Live Blog: New Horizons’ Historic Pluto Flyby

By admin | July 14, 2015 6:00 am


NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has been traveling for nine and a half years, speeding ever closer to our solar system’s last major unexplored world: Pluto.

For the first time ever, scientists are getting close-up views of the most popular dwarf planet, and today is the pinnacle of New Horizons’ whole 3-billion-mile trip.

Celebrate the closest approach with Astronomy and Discover magazines as we bring you all the latest information live right here today and tomorrow.

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  • Kathleen8523

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  • Buddy199

    Pluto is the planet whose name I enjoy pronouncing the most, Uranus least.

    • Heimdall222

      But everyone can see Uranus!

  • Walter Chagas Jr

    considering that from now, New Horizons will enter the Kuiper Belt, is not too risky to spend 16 months to send all data from exploration of planets, once it will come into a region full of bodies of various sizes and then running a risk of a collision about to destroy the spacecraft? Or this possibility does not exist?

  • Heimdall222

    It should be noted that Pluto’s “heart spot” can be almost perfectly overlaid by a head shot of the cartoon dog Pluto looking to the right.

    Make of that what you will….

  • edith_jones3

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