A Plan to Hide Humanity from Hostile Aliens

By Eric Betz | March 31, 2016 1:23 pm
The new PARLA laser in operation at ESO’s Paranal Observatory. The yellow-orange beam of the brilliant seven watt laser is seen emerging from the dome of Unit Telescope 4 of the Very Large Telescope. In the background the Large Magellanic Cloud can also be seen. The laser creates an artificial star high in the atmosphere that can be used to correct images for the turbulence of the air and form much sharper pictures.

The new PARLA laser in operation at ESO’s Paranal Observatory. The yellow-orange beam of the brilliant seven watt laser is seen emerging from the dome of Unit Telescope 4 of the Very Large Telescope. In the background the Large Magellanic Cloud can also be seen. The laser creates an artificial star high in the atmosphere that can be used to correct images for the turbulence of the air and form much sharper pictures. (Credit: atacamaphoto.com/ESO)

Earth is a bountiful planet rich in resources. And, if you believe Stephen Hawking, that might cause our demise. Such alien alarmists compare first contact to the devastation Europeans brought to North America.

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet,” Hawking said back in 2010. “I imagine they might exist in massive ships … having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.”

And, in a scientific paper that sounds like it came into the world scribbled on a barroom napkin, Columbia University’s David Kipping and Alex Teachey now propose that humanity could hide its presence from these hostile aliens — with lasers. Their paper, “A cloaking device for transiting planets,” was published online March 30 in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Flashing Lights

Astronomical instruments like NASA’s Kepler space telescope have found thousands of exoplanets by searching for characteristic dips in light as the planet passes in front of its star. This light reveals amazing details about a world’s size and orbital position.

But this technique would work looking out from any planet in our galaxy. One NASA scientist estimates that, using technology equivalent to Kepler, alien astronomers could detect Earth from as far away as 1,300 light-years.


The light curve created by Earth passing in front of the sun might set off an alien invasion. (Credit: Astronomy/Roen Kelly)

“As a consequence, it might take us less than a human life span to find out whether or not there are extraterrestrial astronomers who have found the Earth,” MPS astronomer René Heller recently said. “They may have detected Earth’s biogenic atmosphere and started to contact whoever is home.”

However, a hostile race of aliens could use that information to realize Earth is in a Goldilocks-perfect position for liquid water. Assuming these creatures had much better space-faring technology than humanity, they could then jump in their starships and come capture the place for themselves.

Hiding Is Easy

Thankfully, hiding from such horrific Xenomorphs really isn’t that complicated, according to Kipping and Teachey. To cloak ourselves, humanity could emit a continuous 30 megawatt laser for 10 hours, once a year, and block our transit signal. That would hide the dip in sunlight Earth makes as it passes in front of the sun from an alien’s eye view.

But in order to hide the planet in all wavelengths of light — rather then just the visible spectrum — earthlings would need to employ an array of tunable 250-megawatt lasers. That’s a significantly larger technological leap.

Instead, the researchers suggest cloaking specific atmospheric signatures like oxygen, which would trick hostile aliens into believing Earth is a dead planet. The technology already exists for their proposal, and the cost really isn’t prohibitive either. 

“We’ve calculated that the solar panels on the International Space Station gather enough energy over the course of a year to power the laser array, so providing you can store that energy somehow it becomes very feasible indeed,” says Teachey. “A ground-based laser array could be supplied with power through more conventional means, but a space-based solution would clearly have to use solar panels. The energy requirement is roughly equivalent to that used by 70 homes in the course of a year.” 

The cost of the lasers themselves would depend on the desired outcome. Cloaking Earth’s oxygen would require somewhere in the ball park of $8 million worth of lasers. But a complete cloak across the light spectrum would costs more like $1.5 billion, according to the researchers.

Proceed With Caution  

Their findings are also applicable to those who take a more optimistic view of advanced aliens. Instead of hiding Earth’s signal from our Milky Way neighbors, astronomers might use lasers to broadcast a signal during transits, the researchers say. The signal would appear obviously artificial to alien scientists and could be embedded with a message.

To keep Hawking happy, such a message might include clear instructions: “Don’t eat us!”

Teachey says their research does not take a position on whether or not humanity should choose to broadcast or cloak the planet, but rather enables both options. He’s personally on the fence about whether aliens would be benign or hostile. 

“I tend to think that for a civilization to achieve high technology and stick around for a long time, it has to figure out how to put away primitive instincts like automatic aggression towards outsiders,” says Teachey. “So I’m hopeful that a galactic community, if it exists, is largely peaceful. But throughout our history we have seen terrible atrocities committed when two civilizations with slightly different levels of technology have collided, and we certainly wouldn’t want something like that to happen on a planetary scale.” 

Either way, Teachey thinks it would be wise to take a cautious approach.

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  • samiamco

    I’m confused. If we only turned on the laser for 10 hours once a year, wouldn’t that only cloak our appearance to alien astronomers looking toward us from one particular direction? We’re always transiting the sun from *some* perspective, so to shield ourselves from 360 degrees of points-of-view, wouldn’t we need to leave it on all the time?

    • Erik Bosma

      I guess if you’re paranoid about space aliens coming to eat you, you’re probably already pretty certain where they’re coming from.

      • http://www.mazepath.com/uncleal/qz4.htm Uncle Al

        Youtube v=W0jAYRJJAiA

        • jhewitt123

          Or, as Earth is more familiarly known throughout the larger anthropoverse, ‘Planet Ironic Ostrich’

          • joseph2237

            With attitude.

      • donl

        This reminds me of a movie sometime ago..possibly on Outer Limits or such…”To Serve Man”..the earthlings had no idea what that really meant..they thought the visitors came to Earth ..to help us out etc…:)

        • joseph2237

          Yes I remember it but I did figured out the ending b4. Rod Sterling definitely had a loose view of human nature. Intelligent man.

    • Rui Marques

      That was also my first tought. Another thing that occured me was that in that case, all civilizations capable of doing that would also covered their tracks and be invisible for us :)

    • donl

      Yeah and how about our radio signals for decades plus all those probes we’ve sent out to explore this or that…like an alien race capable of intersteller travel wouldn’t be able to figure out our little rousse!…naïve?would one say?!!

      • Lorie Franceschi

        Plus the Voyager Spacecrafts have a gold LP on them that points right to where we are located in our solar system.

        • donl

          It amazes me that so called intelligent people forget such obvious things like you and I have mentioned!…

          • Lorie Franceschi

            Grew up as a space baby. They were launched when I was shortly after I graduated from high school. I follow their voyage for that reason. Was really excited about them as they keeps getting farther way each day.

          • donl

            I’m from that cast of characters who believes they’re already here and walk amongst us!..you ever hear about the question of the proverbial’missing link’ in the evolution of man?..give it some thought!

          • Lorie Franceschi

            Me, I believe we are the aliens. Ever watch the Star Trek Next Generation program where they find all these clues about an alien race that seeded the galaxy? I think that maybe we are an experiment along those lines because of the “Missing Link.”

          • joseph2237

            Don’t worry we are the Borg…

          • indiJimi

            Do you have any clue how difficult it is for an object to even become an artifact? And then to be found hundreds of thousands, if not millions of years later by some lucky paleo-anthropologist? Having worked in the field of archaeology, finding an artifact is rare and exciting. So just because the “missing link” (which in itself is a falsehood as there are no missing links of evolution) hasn’t been found does not mean that it isn’t there.

          • donl

            My Mom was an Egyptologist,French born in Port Said,so I’m somewhat familiar with the subject and she was of that same cast of charactrs as myself plus! she believed in a lost continent beyond the Pillars of Hercules,ie out past Gibralter,..what you state about artifacts is true,about no missing links>well that’s up for grabs!..I’ll stick to my beliefs..today more than ever!..

          • indiJimi

            Sorry, you might have PhD’s, but you are a follower of faith, not science. There is no archaeological proof of a lost continent in the manner that you nor your mother believed in. There is also no credible proof that “aliens” are walking amongst us. Both of the above beliefs are just faith in your belief, that is the opposite of science.

          • donl

            I’m atheist also,fully believe in science not mythology,except in matters of ..powers greater than ours,ie exterestrials,visits,Plato,etc,you’re the atypical stereotypical stick in the mud knows everything found and verified archaeologist!..theres no ‘credible’ proof aliens aren’t walking amongst us!,…Two tall buildings fell in Manhattan,then building #7, 3 blocks away..how?!..credible proof?non?

          • indiJimi

            I haven’t studied the 9-11 disaster so I don’t know. Does my lack of study mean that I should immediately fall back on magic, or aliens, or some other unknown? No it does not and only a fool would fall back on one of the above due to lack of studied knowledge. I am not trying to ridicule you, only point out that falling back on a “belief” because of lack of knowledge is nothing more then silly. That is not science at all.

          • donl

            Well you’re certainly no scientist,nor know much about them,,I’ve colleaques retired as myself,who would laugh at your assertions,,my best friend,an advanced Chem. instructor,used to cross his fingers during an experiment..how many crossed their fingers at Los Alimos ,awaiting results or at White Sands!! or more lately at Cern…..you talk of science as being something stodgey..it’s not!..my spelling might be off,.brain leakage!…don’t be so closed minded!..because that’s exactly how you seem!…

          • indiJimi

            Yes, they are TESTING a theory. You, you’re not testing anything, you are just spouting your “beliefs” and yet doing nothing to test them. There is no proof at all that alien’s are here, there is no proof at all that alien’s meddled with human evolution. The difference between those you give above is that they are doing science. You are spouting faith. Show me something. Show me a scientific, peer reviewed article. The fact is that short of giving some fringe lunatic (Giorgio Tsoukalos), there are no reputable scientists that can lay any proof that alien’s are here, or messed with our evolution. I am not closed minded, I just prefer listening to facts (something testable). Yes, I’ve worked in the field for quite awhile and every artifact, every wonder created by mankind was indeed
            created solely by mankind.

          • donl

            You’re bound and determined to get your point across to me no matter what..shall we agree to disagree,and quit this as both of us are standing our ground!

          • joseph2237

            Why should we rely on peer review when scientist are always the ones being the alarmist and with limited facts. Case in point, when did they test dark matter or dark energy. If aliens come here we could always send the to a miltiverse.

          • joseph2237

            Would agree with you. There is a group who seem to want to lead us into a self self destructive future.

          • joseph2237

            Well educated doesn’t necessarily mean intelligent. Intelligence is an art of the educated who have a broad scope of understanding of many areas and the ability to navigate between subjects and not get lost.

    • Wyatt Pendleton

      We only need it on during transits of the sun as it applies to the Milky Way, which only happens once a year, meaning they could only detect that dip in light once a year, which is when we would use the lasers

      • samiamco

        Since we are not at the absolute edge of our galaxy, we’d still have to pick a direction, which I’m assuming you’d select (and I’d agree on) the galactic core. However, everything along our Local Spur would be in different and varying directions, not to mention any systems positioned directly opposite the galactic core, on one of the outer arms.

      • Lorie Franceschi

        We are not on the edge. Someone farther out than us could be looking in our direction when the lasers are not on. Then What? if we used the lasers, then they would have to be on all the time

  • OWilson

    A small change in the “conventional wisdom”

    Not too long ago we we were sending Beatle Albums and David Bowie messages to them. Bernie Flower power with Go Go girls.

    Couldn’t wait to “feel the love” (or smell the glove :)

    Now they are worried we may be on the menu.

    As my Dominican wife would say, Ook!

    Ja ja ja! crazy norte americanos :) we will bury tu :)

  • Erik Bosma

    So if they were smart enough to scan us and have the technology to get here I doubt they would be that stupid to fall for the old cloak-your-atmospheric-oxygen trick. Geez…

  • Dave Witt

    maybe its the other planets that are doing this so we can’t see them – fermi paradox solved, you’re welcome

    • Pete1216

      We are the tasty morsel that the other planets want to guide “them” to (a satiated lion is not much of a threat to the surviving gazelles).

  • Kiki Riley

    With the lack of funding to feed and clothe people of nations of even 1st world countries, and the fact that humanity still makes war with itself, how could anyone justify such an enormous expense against our own ignorance and self-indulgence?

    • jimbo701

      Kudos. Well put.

    • Speak2TheStars

      I totally agree!

    • reed1v

      Good reasons for starting the War to end all wars right now.

    • Adelchi Pelizzo

      Too much to read.

      • Kiki Riley

        No worries; now a days, most people on the internet suffer from SAP anyway; (short attention span), but, and I hope you’ll excuse me for saying so, it’s so rare in adults over the age of 25, it never occurred to me that it would develop in anyone who wasn’t a Millennial.

        Unusual but not entirely unexpected. Thank you for your input! Namaste!


    • Procras108r85

      “America spends over 70% of the entire budget on defense”

      Yeah try cutting that percentage in half. And then divide that number in half. Then you’d have it about right. 70% of its entire budget on defense?! Really??

  • Mike Richardson

    In addition to the Fermi Paradox, there’s another one to consider when discussing the idea of aliens capable of dropping by for a visit — any species with the technology to manage such long voyages would be able to create and maintain long term habitats without need for a planet. Once established in space, free of the gravity well of a planet, they could exploit the resources of asteroids, comets, and energy from whichever star they orbited. They could mine gas giants for helium three to support advanced fusion reactors and drives to carry them to other stars. Given this ability, and the resources to construct near infinite numbers of artificial habitats, would they really be interested in returning to the limits of a planet’s gravity well? Would it really be worth it to destroy other biospheres, and other intelligent life, whom they might wish to study or preserve as an even more precious resource? And of course, a living biosphere becomes even less attractive if the species in question has transcended to a non-biological form, such as advanced AI or uploaded intelligences. While it’s possible aliens (if they exist) could be hostile, there are a number of plausible reasons to consider, other than altruism, for why they’d never choose to invade living worlds.

    • Ivan Font

      But… Why you think our loved planet Earth was lovely too for the supposed aliens?

      Don’t be egocentric please.

    • OWilson

      That’s a number of times you mention “mining” other planets, comets and asteroids.

      In your schoolboy science do you think they need to be mining, drilling, processing and manufacturing, all of which you see as environmental crimes, here on earth?

      Just askin’ :)

      • Mike Richardson

        We don’t know of any other biosphere on asteroids or comets, so there’s no environment to be concerned with — sounds like you’d be enthusiastic on that point. We’d likely use corporations or some other form of joint stock company, but who knows what economic systems another society would choose? It’s purely hypothetical, but so is the idea that there are any star faring aliens to worry about anyway. Nice thought exercise, though.

        • OWilson

          “We don’t know of any other biosphere on asteroids or comets, so there’s no environment to be concerned with”

          Brilliant! Yet another instant solution to one of society’s most pressing problem! How do you figure out all this sitting at a government desk?

          (I’ll assume you have graduated to a desk)

          We can just shoot our nuclear waste into space!

          Clean energy for all, for ever :)

          (As long as there is no environmental accidents with the rocket, and it lands instead on one of your favorite future space colonies)

          Can’t wait for your instant cure for cancer :)

          • Mike Richardson

            You asked a question, and I provided a courteous response. But thanks for showing your usual nastiness to the readers here. It’ll help them get to know the real you better. :)

          • OWilson

            I just point out your inconsistencies.

            If you weren’t just trolling with every post containing an insult, I’d treat you almost like a normal person, instead of the child you are.

            (The readers here are not like your captive government handout recipients, they don’t need HELP to read comments).

          • Mike Richardson

            Trolling? I initiated this particular thread, if you check the history, then you began the trolling with the typical personal attacks and grandiosity. You’re projecting again. But thankfully, your posting history speaks for itself.

          • OWilson

            Not so fast, Moriarty:)

            You must have missed my question above pertaining to your “exploitation” of solar system objects, as in : “We don’t know of any other biosphere on asteroids or comets, so there’s no environment to be concerned with”

            Here it is again,

            Do you think they need to be exploiting and mining, drilling, processing and manufacturing, all of which you see as environmental crimes here on earth?

            Will they be digging individually, or will they be organized into giant Corporations? :)

            Just askin’ :)


          • Mike Richardson

            I’ll repeat it again slowly, since you apparently missed the first time around. Probably most other readers picked it up the first go around, but whatever: If there is no biosphere, no natural environment, then you don’t have the concerns you have here on earth. No breathable air to pollute, and no living organisms to suffer from industrial pollution.
            Got it? And I also answered your question regarding organization, with a simple and honest — we don’t know because we have no idea what form extraterrestrial societies could take. Collective hive minds, hyper-individualistic and territorial clans, something akin to capitalist corporations, or machine-based intelligence — who knows?
            But if they’re looking for easy access to abundant resources, the point is they don’t need to land on a planet already occupied by sapient and possibly hostile inhabitants, such as us.

          • OWilson

            Aside from the fact that “most other readers” either don’t read your “stuff” or respond negatively to it: Lol

            What you personally consider a biosphere, or a natural environment may not be natural for other forms of life. Your side can’t even get straight what a “person” is much less judge extraterrestrial life forms.

            In your confused dissembling, you now come off like Pizzaro, or Cortez. LOL

            God help them if they are hiding under an artificial biosphere, which you promote here with great fervor. LOL

            This joke is over for now!

            I can’t take any more.

            If it makes you feel warm and fuzzy and righteous, OK, you WIN!

            Adios por ahora!

          • Mike Richardson

            I get it, Wilson, the thinking hurts, and it’s just too hard to fake a genuine interest in a topic like this for you. Off to another political forum where you might be able to pass as an intellectual among conservatives? Happy trails.

          • OWilson

            Nothing on topic from you either?


          • NWO

            So in summary:
            A) an advanced civilization does not need more than mine asteroids, no need to hurt anyone.
            B) But what if life exists on these asteroids may need some form of life an atmosphere.
            A) repeats
            B) write a thesis about his happy life.
            A) wtf
            B) Wtf

            FINDINGS: Both sides are so arrogant that they cannot understand each other, as I see Owilson is voting for the lesser of two evils.

          • BobH

            OWilson, do you find it gratifying to be so unpleasant? A psychology journal recently published a study suggesting that trolls simply like to hurt other people, so making nasty comments and name calling give them pleasure. The study also concluded that they behaved the same way in person, not just when they were hiding behind a screen name. God help us if their results are accurate!

          • OWilson

            I just point out facts and truth!

            Y’all just think it’s insulting :)

            I am running a significant name calling deficit if you go back a bit over the threads and blogs.

            You’d be shocked!, shocked, I say :)

            And no, your wrong headed amateur psychology won’t shut me up either:)

            I am fortunate to have the love of friends, family, children and animals in my life. No problems there. And you? LOL

            That’s the whole point, it is a beautiful world out there, not the “End of Times” and the planet is not “dying”, just because you happen to be alive at this moment in Earth’s long history :)

            You’re really not THAT special :)

          • BobH

            No, if you simply “pointed out facts and truth” I would not have responded. I have no idea how many negative replies to your earlier posts have made you so bitter; all I can see is a string of nasty ad hominem attacks in this thread. They were unpleasant enough to elicit a response from me. I am happy for you that your unpleasant on line persona does not extend into your personal life (at least according to you). Finally I am amused that your response to my comment about a peer-reviewed article in a psychology journal is simply “wrong headed amateur psychology.” That at least was amusing, and I definitely believe that no comment from me would ever shut you up. In any event, I supposedly know better than to feed the trolls. Feel free to write countless attacks on me and others; I won’t respond. I have already wasted too much time on this thread.

          • OWilson

            I wrote you off in the last post.

            Can’t you read?

    • M Shawn Dow

      I tend to agree, there are a lot of ways to obtain “resources”. You could just mine hydrogen and carbon for example and make water or you could even change the atomic structure of elements entirely converting helium to hydrogen etc. There is nothing extraordinary about the atoms here as opposed to anywhere else and energy can be produced from a myriad of methods. If you had ample technology you could just move planets to the orbit you required and colonize them. As a matter of fact you could terraform a new place to live out of currently uninhabitable worlds. Even humanity has come up with methods of doing so on planets like Mars or Venus. Its not outside the realm of possibility and would actually waste fewer resources than going halfway across the galaxy to fight a war which would expend even more resources and waste many of those you wanted to obtain.

  • Keith

    I for one am glad we have not been visited by beings from other worlds and hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime.

    When you consider what it must look like to an outsider, how we treat each other – we revere sports figures and celebrities as though they were all that matter and the people that raised us and protect us? We treat our soldiers and elderly like they don’t.

    Why are our elderly packed away out of sight and mind and systematically robbed of their possessions and dignity? Why does a single returning soldier pay so much as a dime or wait more than 20 minutes to get the help they have earned? We’re doing it wrong.

    Our nations make war among each other believing that the gods themselves have chosen them above all others. We as people let it happen.

    This planet has the wealth to do the right thing. We as people have the compassion. We only lack the will. I don’t want beings from other planets to see this.

    It’s embarrassing.

  • Steve Naidamast

    Aliens coming to Earth and destroying Humanity would probably be seen as a “good deed” in Alien society; akin to cleaning up a toxic waste site in the back corners of the universe…

    • Lorie Franceschi

      Or as stated above by Kiki, their God is better than our God and they think they need to wipe us out

  • BrainiacV

    “humanity could emit a continuous 30 megawatt laser for 10 hours, once a year, and block our transit signal” — for only one direction. You’d need it to be continuous for the entire orbit to cloak from any direction. Duh.

    • Charles_Barr

      You could turn the signal off on Saturdays, Sundays and alien holidays.

  • bwana

    But the earth is always “transiting” depending upon from where you’re looking at it. Sorry, isn’t that simple!!

  • disqus_8NvNH4baa0

    Say we cloak oxygen to make the Earth appear dead, and an alien society like our own, is looking for dead planets to mine to avoid any conflict. They find Earth, get here and discover us. They are like us and decide, “Hey, we have this huge expenditure, we’re here already, let’s not waste the time, energy, resources, effort. Nuke ’em, damned deceivers.”

    • OWilson

      Or, as our resident Butthead and Beavis fan, would say:

      “We don’t know of any other biosphere on asteroids or comets, so there’s no environment to be concerned with”

      Let’s just drop this load of nuclear waste down there :)

      • Small_Businessman

        Have you always been such an idiot? Or is that something you learned in school?

        • Mike Richardson

          While I might not refer to him as an idiot myself, I do think he’s had a rather long time to develop this particular personality, or personality disorder, whichever. Makes it rather difficult to stay on a topic when you have to deal with the trolling, but I thought this article was at least something that could lead to a little enlightened speculation. Regardless, I’ll keep trying.

          • Small_Businessman

            That’s true. I shouldn’t disparage idiots like that. I’ll apologize to the next idiot I find.

          • OWilson

            Not hard to do. :)

            Just look in the mirror!

          • Small_Businessman

            Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…

          • OWilson

            Nothing on topic, then? :)

            Adios tonto!

          • Small_Businessman

            LOL, the truth always is.

          • OWilson

            “Regardless, I’ll keep trolling”.

            (There fixed it for you!)

          • Mike Richardson

            If intended as a direct quote from yourself, you indeed fixed it and provided us a refreshing bit of honesty. Thank you. 😉

  • Shed_Dweller

    As has been pointed out by others in the comments:
    All minerals and even water is available in space with out the energy-expensive need to traverse our gravity well.

    The only things that are available on Earth but not in space are: Information on our biosphere (E.T. style scientific research) and protein.

    Speaking as a potential protein source, I’m with Hawking on this one.

    • Lakewolf Whitecrow

      With all the synthetic chemicals in the human body now, they may give it up as a bad choice.

  • polzzlop

    If nearby Aliens were advanced enough to come here, they would be advanced enough to deploy a Solar system sized, synthetic array telescope and image us.

    • Lakewolf Whitecrow

      …and a force field to keep others from accidentally wandering in.

      • polzzlop

        Electrical and gravity force fields are difficult to deploy.
        Spooky, action at a distance, weapons have not been invented.

        • Lakewolf Whitecrow

          Scalar technology has been around since the ’80’s. If we have it, any advanced civilisation certainly would. It has many non-military applications: teleportation, force-field technology, and unlimited energy from the quantum foam, for example.

          • polzzlop

            “Scalar technology has been around since the ’80’s”
            Do you have a link that details experimental proof?

          • Lakewolf Whitecrow

            Yes, but it’ll take me a bit for me to get to…I’ll link everything in order so it’ll be like a “mini course” on scalar technology. Also, note where the info comes from in the URL. Be back in a few days…gotta go over my files & save the links to an open office document, so all I have to do is cut & paste the links.
            I’ll also include preface documents from the Bureau of Copyrights & Patents, ok?

          • polzzlop

            I saw something a while back — weak coupling to the ether.
            It was supposed to be sufficient to orient satellites.
            (something is influencing, as illustrated by the double slit experiment)

  • bschaeff

    If we can assume that there may be more than one advanced culture out there potentially interested in us for their use… and consumption, perhaps we could hold an auction and get some goodies in return for us and our stuff (-:

  • johnflanigan

    Doesn’t the publication date–so close to April 1–cause anyone to wonder?

  • http://batman-news.com sdsearch

    This seems an unlikely scenario at any particular point of time. The water on our planet is not new; it’s been here for billions of years. Any advanced civilization is not likely to be either synchronized with us or perfectly ahead of us to be suddenly next century be on the lookout for us when they weren’t on the lookout for us back when the dinosaurs ruled the earth or during the ice age or whenever. Our civilization has not affected the way we look to far-away observers using this technique, so if they wanted to come and steal all our water, they would have come by now. Only if new civilizations capable of this (and within reach) are constantly JUST reaching the point of being able to detect us with this method would it matter.

  • StanChaz

    I love that old Twilight Zone episode about just such an encounter, entitled “To Serve Man”.

    Spoiler alert!!
    “It’s a cookbook”.
    I hope we give them gas.

  • lumpengirl

    Forget aliens. We need to figure out how to deflect/destroy comets coming our way.

    • M Shawn Dow

      Done, lasers… point satellite based lasers at incoming projectiles and either vaporize them or deflect them. The closer the object the more lasers are required. Problem solved.

  • http://bossy-girls.net/ Lila Sovietskaya

    There might be alternate ways to detect planets. Proposal would hide only from one method. A very advanced technology might be able to ‘terraform’ habitable planets. However Alien thoughts might have other reasons to want to destroy us: Perception that we will become a threat to them as our technology progresses and our primordial war instincts or culture keeps us an an aggressive race. Or, their natural instinct is to kill or enjoy killing. Or many other reasons plausible to them and maybe to us

  • Speak2TheStars

    The hostile aliens are already here and have been for upwards of 500,00 years.

  • Speak2TheStars

    The hostile aliens are already here and have been for upwards of 500,00 years.

    • polzzlop

      You are an anti-smite?

  • DAbbon

    This approach assumes that any supposed technically advanced aliens would be using the same approach we do to find exoplanets. It’s naive to think they hadn’t already found better ways of searching for hospitable planets.

    • polzzlop

      Synthetic array, solar system sized, telescopes will image nearby Solar systems.


      Looking at an Alien near Alpha Centauri
      Using Solar System size radio telescope at 100 GHZ

      distance to Alpha 4.35*9.461 * 10^15 meters
      λ= 0.003 meters (100 GHZ)
      distance to Pluto 5.9*10^12 meters
      r/( 4.358*9.461 * 10^15) =1.22* 0.003/(2* 5.9*10^12)
      Resolution of 12.8 meters, cannot see the Alien

    • M Shawn Dow

      The concept here is visible spectrum. Certainly if a species were advanced enough to use cosmic rays or gravitons to image the universe then we would not be able to disguise ourselves this way.

  • The History Man

    As there is absolutely no evidence that travel through worm holes, warp drive or any of the other science fiction ‘wheezes’ to allow faster than light travel exist, either these aliens are already on their way, but unlikely to be here very soon, or they have a massive journey of thousands of years ahead of them. Possibly both.

    I doubt very much that the technology to build an enclosed environment in space that is self repairing and self replicating will ever exist, and any life form present in it, should it be possible, is likely to become genetically and physically compromised over such lengthy periods of time.

    The thinking here is extremely anthropogenic, based on the way the human race has competed for often scarce resources. Any technology capable of travelling through interstellar space will have long ago given up on the need for land to grow crops or extracting minerals from the ground. If they need water, there is an abundance on comets, and as for minerals, plenty on asteroids. There would be little need to ‘enslave’ the Earth.

    • polzzlop

      “I doubt very much that the technology to build an enclosed environment
      in space that is self repairing and self replicating will ever exist”

      Self replicating robots could do with a lot less. On arrival,
      use artificial genes to jump-start a carbon based ecosystem

      For humans, likely need a large object, the size of the Moon.
      Power it by radioactivity and lapse exploitation?

      • reed1v

        Enslavement is unlikely for advance civilizations that figured out travel through the universe. More likely humans as toys, curiosities, or even food more like it.

        • polzzlop

          The advanced will be more beehive like.
          However, they might also take the form of local, smart, savages?

    • M Shawn Dow

      Well you are assuming sentient organic life first of all. Any civilization with at least our level of technology could use slow travel with robotic systems to come over here wreck our planet, take our crap, and then split with our resources. Self replicating colonizing robots could produce clones of their species in fact and colonize our world that way. Who said they had to be here next day air? You could even use a solar sail and get here in a few thousand years. Still seems like a long time but robots don’t care about your limited concept of time and mortality! :) Besides you are correct sir there is little need to enslave us, they would just take our crap and go.

    • reed1v

      Of course, they could already be here. So the question becomes: Why are they not visible to us? Its the zoo question poised large. Are the animals that aware of the visitors?

  • wangweilin

    “To cloak ourselves, humanity could emit a continuous 30 megawatt laser for 10 hours, once a year, and block our transit signal.”

    No, No, No! Dimwits! 10 hours once a year if you’re trying to hide from a known hostile. Assuming hostiles could be in any direction you need to operate multiple stations around the world at least 12 hours per day, 365 days a year to get all possible coverage for all possible angles to mask the shadow of the earth. Now you’re talking terrawatts.

  • David Bloch

    There are lots of bad things that I’m concerned about that might happen during my lifetime. Things such as the middle east conflicts, global warming, other wars, poverty, human rights, etc. And I’m concerned for how humanity and the planet fares after my life ends. But, for reasons that I’m not sure, I’m not the least concerned about extraterrestrial aliens invading our planet and harming us. Is there anyone out there reading this that agrees with how I feel?

    • OWilson

      There exists a Star Trek generation.

      It takes a while for that demographic to pass through society.

      Warp drives, unlimited free energy, wormholes are part of the lexicon.

      Sometimes it co-exists with a Beavis and Butthead view of the world, and is probably a result of a Sesame Street childhood.

      It will pass :)

      • Lorie Franceschi

        yup to the ones that want every thng free

  • Don Huntington

    This might be “much ado about nothing.” Intelligent civilizations have been around on our planet for millennia but technology has only been here for a century, or so. The ancient Arabs, Aztecs, Persians, Egyptians, etc. all achieved high levels of science, of one kind or another. But we could hardly imagine any of them ever creating an orbiting satellite or a multi-stage rocket. The scientific method of “systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses” is obviously not intuitive. I don’t know how Western civilization ever stumbled upon it. If any planets within the 1,300 light-year range mentioned in the article has actually evolved intelligent beings, we might imagine that the chances of them also having hit upon the scientific method to be vanishingly small.

  • Shalryn

    A bit late for this. All the light-bending in the universe isn’t going to prevent hostile aliens from finding us when they get a hold of the Golden Record. On that, we sent our location, the means to read it, a spectral profile to ensure they fixate on the correct sun, the layout of our solar system, which planet is ours, what we look like, what resources we have, what we do with them, how we procreate, the structure of our DNA (in case hostile aliens want to build a bug to do us in), our various cultures, and at least 55 language examples. And more. Everything a hostile alien might ever want to know about us, we put on that record and sent it off into space on Voyager, with a bright, shiny wave and a, “Hello! We’re over here! Come find us!” And now some delusional deadglow thinks we can hide from them?

  • jimbow

    so instead they look for laser uses, example we are already looking for their lasers as wing of seti

  • JHelp

    The most dangerous being for human, is human himself

  • JHelp

    The most problem is to consider that because high technology implies high intelligence. Humanity prove this is false, we still not intelligent being …

  • Filipe Footboller

    First of all Stephen views are completely wrong.
    A alien race capable of interstellar travel wouldn’t need to be nomads.
    Second. There ar so many planets out there with lots of resources.
    U want water plenty outhere. Just look at our own solar system.
    So they wouldn’t invade us for ressources.
    And that’s what bit narrow mind to believe they couldn’t detect us with other means. And as someone stated our radio waves and probes are all out there.

    So what would they really want.
    Cuz there’s no denial they exist.
    They’re probably peaceful.
    We are the treath

  • disgustedvet

    Any Alien civilization advanced enough to come here in force with intent to strip or resources would likely be advanced enough to detect our feeble attempts to trick them.

  • Willy Haz Wunderschöne

    I think, aliens are peaceful enough to become such an advanced civilization because in order to comprehend advanced technology and to use it, they must develop higher awareness and intelligence, in other word: to be more spiritual in existence and nature…

    On Earth too, as we open more secret of nature through science and philosophy, we find it deeply connected to our existence and spirituality, and sure, it already elevated our humanity…

    Unless we think that every less evolved creatures anywhere in space can reach advanced technology, we should be more careful, but i think that less likely… Just opinion, anyway…

  • Pavan

    Really there, some where aliens are present is it necessary for us to bother? Will they do any harm for us? If it’s not why we should think about them.

  • Erik Bosma

    Life is an exercise in futility. Somehow we have invented and elevated our level of brain power and called it consciousness. Then we pretend that animals don’t have it (still a remnant from biblical thinking when we were embarrassed to think of ourselves as animals). Then this consciousness became a soul, some kind of ‘spiritual’ entity which somehow became attached to a universal ‘soul’ we called God because we couldn’t explain nature. When science came along they answered a lot of those old questions but still couldn’t let go of this special nature of us humans. Now we think there are other beings with ‘consciousness’ out there giving our life some higher meaning and purpose. Sorry but it ain’t happening.. Consciousness is just part and parcel of having a slightly larger brain than other animals. Every animal is as intelligent as they need to be for their present environment. If there are ‘aliens’ out there and they haven’t come and gone yet or haven’t evolved yet or their star system hasn’t even formed from interstellar dust yet then they’ll discover that star travel is not gonna happen. We and they are and will always be all alone until our star blows up. So there’s no point to anything. The future is an illusion and we’re not much different than an amoeba. So live for today – tomorrow may be better if we all try to be better people but it is still pointless because one day “poof” all our collective everything will be gone and it will seem as if we never existed. No wonder some people go mad. Intelligence is a curse.

  • Hallis Mailen

    Why do we assume that we’ve never made contact yet with extraterrestrial life when (a), there is lots of evidence left behind in indigenous sites across the globe that our most ancient tribal elders met with and were privy to evidence and information about other races, their home worlds and star systems, etc., (b) there is much emperical evidence and first hand testimony from previous and current scientists, military experts, astronauts from the early Apollo missions, that extraterrestrials do exist, they have been here since before our creation, and all life on this planet, and that the incident at Roswell in 1947, actually did occur as well as many others that gave us great insights by way of reverse engineering into various forms of their technologies, like wormhole traveling, velcro, stealth technology, etc., and testimonies from early astronauts that they witnessed and documented on video footage swarms of alien craft leaping back and forth from here to the moon and beyond, as well as the notion that the reason we’ve never been back to the moon is because Neil Armstrong and Alan bean and others literally were warned not to come back until we became a more civil, peaceful race, because the beings we encountered considered our species still too unevolved and hostile to mingle out on the cosmos as of yet., (c) much evidence to suggest that relations between us and higher forms of life have progressed to the point, that our 8 chief nations in partnership since the Reagan Administration under the Guise of the Star Wars Defense Initiative etc., developed not only the means to prepare for global planet killing asteroids, but also developed an international fleet of ships that are being allowed to colonize the dark side of the moon, (d) much evidence and belief this isn’t the first time in humanity’s history that such collaboration existed, that there is much record in the Sumerian culture that the Anunnaki, that were purported to be our earliest ideastic notions of the gods, who created us from their own dna to work precious resources and minerals for their use, who also created the sacred garden of eden, who punished us with the notion of a global great flood because we achieved their sacred knowledge of resurrection and immortality, then afterwards when we survived, gave us our free will over our won affairs, within reason, and since then to this day monitor us, take samples of our dna on occassion, and embrace the idea that one day, either because of our imminent extinction due to environmental changes, or another hostile race threatening our existance, or what have you, we will ask for their assistance in bettering ourselves, in which cases will be the only reasons they will then intercede on our behalf? And why do we insist on the notion that if they exist at all, they’re all little grey alien types/ Wouldn’t they also be reptilian, or insect-like, or maybe even much higher evolved human beings than us? If we are truly as evolved as we pretend to be as intellectuals, we need to stop pretending that we’ve never met any yet, and have to keep searching for their existance, and maybe instead focus on the notions, of saying to them, ok to hell with the corporate lobbyists and government talking heads, work with us directly, and give us the means to create a utopia, separate from corporate and governmental interests…… just sayin’!

  • disqus_lDzZSkJwCK

    I think that it is a little late for this???? They are already here and we are already there!!


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