. I was given 5 days worth of pills. On the sixth day the pain in my head was so severe I was vomiting and writhing on the floor. I went to the ER and they treated me like a drug seeker and gave me anti-anxiety medicine. Turns out I had a traumatic brain injury. I took medicine to make me sleep for 2 days to get over the hump. No doctor would help me. I asked my surgeon. I asked my GP that I’ve had for 10 years. I asked Every doctor I’ve ever seen to please help me. I even begged to the ER. Nobody would help me. Pain has become this dirty word. Anybody in pain must be an opiod addict. No. We are not. we are not stupid people sitting around with a needle in our arm trying to enhance our hi. We’re School teachers and housewives and mothers and fathers. This does not get you high. Before anybody bands that they really need to take it for a couple of days. I’m sick of the guesswork. I’m sick of being branded a drug addict because I have pain. The irony is I don’t even get any pain pills and I’m still branded. I’m s in the past it was very limited and now it’s zero. And still I get treated badly. I’m so sick of this debate. I want my life back. And this is as close as I can get taking kratom.

    • Tracey

      laughingtree, I am so sorry you’re also going through this. To let others know how severe this has become, please read:

      A few months ago, my little 17 year old dog fell off of our deck (9 to 10 feet). I rushed her to our vet of many years, who x-rayed her and found that she had a fracture in her pelvic bone and a severe case of arthritis in her hips. The fall had also caused one of her teeth to fall out (actually, the tooth was just dangling and he took care of it while she was there). He then sent her home with nothing for pain, even though she was clearly in pain and could not even stand on her hind legs long enough to use the restroom.

      We ended up having to euthanize her the next day. At 17 years old, it was unlikely she would ever heal. She was so pitiful looking, as she was unable to stand on her back legs to use the bathroom. By then she could not control her bowels or bladder. Take her to another vet? Good luck! You’ll then be pegged as a “drug seeker.” Hell, yes, I’m drug seeking so my innocent dog of 17 years would not suffer so much.

      Citizens of this country had better wake up and demand government to get the hell out of their exam rooms and their lives. They’ve already destroyed too many, as I know several who have committed suicide after being cut cold-turkey from medication they’d taken for many years, which helped restore some function and quality of life, and not able to find another doctor willing to continue their medication, even though they’ve attempted many (often expensive) treatments that obviously were not effective for them.

      Everyone – healthy, unhealthy rich, poor, good or bad – is just a heartbeat away from becoming the victim of an inoperable disabling injury (a horrific car wreck, for example) or a diagnosis of cancer or some other – often incurable – disease – all of which can cause them severe, intractable pain that never lets up and only responds to opioid-based medication or mj or kratom (some of which is still banned in a few states). Grown adults should be able to choose whether they benefit from prescription medication or natural botanicals. The government has gone too far …

  • Jeffrey

    I have been on kratom for one year for chronic pain, spinal stenosis, herniated disk, osteoarthritis. To say that this is equivalent to heroin, fentanyl a schedule 1 is behond a joke. FDA and DEA, CDC and the Big Pharma need to stop before you really hurt us people who are doing nothing illegally wrong. This Herb is great for our needs

  • Dethmetaldan

    Kratom saved me from the life of being a slave to opiates. Big pharma has to be behind this. Along with the fdas recent decisions on vaping and kratom, this is all about money. The USA will never have true freedoms until corporations stop controlling our legal system.

  • Reba Smith

    Ever have sugar withdrawal? Caffeine withdrawal? About the same. Associating kratom with coffee and not opiate is more accurate. Just because it helps pain does not make it opiate related.

    I have PTSD/DID and kratom got me off 7 psychiatric drugs. plus anxiety meds. Im a 65 yr old grandma. This stuff works –

  • Tina Shell

    This is complete BS!!!! I’m sorry but the FDA lost all credibility when they tried to say people were shooting it because there’s no way possible… All it is is Big Pharma has everybody in their pockets!!! They could care less if it’s safe or not ,they just don’t want the prescription drugs & all the other poisons they’re Dishing out to stop lining their pockets!! Almost every statement they have made his been false come on now!!!

  • Jeff Potter

    We’ll, the only thing missing is this article (and it’s a good article) is the real reason why the government wants the ban, which is because big pharma lobbies are pushing for the ban because Kratom is stepping on their turf, taking their poisons profits down. It’s all about the money, the greed

  • Gary Ludwick

    I am a responsible kratom user like everyone else in the comments section (except for the one troll douchebag) Wonderful, miraculous herb which has alleviated so much needless suffering because of government restrictions, policies, and “for your own good” doctrines. Mr Gottleib is a puppet and mouthpiece who must have got his PhD from some online “university” that has no accreditation and mails your certificate within 48 hours after payment in full for your one day degree. No real doctor makes snap decisions without any true research, which shows he is being told what to say…like all the other government groups wanting to ban kratom. I wrote my Congressional Representative and the Office of the President of the United States…I was told my concerns are appreciated and though not personally agreed with would be considered in any future debate on the issue. Not the most ringing endorsement from my elected officials but better than them just saying they are banning it regardless. (so far anyway)

    What I do find funny is that the articles strictly bashing kratom as the evil of evils without any scientific data (because screw the rest of the world…the U.S. must do it’s own study) is that they have NO COMMENTS SECTION. But I guess outright lies, half-truths, and insinuations worked well for the nazis, communists, and everyone else who censors information. We as kratom users must simply fight the good fight and not just roll over for the fda, dea, and an uninformed board of pharmacy who says people are injecting insoluble plant material

  • Ryan Jackson

    Seeing this infuriates me Beyond all recognition. I’ve been using Kratom for a year. It has kept me clean off drugs and even alcohol. my life has completely turned around, I have a savings account I’ve held onto a job for longer than 6 months, I’ve been a better father a better husband. This has helped me with so many different things like my depression anxiety and motivation it has even helped me get back into shape and the only reason they want to ban it is because they’re losing money off of methadone and Suboxone prescriptions. Please show me one death that has a toxicology report of only Kratom in their system. Ridiculous. this is been nothing but good for the community and it’s changing lives and they want to try to get rid of it because they’re losing money everyday I lose more and more faith in humanity.

  • Fred

    The kratom plant is part of the coffee family and has a 1000 year history of use in southeast Asia. If you are wondering what all the hysteria may be about, it is integral to know that drug companies have synthetic kratom tested and waiting in the wings to spin prescription bucks for them. Hence the smear campaign. Look up the clinical trials and the name “MGM-16”. Already in the pharmaceutical pipeline, synthesized from the alkaloids (not opioids) found in kratom: mitragynine & 7-hydroxymitragynine. Big Pharma needs to get rid of nature’s less expensive version.

    Kratom is to Heroin or Opiates = what Caffeine is to Cocaine or Meth.

    • Connie Lauffer-Bliss

      I agree Fred. I researched this too over a year ago and they actually had 2 different “new drugs” was IV use only and to be used in the hospital, the other was for regular use. Years ago they also tried or actually did put a patent on the 2 main active ingredients of Kratom.
      I told people about this back then when all the uproar was going on. To me the DEA, FDA doesn’t get so quickly involved unless there’s something else going on.
      I read all the autopsy reports (yes they are online) on all these so-called kratom deaths, and not 1 could be attributed directly to kratom. This was also over many years time span not just a few months or a year. many of those deaths weren’t even in the US.
      It’s all about money, always has been and always will be, unfortunately.
      I’m going to be 65 in a couple of months and am also a RN who had to stop working because of many issues that caused severe pain. And I have been on narcotics for years..once my DR retired a few years ago, I decided to try kratom myself and it was a god send to help me get weaned off and get through the withdrawal. For me, kratom isn’t quite as effective on my pain, as it seems to be on many other people, but it does help some, and allows me to function and feel like a human for the most part. I have gone off of it on quite a few occasions for several days and never had any withdrawal symptoms..just felt like my normal crappy and higher amount of pain when I’m not taking anything.

  • Brett Clarkson

    Didn’t Scott Goo gobler just approve an opioid 10 times stronger than fentanyl? No ones bringing that up

  • Renee Alicea Matos

    Kratom has allowed me to get off of most of my meds and have some semblance of my former life… The one I had before Ciprofloxacin poisoned me! Cipro is FDA approved and is harming 1000’s of people!!! Kratom has literally saved my life!!

  • Kim Wilcox Parker

    We need to start immediately writing our Senator, the FDA, and our elected officials to stop this. Demand that we are allowed to together as a group to be heard before Congress. My doctor had to take me of my Vicodin even though she knows I have never abused it. Due to the new laws banning those of us who have used them responsively. Jeff Sessions said those with chronic pain can just take an aspirin and deal with it. Any of us who have found relief with Kratom need to have our voices heard. As far as Nick Manning rants about Kratom he apparently doesn’t live with the debilitating pain. He definitely knows nothing about Kratom. Everyone we need to start telling our stories and making our voiced heard!

  • PPKNexus

    I am currently working on a bill that will both defund and effectively abolish the DEA, and also possibly the FDA. These agencies “are not serving the public good,” and thus will be dissolved and replaced by smaller administrative departments under larger and already existing parent agencies. The bill may also include sever financial penalties for large pharmaceutical companies when it comes to public health. I think it’s time to put some of these agencies out to pasture.

  • Squid Kicker

    If the FDA does ban kratom it will be one of the most unabashed, blatant abuse of power in our nation’s history. Basically an FU to those of us that benefit from it and the science that backs it. Donate to the AKA if you haven’t already, we’ve still got a fight on our hands.

  • Gabe

    Thank you Nick Manning.
    If not for you, it would almost look as if this entire thread was staged by Kratom farmers and retailers. But, since the FDA decided to throw their own troll in here and stir up some controversy, it tells me that the hundreds of other people here posting praise and positive comments, are legitimate advocates, and that I should toss this script in the garbage where it belongs and head down the road where I recently saw a ‘Kratom Sold Here’ banner!

  • Kendall

    I’ve been taking kratom for 7 yesrs, it’s the only thing that stops the pain an let’s me be a functioning member of society and a dad. I choose to not be addicted to their pills so they want to make my plant illegal. It infuriates me how greedy these people are

  • Thomas Powell

    Salmonella is the cause of 47 deaths… look at any supermarket “Recall board” and tell me its plant itself or the mis-handling of said medication. If I recall correctly didnt powdered baby formula have a bacteria outbreak which resulted in the deaths of infants? Who should we blame? The mothers? The infants? The store who sold it??? Quit missing point poeple!!!! Why have a voice if all you do bury your head in the sand?????
    In S.E. Asia there has been..”OFFICIALLY” 0 Deaths contributed to Kratom in the past 2,000 years…HMMM🤔🤔 Sounds like another hottly scrutinized plant i know of.

    Personal testimony time!!!
    PTSD, Depression, Bipolar disorder and mania. I exhibit symptoms of all of these. I have taken RX antidepressants and rage inhibitors for a total of 3 years. These drugs, all of which have side effects of their own, are legal and given to people without any real explanation of what does, might and will happen when they take them…and ultimately stop taking them… Stop me if you have heard this one…”Dont stop taking antidepressants cold turkey”? Why not? Oh thats right WITHDRAWLS FROM PHYSICAL ADDICTION!!!!!! Come the F on! I found Kratom on a voyage of self medication after missing my pills for three days. I may or may not have thrown a chainsaw in her general direction during a manic episode. I can’t control my rage and reactions when I am not medicated, but if the choice is between 2 stigmas 1. The sad, broken and weak minded depressed person or 2. The fringe criminal with justified motives… Then I choose the later. I am who I am, but I will not stop using, defending, and fighting on behalf of Kratom. It has saved my life, my family and truthfully my future. I no longer feel like I am a burden to those around me. Kratom has kept me from suicidal thoughts and actions

  • Brian

    I used Kratom to aid in alcohol recovery. I haven’t had a drink in over a year. I use Kratom daily. I have had to stop and there are withdrawals. They definitely suck. But nothing compared to alcohol withdrawals or other opiates. I’m not only more productive because of Kratom but much healthier and more patient. I have called my Congressman and donated funds to the American Kratom Association. I hope more will do the same. It would be a travesty if it becomes banned

  • Robert J. Satterfield

    This has BIG PHARMA written ALL OVER IT!!!
    Just label it with the FDA disclaimer on the package or bottle.
    Alcohol has “May be harmful to your health” on it and there’s no problem selling that!!! There’s going to be a lot of suicides if this is banned! First…doctors are PRESSURED not to prescribe narcotics, IF YOU CAN get a medical marijuana card, the feds can legally confiscate any guns you own, now ban tree leaves that can ease pain, reduce depression, help with withdrawal symptoms,ect… (This is a THREAT TO BIG PHARMA!), and it’s inexpensive. Now people in pain have no solution! The result of banning Kratom would be people taking their lives instead of suffering. This is incomprehensible!!!

  • Charles Simpson

    The only thing deadly about kratom, is scott gottlieb, and his big pharma buddies, and their greed, kratom is not.normally addictive & safer than their opioid poison, they don’t care about your health, only your enslavement to their poison

  • Tim

    Scott Gottlieb should be removed from his position and replace with somebody who really knows what they’re doing. Somebody who’s not collecting a paycheck from the pharmaceutical companies as well as the government.

  • Tim

    I’m asking everyone who reads this to Google the California death certificate project. We need to tell all our officials we want this Nationwide.

  • Marie Scherbaum Snow

    The only reason marijuana and kratom are on the government’s crap list is because it competes with Pharmaceuticals. That is the only reason. All this b******* made up about Kratom and salmonella. They do not want us healthy and happy. They want us stupid and needy so they can control us easily

  • etowah

    I’ve been in pain management for over 10 years and am sick of opioids.
    I just got some white and some red last week. I tried a little white, about 3 gm. Nice. It definitely helps with pain relief. It also makes me feel better, I think maybe this is what a few people think is a “high”… when you feel bad all the time from constant pain and not enough opioids, feeling good can be like getting high, but it’s simply “feeling good”.
    I have one concern. I got two stents about 10 years ago. I didn’t have a heart attack but I had a major blockage. Since then I have been on Plavix 75mg a day, it is an anticoagulant, a blood thinner.
    I’ve read nothing about any interaction between Kratom and Plavix but I have read read about possible interactions between Kratom and a couple other “blood thinners”.
    There is no antidyto Plavix, if you get a bleed from it that won’t stop you have to get transfusions until the new blood clots. That doesn’t mean every little cut just keeps bleeding, they don’t… I’m not sure what it means because I have not experienced it.
    However, the day after I tried the 3gm of white I took about the same thing the next day, late AM. Then early evening I took about 3 gm of the red.
    That night before bed I get a shower. In the shower I was spitting blood for a few minutes, not diluted much but pure red blood, not pouring just spitting. Then the next morning I spit a bit more, not as much. I had no wound in my mouth, no sores, didn’t bite my tongue. It stopped and I could see nowhere it seemed to be coming from.
    This concerns me.
    I want to use it to get off these opioids, tired of feeling like my doctor is the police. Tired of having just enough to “get by” and still in constant pain BUT I certainly don’t want to start some kind of internal bleeding. If I ask my cardiologist I’m sure he will tell me to not take Kratom. If I ask my pain doctor he will say no and begin testing me for it. My pharmacist(we are on great terms) will Him and haw and tell me he doesn’t know.
    So… does anyone here have any experience or advice?
    I hesitate to say where I got it but it seems strong and shipped from Las Vegas.
    Still, my concern is the bleeding.. anyone.. anything??

  • Julie Griswold

    I just picked it up today because i am tired of using pain pills but got scared when I read what the FDA said about it. I have a very low tolerance and cam only take 1/2 a pain pill i don’t want to over dose, any suggestions? Can it be taken with hormone replacement like estrogen?

    • Connie B

      Never heard of anyone overdosing on kratom. There is a ceiling to the doesn’t knock out your respiratory just makes you throw up and be miserable for awhile if you take too much.
      Yes you can take it with estrogen.. I do.
      From what I have gathered from reading the toxicology reports of all the people who died who also had some kratom in their system (along with a lot of drugs) is it looked like several were on sometimes 2 or 3 different antidepressants. (Like that wouldn’t mess somebody up in and of itself.) Kratom I have heard can increase serotonin levels, so if somebody were to be on large doses already of an antidepressant that also raises serotonin levels, then yes, I can see a potential problem..serotonin syndrome.

      • Julie Griswold

        Thank you very much Connie B. Puts my mind at ease on taking it.


    Stupid FDA kratom is Save not narcotic

  • drew

    Big pharma is behind this. God forbid someone use a plant that helps them rather then their overpriced opiates. They get people on opiates then suboxone once your addicted to the opiates. Its all about money, not peoples safety.

  • Bee

    This is just ridiculous!!! I’ve been taking Kratom for years for chronic pain. I have severe RA and degenerative disc disease. It has zero side affects, I’m able to function, and I’m able to hold a job. I’d rather take something natural than the prescription pain pills the doctors offer.
    The only reason why the government wants it banned is because it’s taking money from them. They’d rather have you on prescription pills. America no longer produces anything. They make their money from prescription medications. Having good health makes good sense but it doesn’t make dollars.

  • theFirstNSpace

    Make no mistake, this is all about money.

  • Janna B

    Every panicked headline has an article that basically tells you that the user that died was using something else…most recently in Peoria is was benzos. I’m sick of this greed. This stuff is saving me from devistating migraines that rob me of life…family time…everything. It doesn’t make you high. It’s an alkaloid not an opioid. Time to stop the smear campaign!

  • Kim Wilcox Parker

    Before finding Kratom my chronic pain and Fibromyalgia kept me practically a recluse. Kratom has given me my life back. I don’t have nearly the pain as I have lived with for the last 15 years, I don’t have the brain fog, and I now sleep throughout the night. I have never been a drug addict or even a smoker. The DEA and FDA are so wrong if they ban Kratom. There will be thousands of us, who now can’t get pain medication due to the abusers. Don’t take Kratom who has saved so many of us.

  • DefMisanthrope

    I overcame addiction and managed treatment-resistant depression with Kratom. If it goes away, I will die. Nothing else has worked. I fear this might be the end.

  • Angela Farrell

    Kratom has saved my husband’s life! He was diagnosed with a neurological disease a year and half ago due to receiving a tetanus shot. He cld not walk, he became blind in his left eye and from that day forward he had relaps after relapse until he started taking kratom. See kratom is also an anti inflammatory, inflammation is what causes all of these awful spine and optic injuries to my husband. He was on every drug known to man, steroids, pain killers, chemo therapy you name it he was on it for pain and hoping to keep relapses away. We heard about Kratom and thought, at this point what do we have to lose! Since becoming an avid kratom user he has not relapsed once, he is happy, no more depression, he is sleeping. I could go on, oh and he is down to only two meds rather than 15 a day! Shame on the government if they ban Kratom, ban it why because it’s actually helping people! Makes my blood boil!

  • StanChaz

    Like coffee, a small amount of kratom can give you a stimulating buzz, while a larger kratom dosage can be more sedating.
    Coffee is sedating, the more you drink it? In what multi-verse?

  • bwana

    There goes the USA trying to criminalize another drug when they should be decriminalizing all drugs and ending the useless war on drugs!

  • Misti Friedl

    Great work!!! #KeepKratomLegal

  • Misti Friedl

    I must also add… kratom saved my life as well!! Spent over a decade on prescription drugs and then was forced into the black market to self-medicate after losing insurance.. However I’ve since been able to continue my education after dropping out of college in my 20’s after a chronic pain diagnosis. I’ll soon graduate with a degree in Human Services. My life has been restored thanks to this natural botanical plant!! We as human beings in a free society should have access to plant based treatment!! Period!! There are so many things that are potentially harmful in our society! People abuse a great number of things available everyday! We cannot allow nature to be government by tyranny!! Without kratom… I’ll lose the ability to a better quality of life! A life I never had with a great number of side effects from the plethora of pharmaceuticals I took to manage my condition. A kratom ban looms over our community (Kratom Consumers) like a death sentence! #KeepKratomLegal

  • michael horton

    around 7 ppl die every year from a bad reaction to Tylenol….perhaps it should also be banned

  • Justin Jones

    Ur guys experiences are awesome mine is very similar this plant has made a huge difference in my life I can’t stand these people talking about this who have know idea how it works and use it to further there argument

  • Brian

    I think it’s about time we stop thinking the US government makes decision that are in are best interest or for our safety. As soon as we stop believing that fantasy we can begin to put things in perspective. This has nothing to do with the effects of Kratom or the safety of it’s use. We pretend that the government cares about our well being and safety. It’s what we expect or need from a government. That idea is long gone. That is the saddest part of our reality. Control and money are the bottom lines.

  • Spiritwind

    Unless someone swallows an incredible amount of the stuff, it is harmless. I have used it for pain for over 6 years. Fixed my IBS, too- all that fiber in kratom tea works REALLY well….

  • Kim Wilcox Parker

    Nick, yes you are entitled to your opinion. Look at everyone who has replied to you stating how Kratom has given us our lives back, and not being addictive. Why and how you became addicted to it? You are the only one who knows why. Myself the only thing I have been addicted to is chocolate. I researched Kratom everywhere, even buying books about it from Amazon. My chronic was debilitating, I lost my career and a lot more money than I get from disability. I had such terrible brain fog that I would forget words, memory lapses. I became a recluse. Kratom has given e my life and cleared the brain fog. No, I am not addicted to it. I take 3 capsules a day. I am asking everyone to stop attacking you as I am asking you to stop labeling everyone addicted to it. Have you gone and participating in drug counseling? Kratom has helped my depression immensely. I pray you are getting help. God Bless You.

  • disqus_M7byfgKxre

    My experience as a 60 something adult male has been that Kratom no more harmful or anymore addictive than DONUTS of course I know well from AA….. So much less a problem than alcohol or tobacco products there is simply NO comparison. Kratom should be somewhat regulated to prevent tainted products but no more so than hey… ROMAINE LETTUCE ? OMG….. seriously, it’s relatively harmless. Far less a problem than tobacco or alcohol for sure….. which between them KILL so many people it’s hard to calculate….. kratom overdose ? LOL are you kiddin me ? almost impossible from my years of experience….. again especially if you compare it to alcohol …. please stop the paranoia and get real…..

  • glebarr

    I’m a long time sufferer of fibromyalgia and have endured 13 surgeries related to hockey and work. I started using kratom 1.5 years ago for my chronic pain. nothing has been this effective; no you don’t get high, you get relief…I’ve cut down drastically in my need for opioid meds for pain and actually just feel “normal” many days. I forgot what normal felt like.

  • Rob Bachlet

    Saved my life. I would be dead if it wasnt for kratom! I have seen hundreds saved by this plant. If they ban it I feel sorry for them! They will then have to meet my wife! She just got her husband back . Dont screw it up!

  • Scott Downey

    Kratom does not make you high. It does a good job relieving pain, MUCH better the FDA approved drugs and I think they realize it more and more, so could be why they dont want people to take Kratom.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    No. It shouldn’t be banned.
    We should let full grown adults decide what they want to put into they’re bodies… We allow people to cut off their genitals… But we don’t let people drink some kratom tea? Sounds backwards to me…
    But then again why should my opinion matter…. I mean, I am just the voice of reason….

  • Steve Shay

    Kratom has eliminated much of my suffering from tinnitus, loud, chronic ringing in the ears. It has given me my life back.

  • Toni Singut

    My name is Toni Singut, I live in Indonesia precisely in West Kalimantan, I have been pursuing Kratom Business since the last few years but I can only sell my local with not too encouraging benefits, after watching this video I have the desire to find buyers from outside Indonesia in quite a lot and I would be happy as a supplier from Indonesia, for quality and hygiene there is no need to doubt because I am serious in this business and looking for buyers for the long term, if you are willing to help me recommend a company address that is suitable for me to work with , I will inform you about my contact +6282255002211 and my email

  • Dana Berry

    Saved my boyfriend and gave him back his quality of life or he would be on social security right now. A-holes. Banning it would be detrimental to a lot of families. Get a fuckin grip, POS DEA & FDA.😠😠

  • Michael Napolitano

    Kratom saves lifes.. PERIOD.. Big pharma is just afraid they’ll lose $$$ which they will.. but to bad, people will finally be able to live somewhat normal lives with out be hooked on those deadly poisons..

  • Lynn Richter

    I wish people would stop spreading false information about this life saving product. It does not get you high; it is not addictive. What it does do is enable you to live relatively pain free. Other benefits I’ve experienced includes reducing my ocular migraines to 2mild ones in 3 yrs when I would get them weekly. I am able to sleep uninterrupted by pain. It controls a benign essential tremor to the point of being to paint life like still lives. I am allergic to opioids [sever allergic reactions] and can no longer take advil and tylenol. I am able to function and contribute to society. It takes my pain from an 8 – 10 down to a 0 – 2 level. This is huge, especially when the pain is chronic and will not change. When does the drive for big pharma to keep their profits high become more important than my right as a tax paying citizen to make educated decisions and choices about my healthcare, including doctor approved natural supplements like kratom. This attack on kratom has got to stop.

  • Jane cheuvront

    Kratom is destroying my daughter’s family. Her husband is now a abusive with Kratom and he is now aggressive, mood swings and anger constantly.
    There is not a day that goes by when he comes home from work and starts a fight and constantly net picks at my daughter for the most stupid things.
    And what pisces me off the most he does in front of my 18 month old Granddaughter and he doesn’t care.
    He thinks nothing about nobody but himself.

    • Trace

      Jane, it’s an amazing plant and helped thousands of people but like any other treatment it’s not perfect and it doesn’t affect everyone the same. While some people get relief from depression symptoms it makes other people irritable, anxious and have mood swings. Medical marijuana is an amazing plant too helping thousands but it does have a negative effect on some people giving them extreme anxiety and mild psychosis. Unfortunately your son in law is one of those people who experience negative side effects. There is a quit kratom support group on Facebook you should encourage your daughter to join and seek out advice from it’s members. There are millions of people taking kratom with great results but there is that 5% of that population who seem to be Atypical and experience negative side effects. Unfortunately from this thread your not going to be able to find any non-bias information that would help your son in law. I’m a kratom user. I take for physically pain I know it’s benefits first hand but I also have an open mind and am willing to listen to everyones experiences with it good and bad. No supplement or medication is 100% perfect and will affect everyone the exact same way. As soon as other people on this thread realize that it wil be better for the kratom community in the long run.
      Not accepting people’s negative experiences with kratom and continuing to deny they exist will only harm the kratom community long term. The world knows there is positive and negative side effects, if people who take kratom continue to deny that fact the more the outside world will be distrusting of the kratom community and will push for a ban.

  • Shonya S

    The FDA’s agenda has nothing to do with “saving lives.” If so, alcohol would be made illegal. It causes more death, disability and chronic illness than all other drugs combined. It puts a huge economic burden on our health care system and on society.

    No, this is a fundamentalist religious agenda of a powerful minority combined with profit motives supported by the FDA in its reliance on pharmaceutical company funding. It is entirely political and completely devoid of scientific merit. When are Americans going to figure out that until we get corruption out of our government, until the foxes aren’t guarding the henhouse, that democracy is already gone here? We live in an oligarchy.

    Many more chronic pain patients are going to have to die before the bogus opioid crisis is understood for the sham that it is. Many, many more deaths of pain patients, people who were living productive lives until their medication was taken away. Sure, let’s save the drug addicts instead, people who will always find some substance to abuse.

    Vote, please, and insist on publicly funded elections or your representatives will always support those who buy their votes. I never thought I would see it, but our free America is dying.

  • annonymous

    I got addicted to Kratom for a couple of years. Years after overcoming opiate addiction, I was bored and tried it. Took it for two years and got very addicted. I’m five months off of it and the withdrawals are still there. I’m still struggling with those. For me, getting off of pills was a cake walk compared to quitting this stuff. It’s weird that people rave about this. Try going a few days without it and tell me if its so great. Its only benefit is that its cheaper then prescriptions.


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