World’s First Climate-Controlled City Planned for Dubai

By Carl Engelking | July 11, 2014 2:59 pm
The Mall of the World as seen at night in a simulation. (Credit: YouTube, Dubai Holding)

The Mall of the World as seen at night in a simulation. (Credit: YouTube, Dubai Holding)

Imagine a city where the temperature is always perfect and you never have to worry about a rainy day ruining your day’s plans. Sound like fiction? If you live in Dubai, a city-state already known for ambitious feats of engineering, a mini-metropolis with a thermostat is poised to become a reality.

Officials in Dubai last week announced plans to build the world’s first climate-controlled city. Dubbed the Mall of the World, the 48 million-square-foot complex will feature 100 hotels and apartment buildings, the world’s largest indoor theme park and the world’s largest shopping mall.

For years, oil was the commodity that kept the United Arab Emirates’ economic engine running, but tourism is now one of the UAE’s largest sources of revenue. In a country where summertime temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, officials hope the Mall of the World will beat the heat and serve as a year-round tourist destination.

Under the Dome

The Mall of the World is expected to accommodate some 180 million visitors annually, and every visitor can savor the sealed city for a week without ever stepping foot outside. Enclosed promenades 7 kilometers long, with trams for quick transport, will connect visitors to all the facilities and districts throughout the mall.

The Mall of the World’s centerpiece will be the cultural district, which will recreate the world’s most famous landmarks from London, New York and Barcelona. The cultural district will be enclosed in a massive, golf-ball shaped dome and play host to weddings, conferences, performances, and a host of other celebrations.

And if you party too hard in the Mall of the World, the wellness district is just a tram ride away. Visitors to the city will have access to more than 3 million square feet of holistic healing options, surgical facilities, cosmetic treatments and other health-oriented services.

When the weather is perfect outside, the mall’s retractable roofs will allow fresh air into the indoor city. Developers also added that the indoor city will incorporate the latest sustainable technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. You can watch the video below to get a virtual tour of the Mall of the World.

Planning a Visit

Officials have not released a timetable for constructing the Mall of the World, but Dubai Holding, the state-owned company behind the project, hopes the mall will be the main focus at the World Expo trade fair in 2020, which Dubai will host.

And how much does an indoor city cost? Well, officials also haven’t released that information.

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  • Uncle Al

    PATH in Toronto is an underground city, for Toronto winters are crippling. The big test of ab initio whole-city engineering is the night sky. If you cannot see the Milky Way afterward, above- or underground makes little difference. Better to go under and use sunlight atop for farming.

    • WhitneyRFernandez


    • martykayzee

      Would you settle for a continuous virtual projection of the Milky Way, planetarium style?

      • Uncle Al

        Supernovae. Cities have no night sky. We are less human for being denied the opportunity to wonder.

        • martykayzee

          I wonder … How many hours per night do you stare at the sky? How many supernovae have you witnessed? How far out of Toronto do you have to drive to see the night sky? Who taught you how to so mindlessly complain?

          • Uncle Al

            Thank you for agreeing.

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  • Freoch .

    It looks like a factory. Who would want to vacation here we wondered?
    Now picture the place covered in advertising and neon lighting, and every building a casino , brothel or theatre and you can see how this could be a premier attraction for tourism. The las vegas of the desert lol, or the other desert.
    Other than another vice city this would never recoup the cost.

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