New “Dreadnoughtus” Dinosaur Was One of World’s Largest

By Carl Engelking | September 4, 2014 2:05 pm
dreadnoughtus dinosaur

An artist’s rendering of Dreadnoughtus schrani. (Credit: Jennifer Hall)

The NFL’s season officially opens tonight as Seattle and Green Bay duke it out in prime time. But if you placed both teams’ 53 players on a scale, their combined weight would only be a fifth of a newly discovered supermassive species of dinosaur dubbed Dreadnoughtus schrani.

Weighing in at more than 65 tons and measuring 85 feet from head to toe, Dreadnoughtus is among the largest dinosaurs belonging to the gigantic family known as titanosaurs. To date, it is the most complete skeleton of a gigantic dinosaur, which allowed researchers to accurately calculate its size.

No Fear

Dreadnought is an Old English word that means “fear nothing,” and at seven times the size of a Tyrannosaurus rex, researchers say the aptly named Dreadnoughtus was nearly impervious to attack. The new dinosaur lived roughly 77 million years ago in temperate forests on the tip of what is now South America. Like other titanosaurs, Dreadnoughtus was a vegetarian.

Researchers believe the dinosaur died when the ground beneath its feet turned to quicksand after a large flood, based on sedimentary deposits found at the site, the Independent reports. It took researchers five years to unearth the skeleton, and the bones were shipped to Philadelphia in 2009. Researchers have since digitally scanned the bones to create 3-D models of the dino, to study its movements. The skeleton will eventually be returned to Argentina.

Researchers published their description of the new species Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports.

Press Size Comparison

A Gigantic Find

The Dreadnoughtus dig turned up more than 45 percent of the dinosaur’s total skeleton. By comparison, previous archeological discoveries of gigantic dinosaurs have yielded between 1.6 percent and 15.2 percent of an entire skeleton. With a more complete skeleton, researchers hope to learn more about gigantic dinosaurs’ anatomy, biomechanics and evolution.

Already, the bones of Dreadnoughtus have revealed something very intriguing: The massive creature was still growing at the time of its death.

Dreadnoughtus, already weighing more than a small village of people, never quite grew to his full potential.


Study author Kenneth Lacovara with the tibia (lower leg bone) of Dreadnoughtus.


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  • FeatheredFiend

    Wow, that’s unbelievable! And it was not yet full grown! I wonder how it’s heart managed to get blood into all those parts of its body? It must have been massive.

    • Wendy Hildebrandt Weimer Green

      I wonder if it had a hind heart as well as a hind brain?

    • Steven Elliott

      Aside from its heart having to pump blood to its extremities, imagine mating season and having to pump blood to a member as big (or bigger) than a torpedo! I wouldn’t want to be the bottom in that coupling! Should’ve called it Destroyosaurus!

  • Ojulari Lamidi

    its natural to be obese

  • Richard Schiller

    When are they going to clone that DNA from the cartilage they found?

    • Wendy Hildebrandt Weimer Green


  • nik

    One of those, with mushrooms and chips would feed a village, probably for a year or more, assuming they have a freezer big enough.

    • Laurinda

      You could dry some meat, & pressure canning preserves meat for a couple of years, too.

  • Lee Dwyer

    I was told it was really only 6000 years old and created with all the other animals at time of creation. It is speculated that Noah and his family rode these dinosaurs above the flood waters

    • Sang_froid

      Yes! Probably had a contraption similar to what India uses to ride its elephants, only it was 80 cubits by ….. hmmm, nah! As Dan implies above it would have to be at least 65 million years old and killed by the asteroid that hit back then. Perhaps mankind is 65 million years old with only the mind of a mouse! That would explain everything! Why our Congress still has mouse minds? LOL

    • Stephen Block

      Who told you that?

      • Lee Dwyer


    • William Dwyer

      Who told you that? Willie Wonka? Science does not create history just report on what they find.

      • Lee Dwyer

        Hey captain obvious , there is a special delivery for you , it’s a clue! Another rarely found item is discovered- sarcasm! Duh

    • toughsister

      You were told by either liars or idiots. In any case you should believe neither.

      • LD1960

        Ok guys I must know who ld1960 and bill Dwyer are. A weird cosmic connection

        • LD1960

          I was kidding about the 6000 year old . Unfortunately I know some people who are creationist

  • Dan Tucker

    Wow, I was told it was only 67 million years old last Tuesday.

  • Wendy Hildebrandt Weimer Green

    Just think of how many clothes or shelters you could make from that skin!

  • Lee Dwyer

    The same carpenters who built the ark built a huge tree fort on top. There were entire cities in top of dinosaurs. The 1st rv’s . It is also how they built the pyramids . But because they were so advanced it was biodegradable and thus no remaining evidence. One huge subdivision of peace harmony . The only problem was they couldn’t litter train the dinosaurs and there was the start of the problems

    • nik

      NO, that was a tortoise!

  • Judy Weismonger

    I’m waiting for when they can reconstitute dinosaur DNA and brings these wonderful animals back to life.

    • David Lasdon

      Remeber Jurassic Park?

  • Small_Businessman

    Heavier than a Boeing 737. But could it fly?

    • nik

      If it could, then its no good ducking when it sh*ts, cos it will flatten you.
      Brings new meaning to the term ‘flat-ulence!’

  • Jomari Jacinto

    I’d wonder how it is compared with the largest dinosaur ever found, the Argentinorsaurus.


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