Video: Spot Your City From the ISS

By Lisa Raffensperger | September 4, 2014 11:59 am

Nowadays we get such frequent updates from the crew of the ISS — their tweets, their photos, their music videos, their hygiene tips — that it’s weird to recall that just a few years ago we didn’t have 24/7 updates from Earth orbit. We’ve become, frankly, a bit spoiled.

But every now and then a view of Earth from space captures our home planet in a new way, and we can experience the wonder of the Earthrise moment again — having something familiar to us made alien, so we can see it with new eyes.

This latest video from the ISS crew does just that. Crew members Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio look down at various cities across the globe from the station’s cupola, narrating their sightseeing. They spot cities where they once lived and cities where their families are living right now, and the end result is oddly moving.

Mastracchio, left, and Hopkins.

Rick Mastracchio, left, and Mike Hopkins, right.

“Looks like a beautiful day,” Mastracchio says as they zoom the camera in on Houston, Texas. “I just talked to my wife at home just 15 minutes ago; she said the weather’s beautiful down there.”

As if you needed any more proof what an amazingly connected world we live in.


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  • Uncle Al

    ISS FUBAR is grotesque, expensive, and dysfunctional – a sales pitch for a non-existent product re Lover Come Back (1961) and “VIP.” Total valuable knowledge gained in situ,

    1) Reaction wheels are defectively fabricated. NASA has confirmed this by spending or losing $billions when they routinely fail (ISS FUBAR and Hubble telescope replaced; Kepler telescope doomed).

    2) People chronically immersed in radiation fields (love those Cerenkov rings!) get radiation cataracts. If you spent six months in orbit, you will be pseudophakic. Going to Mars? You will be blinded. Preimplanted? The IOLS will shake loose on launch.

    3) If you fly ISS FUBAR tangent to the geoid like an airplane rather than normal to the geoid with its long moment of inertia at equilibrium pointing toward the center of the Earth, the volume of true microgravity is reduced to about that of six basketballs at the pivot point.

    • Steverino

      Proof positive the internet allows every sort of riff-raff the ability to post garbage. Go away Al, and take your meds next time, will ya? You’re embarrassing yourself.


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