Injured Koala Brought Back to Life by CPR

By Lisa Raffensperger | August 22, 2014 11:21 am

In a series of events that could only occur in Australia, an injured koala’s life was saved last week by quick-thinking firefighters who performed CPR on the animal.

The koala was hit by a car in Langwarrin, in Melbourne’s southeast, and was unconscious when firefighters retrieved it from the tree. But after heart massage, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and oxygen treatment, the koala was stabilized.

koala cpr

“First time I’ve done CPR on a koala,” said Michelle Thomas, the wildlife officer on hand during the emergency.

The koala is current being supervised by a vet and has been named Sean after the captain of the firefighting team that saved his life. He has recovered and will soon be released to a new home — further from the road.

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  • Uncle Al

    Koalas are vectors for Buruli ulcer, Mycobacterium ulcerans. You might read about that before giving a koala a big wet smooch. Mycolactone metabolite is a bad thing.

  • Jibril Jibnah

    I pray that the one who perform CPR will be safe from that Mycobacterium ulcerans.


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