Watch This: Wringing out a Wet Washcloth in Zero Gravity

By Breanna Draxler | April 20, 2013 10:00 am

What happens when you take a soaking wet washcloth in zero gravity and try to squeeze out all the water? Probably not what you’d expect. Hint: it has to do with surface tension. And it’s totally trippy.

To find out for sure, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield conducts an experiment aboard the International Space Station. The process of getting the washcloth wet is entertaining enough, but the actual outcome is a bizarro sight to see.

Video courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency

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  • Mark MURRAY

    Really nice experiment!

    Question; there were a few loose drops of water floating around. What happens to those? Don’t they cause havoc with the ISS electronics?

  • Trevor Sheridan

    I was wondering the same thing Mark .. Kept seeing droplets flying away / up towards instrumentation ad thought that can’t be good .. Notice the other astronaut seems to be nervously watching the stray droplets as well –

    Really cool experiment though


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