Physicist Invents Color-Changing Ice Cream

By Carl Engelking | August 1, 2014 12:27 pm
The color-changing flavor, Xamaleon. (Credit: Manual Linares, Cocinatis)

The color-changing flavor, Xamaleon. (Credit: Manual Linares, Cocinatis)

Believe it or not, it is possible to make ice cream even better. Manuel Linares, a former physicist turned cook, has invented a variant on the classic treat that changes colors as you lick it.

The new creamy concoction called Xamaleón — an homage to “chameleon” — transitions from periwinkle to pink when it touches the tongue, and tastes similar to “tutti-frutti,” reports. The ice cream’s colorful trick relies on both changes in temperature and reactions to acids in the human mouth. However, Linares isn’t revealing any more details about his secret recipe.

What we do know is the ice cream is made with natural ingredients like strawberries, banana, vanilla and almonds. Additionally, Linares sprays what he calls a “love elixir” on the ice cream after it’s scooped to help accelerate the reaction. We probably won’t know the whole story behind Xamaleón until Linares secures a patent for his creation, which is pending. 

“As a physicist I know that there are various possibilities that might work and I was delighted when I managed to crack it and create an ice cream that changes color,” Linares said.

Earlier this year Linares opened an ice cream shop in Blanes, his hometown in Spain, and has plans for more exotic ice cream flavors in the future. Up next, he says: An ice cream made with Peruvian and African medicinal plants that will provide an aphrodisiac effect.

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  • FeatheredFiend

    Interesting, but I hope he’s tested thoroughly to make sure it’s safe for consumption in the long term. It would be pretty difficult to do safety testing if you’re not revealing the recipe. And the last part, the ‘African and Peruvian herbs’ sounds so snake oil salesmanly that I’m almost calling BS on the whole article.

    • Final_Word

      Thanks for your expert opinion!

    • Rob

      I definitely see your point. How dare he quit his job, venture into the booming food intusdry, and make something totally amazing only to keep the recipe a secret so some asshat can’t just steal his idea. What a jerk.

    • beb ren

      Yes yes the physicist is coming off all snakey oily and salesmanly. The guy is selling ice cream.

    • David

      There are plenty of naturally occurring aphrodisiacs. You shouldn’t judge the whole article just because you didn’t know, or don’t agree.

    • eirikr1

      I kinda go in the same direction with the safety testing if any synthetic ingredients are included, and transparency is not.

      But if the recipe is all natural with only food ingredients found in other foods, (including the accelerator elixir..) such as red cabbage, fructose, etc to mimic Ph paper, it’s be a different story….

  • Mr. MacGuffin

    Looks like red cabbage PH indicator at work. I don’t think Mr. Linares’ physics degree came into play in “inventing” this.

  • DirtyMind?

    “Love elixir” had better not be what it sounds like…

  • tommy

    mmmm love elixer,..

  • Tosin Otitoju

    Wonderful, wonderful, lovely.

  • David

    He’s a scientist. Scientists patent everything.

  • ana

    Qual genero e esse texto?

  • ana

    Alguem pode me dizer por favor que tipo de tesxto esse?

  • RandomWanderingKid

    It could be Thermochromic liquid crystals which change color according to temperature though I am not sure it could be eaten and red cabbage solution since he said something about it reacting to acids in the human mouth. meh, I’m just a 12 year old so how should i know…


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