Earth’s Water Is Older Than the Sun

By Carl Engelking | September 25, 2014 1:00 pm

water sunlight

The sun, at 4.6 billion years old, predates all the other bodies in our solar system. But it turns out that much of the water we swim in and drink here on Earth is even older.

A new model of the chemistry of the early solar system finds that up to half the water now on Earth was inherited from an abundant supply of interstellar ice as our sun formed. That means our solar system’s moisture wasn’t the result of local conditions in the proto-planetary disk, but rather a regular feature of planetary formation — raising hopes that life could indeed exist elsewhere in the universe. 

Dating Our Water

To determine the age of our solar system’s water, researchers focused on its ratio of hydrogen to deuterium, called “heavy hydrogen” because it has an extra neutron. Interstellar ice has a very high ratio of deuterium to hydrogen because it formed in very cold temperatures. Scientists already knew this from looking at the composition of comets and asteroids.

But, confounding the matter, deuterium levels in the solar system’s water have also been rising ever since the sun formed. So to determine if the sun alone could produce today’s levels of the isotope, researchers built a computer model that essentially wound back the clock to the beginning of the solar system and assumed no inherited deuterium.

However, the model system was incapable of producing deuterium to hydrogen ratios that were as high as those found in our solar system. Therefore, researchers estimate, 30 to 50 percent of our solar system’s water was already a part of the ancient molecular cloud that spawned the Sun and planets. They published their findings today in the journal Science.

Universal Water

If our solar system’s formation was typical, cosmically speaking, then the findings imply that interstellar ices are in healthy supply for all up-and-coming planetary systems. And since all life we know of depends on water, that news improves the odds that other planetary systems have what it takes to support life.

A new twist, then, on the Rime of the Ancient Mariner: “Water, water everywhere, and every planet can have a drink.”

Water through time: Ices from the parent molecular cloud are incorporated into planet-forming  disks around young stars. These ancient ices, including water, are available to nascent planetary  systems, including our own. This picture shows the time sequence of water ice, starting in the  cloud (prior to the Sun's formation), traveling through the stages of star formation, and  eventually being incorporated into the planetary system itself. [Credit: Bill Saxton, NSF/AUI/NRAO]

Water through time: Ices from the parent molecular cloud are incorporated into planet-forming
disks around young stars, and eventually into the planets themselves. Credit: Bill Saxton, NSF/AUI/NRAO

Top image by maradonna 8888 / Shutterstock

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  • DontGetIt

    Always use a charcoal filter!

  • bobbobwhite

    What’s the diff if life does exist somewhere else, as we will be gone from this earth well before any tech advances that could allow us to confirm it and, especially, visit one.. And, why pollute the universe with us, as we sure have made a mess of it here. I think we should just wind our careless lives down and not bother any other possible life “out there”.

    • PhasmaFelis

      Let’s hope that other life forms in the universe don’t think the same way.

      • Emkay

        maybe they thought the same, or worse, and that’s why they’re gone…

    • {%user_vanity_title}

      We don’t pollute the universe, literally, we ARE the universe, we’re a naturally occurring phenomenon; some kind of fractal-like chain reaction that didn’t choose to exist any more than do waves in an ocean.

      • Sajid Rafique

        Agreed 100%. You stole it from my brain. LoL

    • CompleteAphasia

      So true! We would pollute and destroy. Let’s see, new planet, we’ll put a strip club over here, fast food joint over there, a bunch of parking lots, munitions factory over here, add strip malls, methadone clinic over here, some hog farms and strip mines, plus tall building for a violent ideology over there, etc. etc.

    • Lance Mitaro

      If, and when, we ever do leave the Earth for the stars, it would bewise to leave the Bible and all religions behind or else what would be the point? Our problems will follow us to our new venue and history will repeat.

      • Dan Deilgat

        Yeah really? talk about personal baggage…

      • Emkay

        yes, leave the bible, but take the Little Caesars menu..

      • tnsi

        Our problems aren’t unique to religion- it’s how religion is used within society that creates the problems.

        It is only coincidental that the ‘Bible’ was a key factor in the God Glory Gold formula of the Age of Discovery. It’s a convenient mechanism- its easier to rally support from others if you use something they agree with, and its easier to communicate, and exploit others, if you pull them into your home field.

        Science can be as bad a doctrine as Religion- it just so happens that, throughout history, fewer people would go with it due to poor education, or fear of the unknown (also linked to poor education). The colonization of other lands for scientific purposes would’ve been as bad as colonization to spread God, maybe even worse, if one wanted to experiment on the local humans and fauna, to see if substances from Europe affected them the same.

        • Avery111

          Interestingly, the bible states that there was water on the earth before the sun was even formed. Considering that the explanations from modern scientists as to where the water came from are based strictly on speculation/theory, that makes it a very smart book. It also declared that the earth is an orb hanging in space thousands of years before man got beyond the “flat earth’ theory.

          • Sangita Verma

            Age of water is non availabilty to rich nations poor n waste knowledge

          • Paulus DF

            The Bible also says that Adam and Eve had three sons from whom the whole of humanity is descended. So who bore their children? Eve, their mother, was the only woman…

          • Avery111

            Obviously they had daughters, too, who are not mentioned. This is common throughout the OT, where the lineage passed son to son.

      • Sajid Rafique

        only after burying religions can we actually reach such an advanced stage to leave earth… Or may be we will not leave and convert it into virtual heaven.

      • Daniel

        If you believe in science and or religion then you know that you cannot prove either one to be true about the origin of life. You can point to evidence on both sides and make assumptions. But you cannot prove either side be right or wrong.

        • Ian Cooper

          While the origin of life is as yet unknown, science has shown itself to be a very reliable method of finding how the universe works. Religion has shown itself to be incompetent at best, dangerous at worst. Anyone who relies on religion as a guide for anything is an idiot.

          • Daniel

            I think you are only pointing out the flaws of how religion has been used for horrible things. But you gloss over the horrific uses of science. If my religion guides me to be a better person, kinder, respectful to other than how would following that make me an idiot?

        • Filip

          Unless of course God himself comes down shows Himself Up, and science collapses on its theories.

          • Daniel

            Scientific theories come and go all the time. So infact some theories have collapsed on them selves. Science is working and trying to explain, just the same as religion gives an explanation. To play devils advocate, how many theories has science come up with to explain the origin of life? How many has religion?

        • J Goodwood

          G’head, show me the ‘evidence’ presented in the Bible, or any other religion. Your choice, I’ll wait.

          • Daniel

            The evidence in the bible? The bible is a history book, it only tells a story but does not present evidence. So I just want to clarify, you want evidence of the stories in the bible, correct? Ie…evidence of creation, correct?

          • BeeryUSA

            “The bible is a history book…”

            Any evidence for this claim? There’s no more justification for the claim that the Bible is a history book than there is for the claim that the Harry Potter books are history books. Being set in a real place does not make a book a history book. Both the Bible and the Harry Potter books appear to be fantasy novels.

    • Brill Pappin

      We, and all we do are part of the cycle of life on this planet, and in this universe. Assuming anything else is extream hubris.

    • Alan Mindbender

      Ahh, a self hating liberal. Now the article is complete.

      • Kathleen

        Yea, sure, along with the many other inaccurate stereotypes, like perhaps, a self hugging whatever you call yourself. :)

        • Alan Mindbender

          /Golf clap I hope you didn’t lose sleep trying to think up that clever retort, spinstress.

    • Brendon Carr

      You first, friend.

    • Dan Deilgat

      And the Star huggers are born.

    • Van Snyder

      You first.

    • Kathleen

      Hey, we’re all going to die but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our present lives to the fullest, in opposing your train of logic. As for the “we”, there are many exceptions and it’s the nature of the beast to explore and learn, despite the many exceptions.

    • clearsailing

      “…we sure have made a mess of it here…”

      I’m very glad you don’t get to decide the desires for the rest of us!

  • Alex Cannon

    Seems like a big jump to go from “our solar system’s water was inherited from some interstellar cloud” to “therefore water is pretty common throughout the universe”. With only one data point, the “if” in “If our solar system’s formation was typical, cosmically speaking,…”, is a pretty big one.

    • Dan Deilgat

      The fog of evolution…

    • Denesius

      You can look at it as a single data point defining a trend, or a random result leading to a conclusion. Your call.

      • Anechidna

        Like the theory but doubt the logic and the physics of matter collation and planetary body formation too great to permit water to survive this process. Too many if’s and guesses.

        Also the early collision of the moon and earth is a factor to consider for the deuterium atoms on the moon are different to those on earth.

    • ADawg

      Water IS pretty common in the Milky Way which has been shown by spectroscopy of interstellar clouds. And that makes perfect sense too considering that Oxygen is third most abundant element in the Milky Way Galaxy – behind only Hydrogen and Helium.

      • Emkay

        just think, if we threw in that old thing about the ‘chicken and the egg’ we could put it all together and make chicken noodle soup!….

        • ih8aloss

          Where did the noodles come from?

          • James Jones III

            I got them from your mommy whilst I was over plowing her pooper to oblivion.

    • Emkay

      you know…theorizing, speculating, hypothesizing, or even guessing about what happened 4-5 billion years ago makes me wonder how much ‘real’ money is spent on ‘guessing that is just wasted……why do people get paid ‘real salaries to ‘guess about what happened eons ago? and then tell about what they ‘think happened… how does this help anything??

      • tnsi

        The entire study of the universe is based on things that happened in the past. The light from the stars that we see is light from billions of years ago- therefore the same applies to the other celestial entities out there. Planets around other stars, in particular.

        While the idea of finding other forms of life around other stars is an interesting one, more important is the reality that humanity will need to move beyond the Earth one day, as population continues to increase and resources become ever scarcer.

        By studying what happened in the formation and existence of our own surroundings, we can project that to what we see, and potentially figure out if the ancient worlds that we can view through our telescopes and satellites are indeed unable to support life. We can tell what a few billion years have done to our solar system easily- we just need to use that to project how the other systems out there look after that.

        • RG

          agreed .. and dont forget more immediate benefit – the more you know about the universe less you need deadly mumbo jumbo and dogma of Religions ..funny how, 500 yrs ago, people were BURNED to death just because they dared to Question is the Earth center of the universe ..? … the cell phone technology might have looked like “magic “to people 100 yr ago…Question Everything !

          • wisewoman


          • Rivka

            Do some more indepth historical research. Or, just look up the article in discovermagazine critiquing Cosmos’ choice of Giordano Bruno as a hero. No one was actually ever burned to death simply for thinking the earth is the center of the universe.

          • Ian Cooper

            No one is ever burned to death for “simply” anything. But the real issue is why religious people so often seem to want to ban books and burn freethinkers to death.

        • Sajid Rafique

          We will control population in the next 50 years i think .

      • lcs1956

        Emkay, I suspect you don’t really want an explanation of how science works, and are just a troll.

    • Sajid Rafique

      Agreed. may be our nebula was unique .

  • Henri

    What a whole lot of dizzying codswollop. I know they say a sucker is born every minute, but I am awfully sorry, I’m not one of them.

    • Hannes Coetzer

      Dagnabbit! And get off my lawn!

    • Emkay

      sorry for what??

      • Henri

        Common decency requires of me to apologise to the researchers for calling their codswallop codswallop. Not that I really mean it, of course.

  • Marmat Kat

    God and my holy bible say the Earth is only 7000 years old. Where did the author get his wacky information? Praise the lord!

    • Hannes Coetzer

      Lord Marmaduke and the holy book of Shluzbuzzle says the Earth was created last Thursday. Praise Lord Marmaduke!

      • Michael

        Hannes read my post. I’d like to get your response 😉

        • Hannes Coetzer

          I think you can guess at my response. 😉

          • Dan Deilgat

            Are you guys naked?

          • Hannes Coetzer

            You’re welcome to pretend we are.

      • sleepvark

        Having been touched by his noodly appendage, I prefer to believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Ramen!

        • Hannes Coetzer

          Every second you deny Him, Lord Marmaduke is getting madder and madder. Give your spleen to Him.

    • Dan Deilgat

      Good for you, no need to complicate anything.

    • Emkay

      who wrote your wacky bible?? and when??

  • CompleteAphasia

    Here’s a thought: what if earth passed through another of these giant ice clouds during our planet’s trek through space?

  • Lance Mitaro

    Thanks for giving us the heads up that we’ve been drinking reconstituted caveman piss all along. =/

  • Luke101

    I agree, Alex.

    Our solar system’s formation may have been “typical” , but the evolutionary history is perhaps very atypical. There is much fossil evidence showing that the rise of the dinosaurs and other reptilian life may have remained dominant, perhaps much, much longer — had it not been for their apparent die-off from an errant asteroid hitting Yucatan. Perhaps most of the intelligent species on other planets are reptilian , instead of the humanoid alien we always picture..

  • Michael

    Read Genesis 1:2-3. Interesting how God explained through Moses that prior to the Light (sun) he hovered over the waters… Just remember the One who created the heavens and the earth inspired men to write the bible. Science will always prove the bible. And no, the earth is not 7000 years old, and the bible does not say it is!!!

    Genesis 1-2New International Version (NIV)

    The Beginning

    1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

    3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

    • Sean Mcadam

      Genesis 1 says that the earth was created on the first day of creation (Genesis 1:1–5). From there, we can begin to calculate the age of the earth.

      Let’s do a rough calculation to show how this works. The age of the earth can be estimated by taking the first five days of creation (from earth’s creation to Adam), then following the genealogies from Adam to Abraham in Genesis 5 and 11, then adding in the time from Abraham to today.

      Adam was created on day 6, so there were five days before him. If we add up the dates from Adam to Abraham, we get about 2,000 years, using the Masoretic Hebrew text of Genesis 5 and 11.3 Whether Christian or secular, most scholars would agree that Abraham lived about 2,000 B.C. (4,000 years ago).

      So a simple calculation is:

      5 days
      + ~2,000 years
      + ~4,000 years

      ~6,000 years

      (all credit to Bodie Hodge)

      • insuranceplus

        Except that there is a problem with your calculations. Your assuming a 24 hour or a calendar day before the the first day would have began.

        Firstly, A day is determined by our current calculations of the earths revolution on it’s axis. A rate of revolution that we know has changed over time. Since the planet was allegedly created on day one with no mention as to what time of the day it was, there is no way of knowing how long the first day lasted as the planet would not yet have existed and therefore no axis revolution to count from.

        Secondly, The bible also states that, unto god, “The blinking of an eye is as 20,000 years”.

        If one does consider the bible as truth, then one must also concede that a Day for GOD could be as long as he wanted it to be, perhaps even millions or billions of years on our time scale.

        A conjecture of 6,000 years or any biblical based age is an exercise in futility because the book simply provides no frame of reference for the first day, resulting in no means by from which to calculate the age of the planet from it’s content.

        • Carl

          Imaginary sky daddy and religion poisons everything.

          • insuranceplus

            No, It doesn’t poison everything. It’s people’s dogmatic interpretations from which the poison springs. Take a look at Buddhism for example,, no poison there at all. Christianity and Islam are the religions most often used to promote ignorance, hate and destruction.

          • tnsi

            I disagree. Buddhism has been used as a vehicle of poison in many situations- especially as it fragments into different sects, many of which disagree with each other due to fundamental differences.

            Nichiren Buddhism contributed to/was a part of the extreme nationalism in Japan, that lead to the Japanese participation within World War II.

        • Sean Mcadam

          1. These weren’t my calculations they were a Christians calculations. 2. Your argument is that the bible is whatever god wishes it to be and that humans cannot truly ever understand it…….so it can mean somethign different to everyone yet apparently you all read the same thing? its like a complete your own adventure book.

          • insuranceplus

            1. Understood
            2. No, that’s not what I said. I only addressed that one comment regarding his eye blinking being as 20,000 years. “If that were true” (I’m not saying it is, as I hold no such superstitions), then the day could obviously be as long as he wished it to be. I’m not one to defend the Bible or any other religious text But I have studied many of them.

          • Sean Mcadam

            Where in my comment did I call you a christian? I stated that these were not my calculations based on my beliefs but based on the calculations of a man who believes in the bible.

          • MalcolmXcrement

            My 4.5+ billion year old bottled water, has just reached it’s expiration date! Go figure!

        • Ather Bhaor

          The Quote you quoted is not from Einstein but from Niels Bohr to Albert Einstein.

          • John Burleson


      • Carl

        beware religion can make you think up imaginary characters and calculations that make no sense.

      • Gloria Tababa

        Yeah, but the Bible also says that a day in God’s world is not a day in ours. You are referring to a translation of a work that’s thousands of years old. A day isn’t an earth day., you should know better. A mars day isn’t equal to an earth day. That chapter in Genesis doesn’t specify it as earth day.

        • pfetchko

          Oh my word, as most intelligent non superstitous peopke agree, religon is preventing us from evolving!

          • tnsi

            I disagree. On the other hand, it’s our science and current society that prevents us from evolving- since we’ve effectively disabled natural selection within human populations.

            Maybe, down the chain, we’ll end up with humans that have developed traits like an immunity to HIV, but since we don’t practice eugenics anymore, there’s nothing notable that will happen in human evolution, barring a massive disasters that eliminates most human infrastructure.

          • Gloria Tababa

            Evolution happens.
            God designed it that way.

        • Emkay

          the man said ‘God, how long is one thousand years to you? God replied ‘ about a minute. The man said ‘God, how much is a million dollars to you? God replied, about a dollar. The man said ‘God, can I have a dollar? God replied, in a minute!

    • Eric Kelly

      Yes and somehow excluded that the day and night was actually the earths rotation. In this context > god makes sun, makes earth rotate, then makes the heavens > Space. This is pretty wrong on all levels. this inspiration probably was just from people’s surroundings, and they (the writers) already believed and assumed a god and this was just their attempt to explain how god did it. not that god actually dictated genesis. it was someone else hypothesis which has failed many times over by this point.

      • joey

        Day and night was not relative to the Sun and the Earth’s rotation around it. Remember the first thing created was LIGHT. Day and night was relative to THAT source of light…whatever that was. It means well before the sun was created, that source of light also helped the process of vegetation on earth as well…way before the sun came into the picture.

        • Emkay


          • joey

            My point was that the reference for time used another source of Light way before the Sun came into the picture. This seems to be something you were nit-picking about.

          • Emkay

            not nit-picking (whatever that is) just lmfao….

      • Emkay

        God is love, love is blind, Stevie Wonder is blind, Stevie Wonder is God…

        • joey

          Scripture says that He is also a “consuming fire” Hebrews 12:29. Those attributes do not necessarily “create” Him, He creates those attributes. So, using your faux analogy “Emkay is tall, trees are tall, Emkay is a tree.” Is that logic flawless?

          • Emkay

            scripture says you’re a moron… it’s a joke…

          • joey

            God bless you “wise man”. #notsacarsm

    • Brill Pappin

      It was a typo, I was supposed to say 6 millennia.

    • Jeremy

      Exactly! I am filing this article away with all my other scientific articles that the Bible has already explained.

      • Carl

        bronze age desert books explain nothing.

        • Jeremy

          Well none of us were there in the beginning. God was. I think the fact that scientists have determined something that was already explained in the Bible is sort of telling, don’t you think?…And there is more to read and learn.

          • Carl

            No gods were present in the evolution of the planets. They were a later invention of men in order to control and explain their existence do to the lack of knowledge of how the planet evolves. The bible and other silly Mid East books were made up do to ignorance and are still used in order to gain Political power amount the ignorant.

    • Dan Deilgat

      No, no,no. You can’t adapt fiction to trump scientific evolution. Please, please refrain from diminishing hard work and outstanding intellectuality with religious legends.
      One day science will come up with a solution to free you from your demons and include you in reality…

      • Dale Finn

        it’s called science.

    • Carl

      Religion poisons everything.

      • Michael

        I agree. However, knowing Jesus personally is the antidote.

        • Carl

          zzzzzzzzzzzz sleepy from fictional character talk.

          • Shiny Aeon

            Fictional characters can still impart wisdom. I don’t know if learning from them counts as “knowing them personally,” but don’t underestimate the value of fiction just because it may be fiction.

          • Emkay

            so, fiction is truth! … moron…

          • Shiny Aeon

            Fiction is not truth, but it can CONTAIN truth. The best fiction invariably does.

    • Kathleen

      One may wonder, if one believes that Genesis are from the words of God, why God didn’t clearly explain how the day and night occur on Earth and why the Sun is in the center of a solar system. It would have been quite simple.

  • Harvey Giles

    Interesting. Isn’t it?

    • Mokketubbe


      • Harvey Giles


  • Dan Deilgat

    Reading the comments below I gotta say, why are religious types so threatened by scientific research?
    Why do Bible thumpers go to hospitals for treatment if they are so anxious to be one with their God?
    If they are so certain to become one in the kingdom of God why don’t they just let themselves expire?

    The hypocrisy is so thick you’d need a chain saw to cut it.

    You dismiss scientific efforts yet you are more than agreeable to scientists developing cures and treatments for ailments that you might develop…

    Be honest here, you benefit personally from all scientific developments you dutifully despise.

    In your quest for truth you systematically deny reality.

    • Ray

      Hi Dan. I am a Christian. I am totally unthreatened by Science – my degrees are in Biology. From your rhetoric, I think it may be you who feels threatened.

      • Carl

        Not threats felt by imaginary sky daddy.

      • Matthew Rings

        Same here… Faithful Christ-follower, amateur astronomer, with degrees in chemistry and medicine, and board certified in ophthalmology. No doubt in my mind that the universe is 13+ billion years old, and life was created by God through a very complex process that is evident in the fossil record.

        God is no deceiver and the speed of light is the yardstick of the universe, and evidence of the “whirl” of galaxies that took billions of years to attain their shape (just two of thousands of evidences of an old universe)… and it’s all “science”.. I love it! Science and faith (in my heart and mind) are not mutually exclusive.
        Peace, Doc R

        • Denesius

          Matt- that’s the most intelligent response so far on this post!

        • Dan Deilgat

          You should’nt adapt facts to complement your beliefs to question those with reasonable questions.

          Some call that the God complex, something I am certain you’ve heard before as a medicine man.

        • Kathleen

          It depends on the person you refer to. I’ve had many conversations with Biblical literalists and they don’t agree with many scientifically derived truisms. Faith and science are opposites and a truly scientific methodology would sincerely doubt many religious truths, all taken on faith.

          It’s quite difficult to combine faith and the scientific method, if one is being a purist for either, excluding some Buddhist ideas.

      • Dan Deilgat

        Biology huh? Creationist or evolutionist?

        That’s the problem here, you assume that others that don’t seem to believe in organize religion or “your” religion are atheist or worst, unsecured in being…

        Did it ever occur to you that there is a sufficient lack of evidence at this point in time and that we owe ourselves the responsibility to understand instead of throwing ourselves off the proverbial cliff in order to confirm if wether or not we can fly…

        Obviously if you are a biologist you are searching for answers, just like most scientists. It would then be reasonable to infer that you have reservations about the facts that religion and Christianity has offered you over the years.

        What is unclear here is why you choose to prove that God exists instead of having God prove to all of us that he exists…

        I’ve always considered that God-any of them, have the burden of proof yet, religious arguments are, by they’re very nature, unconstructive and unchallengeable and as such resist the honesty of reality.

        Threaten is not the right word, insulted is.

    • John Burleson

      Dan, I kind of agree with you in a half-hearted way. The world is made up by two kinds of people: the arrogant, convinced they’re right; and the equally arrogant, who just know the other guy is wrong. I’ve sort of adopted the attitude that there is a Creator and Science tells us how the Creator did it. Specifically, the Creator might be a stellar 12th grade chemistry student that just flunked her project because the test tube is full of little floatie things. And she knows which floatie thing to blame it on. Hope it ain’t me!

    • EasyThere Pilgrim

      I only see hostility from the anti-God people on here. Also, the Bible says that Adam was created as a man (not as a baby or boy) fully mature. So it goes to reason that the Universe, the stars, etc, were formed fully mature. So even though they look trillions of years old or whatever….God made the Earth first.

      • Ian Cooper

        “I only see hostility from the anti-God people on here.”

        Yes, because disagreeing is “hostility”

        “Also, the Bible says that Adam was created as a man (not as a baby or boy) fully mature. So it goes to reason that the Universe, the stars, etc, were formed fully mature.”

        No. It doesn’t.

        “So even though they look trillions of years old or whatever….God made the Earth first.”

        And your evidence for this is that water is older than the Sun? No wonder you believe in magical invisible beings.

        Gods aren’t real. Grow up!

  • jrfool

    So, does this open the possibility that the earth condensed before the sun? That would be the reverse of the long standing theory that the sun formed first. Gathering ice from the outer planets would confirm or deny the thesis. Just a thought.

    • sleepvark

      Perhaps we need to go out there and get some samples, I agree. Not too hard to imagine, given that plain old H2O is the most precious stuff we can find. It’s too heavy to carry up from the surface here in the quantities we will need.
      A little research into solar system ices as we refresh ourselves will tell quite a story if this article is any indication.

      • jrfool

        Interesting thought, drinking much older water from one of the distant planets. I wonder if that would help in making ‘us’ wiser or more mature?

        As a specie we could use some help in being wiser.

    • Emkay

      the infant sun’s gravity caused the coalescing and formation of the planets around it…

  • Jerfus Rogbowe

    The deuterium-plasmatic concentrations are what drive the coagulant processes. Verifying 3rd and 4th order decay patterns with ice forming photo-sublimation is the key and yet to be answered.

    • Emkay

      nah, sublimation melts ice…

  • Armando Alvarez


    I suppose that this explanation for how Earth got most of its water should also work for how Earth got all the other elements oresent in the planet, and not in the Sun, which by a struck of luck only got hydrogen that’s burning into helium, according to sciantist…..???????

  • Van Snyder

    Does the isotope ratio really show that water is older than the solar system, or just the hydrogen/deuterium atoms in water?

    • Emkay

      never trust an atom, they make up everything…

  • fungus_Amongus

    ” raising hopes that life could indeed exist elsewhere in the universe. ”


    simple statistics prove beyond any doubt that *somewhere* out there, life must exist.

  • Celen

    Reality seems much more interesting than fiction.

  • 1stfreedom

    So does that mean my cup of Tea or Coffee is 4.6 Billion years old ? That is the question ?

  • I am Kira

    This is one of the few billions of years type things I can actually agree with as a Christian. The Bible does say that the waters were already there when the rest of creation started.

  • Edwin Markus

    Dont know what the big deal is.
    All the gold and copper and pretty much everything else that makes up the earth is also older than the Sun

  • God Hand

    The sun is older than the earth. But the water is older than the sun.

  • John Dowsett

    Why not just admit it,the world is trillions of years old not 4.6 billions and a bit. and they can only carbon do are with the resouses given to them to buy technology to date objects. . in media and advertising it’s 4 billion years on, but in mainstream belife it’s trillions of billions of years old.
    But indeed are revelations . So they won’t being telling us them higher figures. Should they? No of caurse not like i said are “revelations”, and like all things revelation, turn up on time all of the time ,and my not a second sooner what was the point in having a officail secrects act if it never turned up? None. So media keeps quite, and dont know as much as we do, hence revealtions be suse they maybe a bit slow So alike the church science is as holy bonoli, in one ear and out of the other. man walked on the moon is there biggeat comparrision to the Biblicating-on-a-preachy garble.
    and a few other white lies as well, it’s just a job at the end of the day,and they claim that they paid for the exclusive to say publicly these revelations of science and age. But the more we know the less we know so don’t exspect any great suprises from them. Alike Dinosours with feathers, i think the middle ages knew that dinosurs maybe had feathers, because of the new dragons image launched 700 years ago that now is a lizard, not a serpent, and has wings. so i guess it was a a up and coming revelation, still classified, but with a hint.
    Man will only finaly get to walk on the moon to advertise a product, and the company will set daily up there to promote there do stuff in this prime time stall for all to see. I would not be suparsed If Master foods put the biggest bid in for Mars.,With the logo regeparding Beagles disopearece “You advanced not have your cake and nd eat it, becsuse ause it was a piece of cake, have a munch on a map Mars bar” The indiginous plot continues, and belive me it’s a world wide conspiracy, because every country into he world does the same equiverlent.
    The indiginous They don’t link leaving the street they grew up in, and swear alegiounce to county and country, amd say there way of life is under threat and they are bending g our roads, wearing down our pavements, we must act fast.
    Well i think they finally left and got the big wide world, alike first day at school cry babies, they have to lean to grow up.
    They proberbly have a cot in there bedroom as well.
    they don’t want to move on these people, and claim racial decriminalise against the minority living win there comunity,a nd how we should all go to kingdom hall, and pray like the Muslims twice a day, then get over excited all of a sudden and start Nazi, British movement in g about the place, These peole are called fly by nights hypocrite, never trust them
    Indeed the earth is older than 4.6 billion years old be ause in order to have a begining house need a history. So trillions, of trillions, of trillions, of trillions of years old it is indeed, and We was not a Ape but a human, The fosile to old. Look what time did to this human skull, it looked like us once upon 2.5 million years ago. but age has distorted it to look like a ape. Old rubbish from the old rubbish tips/grave yards of history from cult followings long gone.
    Everything was created in the beginning . There is no such thing g as living the longest in infinate time, meaning no one can be older than another person, because there is no such thing as living the longest in infinate time. We arw going to live forever, life never ends, trillions of years So a 60 millions years old dinosour will become one day 60 million years younger, just just by us putting a second of time away every million years will do the trick, and somones 60 million years younger than us, will become 60 millions years older.Then the dinosurs levels up to the same age, and so do you leval up to the same age as the person who be was once 60 millions years younger, and became 60 million years older This is called life, the law of averages.
    eqiverlent me the moon has always stood there with the earth for trillions of years, acting as a night light so we are not plummeted into total darkness, and the black parts of the sun that dont reflect are there to make it slightly darker so it’s not to bright at night, and this is why we also have half moon and quater moon, to lessen the light..

  • Randall Vela

    Question, if the Suns gravitational pull is keeping the planets in orbit, and the planets between the Earth and the Sun are Mercury and Venus, could we expect the suns gravity to pull those planets in, and destroy them in the future. And if so, is that even more of a reason for us to get off of this planet sooner? Assuming since we are next to Mars, that would be number one option, then to Uranus.


    One does have to ask why there is a moon to light up the night sky. It didnt walk up there and wait to get into position as soon as the suns light was gone from one side. Its up there for a good purpose.

    • BeeryUSA

      Firstly, the moon doesn’t light up the night sky – the sun does that. The Moon only reflects the sunlight. Secondly, the Moon isn’t always in the night sky. Sometimes it’s below the horizon, so if God put it up there to light the night sky, he’s pretty incompetent.


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