Rats Dream About the Places They Want to Explore

By K. N. Smith | June 26, 2015 12:02 pm

rat sleeping

Rats, like humans, have dreams about the future.

When they see a treat they can’t reach, rats’ later dreams depict them walking toward it, researchers have found. The discovery may one day provide some insight into what happens in the human mind during sleep.

Maps in the Brain

Scientists already knew that after a rat has explored an area, certain neurons in the hippocampus called “place cells” replay those patterns while the rat sleeps.

“Place cells” in both rats and humans help us store memories about location and form mental maps. When you’re in one spot, a set of place cells fires; when you move to another spot, a different set of place cells fire to mark the new location. If scientists can record the activity of specific brain cells, then, they can spy on how the mind maps new places. So far, that kind of recording requires implanting tiny electrodes on very thin wires into the brain, which can’t be done with human subjects for ethical reasons, but it’s possible with rats.

But can rats mentally map a new place before they’ve explored it? Can they, in some sense, “imagine”? That was what researchers set out to study.

Dreaming of the Future

First, researchers let rats explore a T-shaped track. The rats could run along the center of the T, but the arms were blocked by clear barriers. While the rats watched, researchers put food at the end of one arm. The rats could see the food and the route to it, but they couldn’t get there.

Then, when the rats were curled up in their cages afterwards, scientists measured their neuron firing. Their brain activity seemed to show them imagining a route through a place they hadn’t explored before. To confirm this, researchers then put the rats back into the maze, but this time without the barriers. As they explored the arm where they had previously seen the food, the rats’ place cells fired in the same pattern as they had during sleep.

This mental mapping process made up about 8 percent of the rats’ brain activity during sleep. That may not sound like much, but neuroscientist Hugo Spiers, a co-author on the study published in eLife, says it’s a significant amount of activity for the brain to devote to a single task during rest.

Like Rodents, Like People?

The rats’ activity may shed some light on what goes on in the human mind during sleep. Sleeping does seem to improve human performance on memory tasks – a finding which has been used to argue against all-night study sessions. And desire is also a crucial part of that process for people. “People are much better at doing the stuff that they’ll make more money on after they’ve slept,” said Spiers. “Something about sleep is using that desire information: that you do want to do better.”

The rat experiment makes it easy to see the possible evolutionary benefits of dreaming, or something like it, although it’s not clear yet whether mapping future routes to food during sleep actually helps the rats navigate later. That, says Spiers, is material for a future experiment.

The Stuff of Dreams

Researchers aren’t sure yet whether this mental mapping is related to dreams or a different mental process. “People have talked in the past about these kind of replay and pre-play events as possibly being the substrates of dreams, but you can’t ask rats what they’re thinking or dreaming,” said Spiers.

But he added, “There is that really interesting sense that we’re getting at the stuff of dreams, the stuff that goes on when you’re sleeping.”


Image by Vitalii Tiagunov / Shutterstock

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  • zlop


    • Mongoose

      People do the same thing.

      • zlop

        However, I have not seen a Dog sleepwalk.

        • Mongoose

          That’s a really interesting possibility.

          • zlop

            I have seen a dog trying to sleep-bark.

          • Mongoose

            Me too! Kind of like “Whoof, puff, whoof, squeak.” Reminds me of my husband. Or maybe it is my husband.

          • zlop

            Was your husband dreaming of you, or of another woman?

          • Mongoose

            I asked him. What do you think that super-smart man said?

          • zlop

            He dreamed of you, with a different hair-do?

          • Mongoose


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  • bgrnathan


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    • Rattbag

      This is irrelevant and inaccurate.

    • Cat Casidy

      In regards to your asterisk, do you have transcript or vid? Audio? Color me interested.

    • Cat Casidy

      I’m just gonna go ahead and assume this is what you are referring to.

    • Grady Wymer


      I posit that energy is the form of organization that is left out of the argument. Gravity is the driver behind the nuclear fission at our star. With regards to life, nothing lives without that source of energy. However in the end, entropy wins. The end. Cold space will become so random and diffuse, that gravity will not be able to regenerate our universe.

      • zlop

        “However in the end, entropy wins. The end. Cold space will become so
        random and diffuse, that gravity will not be able to regenerate our universe.”?

        Now way. Universe has a tendency towards development,
        not Death by Entropy. In a force field, what meaning Entropy?
        (See Modified Feynman Ratchet)

    • BillPosters

      For God’s sake, use your brain, think objectively, read more, grow up and don’t be scared of being alone in the universe. Your description of “Mother Nature” as “disorganized” without help from a higher power, is ridiculous when you consider the power of mother nature’s self-driven processes. You’re forgetting heat, light and pressure. It’s not just chemistry, it’s all the other forces including time. Millions of years of pulsating heat, light, pressure and the right chemistry… is enough to kick start life. Deal with it. Your hope for something more is innocent enough, like a child believing in Santa Claus, but keep it inside your church, it doesn’t belong here.

  • bgrnathan


    by Babu G. Ranganathan

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    In the Old Testament the Hebrew word for “soul” (“nephesh”) is used for both animal and man. For example, Genesis 1:21 says: “And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth …” The words “living creature” are from the Hebrew words “nephesh chaiyah”. The same Hebrew words are used in Genesis 2:7 where we read concerning the creation of man that after God had created man from the dust of the earth He then breathed into man the breath of life and man became a “living soul” (“nephesh chaiyah”). The definition of “soul” actually varies according to the context of Scripture. The basic meaning of “soul” in Scripture refers to the mind or conscious nature in animals and man, possessing characteristics of thought, emotion, and will. Animals are not totally controlled by instinct. Animals can learn, love, and show and receive affection. They can get depressed. Witness some pets at their owners’ funerals. Yes, animals can think and even figure things out. Even if animals are used for food, they should be treated and killed as humanely as possible. They have a soul. Cruelty and torture towards animals is sin.

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    • Mongoose

      Thank you.

    • Cat Casidy

      So the cats all get to starve or how does that work?

      • Mongoose

        That’s not it. The point is that Man should not be cruel and violent, because it isn’t necessary.

    • Notagod

      has god bestoweth the power of revelation within thou?

    • David Digi

      God is not real

      • Mongoose

        Whether you believe in God or not, the purpose of the teaching is that cruelty and violence on the part of Man are wrong.

        • David Digi

          Why should I take the teaching seriously when it’s no more credible them my opinion… Plus the bible is a horrendous book of murder and gennoacide, pretty much the last place I want to get my values.

          • Mongoose

            And sex. Don’t forget all that sex. It’s just that cruelty and violence are wrong and kindness is right. Especially if one is on the receiving end.

      • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

        1. We can’t actually prove we’re not inside a giant computer simulation, with programmer “gods.”

        2. The evolution of empathy is unrelated to the existence of a god.

        3. Bible is definitely a horrible book, but you haven’t exactly displayed any opinions that put you on a moral high ground yourself.

        • VoM80

          This David guy posts all day on a YT rat killing video arguing for burning such animals alive, and encouraging sadism. He’s completely wrong about rats not being protected, btw.

    • Mongoose

      Thank you for your effort to explain why violence and cruelty is so wrong and unnecessary.

  • Mongoose

    Think twice before you kill another creature.

    • mary.bullock4

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    • David Digi

      Why? Then it might get away before I can kill it

      • Mongoose

        Why would you want to? Killing for survival is one thing. Killing just to kill is something quite different.

        • David Digi

          Because it’s a rat and it dies if it’s in my home

          • Mongoose

            I know that a lot of people share your feelings about that. However, I can’t imagine anything living in your home. The atmosphere must be too toxic.

          • David Digi

            What does that even mean? Is that supposed to be some kind of lame insult lol?

          • Mongoose

            :-) Take it however you like. Or don’t like.

          • David Digi

            I’d say the atmosphere of 3 cats roaming around wouldn’t be ideal for a rat so you’re onto something there

          • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

            Man, I hope you die of the plague.

    • mjacks2

      and die of hunger

      • Mongoose

        If you prefer not to be a vegetarian, so be it. killing to survive is acceptable for those that chose that. For those that eat animal products, including flesh foods, there are humane methods. Unfortunately, they are rarely practiced industry-wide.

      • disqus_hzJTto3tKZ

        Personally hunting and killing your food, are you? Or do you just pick it up at the store like everyone else who makes such hyperbolic comments…?

    • anna.dahl2
  • Fallopia Tuba

    Rats are awesome; I love their little hands.

    • David Digi

      Especially when they’re cut off

      • Mongoose

        Why do you seem to rejoice in cruelty?

        • David Digi

          No such thing as cruelty towards a rat, they are not protected

          • Mongoose

            One does not need to be protected to feel pain and fear. It’s the pain and fear that makes me feel sympathetic. No creature should die in pain and fear. Eliminate that, and it’s a whole different matter.

          • David Digi

            That’s your personal opinion, in mine, I put my home and family’s well being before the rats pain and fear, I’ll pick up whatever I got & beat it to death. Because it’s my home & I say so, world doesn’t revolve around your opinions. Should I feel bad for a bug who’s running away from me too? They’re pests in the home they have to be killed in my opinion

          • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

            Rats never killed anyone. Humans created a disgusting environment that fostered parasites and disease, which killed the rats as well as us. Medieval Western Europeans were filthy (they thought the bathing habits of the Norse and Middle Eastern were “effeminate”), and their deaths were on their own hands. Additionally, they killed cats en masse, causing a rodent explosion. Again, the fault of humans, not rats.

  • Odietamo

    My rats dream of going to the beach.

    • David Digi

      No they don’t

      • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

        I assume you’ve done the proper neurological research to rebut the claim? Or does it infringe on your sad little fantasy that your brain is more special than anyone else’s?

  • Alicia Valentin

    “So far, that kind of recording requires implanting tiny electrodes on
    very thin wires into the brain, which can’t be done with human subjects
    for ethical reasons, but it’s possible with rats”, yes, because apparently rats lives are less valuable then humans. Ugh.

    • David Digi

      Obviously they are less valuable , by a huge margin. Stop being unrealistic. Rats are the lowest form of mammal and are protected by no laws

      • Mongoose

        While I get your point, I think we need to keep in mind that the more we learn, the more proof we have that they are not insentient. They are strictly at our mercy, and that means that there are, and should be, ethical considerations in play.

        • David Digi

          Why should I care if it’s sentient? If it poses a threat in my home it dies,and no your family is the one at mercy from its diseases, and destruction, and food stealing, and pooping everywhere, and live in the walls, ect. But I suppose I should let these things happen out of kindness to the rat who does nothing but make a nusence? Noooo thanks

          • Mongoose

            I understand your point, and I agree. However, there has to be a better was of doing things than just hauling off and killing things.

            Of course, to be fair, my namesakes were brought to the Virgins to kill rats that were getting into the grain and cane. However, that was supposed to be a natural solution. Didn’t work out, but that was the rationale.

          • David Digi

            Well what do you presume i do if I see a rat in the house? you have very few options when you see one, and you can’t leave the room to get something else to take care of it or else it won’t be there when you get back. Gotta grab what you can, wether it’s a book, a bat, whatever. And also not only do the rats threaten the humans in my home but they likely threaten my 3 cats even more, that level of risk in the home just means I have to kill it in the quickest way possible IMO

          • Alicia Valentin

            Hypothetical speaking, by not allowing your 3 cats to do what comes naturally to them, which is kill, you are in fact contracting your previous statement. The value of having a cat in the first place is to kill pests, and to further your precious point, that is why you are a walking contradiction.

          • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

            Pssst. Read up on smallpox blankets.

      • ⋚≶≶Rêverêche≷≷⋛〻

        Rats are extremely intelligent, by mammal standards. How are you defining “low”? Humans have spread far more disease and wiped out many more species than rats could ever dream of, if that’s your rhetoric.

      • Barbara

        Human law has no bearing on the intrinsic value of anything. Human law (or at least US law) doesn’t even effectively protect the air we breathe, but try doing without it. Besides, laws and the people who write and enforce them can simply be wrong: slavery pops to mind, and here it required a Constitutional Amendment and a civil war to correct. White Europeans also pushed the Native Americans to the brink of extinction, and there were no laws to stop that – we took over the country and carved it up among ourselves, conveniently ignoring the human population that was here before we ever showed up! I am actually worried about you, David Digi, and more worried FOR the people around you, if you base your morals solely upon the law: you sound like a psychopath.

    • Mongoose

      I agree. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any way other way to perform that research.

  • Caseas

    < ?????? +dilbert +*********…..


  • yvvvvvvvv

    Hello, Anybody has ideas about where could find the original journal of this article?

  • yvvvvvvvv

    hello, anyone has ideas that where could find the original journal article of this article?


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