This Machine Gun Folds and Shoots Paper Airplanes

By Carl Engelking | October 9, 2014 3:54 pm

The art of disrupting social studies class just went high-tech.

A man in Germany has invented the world’s (unofficial) first paper airplane machine gun. This shotgun-sized apparatus is every study hall supervisor’s nightmare. The gun self-folds each sheet of paper and launches the resultant paper airplanes into the air with assembly line efficiency.


(Screenshot from YouTube)

The man’s wordless airplane-shooting demonstration in this video makes sure all the attention is devoted to the beauty of his invention. According to the video’s description, the gun was assembled using 3-D printed parts and is powered by a cordless drill.

If this paper airplane gun ever goes on sale, we preemptively offer our sympathies to the substitute teachers out there.

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  • Ivar Ivarson

    Best “gun” I’ve seen since that air gun that fired salt particles at flies.

  • Uncle Al


  • moderatelymoderate

    I don’t think schools will have to worry about this. The electric drill used to power it shouldn’t get through a metal detector and the gun’s too big to hide.

    • Lorie Franceschi

      party pooper….we could at least dream about it and it was almost 40 years ago for me

    • Tomasz Abramowicz

      Good thing most EU schools don’t have schools with metal detectors.

  • OldAFguy

    I want one! And I’ve been out of high school for over 50 years!


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