Quiz: Test Your Einstein IQ

By Carl Engelking | February 26, 2015 2:09 pm

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  • Day Dez

    The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
    Albert Einstein~

    • Boid Whittaker

      intelligence and knowledge has it limits but imagination is unlimited .

      • XXTime

        Knowledge and Belief Systems (B.S.s) are segmental and conditional. Under-standing the System, or Creation, on the other hand, is comprehensive understanding the self-Creation Process.
        The Universe feeds upon It-Self.

    • Paula Valder

      Absolutely agree, without imagination there is nothing

    • Firmitas

      You know how many morons love to quote that?

    • David

      I think it was minded as reference to “IQ” title part…

    • Firmitas

      You read that to suggest that Einstein, a physics PHD, didn’t value knowledge.

    • Kasim Muflahi

      I believe that intelligence isn’t just about knowledge but also what you do with that knowledge.

    • macb423

      Oh. Does this mean you didn’t do so hot on the quiz?

  • si atbarkellah

    Your Score: 12 / 15
    Your Ranking: Smarty Pants. You know more about Einstein than the average joe.

  • atanu nath

    12/15… not so good ! But well, that was a history quiz not a science quiz. I would appreciate a quiz on his works rather than events and dates.

    • William Esancy


  • Amber Worth

    Your Score: 13 / 15
    Your Ranking: Genius! Did you ever think about donating your brain to science?

  • Artem Zagrebelny

    Interestingly, he was a ladies’ man, failed the entrance exam to the University and his brain lay in a glass jar 43 year and then was sent worldwide by small pieces. (14/15 right)

  • shubham sharma

    The great god scientist Mr shubham kumar

  • yupp

    I scored 1415 its awsome

  • Singh Arvind Yadav

    I score 15/15 its awsome

  • Singh Arvind Yadav

    I Score 15/15 its Awsome

  • Aliu Adepoju

    I scored 6/15, too bad

  • Christine Grace Cognito

    I’m not good as Einstein, I scored 6/15…too bad

    • atanu nath

      A poor score implies you don’t know much about the events of his life, that doesn’t mean you are not good enough. I bet if Einstein would do such a quiz on Newton’s life, he would do worse ! A good physicist will know more about Einstein’s theories … not about his life events !

      • Neha Spatika

        good dude ^^

    • Bokem44

      8/15 for me…..I figure I did better on his life than he would have done on mine! 😉

  • Christine Grace Cognito

    Your score: 15/15
    Your ranking: Genius! Did you ever think about donating your brain?
    Yehey perfect score.

  • desporate childern

    easy; truly!!

  • Mahbub


  • Dhrubajyoti Das

    12 / 15……….Smarty Pants. You know more about Einstein than the average joe.

  • fadi somer


  • rio lagunas

    5 / 15….. i takes a lot weeds, does’nt improve my intelligent, but hey!…i like metal!

  • lars

    15/15 wow, nice guessing skills.

  • http://erbarker.wordpress.com Ernest Barker

    This quiz was way to easy.

  • Arman Kundu

    15 outta 15

  • sandeep

    that result come only on the basis of guessing,,,, logical thinking is good

    • Ventura Rodriguez Vallejo

      that result can perfectly come on the basis of knowledge about Einstein´s life, without needing logics for any purpose.

  • Tammy Birch

    Wait. Didn’t he become a US citizen in 1940…. ? Even though he still held his Swiss citizenship.

    • Fideliolioli

      Yep – the test did not have the right answer there – and Leo Szilard wrote that letter to Roosevelt – not Einstein; he just signed it. Apparently the author of the test doesn’t know much about him.

  • naedrdmk

    8 of 15 correct. Not so Einstein

  • http://andro-ids.blogspot.com Mpoendi Sukek

    7/15 I’m einstein fans. but I don’t know him well

  • Bea Lin

    15/15 now what?

  • Bilal Ahmed


  • Joseph G. Shobe

    13; I was wrong on the year 1939 and the love interest. But 11 was misleading as he did not win the Nobel for Special Relativity, but did for the photoelectric effect.

    • Sunil Pandey Nepali

      yeah, he had won Nobel prize for photoelectric effect not on special relativity.

    • Rahul

      Love interest was one of the simplest as there stood only one Russian Name…rest were either English or German 😉

    • vikrant

      nobel prize was for photoelectric effect and contribution to theoritical physics, which I guess includes special relativity

    • JohnBoy

      I thought the reason he didn’t get the Nobel Prize for so long was that it had to be given for something experimental; theory wasn’t enough, Hence his getting it for the photoelectric effect, not relativity.

  • Peter Mertz

    15/15 the second time around 😛

  • btc5472

    Relatively Good. Depending on the observer’s frame of reference, of course.

  • Suraj Neopane Chettri

    Yeah….Bull’s eye…got it…15 on 15…

  • Richard M Rimmer

    Time to get to work. Oh, NOT with physics.

  • Aman Goyal

    Your Score: 14 / 15

    Your Ranking: Genius! Did you ever think about donating your brain to science?

  • Nitin Shenoy

    10! better then average :/

  • Naved Hasan


  • Fideliolioli

    Einstein became a citizen in 1940 – not 1939 – and Leo Szilard wrote that letter to Roosevelt – Einstein just signed it; in other words – if you’re going to do an Einstein quiz – you should make sure the person who puts it together is doing so with the correct information.

  • Agustin Aybar

    15/15, not bad. yes!!!

    • Nomman Naibkhil

      by help of google or … ? hehehe are u sure 15/15?

  • emma

    i only got 3/15 soooo.

  • Serdar Kucukayvaz

    I’ve read Walter Isaacson’s Einstein biography, but 10 / 15. Not good…

    • wasim

      His IQ Tells That He Is a Like a Mad Man He Can Prove Anything.

  • José Luis

    Nice. Einstein is my idea of lifestyle.

  • ramona daw

    I failed miserably

  • http://batman-news.com Cal

    Missed one. I didn’t know there was a plot to kill him.

  • ratifyingobliqueer

    I passed not because of his life events hahaha only his works hehehe

  • mehari

    I really care about what Einstein contributed in science, but not on what he did in his life.

  • The Bon_Scott

    I did “ok.” I need to study up.

  • Emmanuel Owusu

    OMG I almost had errrmm…….what?

  • Guest111

    This is a quiz of knowledge…. Not intelligens… Idiots

  • Joey Baughman


  • Sten-Ake Jansson

    9 of 15.. Im happy.

  • vidya sagar

    he changed the thinking era of that time and to be continued?????

  • hilda

    I got 13, yeah this is more like history quiz

  • Kristian

    Q12: He didn’t get the Nobel Prize for relativity theory, did he? It was for some quantum mechanics i think

  • ahmad


  • Jethro Bodean

    The first freaking question doesn’t even have the right answer as a choice. “Einstein was granted permanent residency in the United States in 1935 and became an American citizen in 1940, although he chose to retain his Swiss citizenship.”

  • Ahmad Mustakim

    I’m not Einstein, but myself.

  • Landile Mossie

    Eish guess I don’t know de guy

  • Mario Larouche

    Ah ! Ah !!! 8/15….pas très très bon !?!?! 😉

  • Mahmoud Amen

    Your Score: 10 / 15

    Your Ranking: Smarty Pants. You know more about Einstein than the aver

  • Rahil Sethi

    Your Score: 8 / 15
    Your Ranking: Relatively Good. Depending on the observer’s frame of reference, of course.

  • Abdessamed

    Was so good thank you guys

  • Jerry Kendrick

    What a conversation when Albert Einstein and Leonard Nimoy meet on the other side. :-)

  • Nomman Naibkhil

    even i am a big fan of him but the marks are not good, 9/15

  • nesseha

    I scored 13/15 that’s not bad. but, the man who tries to kill albert einstin only payed a 6 dollars?! oh my GOD! I bet a 6 dollar have a big value back then.

  • pradeep pandey

    Everything is possible….if you think of that

  • Rh

    Actually, Einstein didn’t become an official citizen until 1940…which is not one of the offered answers. Also, he DID indeed fail a math class as a child. Whoever formulated this quiz needs to go back and do their research. These are basic Einstein facts that anyone should know.

  • miguel peña

    solo tres de 15 estudiare mas de este maravilloso hombre que dejo mucho a la humanidad

  • Ramiro amc

    i score 9, i never read a book.

  • Stefan Ristić


  • Zarosinski Remigiusz

    Einstein became an American citizen in 1940. Test has wrong answer.

    • Vincent De Vargas

      Year for you, Zarosinski! Discovery needs to discover its facts. Otherwise an interesting test. Got, with this correction, 12 of 13.

      • Ventura Rodriguez Vallejo

        same sad news for me…

    • XXTime

      T=MindCapacity2 or, 01Forever

  • Benevolence

    7/15. I think I’ll rely on my imagination, thanks!

  • Miki Taskov

    I scored 15/15 believe it or not.

  • Basnet Arun

    All correct …. feel proud to be an Astronomer in NASA… :)

  • Raphaël De Villele

    14/15 so…can I be proud of me ? and Einstein didn’t won the Nobel for his relativity theory but for the photoelectric effect

  • Wayne Soares

    11 out of 15….. got Smarty Pants

  • Rahul

    He got the nobel for Photoelectric Effect plus he is renowned for his Theory of SPECIAL Relativity n not just the theory of relativity

  • Sonu Thapa

    well i couldn’t give correct answers to many questions… :( :( bt got fun learning n playing :) :)

  • Hira Pegu

    Remembering the date and year of an event is not education ….. Einstein..

    • Tracy Hurst

      So what is historical events. Isn’t it remembering time and date something important happens. I may not be anywhere near to the brilliance of Albert Einstein but love to learn and believes that small details does matter. So if its even that Einstein did not like wearing socks. I think is important. Who is to say. When some areas of your body is not total free it affects another part of our body greatly

      for example his feet no being totally free affects the way he thinks.I go to class I have to take my shoes off and I don’t even know why more than the fact that I feel a bit more relax and at the same time anywhere else outside my. Home. I always have to be in shoes or I get really uncomfortable. Same details does matter so pay attention to the tiny details in life

  • shiva

    Einsteins b dy 3,14 &Π=3.14 I’m I

  • hailu

    albert Einstine definition of insanity using the same thing more and more and more and more.

  • Rashmi Pagare

    Scored 8…not so good indeed!

  • Octavio Robles

    6/15 its fine i just wanted to learn more from him

  • kiran

    13/15 socks nd hoax of his math result…………….. pit falls

  • Çağlar Nebol

    Einstein did not won a nobel prize for relativty dumbasses, he won it with the photoelectric effect and this “so called test” has nothing relevant with science. Just waste of time.


    he was wrong when he said that nothing was faster then light !!!!!!!!!! for example if i want to go from one end to the other of the whole universe !!!!! if i go the speed of light it would take me around 2 billion light years !!!!!!!! but if i use this it would take me their and back in a instance !!!!!! but as a human being !!!!!!!!!! its impossible to do it !! but we have that that can take us their and back instantly !!!!!!!! if you can find the answer post it so all of us can read it !!!!!

  • Scott Morgan

    Typical test: lots of facts and dates – nothing pertaining to meaning or understanding.

  • Giselle Astaire

    Scored 15/15, but I don’t feel like I’m a genius who should donate her brain.

  • Gaz Man

    urban legends…contributing yourself too,,,,12/15…

  • lucas


    • lucas

      I also never failed mathematics till end of my varsity

  • Sunna Oksala

    12 right answes.. Smarty Pants. You know more about Einstein than the average joe.

    • Sunna Oksala

      And I made very stupid one the last two..

  • Anubhav Balodhi

    I got 14/15, just his love interest about a spy was unknown to me ;-D
    “Genius! Did you ever think about donating your brain to science?”

  • Sachin

    I scored 11/15 not so good but still it is more than average :)

  • Ana Cláudia Paulo Galhoz

    8/15.. not good but as people say, the score doesn’t define you

  • vaibhav

    actually einstein won the prize for photoelectric effect but it was not the reality.
    the reality was that he was not given the price for theory of relativity as the scientist was unable to understand it.later when they understood they regretted and gave him prize on the name of that effect but actully it was for that theory…

  • Neha Spatika

    scored 14, but TBH, i dint know many things, score doesnt matter to me, his imagination does

  • Can Yılmaz

    Your Score: 14 / 15
    Your Ranking: Genius! Did you ever think about donating your brain to science?

  • Jayakrishnan Padinjarepparambi

    I am scored 14/15 wow……………….

  • Draconian

    i scored 15/15………yeah

  • http://kooy.org Giovanni

    I might want to add … and understanding.

    • XXTime

      Understanding the System I.S*. Key
      (*Information System.).

  • Wajeeh Ul Hussain

    8/15 shizz man! T.T

  • c butts

    8/15. I’m officially a member of Densa the international IQ hoard.

  • Praveen Pandiyan


  • XXTime

    Indeed, as Albert Einstein theorized: The past, present and future are one and the same.

    Time is 0, Timing I.S. 1 (Information System). The 0 created the 1. So the 01 become an functional Intangible-tangible Matter/Energy that I.S. conscious of the self, and being able to say I am who I am, Information System. The Zero-One I.S. A quantum Theory that will supersedes all other theories.

    Our realistic illusions cannot be any simpler than the acceptance of the manifestation of the 01 as the shortest equation for the Theory Of Everything:

    Reading the recently published book by Edmond I.Cohen, ‘The Universe I.S. Made of 0s and 1s‘ will crystalize our understanding (rather than believing) the quantum transition from Nothing to Something. all it I.S. Baby Bangs, the Building Blocks (universal Baby Guns) of all matter / energy which ends up in a Big Bang. (Expansion and contractions of the universe)

    i.e. 010 (from 0 we (1) come to 0 we go) = I.S. = Infinity Squared = Creation in action.

    • Ventura Rodriguez Vallejo

      well for Mr. Cohen and his recent creature.
      sadly, this is the type of explanations that explains absolutely nothing.

  • Emily Dai

    No, i wasnt thinking of donating my brain to science… thanks for the suggestion though :p

  • marchcool

    I would say that understanding is more important than both knowledge and imagination. But the truth is that intelligence (understanding), imagination, knowledge, discipline and hard working, among other things are required to achieve great things in science. Imagination by its own just make you a dreamer or even sometimes a crackpot, since his/her poor knowledege and understanding of things avoids him/her to see the impossibility and contradictions of his/her proposals. So don’t be mistaken, ignorance is a bad thing in science.

  • Lanky Wang

    So what their saying is that in life he was a genius but in death he’s brainless?

  • Lanky Wang

    i did not do so well the first time but I got a perfect score the second time 15 of 15 yeeee haw!

  • Lanky Wang

    am i the only one here?

  • Lanky Wang

    not a very good chat roomm

  • AdFlo

    “Seventeen years after he published his special theory of
    relativity, Einstein received the Nobel Prize. Why did it take so long?”.

    The correct answer, which is not shown in the options, is that Einstein didn’t win the nobel price because of Special Relativity, but because of his explanation of the photoelectric effect.

    Somebody test the test makers, please.


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